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Nadia Benazouz


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As an aspiring nurse, I am dedicated to excelling in patient care through comprehensive academic studies and practical experience. I actively participate in volunteer opportunities and workshops to enhance my clinical skills and deepen my understanding of healthcare. My goal is to provide empathetic and skilled care, making a lasting impact on patients and the medical community.


George Mason University

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2025
  • Majors:
    • Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing

Northern Virginia Community College

Associate's degree program
2020 - 2022
  • Majors:
    • Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing

Northern Virginia Community College

Associate's degree program
2018 - 2020
  • Majors:
    • Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities


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    Master's degree program

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  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      2020 – 20233 years


      • Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Other

        2024 – Present
      John Young 'Pursue Your Passion' Scholarship
      have chosen to pursue a career in nursing, specifically pediatric nursing, because of my deep-seated desire to care for and nurture others, particularly children. Growing up as the oldest sibling, I frequently found myself in a caretaker role for my younger siblings, which instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility and compassion. This early experience, coupled with my babysitting endeavors, highlighted my natural affinity for caring for infants and children, ultimately guiding me toward pediatric nursing. Pediatric nursing resonates with me on multiple levels. The opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children and their families during some of their most challenging moments is both humbling and inspiring. Children possess incredible resilience and potential, and being a part of their healing journey is an honor I do not take lightly. My goal as a pediatric nurse is to provide not only medical care but also emotional support to my young patients and their families, ensuring they feel understood, supported, and hopeful throughout their healthcare experience. My ambition to make a difference in the field of pediatric nursing is fueled by my belief in the power of compassionate, patient-centered care. I strive to be an advocate for my patients, ensuring they receive the highest quality of care and that their voices are heard. Additionally, I am committed to continuous learning and professional development, staying abreast of the latest advancements in pediatric healthcare to provide the best possible outcomes for my patients. The legacy of John Young, as described by the Cochener family, serves as a profound inspiration to me. His journey from a fighter pilot at Pearl Harbor to an aerospace engineer contributing to the Apollo program epitomizes dedication, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of one's dreams. Similarly, I am driven by a deep-seated passion to make a significant impact in my chosen field. I am determined to channel my ambition and drive into becoming an exemplary pediatric nurse who not only excels in clinical skills but also embodies the qualities of empathy, patience, and unwavering commitment to patient care. In addition to my professional aspirations, my personal experiences have further solidified my resolve to pursue this path. My journey through nursing school has been challenging, yet it has also been incredibly rewarding. The clinical experiences, coupled with the theoretical knowledge gained, have prepared me to face the complexities of pediatric nursing with confidence and competence. Each patient interaction reinforces my passion for this field and my determination to make a positive impact. My ultimate goal is to specialize in pediatric nursing and contribute to the advancement of pediatric healthcare through research, advocacy, and education. I envision a future where I can mentor and inspire the next generation of nurses, much like John Young inspired the Cochener family. By combining my passion for pediatric care with a commitment to continuous improvement and advocacy, I aspire to leave a lasting legacy in the field of nursing, ensuring that every child receives the care support they need to thrive.
      Valiyah Young Scholarship
      Education has long been heralded as the key to unlocking a brighter future. As Kofi Annan aptly put it, "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." I firmly believe in the transformative power of education and the importance of making it accessible to all who seek it. I am currently a nursing student at George Mason University, driven by a passion for caring for others and a desire to make a difference in the world. However, like many aspiring students, I have encountered financial obstacles that threaten to hinder my educational pursuits. The soaring costs of college tuition, coupled with living expenses and the need for educational supplies, have presented significant challenges for me and my family. This scholarship opportunity is not just a means of financial support for me; it is a beacon of hope and opportunity. It will alleviate the financial strain on my family and allow me to fully focus on my studies and clinical experiences. This scholarship will enable me to continue my academic journey without the burden of financial stress, ensuring that I can achieve my goal of becoming a pediatric nurse. As a nursing student, my academic and professional goals are deeply rooted in my passion for caring for others. I aspire to become a pediatric nurse, specializing in providing compassionate care to children and their families. My experiences as the oldest sibling in my family and my background in babysitting have equipped me with the patience, compassion, and empathy necessary for this demanding yet rewarding profession. I am committed to honing my skills and knowledge to become the best nurse I can be, and I am eager to contribute to the field of pediatric nursing. This scholarship will make a significant difference in my pursuit of higher education. It will not only alleviate the financial burden but also provide me with the support and encouragement I need to continue pursuing my dreams. With this scholarship, I will be able to focus more on my studies and clinical experiences, ensuring that I graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in my field. One of the core values that guide my life is the importance of giving back to the community. One such instance was when I volunteered at a local community health fair, providing basic health screenings and education to underserved populations. This experience taught me the importance of accessible healthcare and the impact it can have on individuals and communities. It solidified my commitment to serving others and reinforced my passion for nursing. In conclusion, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It is not just a financial aid; it is a stepping stone towards achieving my dreams and making a difference in the world. I am committed to using my education and skills to serve others and give back to my community, and I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.
      Deborah Stevens Pediatric Nursing Scholarship
      Growing up as the oldest sibling in my family, I have always felt a deep sense of responsibility for the well-being of others. This innate desire to care for and protect those around me has greatly influenced my decision to pursue a career in nursing. From a young age, I have been drawn to the idea of helping people in need, and I believe that nursing is the perfect profession for me to fulfill this calling. My passion for nursing was further fueled by my experiences as a babysitter. I have always enjoyed working with children, and my time spent caring for young children has taught me valuable lessons about patience, compassion, and empathy. I have witnessed firsthand the impact that a caring and nurturing presence can have on a child's well-being, and I am eager to bring these qualities to my future career as a pediatric nurse. One of the main reasons I am choosing to pursue a career in nursing is because of the direct impact nurses have on the lives of their patients. Nurses are often the first and last faces that patients see during their hospital stay, and the care and compassion they provide can make a world of difference to those in need. I want to be able to make a positive impact on the lives of others and help them through some of the most challenging moments of their lives. In particular, I am drawn to the field of pediatric nursing because of the unique challenges and rewards it offers. Children are incredibly resilient, and their ability to bounce back from illness and injury never fails to inspire me. I believe that every child deserves the best possible care and support, and I am committed to providing that care as a pediatric nurse. I want to be a source of comfort and support for children and their families during some of the most difficult moments of their lives. Additionally, I am passionate about the field of pediatric nursing because of the opportunity it provides to advocate for vulnerable populations. Children are often unable to speak up for themselves, and I believe that it is our duty as nurses to be their voice and ensure that their needs are met. I am committed to being a strong advocate for children and ensuring that they receive the highest quality care possible. In conclusion, my decision to pursue a career in nursing, and specifically in pediatric nursing, is driven by my passion for helping others, my love for children, and my desire to make a meaningful impact on the world. I am committed to becoming the best nurse I can be, and I am excited about the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.
      Henry Respert Alzheimer's and Dementia Awareness Scholarship
      A Legacy of Understanding: Combating Alzheimer’s through Education and Compassion Introduction As an undergraduate student at Michigan State University with a burgeoning interest in biomedical science and psychology, my academic and personal journey has been profoundly influenced by my grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Her strength and the struggles she faced have not only shaped my aspirations but have also instilled a deep commitment to medical research in aging and dementia. Personal Impact My grandmother was a vibrant storyteller and a pillar of wisdom in our family until Alzheimer’s disease gradually dimmed her vivacity. Witnessing her transformation was both heart-wrenching and eye-opening. The once-clear tales became muddled, and her moments of clarity grew rare. This personal experience brought a stark realization of the unpredictability and cruelty of dementia, impacting our family dynamics and daily interactions. It was during these trying times that my initial interest in the neurosciences transformed into a dedicated academic pursuit. Educational Response Motivated by my grandmother’s condition, I delved into neuroscience and psychology courses with a specific focus on geriatric diseases. My involvement in a university-led research project examining the neurobiological underpinnings of memory loss in dementia patients has further solidified my resolve to contribute to this field. These academic endeavors are not just a pursuit of knowledge but a quest to find actionable solutions that could one day alleviate the suffering of individuals like my grandmother. Community Awareness Beyond the classroom, I have committed myself to raising awareness about Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia within my community. By organizing workshops and speaking at local events, I aim to shed light on the emotional and social challenges faced by families affected by these illnesses. These efforts are not only a tribute to my grandmother’s legacy but also a practical approach to fostering a supportive community network. Lessons Learned From this journey, the most poignant lesson I have learned is the resilience required to support loved ones afflicted with dementia. It has taught me the importance of patience, empathy, and the critical need for supportive care. These insights have not only prepared me to be a better caregiver but have also driven me to pursue a career where I can make significant contributions to medical research and patient care. Conclusion The scholarship in honor of Henry Respert represents an opportunity to further my education and research in a field that promises to touch many lives. By aligning my goals with the legacy of Mr. Respert, who was himself a mentor and a figure of strength, I am committed to advancing our understanding of Alzheimer’s and related dementias. With the support of this scholarship, I aspire to develop therapeutic strategies that could one day turn the tide against these debilitating diseases, honoring my grandmother’s memory and the lives of countless others affected by dementia.
      Eric Maurice Brandon Memorial Scholarship
      Pursuing a career in nursing is not just a professional goal for me; it's a calling driven by personal experiences and a deep-seated desire to make a significant impact in the healthcare field. Inspired by the heroic life and service of Eric Maurice Brandon, I am drawn to nursing to embody the qualities he exemplified: compassion, expertise, and dedication to the well-being of others. From a young age, I have been fascinated by the biological sciences and the functioning of the human body. This interest was deepened by personal experiences with the healthcare system when my grandmother was diagnosed with chronic heart disease. I observed the critical role nurses played in her care, managing both her medical needs and emotional well-being. The comfort and assurance they provided to our family in times of uncertainty revealed to me the profound impact nurses have on patients and their families. Eric Maurice Brandon's career resonates deeply with me, particularly his dedication to caring for the vulnerable and his service in challenging environments. His work in the Burn Intensive Care Unit at the Brooke Army Medical Center, providing essential care to those most in need, showcases the resilience and emotional strength required in nursing. Like Eric, I am especially interested in specializing in pediatric care. I aim to focus on children with complex medical needs, inspired by Eric's commitment to children requiring tracheostomy care. This specialization demands not only refined technical skills but also immense empathy and patience, qualities I have cultivated through volunteer work and personal caregiving. Moreover, Eric's service in the military, participating in critical missions like Operation Desert Shield and the Iraqi Campaign, illustrates the broader scope of nursing beyond traditional medical settings. It underscores the versatility of the nursing profession and its necessity in various contexts, whether in a hospital, a war zone, or a community clinic. This versatility appeals to me as I seek a career that offers diverse opportunities for service and impact. I also recognize the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in nursing—a profession that is constantly evolving with medical advancements and changing health care needs. The idea of lifelong learning, essential to maintaining high standards of patient care, excites me. I am eager to engage in a rigorous academic program that challenges me to think critically and apply knowledge practically, preparing me to be a competent and caring nurse. Lastly, pursuing nursing is a personal commitment to contribute positively to society. I aspire to be a part of a community of healthcare professionals who are dedicated not just to treating illnesses but to improving the quality of life for individuals and communities. By receiving support through a scholarship dedicated to Eric Maurice Brandon’s memory, I would be honored to uphold his legacy of service and care, perpetuating his impact on the world by following in his compassionate footsteps. In conclusion, my interest in nursing stems from a blend of personal inspiration, academic inclination, and a commitment to service. It is a path I choose not only to fulfill my career aspirations but to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, guided by the remarkable example set by Eric Maurice Brandon.
      Nancy B. Shirley Memorial Nursing Scholarship
      A Journey of Resilience: My Path to Becoming a Registered Nurse at George Mason University Born and raised in a rural part of my homeland, where modern medical facilities were sparse and the local clinic was perpetually overwhelmed, I witnessed the stark realities of healthcare disparity from an early age. My community’s daily struggle, compounded by the lack of access to adequate health services, instilled in me a profound determination to seek change. This resolve led me to the United States—a place I envisioned could equip me with the skills and opportunities to make a substantial difference. The journey has not been straightforward. Adapting to a new culture was daunting. Language barriers initially made academic and social interactions challenging. However, these hurdles only deepened my commitment and adaptability, traits that are indispensable in the nursing profession. At George Mason University, I have found a nurturing environment that celebrates diversity and fosters academic excellence, allowing me to thrive and move steadfastly towards my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). My academic journey at George Mason has been rigorous and enlightening. Courses in anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology have provided me with a solid foundation in the sciences, while classes in patient care and ethics have prepared me for the human side of nursing. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to mold competent nurses who are not only skilled in healthcare practices but also attuned to the emotional and ethical dimensions of patient care. Clinical rotations have been particularly transformative. Each rotation, whether in geriatrics, emergency care, or pediatrics, has offered unique challenges and learning opportunities. For instance, during a rotation in the pediatric unit, I cared for a young girl with chronic asthma—a condition all too familiar from my childhood experiences. Teaching her and her family about asthma management not only helped improve her health but also empowered her family with knowledge, an experience that highlighted the broader impact nurses can have beyond direct care. My commitment extends beyond the hospital walls. Volunteering at local health clinics and participating in community health drives has allowed me to apply my skills in real-world environments. These experiences have not only been crucial in understanding the challenges of healthcare delivery in underserved areas but have also reinforced my resolve to pursue a career in community health nursing. Here, I can focus on preventive care, health education, and advocacy—key elements that can drive systemic health improvements. Further, these volunteer experiences have exposed me to the multifaceted role nurses play in health advocacy and education. One memorable project involved organizing a community health fair, where we provided basic screenings and health education. The overwhelming community turnout and the genuine gratitude of participants reinforced my belief in the critical need for proactive health outreach, especially in communities similar to where I grew up. In looking towards the future, I am particularly interested in how public health policies are crafted and implemented. My goal is to not only serve at the bedside but also contribute to policy discussions that aim to make healthcare more equitable and accessible. With this in mind, I have taken additional courses in public health and healthcare management, areas that I believe are crucial for the next generation of nursing leaders. The path to becoming a nurse is filled with challenges, especially as a first-generation college student and immigrant. Financial obstacles, in particular, have been a constant concern, threatening to derail my progress. This scholarship represents a critical lifeline that would allow me to continue my education without the overwhelming stress of financial constraints. More importantly, it would enable me to engage in additional learning opportunities such as attending nursing conferences and participating in advanced training workshops, which are indispensable for my professional growth. Winning this scholarship would not only alleviate financial burdens but would also affirm my hard work and dedication. It would provide the means to further immerse myself in community service and advanced studies, enhancing my ability to contribute effectively to the nursing profession. It would also be a beacon of hope and encouragement for my family, proving that perseverance in the face of adversity can lead to transformative opportunities and success. In conclusion, my journey to becoming a registered nurse at George Mason University is driven by a passion for healthcare born out of early life experiences in a part of the world where medical help was a privilege. It is fueled by the desire to bring about positive change in healthcare delivery through both direct patient care and broader public health initiatives. As I continue to advance my education and clinical training, I am committed to embodying the highest standards of the nursing profession, striving to make an impactful difference in the lives of individuals and communities alike. Winning this scholarship would be a pivotal step towards achieving these goals, empowering me to continue my journey with fewer financial worries and a strengthened resolve to succeed.
      A. Ramani Memorial Scholarship
      Reflecting on the sacrifices my parents have made to support my educational journey, especially as a nursing student, fills me with a profound sense of gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility. Their unwavering belief in the power of education and their countless sacrifices have not only shaped my ambitions but have also instilled in me a set of core values that now guide my academic pursuits and future endeavors. From a very young age, my parents prioritized my education over everything else, often at great personal and financial cost. They believed that education was the key to a better future and worked tirelessly, foregoing personal comforts and working extra hours, to ensure I could pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. This dedication has taught me the importance of hard work, perseverance, and the value of making sacrifices for the ones you love. Their example has made me determined to succeed, not just for my personal gain but to honor their sacrifices and ensure their investment in my future is not in vain. The values of compassion, integrity, and a strong work ethic that my parents instilled in me from a young age have become the foundation of my personal and professional ethos. In nursing, these values are paramount. Compassion motivates me to make a difference in the lives of others; integrity ensures I maintain ethical standards and honesty in all my dealings; and a strong work ethic drives me to strive for excellence in my studies and future career. Despite the challenges we've faced together, including financial constraints and the emotional toll of balancing responsibilities, my parents' resilience and optimism have taught me the importance of perseverance and faith in adversity. Their unwavering support has been crucial in overcoming obstacles and has reinforced my commitment to achieving my goals. To pay forward their sacrifices, I am committed to excelling in my academic pursuits, engaging in community service to provide care to underserved populations, and mentoring younger students interested in healthcare. These actions are not just about achieving personal success but about giving back to the community in a meaningful way. I also plan to pursue further education and professional development opportunities in healthcare to remain at the forefront of nursing practice, thereby maximizing my impact on patient care and the broader healthcare system. Additionally, I will advocate for policies and programs that support education and healthcare, using my voice and experiences to champion causes that can make a difference in the lives of others. In essence, the journey my parents embarked on to support my education is a testament to their love, sacrifice, and belief in the transformative power of education. My aspirations and plans are deeply rooted in the values they've instilled in me, and my future endeavors are aimed at not just achieving personal success but also at paying forward their incredible sacrifices. My role as a nursing student and future healthcare professional is not just a personal ambition but a way to honor the values and sacrifices of my parents, ensuring their legacy lives on through my actions and contributions to society.
      Pangeta & Ivory Nursing Scholarship
      Title: The Heart of Care: Choosing Nursing from Personal Experience In the journey of life, certain events profoundly shape our paths, aspirations, and the essence of who we become. For me, the defining moment came with my father's cancer diagnosis—a tumultuous period that unveiled the depths of human vulnerability and the paramount importance of compassionate care. It was this life-altering experience that steered me toward the noble profession of nursing, a field where empathy, care, and science converge to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and their families. Empathy Born from Experience Witnessing my father's battle with cancer was a journey through hope, despair, resilience, and the complex tapestry of human emotions. Amid this emotional whirlwind, the role of nurses as the cornerstone of healthcare became unmistakably clear. Their unwavering support, compassionate care, and the moments of solace they provided in our darkest times illuminated the profound impact a nurse can have. This personal experience fostered a deep-seated empathy and understanding within me, qualities that are indispensable in nursing. It instilled in me a desire to extend the same kindness, support, and empathy to others facing the daunting challenges of illness. A Calling to Make a Difference The experience of navigating the healthcare system alongside my father highlighted the significant difference healthcare professionals make, not just in patient outcomes, but in the overall healthcare journey of individuals. It made me realize the critical need for compassionate, patient-centered care—a need I felt called to fulfill. Pursuing a career in nursing became not just a professional goal but a personal mission to make a difference in the lives of others, to ease their suffering, and to advocate for their well-being. The Power of Compassion and Care Throughout my father's illness, I learned that medicine is not just about treating a disease; it's about caring for the person as a whole. Nurses epitomize this holistic approach, providing not just medical care but also emotional support to patients and their families. This dual role of healer and supporter resonated with me, highlighting nursing as a career where I could employ both my analytical skills and my capacity for compassion. It underscored the belief that at the heart of effective healthcare is the relationship between the caregiver and the patient, a relationship built on trust, empathy, and mutual respect. Driven by Curiosity and the Desire to Learn The quest for knowledge about my father's condition sparked a voracious appetite for learning about health, diseases, and the science behind medical treatments. This intellectual curiosity has been a driving force in my decision to pursue nursing. The field's continuous advancements and the opportunity for lifelong learning promise a career where I can grow, evolve, and contribute to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare. Conclusion: A Commitment to Care Choosing a career in nursing, influenced by my father's battle with cancer, represents a commitment to turning personal hardship into a source of strength and motivation. It is a path chosen not despite the challenges we faced, but because of them. It embodies my aspiration to provide care that goes beyond treatment, to touch lives in the most meaningful ways, and to be a beacon of hope and support for those in their moments of need. In nursing, I see the opportunity to honor my father's legacy by dedicating my life to serving others with the same compassion, resilience, and care that were once bestowed upon us.
      Sharen and Mila Kohute Scholarship
      Embarking on a journey as a first-generation college student from Virginia, I've navigated the uncharted territories of higher education with a blend of determination and hope. The path I tread is not illuminated by familial experiences or guided by generational wisdom but is instead a reflection of my resolve to break new ground. This narrative is not just mine; it mirrors the aspirations of countless first-generation students, each striving to transform potential into reality, much like the ethos embodied by Sharen and Mila Kohute. In Virginia, where the echoes of history inspire progress, my ambition has been nurtured by the legacy of those who've turned challenges into stepping stones. My pursuit of higher education is a homage to this spirit of resilience, a testament to my commitment to not just advance my own future but to lay down a path for others who will follow. The absence of a direct mentor in my academic journey has been filled by the collective support of my community. Teachers who invested extra time, friends who shared their dreams, and local leaders who championed educational access have collectively played a pivotal role in my development. Their belief in my potential has been a constant source of motivation, pushing me to reach beyond the limitations of my circumstances. My ambition is fueled by more than the desire for personal achievement; it is driven by the recognition of education as a transformative force. I am determined to use this force not only to shape my own destiny but also to contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable society. The challenges I face as a first-generation student—navigating financial hurdles, deciphering the complexities of college applications, and balancing work with study—are not merely obstacles but catalysts that refine my purpose and resilience. Applying for this scholarship is an act of boldness, rooted in the belief that my story deserves to be heard and that my dreams are valid. It represents a critical support system in my educational journey, providing not just the financial means to pursue my studies but also affirming the value of my aspirations. This scholarship is more than a financial aid; it is a vote of confidence in my potential and a bridge to the opportunities that higher education can unlock. As I forge ahead, I carry with me the lessons of perseverance and the aspiration to make a meaningful impact. My journey is a testament to the power of ambition, the necessity of support, and the transformative potential of education. It is a commitment to embody the hard work and untapped potential that Sharen and Mila Kohute's legacy honors. In pursuing higher education, I aim to not only achieve my personal goals but also to empower others to realize theirs, ensuring that the path I pave is wide enough for many to walk alongside me.