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Nadia Barsis


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I am a sophomore at UCF majoring in Pre-Clinical Health Sciences. I wish to graduate from UCF as early as spring 2024 to begin medical school. I aspire to help patients and support and assist them in ensuring they live long and whole lives.


University of Central Florida

Bachelor's degree program
2021 - 2024
  • Majors:
    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other
  • Minors:
    • Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

  • Planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Hospital & Health Care

    • Dream career goals:


    • Secretary Officer

      Hearts For the Homeless
      2021 – Present3 years
    • Volunteer

      Shepherd's Hope
      2021 – Present3 years
    • Volunteer

      Orlando Health
      2021 – Present3 years


    • Biological and Physical Sciences

      UCF — Laboratory Research Assistant
      2021 – Present

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Hearts for The Homeless — Secretary Officer
      2021 – Present

    Future Interests





    Nasir Abbas Rizvi Memorial Scholarship
    My single father, the only person in his family of 7 to finish high school and get a college degree, moved to the U.S. from Casablanca, Morocco, in the '90s when he was 24. He had $300 to his name and no connections. He worked at Disney, like all FOB Morrocan men do when they move to Florida, and worked for many years there and then later as a taxi driver when my older sister and I were super young. Before the birth of my third and youngest sister, he chose to go back to school and pursue a career in IT to provide a better life for my sisters and me. He sent us to a private Muslim school even when he really could not afford to because he wanted us to be raised with a strong faith in Islam and surrounded by a strong Islamic community. I could never pay him back for even a centimeter of what he's done for me, and he doesn't expect me to. He's always told me my entire life to focus on only school and to do my best to make a good life for myself. I am grateful every day while in school that I get the opportunity to do that. I am grateful to be a part of the global organization Heart for The Homeless. I am in the Orlando University of Central Florida chapter of the organization. Our club volunteers at homeless centers downtown and offers free health care services, food, and medical information to the homeless. As the secretary officer for this club (and hopefully one-day future president), other than volunteering every week, it's my main job to reach out through emails, search for new volunteers and sponsors, and urge people to help us with our mission. In addition, I create newsletters each week that I send out to keep members and anyone interested in joining updated on everything we participate in. My club also holds donation drives for food, clothing, or supplies. And every time, our members continue to exceed our expectations. I love being a secretary for this club so much and am so grateful I was given the position. I genuinely feel like I am doing important work and giving back to my community. I am a brown 18-year-old hijabi Muslim woman, so I have experienced my fair share of discrimination and racism and all that good stuff. My own experiences and stories I've heard of regarding this have pushed me to pursue medicine and become a physician. To rise above hatred, I want to pour positivity and love into the world and help every person who needs it, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. I want to be part of the change in decreasing the statistics of racial minorities choosing not to seek health care in fear of being harmed, untreated, and unheard. Young and old, it doesn't matter; I want to give back to the world and help PEOPLE. One dream I have of mine is to work one day for Doctors without Borders and go to different countries and provide healthcare services to the needy. I want this scholarship to help me continue pursuing my education and doing what I love so that I can live my dreams and do my part in changing the world one day.