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Kendal Martin


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my life goal is to become a crisis counselor and help children and adults and start public speeches for information that is really needed to start life. I say I wanna be that but it sounds like I wanna be a life coach that's definitely not what I want I ann a meet people at their lowest low. I wanna be that person who talks to them and helps them I know deep down in my soul I will make big moves in the counseling department of life


Post University

Associate's degree program
2021 - 2024
  • Majors:
    • Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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    • Dream career field:

      Mental Health Care

    • Dream career goals:

      Head councilor

    • Cashier

      2014 – 20206 years

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    A Push Forward Scholarship
    hello, my name is kendal and I am going to college to be a crisis counselor. I know for a fact that more kids out there need what I am working so hard for. I have come from a more miserable background than a bad one I mean from others' i look like I should already be dead. I am half deaf and I have been living with my hearing disabilities for my whole life. this will help me catch up on a lot of stuff I need to be done. and or get me a new computer so can get through these classes. making this first year is what I know will make or break me. going and doing this means so much to me, yes I know I'm not like losing anyone right now death doesn't bother me much but what does bother me is all these kids who have no idea how to react to the world being forced to as children. I want to be called every time and make a difference in each home I see the parents the children nothing for myself except knowing another child can get a better chance at life. I am truly struggling with my life and that is my crisis counselor stayed around and make all m appointments and didn't make me do anything for myself knowing how hard it was to get away from my mother anyway I wish I would have known more about this world before I became of age but was rushing so bad to become 18 I never realized that I hurt myself on the path I was going on I am struggling even after being off drugs for 4 years I have moved back to my home area just so I can start here. temptations are super impossible but I'm doing it every day it is all I can do. I am fighting for my life fighting my way out of a dark place it would be so amazing to see just a little bit of sunshine coming my way I'm not so good at this essay stuff but u am just now starting my college writing class so you can't blame me. I have 4 nieces and 4 nephews that ai am being will be looking up to me one day and never again will they see me in cuffs. I can not blame anyone else for my own mistakes but I can be sure I try not to make them again everyone deserves a chance I hope one day I get mine I pray every day that I can get a break from the stress I go through. I would never understand how someone like me could be on the streets after being told they were not supposed to be in society..I was sold 6 years ago I needed lithium 5 times a day I know that would not be me so turned it down and I have not gotten any psych meds since now that I am in college and doing this I am going to need to be stable so honestly, this money will help so much I have anxiety I have worked in the food industry or 5 years I am not collect unemployment I don't understand why. I am just hoping you like and at least understand where this money would go it would get me now a step closer to my dream and one step farther away from my nightmare Have a wonderful day and i hope one day you will see me on tv