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Morgan Glaze


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Travelers Rest High

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      TTOG Scholarship
      When I initially enrolled in IB classes my sophomore year at Travelers Rest High School, I was prepared to participate in an academically rigorous program that would strengthen my applications to future colleges and provide me with additional learning opportunities. However, within the first few weeks of my classes, I realized that the program was unlike the typical AP courses I completed in the past. The pace, content, and curriculum of the IB program was unlike anything I had previously experienced, and I was initially left shocked. How was I to become the “open-minded”, “balanced” individual that my teachers wanted me to become with the caliber of work that I was expected to complete? However, as my time in the IB program continued, I began to realize that in order to thrive, I needed to adjust my attitude towards personal and academic success. By immersing myself in the IB values of becoming an “inquiring”, “caring” and “principled” person, I have become a kinder and more hardworking individual that is prepared to tackle my future endeavors. After initially struggling to adjust to the rigor and difficulty of the IB program, I began to realize the wide spectrum of benefits that the curriculum has provided me. Instead of remaining in my shell as a more reserved individual, the IB program has allowed me to develop into a more socially mature person. The numerous presentations I have completed within my classes have enabled me to become a more social person that is able to communicate more effectively with others. This skill has benefitted me outside of my classes as well, inspiring me to apply for my first job as a cashier who must deal with challenging situations on a daily basis. Additionally, IB has also allowed me to communicate with my teachers and peers with a kind demeanor in times of stress. In an environment where I was constantly surrounded by the same individuals, it was at times difficult to kindly express my emotions without becoming frustrated with my peers. However, my classmates and I have realized that collaboration, rather than retaliation, breeds success. I now feel confident in my ability to express myself and to effectively communicate with others in a kind and polite manner. In addition to helping me develop into a kinder and more polite individual, the IB program has also helped me to refine my academic skills and become a more hard-working person. I have learned that diligence -- rather than procrastination and fear -- is the determining factor of success in many situations. I have also learned that in times of stress, it is more important to focus on a single task at one time rather than to become mesmerized in the quantity of work that there is to complete. I believe that IB has fully prepared me for the curriculum and rigor of work I will experience in my future career in nursing. In the fall of 2024, I hope to attend Clemson University to persue a bachelor of science degree in Nursing. Following the completion of this degree, I plan to enroll in a CRNA program or become a Nurse Practitioner to give back to my community and to help improve the lives of others. However, in order to achieve this goal, I will need to find ways to pay for my education as the costs of CRNA and N.P. programs continue to rise. I hope to provide high-quality care to children or women within my community, and the TTOG Scholarship will enable me to do so by reducing the financial burden of these costs.