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Marlon Morris


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One of my greatest passions is working with children in the capacity of education and mentoring. This passion has been with me since high school which resulted in my first job after graduation was a lifeguard/Water Safety Instructor and swim coach for nearly two decades. In addition, I volunteer as a Sunday school and Vavation Bible school teacher at my home church of New Mount Olive Baptist church since 1998 until 2020 due to COVID19 restrictions. My goal is to complete my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, continuing on to Post Graduate Studies while working in the school system, with aspirations to one day open my own institution of learning. Because of my genuine passion for the profession of Education; a field where men like myself is rare but desperately needed, I feel that I am an ideal candidate for selection.


Florida Memorial University

Bachelor's degree program
2010 - 2022
  • Majors:
    • Education, General


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    Bachelor's degree program

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  • Majors of interest:

    • Education, General
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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    • Dream career goals:

      Establish a K-6 academy and curriculum

    • Lifeguard/Water Safety Instructor

      City Municipalities
      1989 – Present35 years



    1984 – 19884 years


    • Present


    • Mount Olive Celebrative Arts Series

      A Black Noel
      1999 – 2015

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      New Mount Olive Baptist Church — Teacher
      1998 – 2020

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    Mark A. Jefferson Teaching Scholarship
    Ever since I decided to return to school, changing my major from Business Administration to Elementary Education, I noticed the phenomenon in my class sessions that has mirrored the entire educational system across the country. The lack of male presence in the classroom. Particularly in the primary grades. Throughout my studies, I am usually the only one or one of two or three men in Elementary Education. Majority of the men in this field of study normally steer towards the Secondary grade levels or specialize in STEM programs, Music, or Physical Education. Unfortunately, being a Black male in Elementary Education is a rare and endangered species. This is something I wish to address and reverse. Prior to my return to school, I have been employed and have volunteered in afterschool programs as well as interscholastic athletics and Ministerial education as an instructor/mentor since graduating high school. Even then I realized that one of the biggest challenges children face in developing into well rounded adults is due to the vacancy of positive male presence and guidance. The only time I saw a male teacher in K-5 was at PE and as a dean or principal. And did not see a black male teacher until seventh grade. As a result, I attempt to fill that void as as much as possible. In obtaining my degree in Elementary Education, my goal is to continue providing a positive black male presence in the early grades when development is most crucial, in addition to inspiring young boys to pursue the profession as well. The more male teachers children are exposed to the greater the likelihood more young men will enter the profession. My ultimate goal is to establish my own K-12 institution and develop a more comprehensive curriculum for our children. A curriculum that provide skills that will be utilized throughout their lifetime. I believe that kind of impact is needed and worth nurturing.
    Snap Finance “Funding the Future” Scholarship
    Since graduation I have been employed and volunteered my time working with children in various capacities such as a Water Safety Instructor, swim coach, Afterschool Mentorship, as well as volunteer as a Sunday school teacher for thr past twenty two years. In retrospect, I realized that working with our youth is one of biggest passions. So in 2010 I decided to return to complete my degree after much deliberation and changing my major from Business Administration to Education. Up until that point I was employed on a variety of positions ranging from sales to customer service, campaign fundraising to Afterschool programs to self employment to volunteer work in little league football and swimming. But the greatest joy has always come from workingwith children. For the past decade, I have been intermittently working my way through college, taking courses when my financially capacity would permit me to. As a result, currently I am a non-traditional student in my senior year and currently 18 semester credits from obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with ESE specialist certification; a field of study in which male representation is extremely small. Even to date, I am usually the only, or one of two men enrolled in the Elementary Degree program. The overwhelming majority of men in Education normally steer towards Administration, Secondary, Math or Science (STEM) Music or Physical Education aspects of this field. Positive male presence in early education is greatly needed it is in this arena where I feel lead to and it is where I aspire to make an profound impact. My goal upon graduation is to teach in the Elementary school system while continuing post-graduate studies and broadening my expertise in the field on addition to creating a more efficient and effective curriculum that will prepare children for the future. My ultimate goal is to one day open my own institution in which to further enhance my community by preparing students starting in the earlier grades. I feel that better education over indoctrination will develop better children who will then make better adults, families, communities etc. This scholarship will provide the necessary assistance in accomplishing my goal.