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Madison Hall


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Michigan State University

Bachelor's degree program
2019 - 2023
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    • Animal Sciences


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    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

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  • Planning to go to medical school
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      Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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      Dynamic Edge Women in STEM Scholarship
      The iPad, Ring doorbells, Alexa.. They all improve our lives and are impressive pieces of technology we use daily and never give a second thought about. But what about the technological advancements that we don't hear about on commercials or from influencers on social media? Could those also be used to drastically improve lives? The answer is yes, my personal favorite tech invention, Crispr, is a wonderful representation of that. This technology is used to genetically modify human embryo DNA and has helped advance research in both anemia and cancer- and some believe it may be an important stepping stone to one day finding the cure for cancer. And while many people may not need this invention daily, that doesn't mean it wouldn't improve the quality of life for cancer and anemia patients and their families. As someone who has seen the immense suffering anemia and cancer can bring on patients and families, I am hopeful that the companies and universities fighting for rights over this technology will use it for good, and not just commercial purposes or financial gain. Along with this I am astonished at the lengths this technology could be used, and how it could set the tone of the medical field for future generations and require us to ask ourselves whether ethics are worth more than money. Hopefully we choose correctly. And as for what I hope to contribute to the world with my future career, I hope to influence the STEM world into becoming more open and accessible to those who have not yet had a voice (minorities, women, impoverished students, etc), and I hope to come across an idea like Caspr and expand upon it to help people regardless of their race, gender, financial resources, or beliefs. As a hopeful future-DVM, I hope to use advancements in technology for both human and animal medicine and formulate and expand on ideas that may help our pets and ourselves. But even more importantly, I will, at the very least, try to lead by example and one day personally create opportunities in STEM for others to enter and progress their desired STEM fields, especially for groups who may not have had many opportunities in the past. By doing this we can unify different types of people and utilize our different strengths to advance technology to improve the lives of people from all walks of life. Because if we do not create opportunities for unity and inclusion, we will never have the progress needed to achieve our goals for a better society.