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Madeline Karsonovich


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I am committed to playing soccer at the Virginia Military Institute where I will receive an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering with a focus in aeronautics. I will also be participating in Air Force ROTC. I am extremely interested in space exploration and plan to utilize my further education to pursue a career in aviation. My current teachers note I am determined and serve as a leader in almost any environment.


St Thomas Aquinas School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Majors of interest:

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Engineering, General
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Aviation & Aerospace

    • Dream career goals:



      2020 – Present4 years


      • Team Rebound Leader 2022
      • Team Player Award 2022
      • All-Academic Team 2023


      2020 – Present4 years


      • Captain (2022-)
      • First Team All-State (2021-)
      • USA Today Seacoast All Sports Girls Soccer POY 2021/22
      • Team Goal Scoring Leader 2021
      • Team/Division Goal Scoring Leader 2022
      • State Goal Scoring Leader Playoffs 2022
      • State Finalists 2021/22
      • Currently Ranked Amongst the Top Points/Goal Scorers for Both Season/Career in State History
      • 3 Year NHIAA Athletic Leadership Board Representative
      • 2x “SeacoastOnline” Athlete of the Week
      • 1x “DPPG” Highlight of the Week
      • 1x “NHSportsPage” Highlight of the Week
      • 2022 SeacoastOnline Player to Watch


      • E1H (Band)

        2023 – Present

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        Old Lady of Miraculous Medal Church — Card Writer
        2021 – 2023
      • Volunteering

        Old Lady of Miraculous Medal Church — Correspondant
        2021 – 2023
      • Volunteering

        New Life for Paws — I would help pick up young puppies from the airport and foster them. Responsibilities included feeding, walking, medical care, and cleaning. I also helped find the puppies homes through social media and organizing meetings with potential adopters.
        2022 – Present

      Future Interests




      Learner Math Lover Scholarship
      I can live without the alphabet. Sitting on the floor of my kitchen, toy letters scattered at my feet, being forced to learn the alphabet... my stubborn, five-year-old self was planning out how I could survive life having never learned my ABC's. Eventually, after a grueling, unceasing five minutes passed, the patterns began to appear and I had finally learned the alphabet. The thing about math is... I could always rely on it. Whether I struggled to learn the alphabet or couldn't differentiate the pronunciation of "s" with "th," math always had my back. So you can imagine my utter shock when I look down at my sixth-grade math worksheet to see LETTERS. Although it took me longer than five minutes this time, I eventually grasped the concept. With math, there is always a rhyme and reason. Although the concepts may grow vast or appear incomprehensible at first, there is always an explanation to be found. Although, math and I have certainly had our hiccups, I love it. I plan to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at a stem-based university. As math continues to grow and the concepts become more and more difficult to grasp, I refuse to back down from any challenge that may arise. No matter where this world takes me, I know one thing for certain, I cannot live without math.