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Krystal Vasey


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Greetings! If I were to explain myself to someone who didn't know me I would say: Hello, my name is Krystal, daughter of my two loving parents. They have motivated me to strive for my full potential everyday. They taught me to have a high standard for myself. They taught me to have good faith, take initiative, include others, be caring, sophisticated, and self aware. I have been a busy body since the day my feet hit the ground. The passion I found early in life was for animals, and since then my life has formed around it. When I was seven I started taking horse riding lessons, from there it evolved into horse shows (show jumping competitions), to my first horse, to my family moving to our own ranch with multiple horses (in 2020). Since we have lived on the ranch I have had the opportunity to care for more animals than I did before. Through my high school I got into showing goats as well, along with participating in Future Farmers of America events. Moving to a more rural area truly opened my eyes to the Agriculture industry, which ties in with veterinary work. My animals have taught me peace in tranquility. They have also taught me responsibility, grit, confidence, unconditional love, motor skills, resilience, social skills, accountability, resourcefulness, and an abundance more. Furthermore I found my love for health and fitness. This also ties into my animals because to be an athlete, I must be fit with nutritional needs met, just like the horses I ride in competition. Aside from the animals I have competed in social studies events in UIL and the CitizensBee.


Paul H Pewitt High School

High School
2021 - 2024


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    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

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    • Biological and Physical Sciences
    • Finance and Financial Management Services
    • Agriculture/Veterinary Preparatory Programs
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      To help animals and their owners be healthy and comfortable. Potentially open my own practice to ensure a professional and positive environment for clients. I would love to specialize in spay/ neuters as well as large animals such as cows, horses, goats... etc.



      2015 – 20172 years


      2015 – Present9 years
      Inguz Memorial Scholarship
      Krystal Vasey A Service Heart I travel everyday. No, not literally, but metaphorically. When I walk out to the pasture and grab my horse that's when my trip starts. My barn is like an escape from reality that has rescued me everyday since I was seven. Horses have shaped my life by giving me a plan for my future. My horses have taught me leadership, patience, and motor skills and have expected nothing in return. These animals can’t audibly speak, but they speak volumes with their body language. Through micro expressions, and larger expressions horses communicate exactly how they feel. They are so strong yet their whole body is as sensitive as our fingertips; they can feel a fly land on their back. Their sensitivity has taught me self awareness. I have gained my experience in the equine industry by embracing my talent for riding, but along with that I discovered my passion for veterinary medicine. Because I have been submersed in horses, not only do I want to enjoy them on the outside, I need to understand them on the inside so I can optimally care for them. These animals have laid the foundation for my future career as a vet without understanding it. Secondly my horses have taught me leadership. Horses in the wild are prey animals, therefore they are reactors. They must know you are the leader to keep them in line. But what are the components of a leader? Intellect, empathy, resilience, and guidance. All of which are required while working with horses. I have learned to be in tune with my emotional intelligence and level of common sense. My horses will read me then act accordingly, just like people follow those who hold leadership positions. The industry has also exposed me to the factors of competition, horse trainers will go through great lengths, sometimes unfair or unethical, to win. Being surrounded by others in a tense environment has taught me leadership socially, not just with an animal. The business side of the horse industry deals with large sums of money, and the sales require professionalism, honesty, and trustworthiness. Horses provide unconditional love and patience. A horse can hear a human heartbeat from four feet away. That is why I have learned true patience, with a living entity there are no instantaneous results. I have especially learned this through working with my rescue animals while rehabilitating them. My horses have taught me perseverance, as well as to never give up. Many factors add into the horse equation and each one is a stepping stone for achievement. Horses are like children, I own four and they are a gigantic responsibility. Their needs must be met selflessly, rain or shine, morning or night. I have learned fine motor skills through all the projects concerning the facilities and equipment required when caring for large animals. I have learned barn management, vet skills, training skills, and resourcefulness. I have learned grit and independence, at seventeen years old, I drive the horse trailer alone to get training for shows. My love for horses gave me a gateway into agriculture where I was opened up to Future Farmers of America; and was given the opportunity to participate in many leadership and career development events. Horses have a service heart and they have taught me to have one too. All I have given them is nutrients and an environment to thrive. What they have given me in return is a set of morals, values, and strength, to utilize in the real world when my trip with them concludes.