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Kayla Kohr


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Tennessee Technological University

Bachelor's degree program
2021 - 2024
  • Majors:
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • Minors:
    • Mathematics


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

    • Dream career goals:

      Senior Engineer

    • Barista

      2020 – Present4 years



    2017 – Present7 years

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      The Journey Church — Babysitter
      2019 – Present

    Future Interests




    Dr. Samuel Attoh Legacy Scholarship
    A legacy to me means leaving something behind that was greater than yourself. It's not money or fame or even an invention that people leave behind them. It's not something that gets you written in the history books but the chance to know yourself, that what you built, what you became, and what you are, contributed to the world in a way that made a positive difference. I was born into an abusive household, at around four, I was removed and put into the foster care system with my biological sister. After three families I was adopted at six years old to my family, the Kohrs. At the time, I had no idea what family was, no real identity and no security. I even changed my name several times. Years had past and soon I had two new siblings also from foster care. We had kept contact over the years and when they needed help, we took them in. Life taught me about love and family, but not only that. It taught me that I don't have to follow in the footsteps of my biological parents. It told me the legacy I leave behind is mine to choose. Also, through the trials, I have learned adaptability resilience and passion for the things I have always loved to do. Who knew that as a ten year old girl I had my heart set on going into engineering while my sister planned on being a famous singer. My path that I have been on to get here made me realize the important things in life. It also allowed me to cherish these things. As an engineer, I plan to develop build and maintain machines to make the world a safer place. I have always been a sister to my siblings and have no problem sharing the hope and joy that I have to others. It's helped me become responsible for not only myself but for helping and relating to others that need it. My path on life was always mine to choose, and I choose to let it impact not only me but those around me. I am going to use my skills, my passion, my love for others, and my resilience to push for a degree and a career in engineering. I plan to go to a mission oriented career focused on benefitting the lives of communities across the globe. While my upbringing may have been a rocky start, to say in the slightest, I know my future is bright. And as I know my future I know I will build a legacy to be greater than myself. To help the ones in need and better the lives around me. (below is a picture of my uncle, Corey Chinn, the first person who inspired me to become a mechanical engineer and a close family member throughout it all.)
    Carlynn's Comic Scholarship
    A lot of people don't give credit to the classic comics we come across everyday. Personally, I talk about Calvin and Hobbes. From Calvin's snarky comments to Hobbes' philosophical questions I know I have laughed my head off or been blown away by revelations from this quirky comic. I used to read these comics at my grandparents house, either late at night, or just chilling in the living-room while my grandma read her novels. Its very intriguing how a couple of characters in a comic can come to life with personality and adventure that leave you feeling happy and fulfilled with every picture and comment you read. The creativity is endless and comics such as Calvin and Hobbes have inspired me to reach out and embrace not only who I am but who I want to be.
    Pay it Forward Technology Scholarship
    Often enough, I have been scolded for turning mechanical pencils into spring loaded eraser launchers. What can I say, I turned groups of kids who had nothing to do with each other, into a group of friends playing games and getting stuff done. I have always been people- oriented. Working in retail and having six siblings allowed me to be flexible, resilient and adaptable to changes. I know in technology and entrepreneurship these qualities are not only helpful but necessary to improve not only the inventions but the world around it. My mechanical engineering degree is going to go towards defending homes and nations across the world. My dream job, is to work hands-on with a team of engineers to come up with the brightest and biggest ideas that security has ever seen. i have always been fascinated with the mechanical parts of any moving machine and have a passion for curiosity and learning that will never fade. My plan is to go into a mission oriented company that wants to develop things to benefit people who are unable to help themselves. Technology has fueled the nation to become better and I plan to use technology to do the same. In recent years, a self driving car has been developed. I, personally, have been in two car wrecks, thankfully there was no injury just a very brutalized car. I know others are not so lucky. My mistakes, could have cost someone's life, or someone's ability to work and live happily. The technology of the future, such as self driving cars, can make the world a safer place. I plan to work hand in hand with a team of engineers to not only improve these self driving cars but to make them accessible and affordable for people that don't have the best access. I come from a family of seven kids a single-parent, and an income that won't fully fund a college degree. Yet I have the ambition to pursue something to become more than myself, to help not only my community and life, but lives around the world. New weapons have been developed and new diseases have become prevalent but technology has helped us assess and address the risks and hazards. I hope to use technology to be a part of this. Mechanical engineering is a broad degree that can be used for thousands of applications. it should be, considering there are thousands of ways to help the world around us. I plan to leverage technology to improve the world by applying my passion, skills, and ambition to join the world of engineers to make the world a better ,and safer, place.
    Dynamic Edge Women in STEM Scholarship
    I have always been interested in how the world works. I've never just wanted to know the what but the why and the how along with it. I think as this world gets more devices, we need more engineers to stay on task and to keep improving the world around us. That's why I'm going into mechanical engineering. To improve the world. My favorite invention so far, over the past ten years would be self-driving cars. I myself, have been in two wrecks, due to mistakes I believe a smart computer would have detected and that smart cars are going to detect in the years to come. I believe the car as a whole, is such an engineering masterpiece from the way the weight distribution works, to the combustion of the engine, to the coding that goes into making everything work smoothly. Every piece has a purpose and without it things can fall apart. It's not that one piece is more or less important than another but what it creates when all the pieces come together and work as a whole. This is what makes it my favorite invention of the past ten years. Not only does it make the world a safer place and get rid of common mistakes that can cause lives to be lost but it makes simple parts such as a spring or tube or wire into a machine that can transport people across the country. I hope to do the same, not as a part of a machine, but as a person. Its such an inspiration, knowing that engineers across the world are coming together to create things to benefit the whole of humanity. My contribution with my degree I plan to use to develop safety and security measures for homes across America and even the nation as a whole. My degree I am going to put towards a career that has a mission oriented task to keep people safe. From developing weapons defense systems to self driving cars, the hazards that cause people to lose their lives or their abilities because of a mistake need to be addressed. I have been through many things, and have seen others go through trials, because of a mechanical device that impaired them. As a woman, I often sympathize more with those who have lost someone or something. I can relate better and communicate often to encourage the people around me. i will contribute not only these abilities but the abilities I learn in my degree to do things such as self driving cars. To make people safe as they travel and to not only connect parts but to connect people. As I become an engineer, and as a woman, I have the tools and opportunity to make the world a safer and better place just like self driving cars.