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My name is Kayla, I am a first-generation college student attending Rhodes College and striving to earn my B.A. in studio art. I love developing new skills as I create and express myself through my pieces. My goal for the future is to attend an accelerated BSN program and work towards a degree in nursing. I'm especially interested in specializing in either pediatrics or midwifery. I hope that I will have the opportunity to help as many children and parents as I can in the future.


Rhodes College

Bachelor's degree program
2021 - 2023
  • Majors:
    • Fine and Studio Arts


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Fine and Studio Arts
    • Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Hospital & Health Care

    • Dream career goals:

      Pediatric Nursing

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      RonranGlee Literary Scholarship
      “I TRAVERSE fields untraversed by the Muse ! Through untrod paths I tread ! Oh, dear delight, To dip in virgin founts, large draughts to take ! Oh, joy to pluck new flowers and weave from them A garland for my head that never yet Hath decked a poet's brow—a garland earned — In that I treat a lofty theme, devote From Superstition's chains the soul to free ; O'er things obscure to pour the lucid song, And deck them with the charms of poesy — Thus wisely doing as the nurse adroit, Or skilled physician, when they seek to give To children sick the bitter absinth's draught, Touch at the edge the circle of the cup With honeyed sweets, that flattering the lips, The thoughtless age may drink the bitter draught, And caught deceived uncaptured be by death. Thus I, since now my theme to many seems Who know it not ungracious and severe, Well seek, lest they my proffered guidance shun, With studious zeal my reasoning to enfold In the sweet accents of the Muse's voice ; And clothing things obscure in garb of song, With pleasing art to win attentive ears To mark my words, till, learned in Nature's ways, Their worth and import they may truly know.” - Lucretius, On the Nature of Things, Book 4 Lucretius, an ancient Roman philosopher and poet, crafted the philosophical epic, On the Nature of Things to explore the natural laws of the world from an Epicurean viewpoint. This scholarly poem is separated into six books and each book is introduced with a proem. The proem acts as a preface that sets the stage and foreshadows the teachings within the work. It is within the proem of the fourth book that we obtain a glimpse into the mind of Lucretius. With his lyrical verses, Lucretius seems to convey his feelings regarding the assimilation of new information and his deliberate use of poetry to share his teachings of the world. In this essay, I will analyze the verses, language, and imagery of Lucretius’ work. The proem begins with Lucretius expressing his excitement towards the discovery of new ideas that have yet to be explored by previous philosophers. His use of metaphors throughout the proem helps in the understanding of the depth of his pleasure at using imagery and figures that are commonly known by the reader. The uncharted territory he is so happy to wander refers to concepts that only the Muses, godly sources of information, have traversed. The thirst he seeks to quench is that of knowledge, more specifically knowledge unobtained by any philosopher that came before him. Lucretius seeks to ordain himself with a wreath, one of the symbols of the Muses as if to declare that he too is a source of knowledge. The strangeness of the flowers acts as another way to separate his new teachings from those taught previously. In addition to his love for new teachings, Lucretius also sought to use his knowledge to explain the happenings of the world without the excuse of godly whims. Although the proem and other parts of the book make mention of various godly figures, Lucretius sought the freedom of the truths of the world and the minds of men from the chains of religion. The whims and moods of the Roman gods were often used to explain to mysterious workings of the natural world. Lucretius wanted to shift this pious way of thinking into one that was more scientific and capable of understanding through mortal means. However, his shift away from godly explanations does not stop him from paying homage to gods within his teachings. One example of this is his constant reference to the Muses, goddesses that represent literature, science, and art. All of which are disciplines used in the creation of his philosophical poetry about the workings of the world. By paying homage to the Muses, Lucretius expresses a sense of lingering piety and means of explaining the fluency with which he conveys his teachings. In the latter half of the proem Lucretius likens himself to a doctor administering medicine. It is through this metaphor that the poetic nature of his teachings becomes apparent. The Doctor covers the goblet of medicine in honey to make it seem more palatable to the child. Although the doctor got the child to consume the medicine through trickery, the child is not cheated because the medicine is still beneficial to his health. This method of honeyed deception is what Lucretius claims to achieve with his poetry. During his life, many poems and various heroic tales such as epics, were used to entertain and were beloved by many Romans. However, philosophy, especially philosophy that pulls away from the common beliefs of the gods had a limited audience and was often regarded with skepticism. By writing his teachings in such a poetic style, Lucretius makes his words seem more alluring to the common people. The familiar cadence of dactylic hexameter, taken from epic poems, acted as the honey that lured people in. All so that they may partake in the bitter teachings of the world that depart from the ideals they were accustomed to. Overall, Lucretius is hoping that the poetic nature and flowery words of his writings will distract the reader long enough for them to learn about the nature of the world and the various mechanisms around it. Through the exploration of book four’s proem, Lucretius’ enthusiasm for uncharted knowledge and the rationale lyrical nature of his writings becomes evident. Within this proem the feeling of eager excitement is palpable as he writes about learning things unknown to his predecessors and walking paths never before seen. His invocation of the Muses further links the idea of himself as a new source of knowledge that departs from the conventional teachings of the time. The epic nature of his work is due to the divergence of prevalent beliefs, as he seeks to frame his ideas in a more palatable packaging, enticing people to interact and learn from them.
      NE1 NE-Dream Scholarship
      It was in high school that I learned what true horror stories were. The sheer number of articles about Black women crying out in pain and begging health professionals for help, only to be turned away and thought of as dramatic shocked me. The number of women with serious concerns that are dismissed as overly emotional was appalling. The idea that my pain could be written off just because I was thought to be hormonal, and attention-seeking terrifies me. Those articles sparked my interest in joining the healthcare field and providing a safe environment for people to receive the judgment-free healthcare they deserve. As a healthcare professional, it would be my priority to ensure my patients feel cared for and supported. I want patients to feel safe sharing any problem and for them to know that all expressed problems will be investigated and taken seriously. I originally wanted to achieve this by becoming a doctor. However, after a discussion with a classmate, who was also looking into the healthcare field, I gained an interest in nursing. I was amazed at just how many paths and opportunities were present in the nursing field. My interests were more inclined towards pursuing a career as a pediatrician, as such, my research predominately focused on pediatric nursing. However, something became abundantly clear about the nursing field as I continued my research. Doctors were significant, but nurses were important in ways that I never really thought of previously. Before, I thought that nurses just assisted the doctor and didn’t do much else, but patients spent the most time with nurses. The doctor may diagnose the patient and prescribe medications to help treat an issue, but most of the patient care falls into the hands of the nurses, and I found that fact fascinating. A nurse is a health care professional who handles most of the patient care and is supposed to be an open ear and advocate for the patient. This is why it is my dream to join the nursing field. I want to join the momentum and be part of the change and advancement in patient care through the elimination of discrimination in the healthcare field. As a non-straight, black woman, I understand that the world is not equal. Whether it is due to age, gender, skin color, sexuality, or a mixture of various biases within health care. This must be ended to ensure proper health equity and patient safety, as well as moving forward as a community in healthcare.
      Shawn’s Mental Health Resources Scholarship
      Kayla's Tips and tricks for better mental Health Yoga - simple and non-intensive stretches can help decrease tension, stress, and anxiety in the mind and body. knitting/crafting - working on a simple personal project can give your mind a goal to focus on and a sense of accomplishment when complete, without the stress of a specific deadlines Painting/drawing - art is a good way of expressing thoughts and emotions that may be difficult to put into words. Breathing exercises - finding a comfortable and calm place and position to breathe. Some apps and videos can guide specific exercises, but taking deep breaths for a few minutes a day can be beneficial. talking to someone - voicing problems and thoughts out loud to those close to you or a therapist can help you relieve stress and release some of the burdens you may be feeling Goal list - make a list of short-term goals for the week. The goals can be as small as making your bed in the morning. This can create a sense of accomplishment at the end of a week. Smiling affirmations - take the time to look at yourself in a mirror and say something good about yourself. For every positive affirmation, give yourself a smile, no matter how big or small.
      Lo Easton's “Wrong Answers Only” Scholarship
      1. Because like money and you have money 2. Idk not being poor and in debt 3. I turned in this application didn't I?