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Hi, I'm an autistic African American female who is currently a high school senior. This fall I will be attending Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. My goal is to become an attorney and to also raise awareness about autism. I live in a single-income household. My family will not be able to cover the cost for me to go to college. I hope to get any scholarship and will be grateful no matter the amount .


Academic Center Of Excellence

High School
2018 - 2023


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Majors of interest:

    • Psychology, General
    • Criminology
    • Criminal Justice and Corrections, General
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Law Practice

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      2013 – 20152 years

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        Mayor youth council — Help others who needed the help
        2019 – Present

      Future Interests


      Alma J. Grubbs Education Scholarship
      Growing up education is always been important within my family. So, therefore, I grew up with a passion for having an education starting from elementary school. I’ve always seen how my teachers took so much time to make sure that we kids are ready for the real world, the money and the energy that they used to get us where we need to be I’ve always admired him in middle school I had this one teacher who always showed his support for me. with him, believing in me, made me believe in myself he made sure that I knew that I was capable of being whoever I want in the future. Teachers all around the world are the backbone of the world without teachers. We wouldn’t have anything. If there’s no one to teach kids and give them the education that they need, then we wouldn’t have all of the creations we have today. I even grew up with a teacher myself. My mom was a teacher herself. Well, seeing my Mom teach the kids, giving her a look of excitement, expired me to want to be able to teach. I shadow in my mom's classroom a few times and seeing how all the kids look up to her and how excited they are as soon as they enter the classroom makes me happy. It made me want  to teach and become a role model for the youth. As soon as I’m done giving a lesson, I want my students to walk away, ready for the future. I want them to walk away, feeling that they can accomplish anything, and if they have someone who believes that they can. Education will always be important in my life, and it should be important in other lives. With education, we can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through education, individuals can develop the confidence and skills necessary to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams. With this scholarship, I can finally have the financial security I need to focus on my studies and achieve my goals. This support brings me one step closer to my dream career, and I am confident that I will succeed with this push. I am grateful for this scholarship and believe it will be the catalyst I need to thrive. I pledge to use this scholarship for the good to make a positive impact. I know I can leave my students with a brain full of knowledge.
      Ruthie Brown Scholarship
      Student debt is a major concern for many individuals when it comes to attending college. I have had worries about the cost of higher education, but I refuse to let it stop me from pursuing my dreams. I will be attending Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi this fall, and I am excited to start this new chapter in my life. While college is certainly expensive, I believe that the benefits of furthering my education are worth the investment. To address any potential student debt, I have made it a priority to seek out scholarships. I believe that scholarships are the best way to avoid accumulating large amounts of debt. Winning as many scholarships as possible would make a huge difference for me and my family. Scholarships have always been a crucial factor in making college accessible for many individuals, and I am no exception. I have seen firsthand the negative impact of debt on my family, particularly with my mother's struggles to balance various payments, including her student loan debt. Applying for scholarships is therefore incredibly important for me to avoid accumulating debt and the associated worries that come with it. I will be applying for as many scholarships as possible to make college a reality without the fear of debt looming over me. The scholarship holds great significance for me, and I am hopeful that I will be a fortunate recipient. If I am awarded this scholarship, I intend to use the funds to avoid accumulating student debt. With your support, I am confident that I can achieve this goal and focus solely on my studies without worrying about the financial burden. I am dedicated to working hard until the start of the academic year to increase my chances of being selected for the scholarship. Overall, I believe that scholarships are essential for many individuals to attend college without the burden of debt. I am grateful for the opportunities they provide and will continue to pursue them to make my dreams a reality. Student debt is one of the leading causes of why many people don't want to attend college. I know for me that one of my most worries about going to college. But I decided that won't stop me and that I am going to college. So I can further my education. I know college is gonna be one of the most expensive life expenses so far. But to me, it seems worth it.
      Will Johnson Scholarship
      Back when I was in sixth grade, I was diagnosed With Autism spectrum disorder. As I entered high school, it was hard for me to connect with my peers; the thought of having to talk with them didn't excite me. So I spend most of my time alone because I feel better when I'm alone. Sometimes the big crowds would frighten me; when I saw them in the halls, my heart would start to race. When learning, it would take me some time to understand the material, It usually took me longer to get the material compared to my peers. It was hard for me to do work all in one day so I was receiving an extra day for me to complete my assignments. Navigating through life with autism has its up in downs. It was hard for me to make friends especially being around a big crowd because it overstimulated me. Having a hard ability to talk without stuttering and missing pronunciation. Not being able to process certain things like the people around me makes it difficult for me to try to connect with them. There is something I can't do alone and must have assistance like cooking and overall going out by myself. When going out by myself I usually have some I'm close to me to make sure I don't struggle or have an anxiety attack. People would see me as a girl who doesn't talk but they don't know the reason why . There Are Some Days Where wish people understand my disability and my needs. I hope in the future people can be more aware of autism and that you just have to be patient with people with autism. This is something I want to do in the future give people with autism a voice and show people regardless of their disability we can still be successful in life. I learned that my autism could not stop me from being someone of years worrying about how are people reacting. What they will say when they find out about my diagnosis after some self-reflection, I realize it doesn't matter what people think that I can live in society just like everyone else, and just because of my disability, does it mean I can't do anything. I learned that I don't need anyone's opinions or their judgemental looks I will get I know I am a strong individual. I learned that it's not the ending of my plans because of the diagnosis I got rather it's the beginning of something. My dream is to become an attorney within my career of being an attorney. I want to be able to stand up for other people who have disabilities and also show that just because you have a disability you can't become something that you dream of I also want to be able to educate people within the field so that people can be more mindful. My job as an attorney would not just be defending people, but also educating people, especially bringing awareness about autism.
      M.R. Brooks Scholarship
      Growing up as a child with a single mom within the LGBT community was not easy, but it taught me a lot about perseverance and the value of hard work. My mom worked tirelessly to provide for my siblings and me, often juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet. I remember feeling a sense of pride watching her work so hard, knowing that she was doing it all for us. While there were certainly challenges that came with being raised by a single mom, there were also some unique benefits. For one, I learned to be independent at a young age, as my mom often had to work long hours or run errands during the day. This meant that I had to learn how to take care of myself and my younger siblings, which instilled a sense of responsibility in me that I still carry with me today. Another benefit was that my mom was able to give us her undivided attention when she was home. Unlike two-parent households where both parents are often busy with work and other responsibilities, my mom was always there for us when we needed her. She would help us with our homework, cook us meals, and spend quality time with us whenever she could. Of course, being raised by a single mom also came with its fair share of challenges. There were times when money was tight, and my mom had to make tough decisions about what to prioritize. There were also times when we missed having a dad around, especially during important milestones like graduations and weddings. Overall, though, I wouldn't trade the experience of being raised by a single mom for anything. It taught me important lessons about resilience, independence, and the value of hard work, and I'm grateful for all the sacrifices my mom made to give us the best life possible. a career that aligns with my values and allows me to make a positive impact. Whether it be in the fields of education, healthcare, or sustainability, there are countless ways to use one's professional skills to create change. By choosing a career that is meaningful to me, I can make a difference in the world while also finding personal fulfillment. In conclusion, I believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact on the world through their education. By educating ourselves, giving back to our communities, and pursuing meaningful careers, we can create a better future for ourselves and generations to come. Let us all work together towards a brighter future.
      Voila Natural Lifestyle Scholarship
      Hey there! I'm a senior in high school and I'm excited to be attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi this fall. Growing up, it was just my mom, my brother, and me under one roof. I've always had a passion for helping people, and my goal in life is to become an attorney practicing family law. I believe that everyone deserves to have their voice heard and their rights protected, especially when it comes to their family. I'm looking forward to working hard to achieve my dream and make a positive impact on the lives of others. A scholarship would be a tremendous help in achieving my educational goals. As a student who is passionate about my studies, I am constantly seeking ways to enhance my knowledge and skills in my chosen field. However, the cost of pursuing higher education can be a significant barrier for many students, including myself. With a scholarship, I would have the financial support needed to focus solely on my studies without having to worry about the burden of student debt or other financial obligations. This would allow me to fully immerse myself in my coursework, take advantage of all the resources available to me, and pursue opportunities that would further advance my learning. In addition to the financial benefits, a scholarship would also give me the confidence and motivation to continue pursuing my educational goals. Knowing that my hard work and dedication have been recognized and rewarded would be a tremendous boost to my morale, and would inspire me to continue striving for academic excellence. I truly believe that receiving this scholarship would provide me with a wonderful opportunity for my future. As someone from a single-income household, I understand that my family may encounter some difficulties in paying for my college education. This scholarship is incredibly important to both me and my family, as it will provide us with the financial support necessary to pursue my education. When it comes to my education, I take it very seriously. I truly believe that education is the key to success, and without it, we would have nothing. That's why going to college is incredibly important to me. I am so grateful for this scholarship and I promise to use it wisely. I will be diligent in my studies and work hard to maintain good grades. I understand the value of this scholarship and I am committed to using it to further my education in a meaningful way. Overall, a scholarship would be an invaluable asset in helping me achieve my educational goals. It would provide me with the financial support and motivation needed to fully immerse myself in my studies and pursue opportunities that would further advance my learning. I am grateful for any opportunity to further my education, and a scholarship would be an incredible gift that would help me realize my dreams.
      @normandiealise #GenWealth Scholarship
      We all as humans dream of the day of wealth. I know I am it's one of my main goals in life. To have generation wealth it means to have a generation worth of money. It means to me that your family would have access to money. I would hope to achieve generational wealth. To be the first in my family to start for the future members to come. I want to be the one to set up a future for the new members. Wealth is not common in my family but I will be the one to change that. The change my family needs. my plan to achieve that goal is to first set up an account for my future kids. Every day I would put money into that account. Until it's time for college they would be able to access that account. With the money, they would be able to pay for tuition and supplies for school. It would also not put them in debt. When the graduate college they will not have to worry about debt. I will then set up where my future children will have access to start up their credit. In this society, we must have great credit. Which is why it would be important for me to make their credit a boost. For me, it also being well-educated on finances. If I'm not educated on that matter then it would be hard for me to make smart decisions. I have to be able to make the right choices when it comes to money. my goal is to build a big law firm. With that, I would have a big income coming in. But not with that alone I also want to start a side business of vending machines. Using all the income would put me in place for me to have an account to store the money. As I am slowly educating myself about finances. I learn that just because you are making a huge amount of money doesn't mean you have to spend it all. To have a stable, income does not always have to be about the amount you make. But rather the amount you know how to save. With any day that money can disappear. That is why it is important to have some stored away not just for yourself but for your future offspring. They will rely heavily upon you for the rest of your life.
      Operation 11 Tyler Schaeffer Memorial Scholarship
      Today we live in a society where it is hard for others. From speaking from experience my mother is a single mother. I saw the battles and hardships she had to fight. I watched her breakdown into tears worrying about me and my brother From growing up in a home with a mom who at the time did not have any resources. I want to go to college and earned a degree. With my degree, I plan on becoming an attorney to give back. I want to use my power as an attorney to help others who are in legal trouble. Especially to single mothers and fathers who need some legal assistance. I feel to need to give back to people by becoming a family attorney. Not just single parents but also kids with disabilities. As I will be a family attorney I would also help with child custody and adoption. From someone who has a disability when was in sixth grade I was diagnosed with autism. I was lucky to be in a home that provided me with care. Unfortunately, many kids are not so lucky. Kids whose parents are going through a divorce and kids who are going through the foster system. All who may end up in a home who's not going to be a great caregiver. My job as a family attorney would be to get kids with disabilities into a trustworthy home. I know could leave an impact on my community. If I believe that someone in the family law department is not doing right. I will call them out for it and give the community a heads warning. For some, it's hard to trust others with your promises, especially a total stranger. I want to give my community a sense of security when it comes to working with me. That there is not a corrupt attorney. My degree will not be used to power trip a person but rather to be the help that they need. I. Believe that I can make a difference within my community. The first step to becoming a help is to go to college and get my degree. For I can go to law School to become an attorney. I want to use my degree for good. A way I can give back to my community is to be an attorney people can rely on. Be that attorney that everyone can call for help.
      I Can Do Anything Scholarship
      The version of my future self is seeing someone who is confident.