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Joshua Blaine


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Hey there, guys! My name is Joshua Blaine. Here are a few things about me! I am a 17-year-old high school student with a profound passion for multimedia, entrepreneurship, and business that extends beyond academic interests. In the future, I aim to establish a multimedia, film, and business company embodying the essence of creative art in our everyday lives. I intend to initiate a mentorship and instructional program dedicated to empowering the next generation, equipping them with knowledge of business and artistic pursuits.


Detroit Edison Public School A

High School
2009 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
    • General Sales, Merchandising and Related Marketing Operations
    • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations
    • Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Multimedia & Business Entreprenuership

    • Dream career goals:

      My long-term career goal is to establish a leading multimedia, film, and business conglomerate, intricately weaving the nuances of daily artistry into the fabric of commerce. Alongside this, I aspire to develop a mentorship program with my business partner, aimed at nurturing and educating the next generation in both business and the arts. Additionally, I plan to delve deeply into brokerage and real estate, synergizing these passions with my broader entrepreneurial vision.

    • Sales Associate

      2023 – Present1 year
    • Podcast Host

      2023 – Present1 year
    • Business Owner

      2020 – Present4 years



    2023 – Present1 year


    2021 – 20232 years


    • Most Improved Player
    • Teamate Of The Year


    2019 – 20201 year

    Track & Field

    2021 – Present3 years


    • Silver Medal


    • Medicine

      Wayne State University — Research Assistant & Spokesperson
      2022 – 2023
    • English Language and Literature/Letters, Other

      Depsa ECE — Researcher
      2022 – Present


    • Growth Youth Development Training

      RuSerious Media
      2022 – Present

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Prevailing Church — Caregiver
      2016 – 2019
    • Volunteering

      Forgotten Harvest — Food distributor
      2016 – 2019

    Future Interests





    Deborah Thomas Scholarship Award
    From growing up in Detroit, witnessing a lack of expressed happiness and well-being, to aspiring to reach a global fashion capital, my study in international business is fueled by a drive to bridge the gap between worldwide happiness and fashion. I am propelled by the belief that "if you look good, you feel good," and in a world where everyone can access high-quality, affordable, and fashionable clothes it can bring them closer to deserved happiness. Pursuing studies in college, I aim to develop a fashion brand that transcends U.S. boundaries and creates a global community of people achieving happiness. Raised in a working-class environment, I've seen people's challenges in finding happiness in their jobs and social lives. This isn't just a local issue; it's global. Many lack the outlets to discover and master their happiness, so I believe incorporating fashion in social and workspaces will help people feel good about themselves and their roles. My decision to major in international business was to find solutions for these global challenges. Since 2022, I've been an entrepreneur with my fashion line, Felici, promoting the mastery of happiness and an inclusive world. I've organized charitable events and a fashion show at the Lexus Velodrome in Detroit, using models that wore their happiness with my clothing. These events brought joy and happiness to the participants and showcased the transformative power of fashion. Recognized by the Detroit Youth Fund, I've seen the impact of creative fashion on emotions—pure joy, happiness, and expression. Working with overseas manufacturers from Pakistan, China, and Japan, I've begun to bend the borders of joy and expression through fashion, making a tangible difference in the lives of people in my community. I also have collaborated with local Michigan artists to create fashionable pieces for retail workers, K-12 teachers, and healthcare providers. These fields often leave employees feeling undervalued and unhappy, impacting their work quality. I dream of merging fashion and corporate jobs, encouraging employers to make their companies fashion-friendly. This would boost worker spirit, happiness, and morale. Moreover, the emotional well-being of teens like myself is vital. Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders; their happiness and well-being are crucial. The "enclothed cognition" phenomenon shows that clothing affects mood and confidence. However, kids needing help to afford the latest trends may feel unhappy. Therefore, I aim to develop cost-friendly yet quality products accessible to all, enhancing their happiness and leadership skills. Moreover, I plan to study abroad in Europe to deepen my understanding of the global fashion world and use my skills to benefit people internationally. I aim for the world to be an all-inclusive, happy place, achievable through initiatives like mine that seek the betterment and emotional well-being of all. In conclusion, I am deeply grateful to the Deborah Thomas Scholarship Fund for allowing me to share my plans and visions for myself and other future leaders. The study of business and the companies that emerge from it must be developed for the betterment of everyone, everywhere, all the time. I am truly honored to be considered for this scholarship, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the world through business and fashion. Let's create a world and community of people who wear their happiness wherever they go!
    Boddu Football Scholarship
    Football, from my early days in Little League to my current senior year in high school, has been more than just a sport in my life—it's been a transformative force that has left a mark on my character and aspirations. While I may not have been the star athlete drawing crowds, I've embraced the role of Mr. Reliable, a player who consistently does their job with dedication and discipline. This reliability has extended beyond the field, shaping me into a person others lean on for advice and support, laying the foundation for my future role as an advocate and mentor. One of the most profound ways football has influenced me is through the concept of hard work and dedication. The countless hours spent on the field, the early morning runs, the grueling practices, and the intense training have instilled in me a work ethic that extends far beyond the realm of sports. This commitment to excellence has become a guiding principle in my personal and professional life, pushing me to strive for greatness in every endeavor. A defining moment in my football journey was when my school clinched its very first district championship and reached the regional championship for the first time in history. While the regional victory eluded us, the journey itself was a testament to the power of teamwork, perseverance, and pushing beyond perceived limits. This achievement not only inspired everyone on the team but also served as a personal catalyst for my commitment to always reach for new heights. The words of my coach always echo in my mind, "To do something we've never done, we have to do something we've never done." This quote he always repeated became the quote of our team, urging us to break barriers and redefine our capabilities. The demanding schedule, from early morning runs to late-night practices, fostered resilience, discipline, and a sense of collective purpose. This experience laid the groundwork for my belief that overcoming challenges and achieving success requires stepping out of one's comfort zone. Football, beyond the physical and strategic aspects, has taught me valuable life lessons. It's about facing adversity, working as a team, and embracing the journey rather than fixating solely on the destination. These principles have become a cornerstone of my character and are integral to my vision of using football as a platform to inspire positive change in my community. As I look to the future, my passion for football will be a driving force in my career as an advocate and mentor. The discipline, resilience, and sense of purpose instilled by the sport will guide me in supporting those who lack a voice, empowering them to pursue their aspirations. Football, with its ability to forge character and inspire greatness, will serve as a foundation for my mission to make a positive difference in the lives of others. In conclusion, football is not just a game; it's a teacher of life's profound lessons. The values and principles learned in the field have become an integral part of my character, influencing my career goals and aspirations. Through advocacy and mentorship, I aim to leverage my passion for football to inspire and uplift my community, echoing the resilience and teamwork that define the sport.
    'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Insight Scholarship
    The phrase 'Once upon a time in Hollywood' creates a complex array of emotions and reflections within me, weaving a narrative that explores the vast possibilities of the entertainment industry. Rather than conjuring images of glamour and stardom, the phrase triggers thoughts of a contrasting reality that lurks behind the facade of Hollywood's glitz and glam. In popular culture, ''going Hollywood'' often carries a negative connotation, implying a transformation that distances individuals from their roots, an ascent to a realm of betterment that removes them from the commonality of everyday life. This transformation, however, is not merely a personal journey but a reflection of societal norms and stereotypes perpetuated by the industry itself. Hollywood, in its grandeur, becomes a metaphor for the illusions crafted by those who wield influence in the unseen hierarchies, manipulating narratives to suit their agenda. Diving into the phrase's components, "once upon a time'' suggests a departure from reality, an entry into a world of fantasy and make-believe. Hollywood, as the physical and metaphorical embodiment of this fantastical realm, is a place where narratives are spun, and realities are crafted for public consumption. The movies and shows emanating from this hub are not just entertainment; they are tools that shape perceptions, creating a false interpretation of the world. This fabrication extends beyond the borders of Hollywood, infiltrating every facet of society. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian become more than individuals; they morph into ideals, setting unattainable standards for beauty and success. The glorification of flawless physical attributes, the airbrushed perfection, becomes a template for reality, distorting the self-perception of those who aspire to mirror these artificial ideals. Growing up, I encountered a symbolic revelation in the movie "Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief," where the gateway to the underworld was situated behind the Hollywood sign. This cinematic choice, while seemingly fantastical, resonates with the pervasive conspiracies surrounding Hollywood and its darker undertones. The sign, an iconic symbol of the industry, becomes a metaphorical portal to a realm of hell, hinting at a concealed reality obscured by the glimmering lights of stardom. In essence, 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' encapsulates the masking of truth, identity, and reality. It symbolizes the price society pays for the guilty pleasure of entertainment. Beneath the allure of cinema lies a world where the boundaries between fiction and reality blur, creating a distorted perception that infiltrates our collective consciousness. The phrase serves as a stark reminder of the power dynamics at play in shaping societal narratives, prompting us to question the cost of the fantasies we so eagerly consume.
    Social Change Fund United Scholarship
    In my vision of utopian mental health for the Black community, one fundamental element stands out: unity. To me, unity is the key to addressing the pressing mental health issues that have long plagued our community. The lack of unity among us exacerbates the external pressures we face daily, amplifying the burdens we bear as we are often viewed as less than, unworthy, and even subhuman. The discrimination we experience from other racial and ethnic groups places an immense strain on our mental well-being. However, what compounds these issues is our own internal division and the way we sometimes treat each other. Unity is the cornerstone of strength and togetherness. As a community, our ongoing financial, emotional, and social struggles are perpetuated, in part, by the way we treat each other. It is as if we mirror the very hostility and mistreatment that has been directed toward us. My belief is that in a world where we come together and operate as one, no force can impede our progress. By supporting one another ethically, we can begin to heal the generational trauma and break the curses that have negatively impacted our mental health and overall well-being. One issue I often observe is our collective desire to gain support and love from other racial and ethnic groups when, at the core, we do not offer the same love and support to ourselves. People are naturally more inclined to support something or someone who is embraced by the majority. Thus, if we do not love and support ourselves in a cohesive manner, it becomes increasingly difficult to expect others to do so. Achieving this level of unity is a critical step toward social justice, as it will help level the playing field and ensure that we are seen and treated on par with others. In communities where poverty, struggle, and need are prevalent, it is crucial to establish proper and ethical mental health institutions. These institutions should not only focus on improving mental health but also on educating individuals about the systemic issues that affect them. Understanding these systemic problems and how to navigate them can serve as a powerful tool for personal and collective growth. Mental health among our youth, who represent the future of our world, deserves special attention. The power to shape the destiny of our society lies in their hands. Therefore, it is imperative that we prioritize their mental well-being, offering resources and support that help them navigate the unique challenges they face. One way I plan to contribute to this vision is through a mentorship program that not only guides kids and teens in career development but also empowers them to take control of their mental health and help their families do the same. Education about mental health and its systemic underpinnings is an integral part of this program. In conclusion, the vision for optimal mental health in the Black community centers around unity and mutual support. While external challenges exist, we must first address the internal divisions and heal our community from within. Establishing ethical mental health institutions and prioritizing the well-being of our youth are critical steps toward achieving this vision. It is within our power to create a future where mental health is a foundation for growth, unity, and social justice in our community.
    McClendon Leadership Award
    Leadership, to me, is the bedrock of all things positive and transformative in our world. It is the force that propels ideas into action, inspires change, and molds the future. I firmly believe that nothing prosperous and significant can be achieved without the guidance and vision of an honorable leader. Leadership is not only important; it is the very essence of progress and impact. A prime example of the significance of leadership can be found in the journey of companies like Amazon. This colossal enterprise, now serving over 310 million customers worldwide, began as a mere idea. It was the brainchild of a visionary leader, Jeff Bezos. His leadership, foresight, and dedication to executing his plans transformed Amazon into the global powerhouse it is today. This story underscores the fact that leaders are the driving force behind innovation and success. Leadership is vital for our society and the world at large. It provides the guidance and direction needed to tackle complex issues, navigate challenges, and create positive change. Leaders are the ones who set the course, inspire others to follow, and take responsibility for their actions. Proper leadership is what ensures that the world operates ethically and constructively. I am deeply inspired to be a leader who mentors, guides, and influences positive change. I believe in the profound impact that leaders can have on individuals and communities. Through my planned mentorship and education program, I aim to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for the next generation. I want to help young minds discover their potential, hone their skills, and embrace their roles as future leaders. Throughout my life, I've experienced the power of mentorship and guidance firsthand. These influences have played a crucial role in shaping my beliefs, values, and ambitions. I believe that everyone, at some point in their journey, needs someone to look up to and draw inspiration from. I aspire to be that figure, the person whom others can rely on for guidance, mentorship, and positive influence. In the description of the McClendon Leadership Award Scholarship, it is stated that "leadership is the most important quality for the world right now and in the future." While I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, I also believe that proper leadership is more than just an individual quality. It is a product of the right mentors and the right teachings. Leaders are nurtured and developed through guidance, education, and positive role models. My goal is not only to be a leader but also to contribute to the development of future leaders by providing them with the proper tools and inspiration. Lastly, I firmly believe that age should not be a limiting factor when it comes to leadership. Young students, kids, and teenagers possess boundless potential and energy. They are the leaders of the future, and it is crucial to instill in them the values of honor, integrity, and effective leadership from an early age. Learning these principles early in life empowers them to be beacons of positive change in the years to come. In conclusion, leadership is not just a quality; it is the cornerstone of progress and the catalyst for positive change. I am deeply committed to being a leader who inspires, guides, and makes a lasting impact. The McClendon Leadership Award Scholarship is a significant step toward realizing this vision. It will empower me to pursue my mission of mentoring and educating future leaders, ensuring that the world is filled with honorable individuals who lead with wisdom and integrity.
    Mark A. Jefferson Teaching Scholarship
    My journey in life has been a dynamic exploration, shaped by a multitude of experiences, mentors, and a thirst for success. This narrative has led me to a profound commitment to becoming an educator with a distinctive approach. While the traditional classroom holds immense value, I aspire to be more than a teacher; I aim to be a mentor, coach, and advisor for children and teenagers eager to learn about life's career fields, particularly in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. My motivation for this unique educational path arises from pivotal experiences within programs like The Midnight Golf Program in Detroit, Michigan, and the Grow Detroit's Young Talent (GDYT) initiative. In these programs, I had the privilege of meeting and learning from mentors who illuminated the powers of financial literacy, career development, and economic knowledge. These experiences have illuminated the path I wish to tread as an educator, guiding young minds to understand that they don't have to work for someone else their entire lives. Instead, they can become their bosses, manage their destinies, and carve their unique paths to success. One of my most significant fears was once found in the phrase "being another statistic." This fear stemmed from the very real concerns of being an absent black father, a victim of police brutality or becoming ensnared in street crime and unethical activities. These fears have driven me to seek programs and experiences that have shown me life in a positive, ethical, and constructive light. Through these experiences, I have come to understand the profound importance of acquiring knowledge and passing it on to others. I believe that if one desires to witness a change in the world, it must commence within themselves. This personal transformation is the spark that ignites broader change. To be a beacon of change and inspiration for others, one must first be a role model, leading by example and instilling positive values in those they educate and mentor. The Mark A. Jefferson Teaching Scholarship is a crucial stepping stone on my path to becoming an educator who imparts knowledge, fosters understanding, and inspires change. This scholarship is not just financial aid; it is an affirmation of the value of my aspirations and my dedication to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those I educate and mentor. It brings me one step closer to realizing my goal of affording college and acquiring the education necessary to be that light of knowledge and guidance for children and teenagers in my community. In conclusion, my journey has led me to a profound understanding of the importance of education that extends beyond the classroom. The Mark A. Jefferson Teaching Scholarship is a beacon of hope that will enable me to pursue my unique vision of mentorship and guidance for the next generation. With this scholarship, I will be better equipped to inspire change within myself and, in turn, to be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of the young minds I am committed to educating.
    Kalia D. Davis Memorial Scholarship
    My life's journey is a multi-interest world of ambition, inspiration, and an unwavering pursuit of success. It's a narrative influenced by diverse experiences, mentors, and the unyielding desire to carve my unique path in the world. From a young age, sports played a pivotal role in shaping my character. Engaging in activities like football and track cultivated a go-getter attitude that remains integral to my identity. These sports instilled in me the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. They taught me that winning wasn't just about physical prowess; it was a state of mind, a commitment to excellence. In my sophomore year, a transformative moment occurred. My football coach, in a moment of profound inspiration, declared in front of my peers, "You are going to be something." Those words became a beacon for me, a reminder that my potential extended beyond the playing field. They kindled a fire within me, the desire to uncover that ''something'' and make it a reality. Knowing that someone other than my family believed in my potential was a powerful motivator. As I ventured into high school and the complexities of higher education, I realized the importance of a solid academic foundation. My interests expanded beyond sports to encompass entrepreneurship, business, and multimedia. I found a profound fascination in the dynamics of the art of storytelling, and the potential of multimedia in shaping perspectives. My journey for education led me to dream of institutions like Northwood University and Michigan State. These institutions, with their vital programs in business, entrepreneurship, and multimedia, perfectly aligned with my ambitions. I envisioned immersing myself in an environment that nurtured my intellectual growth, while also offering opportunities to explore my passion for my life pursuits. The Kalia D. Davis Memorial Scholarship holds immense significance in my journey. It is not just a financial grant; it represents recognition, belief, and an extended hand to reach my dreams. This scholarship will provide the much-needed financial support to make attending these dream institutions a reality. It is a jumpstart, a crucial assistance that brings me one step closer to affording the education I aspire to have. With this scholarship, I can navigate higher education with purpose and financial security. It frees me from the specter of overwhelming debt, allowing me to focus on my studies and my education ventures. This assistance is not just a monetary boost but an affirmation of the belief that I can be that ''something'' my coach saw in me. In conclusion, the Kalia D. Davis Memorial Scholarship is an honor I would greatly cherish. It represents the alignment of my ambitions with an opportunity to make them a reality. It is a beacon of hope, a reminder that my journey is supported by those who recognize my potential and my unwavering desire to succeed. With this scholarship, I aim to explore the multifaceted world of my educational and career interests and leave an indelible mark on the world, carrying forward the inspiration from my coach and the belief of those who support me.
    Servant Ships Scholarship
    Throughout my life, books and films have served as powerful vessels for personal growth and the evolution of my perspectives. The diversity of narratives and characters in these works has not only enriched my understanding of the world but also inspired my ambitions in the fields of multimedia, entrepreneurship, and business. One foundational belief that has emerged from these experiences is the understanding that life is, in essence, perspective. Each views the world through their unique lens, a lens shaped by their experiences, beliefs, and cultural background. This realization is, in many ways, the cornerstone of my journey. As I delved into various narratives through books and films, I encountered characters and stories that offered perspectives vastly different from my own. It became evident that the world is an accumulation of perspectives, each equally valid and valuable. This belief has profoundly influenced my goals. I aspire to be a master of my lens, viewing the world through the filter of my experiences, values, and passions. My journey in multimedia, entrepreneurship, and business is not just about professional success but about crafting a narrative that is uniquely mine. I seek to validate my perspective and use it as a driving force to impact the world and my community positively. In my pursuit of mastery, I draw inspiration from characters who have exhibited resilience, innovation, and the courage to follow their unique paths. These narratives have taught me that success is not merely about conforming to existing norms but about carving a distinct niche, embracing individuality, and fostering a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. My goals are shaped by this belief to create content and businesses that resonate with my unique perspective while simultaneously resonating with others who may find value in it. My ambitions extend beyond personal success. As someone deeply rooted in community service and volunteerism, I aim to use my education as a catalyst for positive change in my community. By initiating mentorship programs, workshops, and community-centered projects, I intend to impart my knowledge and skills to the next generation. It is my firm belief that knowledge is most valuable when shared, and by helping others develop their perspectives and follow their dreams, I hope to leave a lasting impact on my community. In my journey, my faith plays a pivotal role. As a Christian, the principles of service, compassion, and empathy have been instilled in me from a young age. The teachings of Christ have shaped my desire to be a positive force, and through my education, I aim to exemplify these principles in my actions and endeavors. In conclusion, the narratives I've encountered through books and films have enriched my life, inspiring me to be a master of my perspective, and validating my unique lens. My goals in multimedia, entrepreneurship, and business are fueled by the belief that every perspective is a valuable contribution to the world. I aspire to make a positive impact on the world and my community by sharing my knowledge, inspiring others, and embracing the values of service and compassion that are dear to my heart.
    Anime Enthusiast Scholarship
    Hunter x Hunter, a masterpiece of the anime world, has captured my heart and mind like no other series. I have revisited this anime about five times since the pandemic began, making it one of my all-time favorites. Its enduring appeal lies in its profound themes of perseverance, growth, and the unpredictability of life's trials. The core of Hunter x Hunter revolves around a young boy named Gon on a quest to find his long-lost father while gaining immense strength and wisdom along the way. This overarching journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and it serves as an allegory for life's challenges. Gon, a seemingly scrawny 12-year-old, defies conventional expectations, proving that true strength is not solely determined by appearances. The first trial Gon faces is the Hunter Exam, a rigorous test designed to separate the wheat from the chaff, where only the most exceptional individuals succeed. This mirrors Gon's desire to follow in his father Ging's footsteps and become a Hunter. Despite his youthful appearance, Gon's inner strength surpasses that of many older and seemingly "stronger" characters. Hunter x Hunter delivers a potent message that transcends the screen - it's a reminder not to judge people solely based on their outward appearances and to understand that hard work and dedication eventually lead to success. Throughout the series, Gon's path intertwines with that of his best friend, Killua, and other allies, Leorio and Kurapika. These characters embark on thrilling adventures, both together and individually, striving to enhance their strength and aura. What captivates me the most is the constant character development in Hunter x Hunter. The show beautifully illustrates how unwavering determination and relentless training can mold individuals into formidable forces. This mirrors my personal philosophy - that hard work and perseverance are the keys to self-improvement and success in life. One of the most enthralling story arcs is the Chimera Ant arc, which showcases the formidable challenges Gon and Killua face. This particular arc brilliantly portrays the complexities of human emotions, the fragility of life, and the ever-present potential for growth. Gon's journey through this arc is particularly heart-wrenching, as he sacrifices his own well-being in a desperate bid to defeat the Chimera Ant King. This emotionally charged storyline serves as a poignant reminder that life is unpredictable, filled with obstacles and unexpected turns. Hunter x Hunter is a testament to the limitless potential of the human spirit, where strength is born from perseverance and personal growth. It demonstrates that appearances can be deceiving, that hard work and dedication always pay off, and that life's challenges mold us into the individuals we become. The series resonates with viewers on a deeply personal level, offering profound life lessons wrapped in a captivating narrative. In conclusion, Hunter x Hunter has become an anime that I can revisit endlessly, a journey that speaks to my core values of determination, growth, and not judging a book by its cover. It is an unending source of inspiration that has shaped my worldview. I encourage the Anime Enthusiast Scholarship committee to consider my passion for this series and the life lessons it imparts when evaluating my application. Hunter x Hunter is more than just an anime; it's a testament to the indomitable human spirit, a reminder that with hard work and perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle in our path.
    Book Lovers Scholarship
    In a world saturated with the pressure to achieve, to fit in, and to be continuously happy, it's almost rebellious to suggest that perhaps the key to genuine contentment is to care less about these societal metrics. If there's one book I believe everyone should dive into, it's Mark Manson's "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck." Now, before dismissing it because of its provocative title, let's explore why this text might just be the game-changer many of us need in our lives. Manson presents a candid perspective on modern life, offering readers the golden ticket to finding meaning. Rather than presenting the overly-sugared message of relentless positivity, he boldly advocates for the embrace of life's struggles and limitations. His philosophy? Seek purpose in what truly matters, shedding unnecessary burdens, and most importantly, take ownership of our actions, decisions, and ultimately, our lives. The book introduces readers to an enlightening concept: the "Backwards Law." It's an idea that sounds paradoxical, yet rings eerily true. By chasing positive experiences as an end goal, we ironically set ourselves up for disappointment, leading to negative experiences. But by accepting life's lows, the negatives, we inadvertently find joy, fulfillment, and yes, positive experiences. This counterintuitive approach challenges the conventions of the self-help genre, teaching readers that growth doesn’t always look like constant elevation; sometimes, it's about delving deep, confronting our vulnerabilities, and emerging stronger. But why is this message so crucial for everyone? In a world driven by social media, many of us are subconsciously drawn into the cycle of seeking validation from external sources, often tying our self-worth to likes, shares, and materialistic achievements. Manson's book acts as a wake-up call, urging readers to redirect their energies inward. Instead of seeking validation from the outside world, we ought to find it from within, defining our worth on our terms. In conclusion, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" is more than just a book; it's a revolution against the contemporary norms of always "being happy" and "fitting in." It's a guide for those yearning for authentic existence, away from societal shackles. Whether you're someone who struggles with seeking external validation or just looking for a fresh perspective, this book is a must-read. Dive in, challenge your beliefs, and emerge with a newfound appreciation for the art of truly living.
    Bright Lights Scholarship
    In the ever-evolving world of multimedia, entrepreneurship, and business, few possess the passion and drive to create a lasting impact, especially at such a tender age. As a 17-year-old high school student, my ambitions are not limited by textbooks or classroom discussions; instead, they soar in the expansive sky of real-world challenges and opportunities. Looking towards the horizon, I envision establishing a pioneering multimedia, film, and business company. More than just a commercial venture, this company will stand as a beacon of creative art's profound significance in our daily lives. In an era where digital media dominates and the line between art and commerce blurs, I seek to strike a harmonious balance, offering content that not only captivates but educates, inspires, and resonates with audiences worldwide. Yet, my ambitions are not solo endeavors. In collaboration with my business partner, we are laying the groundwork for a transformative mentorship and instructional program. Recognizing the immense potential of the next generation and understanding the challenges they face, our program aims to be a guiding light. By empowering them with a deep understanding of business intricacies and artistic pursuits, we aim to mold a generation of thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers who will shape the multimedia and entrepreneurial landscape. Furthermore, my passion finds another outlet in the realms of brokerage and real estate. These fields, often viewed as purely commercial domains, resonate with me as platforms where one can craft narratives, shape communities, and influence societal growth. By delving into these areas, I aim to redefine their traditional boundaries, infusing them with innovation, creativity, and a deep-seated commitment to community development. To ensure these lofty dreams have a solid foundation, I am ardently committed to majoring in business and marketing in college. The knowledge and exposure from such a curriculum will not only sharpen my commercial acumen but also provide invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and a platform to test, refine, and execute my ideas. College, for me, is not just a phase of academic growth but a critical stepping stone toward realizing my entrepreneurial and artistic vision. The Bright Light scholarship is more than just a financial grant; it represents a belief in dreams, potential, and the transformative power of passion. With the support of this scholarship, I will be better positioned to navigate the challenges of higher education, access invaluable resources, and lay a robust foundation for my future ventures. Every dollar invested in my education and growth will ripple out, touching countless lives through the businesses I establish, the content I create, and the future leaders I mentor. In conclusion, my journey is not just about personal milestones or commercial success; it's about crafting a legacy—a legacy of innovation, empowerment, and positive impact. With the support of the Bright Lights scholarship, I am poised to embark on this journey, confident in my vision, fueled by my passion, and committed to leaving an indelible mark on the world of multimedia, business, and beyond.
    Janean D. Watkins Overcoming Adversity Scholarship
    Life, in its intricate dance of highs and lows, has taught me the resilience to weather storms and the vision to glimpse the sunshine beyond the darkest clouds. My journey, while punctuated with challenges, has been a testament to the power of perseverance, vision, and an unwavering commitment to my goals. Born into a world brimming with multimedia potential and the dynamism of business communications, my aspirations have always been set on harnessing these platforms for positive change. My core vision has been to craft a unique blend of these fields with entrepreneurship, aiming not just for personal milestones but to ignite collective growth. My venture, Felicimadeit, stands as a testament to this vision. More than just a luxury clothing line, it represents a philosophy — mastering the essence of profound happiness and resilience. Adversity, however, has been a constant companion on this journey. While external challenges such as competition and navigating the complexities of the entrepreneurial world were daunting, internal battles often posed the greatest hurdles. The overwhelming weight of self-doubt, the echoing question of whether my vision was too grand, too unreachable, often threatened to overshadow my dreams. One particularly poignant period of adversity was during the foundational stages of Felicimadeit. Every venture, every idea, was met with skepticism. The challenge wasn't just about proving the viability of my business to others but continually reaffirming my faith in my vision. It was in these trying times that I leaned heavily on the lessons from my past experiences. Volunteering at community initiatives, such as the Warming Center for the Homeless and Forgotten Harvest, instilled in me a profound understanding of the human spirit's resilience. Witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by others, their relentless spirit, and their undying hope, served as a beacon for me. It reinforced my belief that adversities aren't roadblocks but stepping stones, sculpting one's character and sharpening one's resolve. These experiences were instrumental in shaping my approach towards challenges. Instead of viewing them as setbacks, I began to perceive them as lessons, molding me, refining my vision, and preparing me for the journey ahead. They taught me the importance of empathy, resilience, and the transformative power of a growth mindset. Adversity, in many ways, has been the crucible of refining my dreams and ambitions. It has deepened my understanding of the world, made me more attuned to the struggles of others, and fortified my commitment to my goals. Every challenge faced has only strengthened my resolve to establish mentorship programs, guide future changemakers, and further expand my entrepreneurial ventures to have a broader positive impact. In conclusion, the Janean D. Watkins Overcoming Adversity Scholarship represents more than just financial support. It symbolizes the collective belief in the power of dreams, resilience, and the undying human spirit. With the lessons from my adversities as my guiding light, I am poised to not only chase but also realize my dreams, leaving an indelible mark on the world.
    Our Destiny Our Future Scholarship
    Mahatma Gandhi's timeless words, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world," resonate profoundly with my life. I firmly believe that if we desire a world brimming with compassion, understanding, and progress, that transformation must begin within each of us. A world ripe for change is contingent upon individuals imbued with purpose and commitment to positive transformation. From an early age, my faith and involvement with my church ingrained in me the importance of service to others. The experience of hosting a warming center for the homeless was more than an act of charity—it was an enlightening journey into the myriad challenges that individuals face. Witnessing the resilience and hope in the eyes of those seeking refuge, I learned that every individual's life story is unique, and shaped by distinct challenges, dreams, and aspirations. This experience was not just about providing warmth during cold nights; it was an intimate lesson in empathy, in understanding that our destinies, though diverse, are interwoven in the grand tapestry of life. Further fueling this commitment to service was my involvement with Forgotten Harvest in Detroit. Seeing the sheer joy and gratitude on the faces of the older generation as they were cared for by the younger brigade was a poignant reminder of the transformative power of compassion. It reinforced my belief that understanding and addressing another's struggles not only better their life but enriches our own, painting our journey with hues of humility and gratitude. These experiences have shaped my vision for the future—a future where I harness my entrepreneurial spirit, multimedia skills, and passion for mentorship to ignite positive change. Through my business endeavors, particularly Felicimadeit, I aim to craft narratives of hope, resilience, and profound happiness. I envision this brand transcending the confines of fashion to become a movement that inspires individuals to pursue their dreams and find purpose. Yet, my aspirations extend beyond the entrepreneurial sphere. With a vision to nurture future changemakers, I plan to establish mentorship programs. These platforms will not only equip individuals with skills but, more importantly, inculcate values of empathy, resilience, and commitment to positive change. I believe that by fostering a generation that is not only skilled but deeply rooted in values, we can catalyze widespread transformation. To truly create an impact, however, I recognize that change must be both internal and external. While external endeavors like businesses and mentorships can touch lives, internal transformation—cultivating understanding, empathy, and a genuine desire to uplift others—is equally crucial. My experiences with the church's warming center and Forgotten Harvest have been instrumental in this internal journey, teaching me that to truly make a difference, one must first understand, care, and then act. In conclusion, the Our Destiny Our Future Scholarship is not just a pathway to academic and professional growth; it's a beacon guiding me toward my vision of positive impact. Armed with experiences, skills, and a burning passion to make a difference, I am poised to not just be a spectator but a catalyst in the grand narrative of change. I believe that every individual, equipped with purpose and compassion, holds the power to reshape the world, one act, one initiative, one life at a time.
    Reasons To Be - In Memory of Jimmy Watts
    In the vast landscape of life experiences, there exists a realm that shapes character, nurtures empathy, and instills purpose more profoundly than any other: volunteerism. The selfless act of giving one's time and resources for the betterment of others has been a cornerstone of my journey, shaping my core values and guiding my aspirations. My initiation into the world of service was through my church. Beyond spiritual nourishment, the church became a beacon of hope for many, hosting a warming center for the homeless. Witnessing the hardships faced by these individuals, and yet their undying spirit, left an indelible mark on my soul. It wasn't just about offering shelter from the biting cold; it was about providing warmth, compassion, and a sense of belonging. Through this experience, I internalized a vital truth: every individual, irrespective of their circumstances, deserves respect, dignity, and a chance for a better tomorrow. This ethos of service was further solidified when I joined Forgotten Harvest in Detroit. Feeding hundreds of less fortunate individuals was not merely an act of charity; it was a profound lesson in humility, gratitude, and the interconnectedness of human destinies. Every plate of food served, and every smile exchanged, reinforced my belief in the transformative power of compassion and collective action. These volunteer experiences have been instrumental in shaping my core values. They have instilled in me a profound sense of empathy, a belief in the boundless potential of collective action, and a commitment to being a catalyst for positive change. They have taught me that real success is not measured by personal milestones but by the impact one leaves on the lives of others. This ethos of service and impact resonates deeply with my career and life aspirations. While my passion for multimedia, business communications, and entrepreneurship promises professional growth, my true purpose lies in leveraging these platforms for widespread impact. Inspired by my volunteer experiences, I aim to establish a mentorship program, guiding and nurturing young minds, and empowering them to craft their unique paths. I envision this program as more than just skill-building; it's about inculcating values, fostering a growth mindset, and nurturing a commitment to service. In conclusion, volunteerism is not just an act for me; it's a way of life. It is the lens through which I view the world, guiding my decisions, actions, and aspirations. Through the Reasons To Be scholarship, I seek not just academic and professional growth but an opportunity to amplify my impact, ensuring that the ethos of service, compassion, and collective growth reverberates through every endeavor I undertake. My journey, with its blend of service and aspirations, is a testament to the belief that when one's purpose aligns with the betterment of humanity, the possibilities are truly boundless.
    Walking In Authority International Ministry Scholarship
    For many, a community is a mere geographical space, a conglomeration of houses, streets, and parks. For me, it has always represented something profoundly deeper: a being of shared dreams, collective challenges, and boundless potential. Drawing inspiration from my faith-based upbringing and entrepreneurial spirit, my involvement in my community is fueled by a fervent desire to not only witness change but to be a catalyst for it. Growing up as a pastor's child, the church was more than a place of worship; it was the epicenter of community interactions. Things like collective prayers and shared experiences painted a vivid picture of the strength inherent in unity. This environment nurtured in me a belief that when a community comes together, it can move mountains. It was this conviction that inspired me to delve deep into community initiatives, seeking to harness this collective strength for positive change. Recognizing the transformative power of knowledge and mentorship, I decided to embark on a mission to establish workshops tailored for various age groups within the community. Drawing from my entrepreneurial journey and the ethos of my business, Felicimadeit, these workshops will not only impart skills but foster a mindset rooted in purpose, perseverance, and profound happiness. By equipping community members with knowledge and nurturing a growth mindset, I aim to create a ripple effect, where empowered individuals become beacons of change and inspiration within their circles. Furthermore, leveraging my passion for multimedia and business communications, I plan to initiate community dialogues—spaces where individuals can come together, share their stories, voice their concerns, and co-create solutions. These dialogues, more than just discussions, will become platforms of collective action. From supporting local businesses to creating community-based art projects, these dialogues translate into tangible change, shaping the community's narrative and future. But influencing change is not just about grand initiatives; it's about the small, everyday actions that echo genuine care and commitment. From mentoring young entrepreneurs to volunteering at community events, I've always believed that consistent, heartfelt involvement holds the key to lasting change. It's in these moments, when a young individual's eyes light up with understanding, or when community members rally together for a cause, that I see the profound impact of involvement. These are the moments I plan and indeed will see within my community. Being a 17-year-old soon-to-be first-year college student, college won't only be the anchor to this goal of mine but a guiding light. In conclusion, my inspiration to get involved in my community stems from a deep-seated belief in its potential and the transformative power of collective action. The community is not just a backdrop to our lives; it's a living, breathing entity, with each member holding a piece of the puzzle. Through active involvement, mentorship, and genuine commitment, I've sought to bring these pieces together, crafting a mosaic of positive change and progress. As I continue on this journey, I remain steadfast in my conviction that when a community comes together with purpose and passion, the possibilities are boundless.
    Netflix and Scholarships!
    We live in an age of instant gratification and fast-paced living, where a single moment can ripple into a cascade of consequences. Netflix's series "Beef" masterfully encapsulates this notion, presenting an engaging narrative that highlights the absurdity of human nature and the domino effects of our choices. For anyone seeking a show that's as introspective as it is entertaining, "Beef" should top your weekend binge list. At its core, "Beef" pivots around a seemingly trivial incident: a road rage episode. However, this isn't just any everyday display of driver frustration. Amy Lau and Danny Cho, the central characters, allow this one event to drastically steer the course of their lives. As they spiral into a comedic vortex of revenge and one-upmanship, we're treated to a spectacle of how trivial matters can snowball into life-altering situations. What makes "Beef" so relatable is its portrayal of raw human emotions. Everyone, at one point or another, has been gripped by anger, blinded by pride, or seduced by the tantalizing idea of having the last word. Through Amy and Danny, we witness the extremes to which one can go when driven by these intense emotions. Their journey, filled with hilarity and exaggerated encounters, serves as a reflection of our moments of irrationality. We've all been there, holding onto grudges or seeking petty revenge over perceived slights, often forgetting the real essence of our lives. Yet, it's not all about chaos and vendetta. Interspersed between the laugh-out-loud scenarios are moments of profound realization. There are instances in the series where the weight of morality and ethics challenges personal vendettas, serving as poignant reminders of what truly matters. These scenes aren't just thrown in as an afterthought; they anchor the narrative, offering viewers a chance to introspect and evaluate their own choices. The significance of time and the value of family are recurrent themes throughout the series. Amidst the madness of their feud, both Amy and Danny experience moments of clarity, where they recognize the time they're wasting on trivialities. Such moments are a poignant reminder for us, the audience, to cherish the fleeting nature of time and the priceless value of family and close relations. By juxtaposing these touching realizations with the comedic vendettas, "Beef" presents a multi-dimensional portrayal of life's complexities. In a world rife with distractions, misunderstandings, and rapid judgments, "Beef" offers a unique lens to view the societal fabric we're part of. While it starts as a comedic take on a minor dispute, it unravels to show the profound truths of human nature. The show holds up a mirror, prompting us to question our actions, our priorities, and the lengths we might go to prove a point. It's a reminder that sometimes, letting go is the most powerful thing we can do. To wrap up, "Beef" is more than just a show; it's an exploration of human psychology, societal norms, and the essence of life. Its blend of comedy with deep-rooted life lessons makes it a must-watch. So, if you're seeking a series that can make you laugh, ponder, and appreciate life a little more, clear your weekend schedule and delve into the world of "Beef" on Netflix. You won't be disappointed.
    DRIVE an IMPACT Today Scholarship
    “Forget your failures, don't let the wrongs of your past haunt you but the wonders of the future inspire you.” A quote I’ve created and lived by for the past 2 years that has not only prompted extreme success but a series of abundance and discernment over my life. Absolutely nothing worth having comes easy so who would a person be without struggle or journey, who would I be? A question I’ve asked myself many times which allowed me to accept past failures as it bred me to be who I am today. Well you may ask who exactly is Joshua Blaine, and I could give you a plethora of acute answers. Joshua Blaine is an assiduous and prolific entrepreneur who scaled his luxury streetwear clothing line (Felici (@felicimadeit) • Instagram photos and videos) whilst managing school and sports. Joshua Blaine is a notable 15-year legacy student at Detroit Edison Public School Academy ECE, who has been frontline for many publicity events, including being featured on the Today Show in a partnership with Shinola Detroit (Matt Lauer’s Team-Up With Shinola To Benefit Schools Teaches Kids Value In Handwritten Notes | TODAY). Joshua Blaine is an overachiever, doubling his school schedule down, taking dual enrollment classes from his 10th through his current 12th-grade year at Lawrence Technological University, including a speech and Adobe media class. The overachiever who completed a 6 month Coursera Screenwriting course in little over a month, due to his passion for film and media. Joshua Blaine is me, a prodigious and multifaceted individual, excelling not only as an entrepreneur with his luxury streetwear line but also in the realms of media, academics, and athletics. So where do I differ? Anyone can talk about their great successes but who allows themselves to be vulnerable and faces their failures? “Forget your failures, don't let the wrongs of your past haunt you but the wonders of the future inspire you.” I’ve spoken about the wonders of my future, but what about the wrongs of my past that forged me into who I am today? What in my life was my biggest “L?” Imagine the aching sounds of beeping monitors and wailing children. The sight of a concerned mother and father surrounding you. The feeling of despair, weakness, and excruciating pain. The dryness in your mouth from crying endlessly, all for one silly reason. RAMEN NOODLES! Multiple packs daily of 1,760 MG of sodium (not including the chicken-flavored pack) ramen noodles nearly ended my life. Failing kidneys, intense migraines, and feel overwhelmingly weak all because of my unhealthy eating habits. A BIG L, a huge one. A failure that landed me in the hospital and unable to play the sport I loved. A failure that caused me to be overweight as well as other physical problems that almost rendered me incapacitated. But it was this humongous 'L', this colossal failure, that became my turning point. Facing adversity, I chose to rise. On that hospital bed, introspection prompted ownership of my choices. With guidance, I improved my nutrition, rediscovering health and self-respect. This journey instilled resilience and discipline. Now, I see failures as stepping stones. My ramen episode, though trivial, symbolizes transformation and grit. Overcoming personal challenges, I address professional hurdles with innovation, ensuring my ventures succeed and leave a lasting impact. In essence, our past molds our character. True success lies in acknowledging mistakes and transforming them into strengths. It's the journey, with its ups and downs, that enriches life. Guided by "Forget your failures; let the future inspire you," I, Joshua Blaine, am a testament to this truth.
    Rick Levin Memorial Scholarship
    The most gripping tales aren’t borne from the absence of fear but from mastering it. When shadows loomed large in my life, they bore the label of "fear." My life's narrative has been significantly shaped by this emotion, casting a long shadow on my ambitions and aspirations. Yet, much like how the darkness enhances the light's radiance, it was fear that ultimately illuminated my path to resilience, determination, and purpose. The fear of failure has been a consistent visitor in my life, not merely as an apprehensive sentiment of not succeeding, but as a profound dread of becoming a mere statistic in my community. I grew up amidst stories of black men struggling, not just against external challenges but battling their internal demons, eventually succumbing to them. The looming possibility of being perceived as another black man incapable of supporting his family, of being absent, impoverished, and ultimately a failure, haunted my daily existence. It's essential to mention the quote I've steadfastly lived by: “Forget your failures, don't let the wrongs of your past haunt you but the wonders of the future inspire you.” It's not just a collection of words for me; it's a mantra that’s been the bedrock of my ethos. Every time the fear threatened to cripple me, this quote became my guiding light, reminding me that my past doesn't dictate my future. But, let's be clear: fear isn't the enemy. Complacency is. The fear never made me want to hide or retreat; instead, it stoked a fire within me. It became a powerful motivator, pushing me to be more, do more, and aim higher. I looked fear in the eyes and decided to harness it, to convert this powerful emotion into a force that propels me forward. While many see fear as a weakness, I've learned to transform it into my strength. I refuse to let the fear of being a stereotype define me. Instead, I channel it to demonstrate my true grit and resilience, proving that I am not a product of mere possibilities, but of choices and determination. My motivation stems from wanting to rewrite the narrative, not just for myself but for all those who feel shackled by the weight of societal expectations and prejudices. In pursuing this scholarship, my aim isn't merely to advance academically but to also symbolize a beacon of hope for others grappling with similar fears. I want to show them that our lives aren't predetermined by our circumstances or societal labels. Our lives are a testament to our willpower, our drive, and our determination to rise above. Behind every successful person is a tale, not just of success but of overcoming challenges, obstacles, and yes, fears. Every time I faced a crossroad, the easier path beckoned with a life unchallenged by these fears. But I chose the path less traveled, the one that promised growth, however painful, and a chance to transcend the limitations set not only by society but also by my apprehensions. As a child, while many of my peers dreamt of carefree adventures, I dreamt of creating a legacy — a legacy where I would be remembered not as just another face in the crowd, but as someone who made a tangible difference. These dreams were not just born out of ambition but were fueled by my fears. They say what you run from becomes your shadow; if you run towards it, it becomes your weapon. By confronting my fears, I have armed myself with a determination that is unyielding and an unquenchable passion. Moreover, it's crucial to note the ripple effect of overcoming personal fears. Every time I overcome a challenge, I'm not just rewriting my destiny; I'm lighting the way for countless others. By achieving my goals, I hope to instill the belief in others that they too can rise above. That their fears, however formidable, are not insurmountable. In seeking this scholarship, I aim to further my mission: to break barriers, redefine possibilities, and set a precedent. I firmly believe that when we lift ourselves, we lift others with us. My journey isn't just for me; it's a testament to all those who've dared to dream despite their fears. I am committed to being a beacon, illuminating the path for others to follow. To conclude, I implore the esteemed committee of the Rick Levin Memorial Scholarship to not just see my application as a mere request for financial aid. Instead, recognize it as a statement of intent. An intent to conquer, to triumph, and to inspire. A statement that loudly proclaims: We are not defined by our fears, but by how we rise above them.
    Jessie Koci Future Entrepreneurs Scholarship
    In the vast realm of higher education, where countless paths beckon, my compass points steadfastly toward the confluence of multimedia, business communications, and entrepreneurship. This isn't a mere academic pursuit; it's a vision, a dream born from a deep-seated desire to craft a legacy that transcends personal milestones, echoing in the aspirations of those who tread the path after me. The field of multimedia and business communications resonates with me due to its dynamic nature, offering a canvas where innovation and expression converge. Every message, every piece of content, has the power to inform, inspire, and ignite change. I envision harnessing this power, crafting narratives that not only reflect my voice but amplify the voices of countless others, waiting to be heard. However, communication is only one facet of my vision. At its core, my aspirations are underpinned by an entrepreneurial spirit. The inception of my business, Felicimadeit, is a testament to this drive. This luxury clothing line, which embodies the essence of mastering happiness blissfully, is more than just apparel; it's a movement. Through Felicimadeit, I aim to inspire individuals to find joy, purpose, and meaning, fostering a community that cherishes genuine happiness rooted in faith and perseverance. Entrepreneurship, for me, isn't just about business; it's about impact. I seek to create ventures that cater not only to my needs but also serve as beacons for future generations. My ambition is to be more than just a successful entrepreneur; I aspire to be a guiding star, illuminating the path for those who dream of walking in my shoes, and showing them that with passion, perseverance, and purpose, even the loftiest dreams are within reach. Now, one might wonder: in a world where numerous businesses falter, what ensures my success? The answer lies in authenticity and vision. While many embark on entrepreneurial journeys seeking immediate gains, my ventures are anchored in lasting impact. Felicimadeit, with its profound ethos, encapsulates this approach. Every design, every message, is meticulously crafted, ensuring that it resonates with our core philosophy. This authenticity, combined with a relentless drive to innovate and inspire, will be the cornerstone of my success. So, what does a successful life look like to me? Beyond accolades and achievements, a successful life is one where I can look back and see a legacy—a tapestry of dreams realized, challenges overcome, and lives touched. It's a life where my family, my children, and their children can stand tall, proud of the foundation laid and inspired to build upon it. Success, in my eyes, is not just personal fulfillment; it's about crafting a legacy that empowers, inspires, and endures. In conclusion, the Jessie Koci Future Entrepreneurs Scholarship represents more than financial support; it's a vote of confidence in my vision and dreams. With this scholarship, I am not just pursuing an education; I am embarking on a journey to manifest a vision that intertwines personal aspirations with collective impact. A journey that promises to leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of time.
    Arthur and Elana Panos Scholarship
    Every individual's journey through life is punctuated by moments of clarity, trials, and triumphs. For me, this journey has been illuminated by the unwavering light of my faith, a beacon that has shaped my path, my aspirations, and my very essence. Growing up as a pastor's child and deeply ingrained in the church—singing in the choir and absorbing the Word—it became clear that my life wasn't just mine; it was a testament to God's grace and favor. My faith is not a mere facet of my life; it is the very foundation upon which I stand. It's in the hymns I sang as a child, the scriptures I've come to cherish, and in every challenge and triumph I've encountered. One of the most profound manifestations of my faith is my business, Felicimadeit—a luxury clothing line that encapsulates the essence of mastering the intensity of happiness blissfully. The name itself is a homage to the belief that true, profound happiness, the kind that resonates deep within, stems from an unwavering faith in God, our provider for all things, both tangible and intangible. The genesis of Felicimadeit was not just a business endeavor but a divine inspiration. Each creation is a reflection of my faith-based lifestyle, a tapestry woven with threads of belief, hope, and divine guidance. In a world often overshadowed by fleeting pleasures, I wanted to craft something that resonates with the eternal joy that comes from unwavering faith. As I tread the path of entrepreneurship and creation, my faith remains my compass. It's not just about building a successful brand; it's about crafting a legacy that aligns with God's purpose for me. My career goals extend beyond personal success. I aspire to mentor, guide, and inspire others, showing them the infinite possibilities that emerge when one walks hand-in-hand with God. For every design I conceptualize, and every mentorship session I conduct, I invoke God's wisdom, ensuring that His glory and grace are reflected in every endeavor. Life's journey is seldom smooth, and mine was no exception. Yet, in every challenge, from being accepted into the prestigious Midnight Golf Program out of 2,500 aspirants to the honor of being featured on the Today Show, I've seen God's hand at work. Prayer, an integral part of my life, has been the bridge, connecting my dreams to reality, guiding me through uncertainties, and reinforcing my belief in God's plan for me. In conclusion, the Arthur and Elana Panos Scholarship is not just a means to an end but a step closer to fulfilling God's purpose for my life. With His favor evident in every milestone I've achieved, I am confident that this scholarship will further empower me to shine His light in the world of business and mentorship. My journey, underpinned by faith, is a testament to the boundless possibilities that emerge when one's path aligns with divine purpose. I am, and always will be, a vessel of God's grace, working tirelessly to manifest His glory in everything I do.
    Sean Carroll's Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship
    From the intricate dance of subatomic particles to the grand expanse of galaxies, the universe is an awe-inspiring tapestry of mysteries. Within this vast cosmos, lies an equally intriguing enigma: the human psyche. The quest to fathom the nature of our universe is not just an academic pursuit; it's a deeply human endeavor, born from an innate wonder and yearning to understand why the world functions as it does. Through Sean Carroll's Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship, I aspire to delve into this very nexus, unraveling the threads that connect the cosmos to human cognition. The universe doesn’t merely exist outside of us; it resonates within our thoughts, actions, and perceptions. I’ve always been fascinated by the question: How does our understanding of the universe influence human behavior and reactions? This inquiry, while philosophical at its core, finds its roots in our daily experiences. Every decision we make, and every belief we hold, is influenced, consciously or subconsciously, by our perception of the universe and our place within it. In my chosen fields of communications, multimedia, and business, I've witnessed the profound impact of these perceptions. The way a message is conveyed, how multimedia content is consumed, and even business decisions at the macro level, are deeply intertwined with our understanding of the universe and our role in it. I am driven to explore this intersection, to discern the psychology that governs the mindset of the world's inhabitants. By unearthing these insights, I believe we can foster greater empathy, understanding, and unity among diverse populations. A mantra I hold close to my heart is: the prize is unity. In a universe as vast and diverse as ours, unity is the lodestar that can guide us towards collective progress. As inhabitants of this cosmos, our strengths lie in collaboration, in understanding that our differences are but varied expressions of the same cosmic code. This belief underscores my approach toward understanding the universe and its influence on the human psyche. Instead of studying them in isolation, I advocate for a holistic exploration, where the cosmos and cognition are two facets of the same gem. To bring this vision to fruition, I intend to employ a multi-pronged approach. Foremost, I propose the establishment of teaching workshops tailored for diverse age groups, from curious children to inquisitive adults. These workshops will not only impart valuable life skills but also foster an appreciation for the universe and its impact on our psyche. By instilling this understanding early on, we can cultivate a generation that views the cosmos not as a distant, detached entity, but as an integral part of their identity. Furthermore, within these workshops, I aim to create spaces where participants can explore career goals and interests that resonate with mine. By sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences, we can collectively navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by our fields. This collaborative approach not only accelerates individual growth but also solidifies the understanding that we, as a collective, are always better together. In conclusion, understanding the nature of our universe and its relationship with human cognition is more than a scholarly endeavor; it's a journey of self-discovery, of realizing our potential and our place within this grand cosmic narrative. The Sean Carroll's Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship offers a unique opportunity to further this quest, enabling us to weave together the threads of cosmos and cognition into a tapestry that is reflective of our shared aspirations, challenges, and dreams. Together, as we embark on this journey, I am confident that we will uncover insights that illuminate not only the nature of our universe but also the infinite potential that lies within each one of us.
    Windward Spirit Scholarship
    In a world brimming with innovation and rapid evolution, there's a palpable undercurrent of misapprehension surrounding two cohorts: Millennials and Gen Z. Labeled as tech-obsessed, entitled, or lacking resilience, these generations face widespread scrutiny. Yet, buried beneath these criticisms lies an unparalleled potential for change, innovation, and unity. Through the Windward Spirit Scholarship, I aim to channel this latent potential, advocating for the voices of my generation and building bridges of understanding that will redefine societal norms. Millennials and Gen Z, despite being close in age, have experienced the world through different lenses. While Millennials came of age during the technological boom, Gen Z grew up in its aftermath, navigating a digital realm that constantly morphed around them. This has culminated in distinct perspectives, challenges, and aspirations for each group. Yet, there exists a shared underpinning: the desire to be heard, understood, and respected. My mission, woven intrinsically with this scholarship, is to create a platform that amplifies these voices, allowing us to shape our narrative, rather than being subjects of it. In this pursuit, I'm not alone. Together with my business partner, we've envisioned a holistic approach to advocacy. While my focus lies in amplifying voices and crafting compelling narratives, my partner complements this vision with a deep-seated understanding of technology and media, ensuring our message resonates far and wide. Our combined aspirations are not merely career goals but represent a movement; a concerted effort to dismantle misperceptions and lay the groundwork for a more cohesive, understanding society. Societal norms surrounding Gen Z often oscillate between admiration for their digital prowess and criticism for their perceived lack of traditional values. However, what is often overlooked is their resilience, their commitment to social justice, and their unparalleled ability to mobilize and effect change. I advocate for a shift in perspective. By recognizing and harnessing these strengths, we can not only alter public perception but also leverage these skills for societal betterment. However, no change, no matter how profound or well-intentioned, can occur in isolation. Advocacy demands collective effort. It requires the amalgamation of voices, the synthesis of perspectives, and the unity of purpose. This is where the ethos of the Windward Spirit Scholarship aligns perfectly with my vision. I firmly believe that the true prize lies in unity. While individual efforts can create ripples, combined endeavors can lead to waves of change. Together, as Millennials, Gen Z, and every generation that stands with us, we are unequivocally stronger. In conclusion, the Windward Spirit Scholarship is more than financial aid; it represents the wind in the sails of our collective journey. A journey that seeks to redefine, reshape, and reimagine the narrative surrounding Millennials and Gen Z. With the support of this scholarship, I am confident in propelling our vision forward, ensuring that the voices of our generations don't just echo within our circles but resonate, loud and clear, in every corner of the globe. Together, we can, and we will, chart a course toward a brighter, unified future.
    Dr. William and Jo Sherwood Family Scholarship
    From a tender age, I’ve been privy to the power and value of a single dollar. The reverence for money's worth has been instilled in me, not just as a mere currency, but as a representation of hard work, commitment, and the promise of a future. The notion of spending frivolously or letting money vanish into voids of liability has never settled well with me. Each dollar, in my eyes, has the potential to change a narrative, influence outcomes, and open doors to countless opportunities. In my pursuit of higher education, the cost looms large, casting shadows over dreams and aspirations. As much as I am eager to delve into the realms of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Multimedia, the specter of post-college debt is a pressing concern. These fields demand not just academic prowess but also the freedom to innovate, explore, and take risks. A mountain of debt would be a shackle, limiting my potential and constraining the very spirit entrepreneurship thrives on. It was my parents who once told me, "If we can't pay for college, you won't go." This statement, rather than discouraging me, lit a fire within. It became the impetus driving me to explore avenues, scholarships, and programs that value and support emerging talents. It made me realize that my path would be different, perhaps tougher, but undeniably rewarding. I wasn't just looking for financial assistance; I was seeking a partnership, a shared belief in my potential, and a collective vision for the future. The Dr. William and Jo Sherwood Family Scholarship program embodies the essence of what I have been searching for. It's not just about alleviating the financial burden; it's about believing in students like me who see every dollar as a stepping stone towards a brighter, debt-free future. Being granted this scholarship would be akin to being given a key, a key that unlocks the barriers that stand between me and my educational aspirations. With the support of the Dr. William and Jo Sherwood Family Scholarship, I see myself not merely attending college but thriving in it. I foresee a future where I can channel all my energies into learning, innovating, and building without the constant worry of accumulating debt. A future where, once out of college, I can hit the ground running, making meaningful contributions to the world of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Multimedia. In conclusion, my journey, fueled by determination and the teachings of my parents, has led me to this crossroads. I stand at the precipice of a bright future, with the challenges of financing my education being the only stumbling block. The Dr. William and Jo Sherwood Family Scholarship program offers a lifeline, a chance to turn dreams into reality. It represents a wise investment, not just in my education but in a future where every dollar is valued, every opportunity seized, and every dream relentlessly pursued.