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Joseph Romano


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My life goal is to help others by giving back in the form of law enforcement and as a local EMT. I am going to college for cybersecurity at The University of Alabama.


East Rockaway High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Law Enforcement

    • Dream career goals:

    • Garbage man

      Department of Public Works
      2022 – Present2 years



    2015 – 20227 years
    First Responder Futures Award
    Ever since I was a little kid I always had a dream, that dream was to help others and become a first responder. As someone who looks up to the men and women who protect us at all costs daily, I knew that's what I wanted to do and make sure I made a difference in my community. At the age of 12, I joined my local fire house which was an organization called Junior Fire Fighters. This organization allowed us to train and learn what firefighters and rescue do daily. This type of experience allowed me to meet and talk to many amazing men and women in this field. From learning different techniques to seeing in real-time, I knew this was the right career path for me. As years went on, being In the Juniors for 6 years, I got to 18. I knew I couldn't do law enforcement yet so I joined a local firehouse and started the training to become an EMT for my volunteer fire house. This brought much-needed light to my eyes since I was able to see something I was making a difference towards. As I got sworn in and went on to complete the EMT course, I knew the next goal was law enforcement. Since times have become even crazier, I am going to college for cyber security. I know this degree will help me out especially after college when I start applying for police agencies either in NY or elsewhere. Speaking to many men and women in law enforcement makes me happy, I get to understand where they started and what they believe I should do as my next steps to become an amazing law enforcement agent. With this money, it would help me since I am the one paying for my college. So having a little extra help will make my dreams finally come true after I graduate college in 2028. I have stated previously, that I will be attending the University of Alabama in the fall. I hope you see my future goals and make a good choice of the many applications you will be receiving for this amazing scholarship award. As seen in recent years, the people who put others first have been filled with backlash for certain individuals who use their power to an extreme level. I hope that with my experience I can change some people's minds about law enforcement and make them believe in the work that those brave men and women have to go through every single day of their lives. They are the ones running towards danger, not away from it. They also don't know if they will make it back home that morning or night. Jonathan Diller was an officer in NYC and lived only 20 minutes away from me, seeing what a kind soul he was and an amazing person, it was very hard seeing him get killed in such a cowardly way.
    LA Police Gear Scholarship
    To be a good law enforcement officer is to embrace a profound commitment to justice, integrity, and service to the community. This role is not just about enforcing laws but also about positively influencing and safeguarding the lives of those within society. It requires a blend of skills, including empathy, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making, all aimed at fostering a safe and supportive environment for everyone. Integrity forms the cornerstone of effective law enforcement. Upholding the law impartially and ethically, without bias or prejudice, is essential to gaining and maintaining the trust of the community. Integrity means adhering to a code of conduct that prioritizes honesty, accountability, and transparency in all actions and interactions. Diligence is another crucial aspect of being a good officer. It involves thoroughness and perseverance in investigating crimes, protecting the innocent, and apprehending offenders. Diligence extends to crime prevention efforts, such as community policing initiatives and proactive engagement with residents to identify and address potential risks or concerns. Compassion is perhaps one of the most underrated yet vital qualities in law enforcement. It involves treating every individual with empathy and respect, understanding that behind every crime or incident is a person with a story. Compassionate policing means listening actively to community members, understanding their needs and fears, and responding with empathy and sensitivity to their situations. Impact on the community transcends mere enforcement of laws. It encompasses building and nurturing positive relationships with community members based on mutual respect and trust. Officers should actively engage with the community, participating in neighborhood events, forming partnerships with local organizations, and being accessible and approachable to residents. Moreover, a good law enforcement officer serves as a role model and leader in the community. By demonstrating integrity, compassion, and professionalism in their daily interactions, officers can inspire trust and confidence among residents. They should strive to proactively address community concerns and advocate for policies and practices that promote fairness, equality, and justice for all. As somebody who advocates so deeply for local and federal law enforcement, this hits close to me. I am going to be pursuing cybersecurity in college with the hopes of following my future in law enforcement. Ever since I was a kid I always looked up to police officers and I knew that I was going to be some kind of police officer one day. With the hopes of pursuing law enforcement, my goal is to be able to help out locally and internationally in upholding what law enforcement vouchs for every day. In conclusion, being a good law enforcement officer is a multifaceted endeavor that requires a balance of integrity, diligence, and compassion. It involves enforcing laws and positively impacting the community through ethical conduct, community engagement, and leadership. By embodying these qualities and principles, officers can make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of those they serve, fostering a safer, more supportive, and cohesive community for everyone.
    John F. Rowe, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    Over the years I have faced many injuries which required the need for three knee surgeries. These surgeries made me fall behind in sports, activities, and being able to be free. Myself being an avid member of the East Rockaway Junior Fire Department, I wasn't able to partcipate but I was still there at the meetings and village events in support. I am going to college for cyber security to pursue my career in law enforcement. I have always been a person who loves giving back and helping others. Thats why I am going to be joining the actual village fire department as a fire medic to hopefully give back to others in my community. In my town, the fire department doesn't get paid, they do it cause they truly love the town and will do everything possible to keep this town feeling united. Even though I went through many surgeries, I am finally on the right path and plan on moving forward and forgetting the times when I felt like I couldn't be included due to my injury. The fire department serves as a cornerstone of public service, playing a vital role in safeguarding communities and enhancing public safety through a range of essential functions and initiatives. From emergency response and fire prevention to community outreach and disaster preparedness, the fire department's contributions are integral to fostering well-being and resilience in society. One of the primary functions of the fire department is emergency response and rescue services. Firefighters are trained professionals who respond promptly to emergency calls, including fires, medical incidents, vehicle accidents, and natural disasters. They provide immediate assistance and conduct rescue operations to protect lives and property, exemplifying the core principle of public service: putting the needs of the community above all else. Moreover, fire departments are champions of fire prevention and safety education. They conduct outreach programs and educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness about fire safety practices among residents. Through home fire safety inspections, smoke alarm installations, and fire extinguisher training, firefighters empower individuals to take proactive measures to prevent fires and respond effectively in emergencies. In conclusion, the fire department exemplifies the essence of public service through its unwavering commitment to protecting and serving communities. From emergency response and fire prevention to community engagement and disaster preparedness, firefighters embody selflessness, dedication, and professionalism in their pursuit of public safety and well-being. Their contributions are indispensable in fostering resilient, safe, and thriving communities.