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jose dimas


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I am determined to finish school and do something with myself and get myself a good job and the career I want


Labelle High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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  • Majors of interest:

    • Landscape Architecture
    • Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies/Technicians
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

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    • Dream career goals:

    • Landscape

      Dimas Lawn Care
      2020 – Present4 years


    Track & Field

    2021 – Present3 years

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Kiwanis — help re model
      2020 – 2021

    Future Interests



    Ben Bonner Memorial Scholarship
    I am passionate about being a lineman because the job offers great opportunities and amazing life experiences. There could be opportunities to travel the world for my job, I can see new cities and meet so many new people. I have always loved working with my hands, climbing tall trees, and doing a lot of dangerous activities. Being a lineman is dangerous but, I can imagine just being up there fixing broken power lines and bringing power back to cities and I can say that I contributed to fixing a city, a country or whatever job I will be doing. I want to be the best at everything I do. This career will never go away ever, that's why I am so passionate about this career. If something like covid happens and jobs get shut down I will still be working and won't be unemployed. There is also a high demand for a lineman, there are a lot of linemen that have been working for a long time and they are looking for young people like me to take over and do as good as a job or do even better than they did. A lot of my father's friends are linemen and they talk about where they go and what they do, how they travel the country working in a bucket truck fixing power lines. I was interested in that and I want to be able to work and travel the country so this is the perfect job for me. There are so many other jobs that I could consider but I feel like this career is perfect for me and the perfect way to give back to my community. They are dedicated to their work and their family, they spend a lot of time away from their families working trying to give clean electricity to their communities. Linemen are one of the most important people in America. If it wasn't for linemen we wouldn't have warm homes when it gets cold or you can't watch your favorite sports team play on Sunday because they don't have electricity to run the TV. We don't realize it but they are a big part of our community. We wouldn't have a lot of things if it wasn't for the lineman risking their lives for us. April 18th is National Lineman Appreciation Day, this is a time to express our appreciation to the great men and women who work so hard for us every day. It's an honor to celebrate the hard work, innovation, and dedication of Electrical Lineworkers.
    Rev. Frank W. Steward Memorial Scholarship
    I plan on making a positive impact by being a lineman in Florida. There are a lot of storms and wild weather conditions that we encounter in the state of Florida, and there are people who are needed to clean up the roads. When the power goes out I will be in a bucket truck turning the power back on for many families. I have volunteered for a lot of people, cooked food for football games at my local park, picked up trash on the side of the road, helped at Goodwill folding clothes etc. There are so many places I have spent my free time and given back to my community. I love giving back and sharing my experiences with other people. I anticipate that college will be difficult in the beginning but I will figure it out along the way. I anticipate that college will be challenging but I will use all the resources that are available to me and ask any questions that I need answered. I can ask any of the older experienced Instructors for advice and I could ask them to help me with material that I don't understand. They could also train me and learn everything they know and get good hands-on experience that I will need for when I am up in the bucket truck or repairing a transformer, I will have the necessary safety skills to complete the job and not be harmed. My real passion is to play college football, I have suffered from tearing my ACL two times and tore my meniscus playing football and basketball. But my passion I want to pursue is being a linesman and making something out of myself. I want to have a good job making good money and try my best to take care of and provide for my family. I also want to try and help my parents because they have done so much for me and I want to be successful and learn from what they gave me and learn from my mistakes. I am excited about college in the sense that I will see and experience new things, meet new people, make new friends and do a lot more amazing things. Deciding on a career you want to pursue is difficult, there are so many things you can choose from. I chose lineman because I want to have a positive impact in this world. A lot of people don't work and some people are just lazy and don't want to work at all. Well, that's not me I want to make a change in this world even if it is a small one any difference counts. If everyone tried to do a little bit for our country and this world it would be a better place that's what I want for my children in the future and for my siblings as they grow up to become adults and I hope they can make a positive impact in this world.