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My name is Jonathan Johnson I am a senior at Lawndale High School. I will be the first person of my family to attend college. My goal is to graduate from high school and attend a four year college and pursue my degree in Business and Finance. I am hard worker and an advocate for Autism. I serve as a teen ambassador for a non-profit organization called Special Needs Network . My goal is to graduate from a university and help empower others to reach for their dreams and goals. Below is links to my pages which will give facts to all that I am doing within my community. Profile Link My profile:


Lawndale High

High School
2019 - 2022
  • Majors:
    • Medicine


  • Desired degree level:

    Master's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Medicine
    • Biochemical Engineering
    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other
  • Planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Hospital & Health Care

    • Dream career goals:

      long term

    • Camp Counselor working with children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities

      2018 – 20191 year



    2018 – Present6 years




    • Community Organization and Advocacy

      2017 – 2018



      Camp Jpac
      2018 – 2019

    Public services

    • Advocacy

      SPECIAL NEEDS NETWORK — Camp Counselor/Public Speaker
      2010 – Present

    Future Interests




    Minority/Women in STEM Scholarship
    The challenges I have had to overcome while pursuing my education is trying to balance my academics and playing football on the field, I would literally go to work hop in my mom's car and head straight to practice. I know that all the hard work and sacrifice would pay off eventually. As a sibling who has a brother with special needs my plan is to create programs for individuals with Autism using technology to help them with their daily life skills. My goal is make sure that I can make a difference in the lives of others.
    Cyrilla Olapeju Sanni Scholarship Fund
    The greatest challenge my family faced when coming to the US and how that challenge has shaped my perception of life was learning about how my grandfather escaped the Ku Klux Klan. My great grandfather Nathaniel Comick stood up to a white man on his job and for advocating for himself the man told a mob of white Klansman to hunt my great grandfather. My great grandfather hid in the cellar of my great aunt's home and in the dead of night he uprooted the family to California. My grandmother talks about it often and listening to her detail how terrified her and siblings were trying to leave Kansas made me realize how blessed I am to be here. My great grandfather did have the opportunity to go to college let alone stand up for his rights on a job because he was black. This has truly shaped me into realizing that I am who I am today because of the people who sacrificed themselves so that the next generation like me could become something.
    Hasanovic American Dream Scholarship
    The American Dream means to me is the opportunity to live a life in which worrying about how the bills are paid is not an option. The dream of having a full education that will pave the way for me and my love ones to live a better life . In order for me and so many of my peers to complete this dream and bring it into existence is staying focused on our education and dreams. For so many of us like myself we are first generation graduates headed to college. With this education I will be able to pursue my dreams of specializing in business and fiancé. My American dream is succeeding so I can go back and invest it into the next person in my community trying to make that dream happen.
    Bold Mentor Scholarship
    I speak to children and teens who have siblings with special needs. My intention has always been to positively impact teens that go through stages of grief when their siblings or love ones have been diagnosed with a disability. The impact that I hope to have through my mentorship of others is to help bring awareness to individuals with Autism and developmental disabilities. How the diagnosis impacts the family as a whole especially the siblings in the home who are watching how it affects families. My mentorship as a camp counselor, and youth advocate for Autism and public speaker helps teens understand that their feelings and opinion matters, they are essential to helping the family continue on to support and love each other unconditionally.
    M.H.M.A Black Excellence Scholarship
    As a youth ambassador over the course of 10 years I have committed to over 600 hours of community service toward the special needs community which I continuously serve. Through volunteerism I have learned that in our black and brown community individuals with disabilities go underserved, overlooked, and not heard. I have made a difference in my community by speaking on how families are impacted when a child or sibling is diagnosed with a disability. I have made a difference in speaking on the importance of promoting health, awareness, and securing resources for our families. What I plan on doing in the future to continue this is further my education and create a non-profit organization that help serves individuals and families with disabilities.
    First-Generation Educators Scholarship
    My 5th grade teacher Mr. Palacio who was a refugee from Haiti left a positive impact on my life. I had to repeat the 5th grade and he was my math teacher; he spoke to me about how times were critically hard where he was from and in this country, education is given so freely. He worked with me day in and out during tutoring sessions and after school on my English and mathematics. He was the first real man who spoke to me about the importance of pursuing your dreams and going to college. He told me to never make light of how important being the first one of your family to go on to college. Mr. Palacio conversation and words of encouragement helped shape me to understanding that this next step in my education is a milestone not only for me but my family as well and I should be honored. I went back to my old school Cimarron elementary to find Mr. Palacio but I was informed that he has now retired. I am searching for him to thank him for all his enduring words and inform him that his words did not go in vain, and I am the first-generation student from my family to go to a four-year college.
    Kenyada Me'Chon Thomas Legacy Scholarship
    If given the opportunity I would speak on the importance of advocacy for black children and families in the special needs community. As a sibling of two African American brothers on the Autism Spectrum I have seen how society treats our black and brown children that have been diagnosed with Autism. In our community, especially the black community we are the last to receive early intervention services, access to health care programs and therapy for the whole family. I watched my mother struggle to advocate for my two special needs brothers along with advocating for Hispanic children at the same time. I participated in documentaries, speaking events teaching people who are not black on how important it is to help serve our community because we matter. I would use my platform to bring awareness on intervention services for black and brown children as a critical need. Group therapy for the family after receiving a diagnosis because in our community our people need to have the resources available in order to maintain a health family dynamic. Bring awareness to the fact that in certain cities and zip codes areas our people are not receiving all attainable services versus Caucasian families. I love my brothers they are my life, and this issue is not just a social issue but an injustice to all families in the black and brown community who struggle with asking themselves " What do we do?" or " How can we help our babies?".
    Robert Lee, Sr. and Bernice Williams Memorial Scholarship
    I have overcome adversity by walking away from the negative things that impact my community. Gangs, drugs, and hustling. In the past two years I have seen friends of mine killed before reaching their 18th birthday. I plan on coming back to my community to tell other teens and kids that not all money is good money and if I can make it so can you. With your assistance I will utilize this money to continue on with my education.
    Theresa Lord Future Leader Scholarship
    My name is Jonathan Johnson I am a senior in high school. I believe in life there are no obstacles but trials and tribulations. When my brother was diagnosed with Autism, I firsthand saw the challenges that my mother would face learning how to advocate for him. I also became aware of how society and classmates treated my brother differently because he did not fit in. I learned how to become my brother's advocate in school as well as in the community. I learned how to take the negative remarks made about my brother and turn it into positivity by overcoming ignorance with empowerment. I became a kid ambassador for an Autism organization I began to work with school staff about the importance of Autism awareness. In doing this, I found my calling which would be in the medical field. Early intervention is important for children in our communities that need support, love and assistance with navigating the special education system. Although we are faced with obstacles in life, I believe these challenges make us individually evolve into the strong person we are.
    Bold Make Your Mark Scholarship
    I intend on empowering others on the importance of early intervention regarding Autism. As a sibling of a special needs brother, I have learned that so many people know the word Autism but do not understand what it is to love, support and advocate for a special needs individual. By sharing my voice, I intend to leave a mark on the world about knowing that a family together cannot be divided by Autism but only stronger. My brother Justin has left a huge imprint on the world and my life and through his journey I have learned how I as a sibling can be of a support to him as well as in my community. I serve as a kid ambassador for a non-profit organization called Special Needs Network. This organization has taught me about acceptance, early intervention and advocacy. I learned that sharing our voice and raising awareness on the importance of Autism can change the lives of so many in the world. My plan is to create an Autism inclusion sibling bonding camp that will help create a lifelong relationship between siblings as they learn how to communicate with each other. This program will have a support group for children and siblings as well. This form of positive impact will not only give hope but empower families and the world to accept, grow, learn and love a person with Autism.
    Rita's First-Gen Scholarship
    When I step outside my door I am faced with so much adversity walking away from the gangs that hang out at the end of my block, to the neighbors smoking next door to me. School has become such a sanctuary that I voluntarily stay afterwards. When I stay at school I get the opportunity to visualize a future for myself outside the community I reside in. Going to college to means following a dream that will carry you across the threshold of my surroundings. College will open doors for me that I cannot even imagine and that is what I desire most. A typical day in my life is getting up for school headed out keeping my headphones on so I don't have to hear the negativity around me and going to each class and then football practice. I get on that field and express how I am feeling about wanting to go to college, dealing with the elements that plague my community and wanting to do better for my life. College is my ticket out of this community and into my dream of becoming a doctor. When I am not on the field I feed my curiosity about college life by sitting with my mentors and teachers, they give me books to inspire me so I go to a library read and imagine me walking on a college campus living my best life. I visualize me walking across that stage and them saying my name at graduation. With this opportunity I can fly I can be whatever I dream to be.
    Ruth and Johnnie McCoy Memorial Scholarship
    My name is Jonathan Johnson I am currently a student at Lawndale High School. My mother is a single parent caring for me and my two autistic brothers and my sister who has a learning disability. In our community it can be challenging dodging the gang members and drug dealers that are at every corner but my mother has kept me ground watching her work two jobs and be there for me and my siblings motivated me to keep my mind on my education and football. My goal is to graduate this year from Lawndale and attend a four year college to pursue my dream of becoming a trauma surgeon. Becoming a trauma surgeon is a dream come true with your contribution I promise to utilize it toward my books and schools supplies in college.
    Bold Mental Health Awareness Scholarship
    When it comes to mental health we must remember to respect them not neglect them. In my community many people struggle with mental health daily. Some people need help with finding the right resources and therapy solutions to help them overcome the challenges they face daily when it pertains to mental illness. Depending on the state of that individual solutions can vary some people need individual therapy, group counseling, referrals to treatment facilities but the most important thing that we can do in advocating for the mental health is be attentive to their direct needs and wants. We can not dismiss their feelings because they are human beings that internally know what is impacting them. Respect their decision and do your best to assist them in the best way possible to them comprehend that we are here to help not discourage. Great practical solutions would be Holding Mental Health Resource Fairs Providing them information on their nearest mental health clinic Assisting them with getting ahold of their love ones or an advocate to help Ensuring them that they are not alone in this fight to regain their lives back The most greatest practical solution for helping people with mental health is being their in their time of need. When we serve them we demonstrate our compassion to raise awareness to mental illness and show them someone really cares.
    White Coat Pending Scholarship
    I am my community and my community is me whatever impacts it also impacts me as well. My name is Jonathan Johnson I am senior and my goal is to become a doctor. In the black and brown community we are hit with lack of services for diabetes, heart disease and even serving the disabled. Covid took a toll on many people I love such as my godparents, my coach, many of my mentors. It is only in our community that we are last to receive services, resources and healthcare information. After hearing one of my coaches at the early age of 50 passed away from Covid without receiving emergency services in our community, furthered my belief in my calling to become a doctor and help my people. I want to work in an underserved community because I grew up in these neighborhoods where so many people have a need. Serving the men, women , children and elderly is a way of giving back to my community and ensuring that no one is without medical attention or in need of care. I would not be the young man I am today if it had not been for the ones in that community that paved the way for me to grow.
    MedLuxe Representation Matters Scholarship
    I did not want to become a doctor until the one man in my life took his last breath and I could not be there to save him. When you are a child you are always asked that one big question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I never really answered that question as a child because I had no clue or idea, but I knew in my heart once I knew what it was I would be grounded in my dream. In the black and brown community we have a lot of people in dire need of assistance with their health such as childhood & adult Diabetes, high blood pressure and various conditions. The biggest commonality in these communities is that there is no health food stores to advocate for healthy eating but there are liquor stores and fast food restaurants at every corner in our community. When my grandfather passed away from a heart attack I knew if I had the education and experience to help him in some way I could have possibly helped save his life. In that moment of losing the most important person in my life I knew my calling was to become a doctor . It is important to increase racial diversity in healthcare because l people in our community need to know that there are individuals that look like them and generally care about the importance of advocating for their physical and mental health in our community. Our community lacks advocates, resources and good healthcare providers and my goal is to return to community and best serve as a physician so that another child does not feel the sting of losing a grandparent to poor healthcare.
    Anthony Hunter Community Service Scholarship
    My name is Jonathan Johnson I am 18 years old I live in Lawndale California. Ways in which I support my community is by advocating and helping individuals with disabilities. I serve as a teen ambassador and kid advocate for a non-profit organization called Special Needs Network. I help individuals who have down syndrome, autism, and various disabilities with communication skills, helping them work on their IEP goals and life skill goals . The special needs community in the black and brown community needs advocates, helpers and service workers that will help raise awareness about physical and mental health. For the last couple of year working side by side with my mother I have had the opportunity to learn the importance of inclusion for all individuals especially the special needs community. This year I will be graduating from high school with the hopes to attend a college university in which I can go to medical school to be pediatrician. I want to be a doctor who helps families when they have concerns about their child's mental and physical development. Our community needs good pediatricians that will serve our children who have special needs and ensure that all individuals feel included.
    Education Matters Scholarship
    A time in which I overcame adversity was when I was playing football outside my house w and shots rang out right next to me. My mother grabbed me and dragged me inside our home calling on God. She said I was so close to the bullets but it didnt touch me. We sat down and discuss the incident in which two people died that day and she said in life these things happen but you must learn to overcome it. She told me if you go to school and do well you can leave this circumstance behind you. I sat down with my mom and thank God it was not me that was killed and it taught me that I can make a difference and leave this community behind me. That experience gave me so many life lessons it taught me that although I may leave to pursue my educational and career goals of becoming a doctor but I can go back and make a difference in my community and help those who live with the everyday burden of gun violence . When I look back I always think that bullet could been for me but my mom saved me and there is a purpose for my life. As I approach my senior year reflecting back on that painful day in which two people died I know that my purpose is to graduate from college become a doctor and go back and help heal my community. For what is my degree and education worth if I am not going back and impact my community.
    "Wise Words" Scholarship
    "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me". This quote and scripture is something my mother and grandmother gave me. Whenever I had to take a test, get on the football field and prove I was worthy enough to play that quote, that scripture, "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me" was there to lift my spirits and encourage me. As a young man in a hard community you need to hear words that encourage you, memorize a certain quote that will feed into your spirit. Every time I had to take my ACT's or finals even get on the field of a new football team I would say aloud " I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me". This quote is on T-shirts, books, it is a ministering quote that tells anyone that you do anything you put you mind to if you have faith in God. Each time I felt out of place especially when it comes to applying for colleges, I would recite that quote to empower me. As I begin this new journey into college I know deep within my heart that saying " I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me" means no matter what obstacles come my way with God on my side I can achieve it !
    Bold Moments No-Essay Scholarship
    It can be hard for a child with a disability to try to fit in, as the brother of two special needs siblings I have first hand seen how some people can be toward individuals with disabilities. I became a camp counselor to make children with all disabilities feel a sense of welcome. It gave me the opportunity to help educate typical individuals about various disabilities and how words and actions can hurt. One day one of my camp kids saw me and immediately ran to me and said Thank you for making camp fun Jonathan.
    Brandon Zylstra Road Less Traveled Scholarship
    My name is Jonathan Johnson this year I will be a senior 2022 my goal is to be the first graduate out of my family to attend a four year college. I have watched my mother raise and advocate for my two brothers that are autistic while trying to work and go back to school, watching her stay on me push me academically and on the field has pushed me to want to do more. After loosing my grandfather to heart failure and watching the hardships my mother faced after my dad got on drugs leaving her to be a single parent raising all four of us made me realize that I want more than anything to be doctor and help my community. My goal is graduate from high school go straight into college and pursue my medical career. Overall I overcame and still continue to overcome all the thing that I have faced against. With you donations I will put this toward fulfilling my dreams.
    Social Change Fund United Scholarship
    My name is Jonathan Johnson I have a sibling name Justin that is 21 years old with Autism, as a African American with a brother on the spectrum I fear for his future. There are so many people who are clueless about autism, mental health and how it impacts the community. The utopian vision that I have for my brother and others with mental health is a world where we have accessible services and resources for Black people as well the Latino community. Assessment services that aid to what individuals with mental health need such as Health care, Referral to mental health therapist, Counseling Services, Early Intervention. These things even transportation are lacking within our community. Through intervention services and advocacy we can achieve social justice by speaking to our local city and government leaders informing them that there is a crisis of need in our black communities in which our people are innocent bystanders of crime due to the fact they lack mental health resources. There needs to be programs to implement to help serve our community of people of color that struggle with receiving services.
    Mirajur Rahman Perseverance Scholarship
    My name is Jonathan Johnson this upcoming year I will be a senior at Lawndale High School. I am one of three siblings, two of my brothers are on the Autism Spectrum and my mother is a single parent who was laid off due to the pandemic. I help my mother with my oldest brother Justin who is 21 years old with speech delay. Our family is a team we encourage each other when times are good and bad but we do it together. My brothers along with my mother have encouraged me to fulfill my dreams and I am proud that this upcoming fall I will be a senior graduating in 2022. My educational plan for my future is to graduate from high school and enter into a 4 year college or university to pursue my education in medicine to become a trauma physician. I plan to utilize this scholarship funds to pay for my educational supplies and materials.