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Johanna Ramirez


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I'm on track to graduate with an honors Diploma and 3.6 GPA. My family's first generation to graduate high school and attend college, with a single mother. Both of my parents immigrated from Mexico with close to no education and no experience in mentoring me with my future. I've always dreamed of being a teacher, and now I can make it a reality. I’m currently working in after school program to further prepare myself and do something I love. My greatest goal is to attend and graduate from UNR with and education and political science degree with little to no debt. I enjoy writing and meditating when I have time! My community is where I am most passionate about volunteeing.


Edward C Reed High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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    Bachelor's degree program

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    • Political Science and Government
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Team up
      2023 – Present1 year


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      2021 – 2022

    Public services

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      National honors society — Member
      2023 – Present
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      2021 – Present

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    Law Family Single Parent Scholarship
    I was born in Reno, Nevada with two immigrant parents from Guanajuato, Mexico. I grew up with four older sisters that are all seven to twelve years older than me, so it wasn’t easy for them, around when I was born my father’s addictions to drugs and alcohol became too strong and effected his work and our family. This was when my mom worked full-time house made to help financially, but more than anything to avoid her husband that she grew to hate. My mother made sure she worked 7 days a week, 10 hour shifts all to avoid my father while at the same time avoiding her daughters. This affected me in unimaginable ways that affects me as an almost 18-year-old. My fathers’ addictions affected me even the day I was born (literally), My mother says the day I was born while my father was driving her to the hospital he was utterly intoxicated and smoking causing her to throw up from the smoke she was inhaling. After all the years of physical and mental abuse from my father, neglect from my mother, when all my sisters were adults, my mother decided she finally wanted to openly be with other men and leave my father. After my father pleded for my mother to stay but no waviering from my mom he gave up. The thing was he didn’t just give up on my mother he gave up on me, to sum up he told me since my mother didn’t want him, he didn’t want me. While my mother is a single mother and has worked her life away day and night showing the people around her she could do it on her own, she did it while still neglecting our relationship. My oldest sister is the one who is there when I have my anxiety attacks or when I simply need a hug. My mother was gone constantly either working or “working”, she never gave us physical or emotional affection, and constantly left us to deal with our alcoholic father. I was eight years old when I found out sometimes “working” meant spending intimate time with her boss, I found this out by playing games on her phone and seeing a message from him. The person to consul me after this was my older sister and that was the moment where I wished more than anything she was my actual mom. Having a single parent has been difficult especially the many times I heard “friends” make “jokes” about my father not being present and considering the emotional disconnect from them. Although I would like to say having a single mother made me appreciate her so much more that isnt necessarily the case. Having the parents I they had made me appreciate my older sisters especially when it came time for writing Father's Day cards or Mother's Day cards; my father wasn't there, and my mother would have just thrown them away. On the other hand, my older sister kept every single card I gave her and showed how much appreciation she had for it. I plan on making a positive impact in my community by becoming a teacher and educate students in the best way possible while showing them appreciation compassion and vulnerability. Growing up with unreliable parents I know how many young children do not have people to look up to and learn from, I strive to be that for the children I work with now and in the future.