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Jesus Barron


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One of my life goals is to become a Neurosurgeon. Something I am very passionate about is the game of football. As for why I think I am a great candidate for these scholarships; I am a hard worker who will never stop trying until all tasks, assignments and or goals are completed successfully. No excuses.


The University of Texas at El Paso

Bachelor's degree program
2021 - 2025
  • Majors:
    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other
  • Minors:
    • Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies


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  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

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      Medical Practice

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      Junior Varsity
      2017 – 20192 years

      Track & Field

      Junior Varsity
      2018 – 20202 years


      2020 – 20211 year


      • Bel Air High School Band

        3 marching band state qulified performences , 1 Winter Guard International performence
        2019 – 2021

      Public services

      • Public Service (Politics)

        Bel Air Percussion 24 Hour Drum-A-Thon — Performer in the 24 Hour Drum-A-Thon
        2019 – 2020

      Future Interests


      SkipSchool Scholarship
      My favorite scientist would have to be Doctor Ben carson because he is an overachiever and a great role model. Ben Carson was not only a very successful Neurosurgeon but was also a politician in the United States government. Ben Carson inspires me to achieve my wildest dreams because he proved it to be possible to achieve any of your future aspirations. Thank You, Jesus Barron.
      Bubba Wallace Live to Be Different Scholarship
      Adversity is everywhere and when you come face to face to it, all you can do is adapt and destroy the obstacle in your path. Ever since my dad taught me how to throw a football in our backyard during my elementary school years, I have fallen in love with the sport. This passion I had for football was amazing and I loved every single aspect of the sport. During my eighth grade year of middle school, I tried out and made the team for the Bel Air Middle School football team. I was so shocked that I made it because mostly everyone was better than me because they had already played in the little leagues. But, we should keep in mind that I was a scrawny 5´6¨ 120 pound football player with no experience in the sport. Little did I know, I was going to have to work my ass of everyday to be able to compete with this very talented team. As the eighth grade season went on, I started to realize that if I work hard everyday, I will earn a starting spot. So, when the starting receiver did not come to practice one day because he was ¨sick¨, I balled out even more and got the starting spot. From that moment on, I had a mind set that anything is achievable as long as you commit, work hard, and most importantly, stay consistent. Fast forwarding to my senior year, that whole summer of my junior year I worked out five to six times a week and went to the park endlessly. That entire senior year I would work my ass of harder than ever before and by the second game of the season, my coach told me I was starting. I was so excited and could not wait to start my first varsity game. Then, game day arrives and as we start to suit out for the warm up before the game my coach comes up to me and says that they are going to replace me with the running back. As I learned from my coaches from 8th grade football, the coach knows better and never question a coaches decision. So I let it slide because I trusted that my coach knew what he was doing. The next three weeks, my coach would end up telling me that I was starting but then would come up with an excuse as to why i'm not starting even though he told me I was. My hard work from my entire senior year of football was ignored. Even when I proved myself, my coach did not trust me for some reason. The feeling of not being trusted by your own coaches was the worst. It sucks knowing that your going to practice knowing that your coach isn't going to pay much attention, you almost feel like nobody. But, even with those horrible people I have to call coaches, I played through the entire senior football season. I never wanted a pity party, I just wanted respect for my hard work. I loved football very much and I wasn't going to let these coaches ruin that for me. Through the four years of me playing football I learned to adapt and to never ever give up. My football journey was wild, stressful and difficult but I got through it because I loved the sport. Football gave me a glimpse of adversity and I will keep working hard in everything that I do. I am now employed at Famous daves and even in that, I compete to be the best and work hard. I can't wait to go to college and then go to medical school so I can become a successful Neurosurgeon/Neurologist. Life can throw whatever it wants at me, but I ain't going down without a dam fight. Thank You, Jesus Barron
      Pandemic's Box Scholarship
      Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, I was going through a very deep depression for months. When COVID-19 swept away the freedom of the world and locked everyone in their homes my depression continued and grew. After a few months of battling depression while being quarantined, it dawned on me how much potential I had. I started to realize that I am worth something and my future can and should be successful. As a kid I have always worked hard and believed that if you work hard in anything you aspire to do you will become successful. But, depression blinded me from my future potential success and altered my thought process to believe that I dont matter and I can just give up on everything I worked for. When I started realizing that I mattered and I was still bound to be successful, depression started to fade away. I slowly started to feel good about myself and eventually, I would beat depression. It's so ironic how this pandemic flipped my life around for the better. The pandemic allowed me to focus up and realize that there is still a whole life ahead of me and I should live everyday to the fullest. But, I still offer my condolences and respect to the families who lost family members because lots of people died and I was lucky enough to gain something positive from this pandemic. It is now april in 2021 and my senior year of high school is almost over. I can confidently say that I have learned the most and have been the happiest this year out of any other school year. Additionally, I have produced the most outstanding grades out of all my high school years and I am scraping the door sitting at number twelve in my graduating class rank. Life is amazing and my focus on my future has never been better. I can't wait to attend college at the University of Texas at El Paso and earn a bachelor's degree in Biological sciences. My future dream career that I will work very hard for is becoming a successful Neurosurgeon/Neurologist. My future is bright and I can't thank my Lord enough for allowing me to see the positive in my future through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank you, Jesus Barron.
      Ella Henderson Dream Big Scholarship
      Music to me has always been a way of escaping reality and letting my mind feel free from the hectic world we live in today. As a kid, I was always very hyperactive and I always had to keep moving because I just couldn't stand still. When I joined band my 6th grade year of elementary school, I found a very intriguing passion but most importantly, I found a way to calm down my anxiety and hyperactivity. Fast forward to my senior year in high school, I have now been in percussion for six years and I have learned to control my ADHD and anxiety much more efficiently thanks to band. Throughout those six years of being in percussion and being around music in general, I have found that I love music in all sorts of ways. Everytime I go see a movie, I am always looking out for the music that is played throughout the movie. To me, music is the most important and most fascinating part in a movie that makes it unique. Music is made in so many awesome and cool ways and is overall just a masterpiece to the ears of humans. On another note, music has helped me through the darkest times of my life. My junior year of high school, I fell into a very deep depression caused by many negative overlapping factors. Life was tough, each day was dreadful and painful and I didnt know what to do with my life. I would lay in bed all day contemplating if I should cut my life short, but, through music I was able to find a slight glimpse of hope. Eventually, after many months of depression, I started finding motivation through music to push harder through the depression. With the help of music, I found more value in myself that I was being blinded from by the depression. It's now my senior year of high school and I have found an endless love for music and aspirations for my future. Through my experiences with ADHD and depression, I would love for music to change the life of others like it did to me. I thought that I would never be able to get over depression, concentrate or even stay still to be able to pay attention, but through music, I was able to focus, get things done, and beat depression. I would hope that when people listen to or play music, they are able to escape reality and dig deep into the true beauty of music. When you indulge yourself fully into music, it almost feels magical because you can escape the world for a few minutes and be free from every little distraction and worry. If it wasn't for music, it would be difficult for humans to feel emotions and have a creative imagination. Music allows humans to understand certain situations where you may feel sad, upset, happy, mysterious, optimistic, etc. Music bring lots of people around the world hope and joy because through music, your brain is able to imagine endless dreams and thoughts. On top of that, music connects people from around the world because everyone understands music and the emotions it produces. If I were to go to a foreign country and play music, the native people their would understand that I am playing music and vice versa. Music is a thing of beauty in which the billions of people around the world are able to come together without hate or negative feelings. In the future, when I become a neurosurgeon, I would love to have a nice big drum set so I can continue playing music and show my kids how much music has grown on me. In addition, I would love to be able to play the drums for my church and my Lord because I thank him for bringing music to this earth. Thank You, Jesus Barron.
      Darryl Davis "Follow Your Heart" Scholarship
      Hello, my name is Jesus Barron and I am a senior student-athlete attending Bel Air High School in El Paso Texas. I am a member in the Health Professions program here at Bel Air High School and I plan to graduate with a certification to be a Medical Billing and Coder. A little more about me, I love football very much and I joined my middle school football team and my high school football team. As a freshman, I set two goals for myself to complete by the end of my senior year. Those two goals were to earn all A's on my semester averages for all four years of high school and to be in the top ten of my graduating class. With my ability to work very very hard and have the tunnel visioned mindset on my goals, I have achieved all A's on my semester grade averages but I am currently ranked number twelve and there are three months left. Being a top ten student was an accomplishment that I have always wanted to earn and I will keep working hard and finish the last stretch of my senior year to enter the elite top ten group. In life, I hope to become a successful Neurosurgeon/Neurologist and a proud husband and father. The one thing that most excites me about this world is the rapid advancement not only in technology but most importantly, the advancement in medical equipment, medicine, and knowledge of the human body. One very important way that I would love to give back to my community is by establishing various blood drives around El Paso. Unfortunately, on August 3rd of 2019, a mass shooting occurred in which twenty-three people were killed and twenty-four people were injured. Through this horrible tragedy it was realized that lots of blood was needed for many blood transfusions. Through me being able to establish many blood drives in the future, I will be able to stock up many blood storage facilities in El Paso for any sudden need for blood for all the people of El Paso.
      Nikhil Desai "Favorite Film" Scholarship
      My all-time favorite film is insidious chapter one. Insidious is my favorite movie because the music in the movie is amazing. The acting and theme surrounding the movie is great as well but when you make a scary movie, the music is the most important part to me. I love scary movies, but when a scary movie has terrible music the movie just isn't as good. Insidious has the best eerie music and to me that just makes the movie better than all horror movies out there. So as of now, March 2021, Insidious is my all- time favorite movie because of its music.
      Sikdope “Music Is The Cure” Scholarship
      My dreams for my future include me becoming a neurosurgeon and earning enough money to buy myself a lamborghini. Of course, a lamborghini wont help bring people together but me becoming a neurosurgeon will definitely help bring people and families closer together in bond. I hope to one day save peoples lives with life saving surgery because that's what being a Neurosurgeon is being about. Sure being a neurosurgeon will require lots of time and will earn me lots of money but saving people and helping people brings another level of satisfaction and joy to me. When you help people out it makes the rest of your day amazing and being able to help people everyday will bring me endless happiness. As for the money that I earn, I would love to start a foundation for blood donations around the world. People around the world are always needing blood for various reasons and I hope to be able to one day contribute to this vidal necessity. To sum it all up, I would love to help people around the world connect closer to their families through my future blood donation foundations and my specialty in neurology.
      Charles R. Ullman & Associates Educational Support Scholarship
      It is important for people to be involved in their communities not only to gain an extra sense of responsibility but to be able to also connect and meet new people. You'll be surprised how eventful community events are and how much you'll learn not only about yourself but also the foundation of your hometown. Whether its a blood drive, a parade, or a donation of any sort, you will feel a sense of pride and you'll be filled with joy when you realize what an amazing community you are surrounded by. Unfortunately, here in El Paso there was a mass shooting at a Walmart that took 23 people's lives and injured dozens. The shooter thought he'd hurt our community but instead he brought our community a whole lot closer because we learned and valued our lives a whole lot more. The El Paso community came together very quickly by donating tons of blood, remembering the lost, and making sure everyone in El Paso felt comforted and loved. It's amazing how such a tragic event can bring a community together so close and very quickly. Throughout this horrible ordeal me and my family donated blood and attended various gatherings for the community to attend and pay respects to the fallen victims. Through this ordeal, I felt another level of appreciation for my life and the many little things that come with it. Through the shooting, I have made plans to become a Neurosurgeon to not only help as many people as I can in the El Paso community but to also be able to donate money and necessities to help the El Paso community grow even more. I hope that in the future, I am able to open up a doctor's office in my certain medical pathway to help every single patient in my El Paso community and everyone around the world. We are EL PASO STRONG! Thank You, Jesus Barron.
      BIPOC Educators Scholarship
      When I decided that I wanted to become a doctor, being an educator never seemed to be the approach I was ever going to take. Through the years I have come to realize that when I hopefully one day become a Neurosurgeon, I will possess a lot of knowledge and experience through the many years of hard work. With this mindset I concluded that I would one day be able to teach students trying to become Neurosurgeons and how to become a successful one. It is such a fascination to me that humans are able to possess so much knowledge on so many complicated aspects of the human body. I would never be able to just be selfish and hold that knowledge which is also another reason why I would love to one day educate medical students with the at most top notch knowledge known to man. The brain is such an intriguing organ of our body system and to this day the brain has yet to be fully discovered on its many functions. Onto teaching, I would also like to come back to Bel Air High School in El Paso, Texas to help students maybe carve their path towards becoming a Neurosurgeon. When I become a Neurosurgeon, I would tell the students that being a Neurosurgeon isn't about the money but instead for helping future generations comprehend the brain more to possibly come up with many vaccines and methods of treating the brain. Being a Neurosurgeon should bring joy to you with every patient that you help on their medical necessities; Becoming a Neurosurgeon would be very exciting, but teaching and becoming an educator to help even more students would be awesome.
      Brady Cobin Law Group "Expect the Unexpected" Scholarship
      Legacy to means leaving a mark behind that will make everyone remember who you were for the small things. When some people think of legacies they think of famous people and how they became famous and will always be remembered for their astonishing accomplishments that make them legends; But, to me Legacy means what people remember you for whether if it's big or small. To me it doesn't take that long to have or create a legacy, all you have to do is be you. Sure some famous people may think they have a more valuable legacy then everyone else but the value of a legacy goes deeper than fame. If you are a famous person with lots of riches but aren't really a nice person to talk to or be around then when people think of your legacy it will devalued by your attitude and negative perspectives towards everything. A person who works hard and is always respectful will have a greater value in terms of legacy compared to the rude famous person. No one wants to be remembered as being mean or negative because that's what you will be remembered as for the rest of your life and when you pass away. In terms of my legacy, I want people to remember me as being the hardest worker they knew who never gave up when the going got tough. Sure, I want to become a doctor and with that will come money and other accessories that I will be privileged to have. Although Riches may be a part of me in my future, I want people to know me as the guy who sacrificed time for the many patients he saved. On top of that I want my legacy to be forged with the hard work that I put into everything that I did. I want my kids to be proud of their father for the endless work he put into his family, kids, and work. Your legacy is forged under your name when you leave this earth and I want to make sure that everyone I knew remembers me for the hardworking man that I was. Thank you, Jesus Barron.
      JuJu Foundation Scholarship
      My greatest inspiration in life would have to be my family that has supported me throughout the thick and thin. As a child, me and my family grew up in poverty not having money to spend to go for some fine dining dinner or even the movie theaters. Instead we would watch movies from blockbuster and would eat lots of bologna sandwiches. My mother worked as a full time teacher while my dad was working as a part time teacher while also earning a doctor degree to become a Physician Assistant. Me and my family have been at the bottom of life and without my parents I would have no inspiration to find the best in me. My parents showed me that you can be in the rough times but if you work hard and have motivation, anything is possible. It is now 2021 and my dad has been a PA for ten plus years and my mom has still been teaching for almost thirty years now. My dad was inspired to become a PA to help the people in his community and his motivation and drive to do that was to be able to ensure he is able to support all four of his kids. With the endless hard work that my parents have put into their success for the benefit of them and their kids, the least I could do is return the favor. My parents hard work inspires me too want to become a neurosurgeon to not only be able to help people around the world but to be able to also support my family and my future wife and kids. When the going gets tough my motivation and driving force is all the doubters that dont think ill be able to successfully pass medical school and become a neurosurgeon. Those doubters don't know what me and my family have been through and when people doubt me, it lights a huge fire in me to want to prove them wrong even more. Those doubters don't know what hard work is or what it can get you, but I can assure them that I will never give up or make excuses. My parents inspire me too never give up and to always work hard and with the driving force created by the doubters, I will become a successful Neurosurgeon.
      Hailey Julia "Jesus Changed my Life" Scholarship
      To start of with, I have grown up in a catholic household and I have become accustomed to going to church on a regular bases. But, at the end of my junior year, I struggled in life and realized that I didn't know what i wanted in life. I was depressed and just had no motivation to do anything because life didn't have no meaning to me. In a way you could say i was lost and I needed help in finding and redirecting myself on my life pathway. Then I realized that no one in the world matter more than our savior Jesus Christ. When I had come to my senses that My Lord was there for me through the thick and thin, I knew i was worth something and I found my worth. Through prayer and Jesus Christ I was able to find myself enjoying life and having things to look forward too. I began going to church and understanding the word of the Lord and, although my junior year was rough, it taught me very valuable lessons and ultimately connected me with My lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
      Joe Bonamassa Music Studies Scholarship
      Hello Music Scholarship, I have loved music since the day I was born; My interest in music has began since my elementary school days when I couldn't find myself not hitting something to make some sort of sound. This weird habit lead me to join my elementary school band in which I satisfied my weird interest in hitting things by becoming a percussionist. I can remember when I was in elementary school, I loved listening to rock and heavy metal because I was just so fascinated with the percussionist in the groups; It was so remarkable to hear how talented all the drummers were. When I joined percussion I was able to drum as much as I wanted and since I was prescribed with ADHD it really helped me to focus. I am now a senior in high school and I have enjoyed being a percussionist at Bel Air middle school and Bel Air High School. With being in band, I met all of my six best friends in which we are still best friends to this day, five years later. To this day I still listen to all sorts of rock and hope to one day get myself a drum set for my house so one day I can drum on my own. I would love this scholarship because it will help me pay off my college debt and will help me buy a really nice drum set with the proper equipment. Although I am not going to be entering the field of study in music, music will always be a part of me. Music has helped me not only calm my ADHD, it has also helped me get through the many rough times of high school. One day, I hope to have successfully become a neurosurgeon in which I would love to come back to my community, especially Bel Air to help out and bring awareness to the arts of music. I would love to keep the organization well by not only supporting them but by also participating in fundraisers and donating money to help them in any beneficial way. Sincerely, Jesus Barron.
      Unicorn Scholarship
      The first time that I had trouble loving myself and accepting myself was during my junior year. As a kid I grew up forcing myself to think mistakes were wrong and if you made any mistakes you weren't good enough or worthy. During my junior year, I made so many mistakes that I became depressed because I believed I wasn't worthy for life. I had no clue what I wanted to do in life any more, I felt little and weak. Loving myself was very hard because I knew I had made mistakes, with that being said, how could I have loved myself when i wasn't worthy enough for myself. Personally, I am not within the LGBTQ society, but in order to raise awareness and positivity towards the LGBTQ community, I have participated in Pride marches and in general, I love to help with any community events that involve benefit towards the LGBTQ community. I know what it feels like to not love yourself and im sure its even worse when other people hate what you are and what you can't control. With the tough times that I went through, I hope to one day have a great career in the medical field to where I can help my community even more to bring out awareness and positivity to the LGBTQ society.