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Jennifer Sunday


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I am most passionate about technology and am studying Computer Information Systems at Pima Community College to get my Associates of Applied Science as well as CompTIA A+ Certification. My goal is to have a career in IT Help Desk Support.


Pima Community College

Associate's degree program
2023 - 2025
  • Majors:
    • Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Other

Pima Community College

Associate's degree program
2021 - 2022
  • Majors:
    • Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering

The University of Arizona Global Campus

Bachelor's degree program
2000 - 2005
  • Majors:
    • Psychology, General
  • Minors:
    • Fine and Studio Arts


  • Desired degree level:

    Associate's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Computer Hardware

    • Dream career goals:

      Future Interests





      focusIT’s Women in IT Scholarship
      A career in STEM would mean I would be able to wake up every day and live my passion. I am passionate about problem-solving in Information Technology. I love helping people with technical problems and being a part of a team. I enjoy mentoring and training others on best practices in technology. I would finally be able to be financially independent and make my family proud. When I was a kid I did not personally know any financially independent women or women or worked at all. All of the women in my neighborhood were stay-at-home moms who were completely dependent on their husband's income. I would like to break the mold and be an example of an independent woman to all who meet me. I would like to be able to volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club of America so they can see my example. And I would like to show everyone at work that women can also be fulfilled by a career in technology just as a man can. I would be financially stable enough to buy a house and live in whichever part of the country I want. And I would be able to show my little cousin's that a college degree is a path to a worthwhile career. I have always dreamed of being in IT Support. When I worked at the Apple Store as a MAC Specialist, I wanted to be a Genius. When I worked at AT&T as a Sales Consultant every day I went to work and wished I was a technician that fixed the equipment. When I worked in digital media for a startup called Brink Media as a Content Strategist, I wanted to be a programmer on the web development side of things. And when I worked for the City of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation department as a Marketing Associate doing graphic design, video and photography production, I also did as much IT Support as they would let me do because that is what I enjoyed most about the job. I liked taking the computers apart to add, RAM or a new hard drive. I already knew how to do diagnostic tests, erase a computer's memory and do a clean install of the operating system. I often had to reset the internet router or troubleshoot the printer for all the communications interns I was supervising. I already have all of my general education credits for my AAS in Computer Information Systems. I just need to take the classes for my major so I can learn the technical skills I need to fuel my passion. Please help me to fulfill my dream of being a respected IT professional and a leader of women in tech so I can have a career and never have to work a dead-end job again.