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Jasmine Rose


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I am a 16-year-old senior that is passionate about cooking and my goals. I plan on getting my culinary associates and bachelor's in food and beverage. Applying and being accepted for scholarships will help me obtain my dream career, travel for abroad education, and help my mom with other finances.


New Britain High School

High School
2019 - 2023
  • GPA:


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Hospitality Administration/Management
    • Cooking and Related Culinary Arts, General
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:


    • Dream career goals:

    • Prep/Preparing Dishes

      Bigelow Catering
      2020 – Present4 years
    • Prep/Line Cook

      My Wife Didn't Cook
      2020 – 20211 year


    • Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

      Visual Arts
      Painting Projects, School-run Art Shows, 3D Sculptures , Dance
      2019 – 2020

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Queen Ann Nzinga Center — Participant
      2019 – 2023

    Future Interests


    Sylvester Taylor "Invictus" Hospitality Scholarship
    I believe in love at first sight because of cooking. In 2018, while I attended the Boys and Girls Club in Virginia, I had the opportunity to create my first dish (stuffed bell peppers). I loved the process and the food so much that I tried the same recipe at home. That cycle continued about five more times until I moved to Connecticut. After about three months in my new home, I learned that my cousin was an executive chef with his own catering company. I asked him and my mother if I could work with him. Before I knew it, a bond and opportunity arose. I've been working with him ever since and loving it. I'm now 16 years old and graduating in 4 months. I'm going to community college for my associate's in culinary. Then I'll transfer to Johnson & Wales, the providence campus, to get my Bachelor's in Food and Beverage management. My cousin is opening a restaurant near the end of March, so I plan to work with him while accepting other opportunities. Because I only turned 16 at the end of last year, I haven't been able to be on a payroll. I'm applying for this scholarship because I want to be able to help my mother in any way possible. A part of that is being able to help pay for school expenses like housing and books. Overall, the hospitality field, culinary specifically, could never feel like a job to me. I enjoy learning from the process and the failure. I love that you can find many ways to make the same dish taste drastically different. I appreciate the art, science, and character development that one can put in and get out of this field. Culinary is my passion and a preeminent part of my future.