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My name is Jada Guptill and I am a high school senior. Throughout high school, I've participated in extracurriculars such as volleyball, basketball, track, National Honor Society, Students Against Destructive Decisions, yearbook, and the environmental club. I plan to attend Black Hills State University as an elementary education major. I would make a phenomenal teacher by using the lifelong skills these activities have taught me. I've learned to push through the hard days and to always remain mentally tough. I've done plenty of babysitting, been a student aide, and worked at the kids' fair. I've been around children my entire life and I truly cannot wait to change lives!


Douglas High School - 03

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

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    • Dream career goals:


      Track & Field

      2021 – Present3 years


      2018 – 20235 years


      • Advanced Photography

        2021 – Present

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        Feeding South Dakota — Load food into cars
        2023 – Present

      Future Interests


      Tim Gjoraas Science and Education Scholarship
      As a high school senior on the edge of becoming an adult, I'm really excited about the idea of becoming a teacher in the future. This dream of mine comes from my own experiences, great teachers who've inspired me, and my belief that education can really change things for the better. One big reason I want to be a teacher is because of my own school journey. From my first days in school to the tougher classes in high school, I've had amazing teachers. They did more than just teach; they made me curious, encouraged me to think deeply, and supported me. They showed me how important and inspiring a teacher can be, and I want to do that for others too. This year I’ve had the pleasure to monitor and help out a classroom of 2nd graders. My experience as a tutor and mentor to younger students has also played a big part in this dream. Helping them has shown me how different everyone's way of learning is and how much of a positive impact encouragement can have. It's made me even more determined to become a teacher. Being involved in clubs and sports at school has added to this passion. Sports have taught me how to work well with others and put in hard work. These lessons are necessary in any career but will especially help me work with my colleagues and students. Through activities like Students Against Destructive Decisions, the National Honor Society, and others, I've learned about leadership and making a difference, which I believe is part of being a great teacher. The advice and experiences shared by teachers I look up to have also helped shape my goal. They've told me about the challenges and rewards of being a teacher, which makes me even more excited to follow this path. But my dream isn't just about teaching subjects. I believe education can help solve bigger problems in society, like inequality. I want to be part of that change, making sure every student feels valued and supported in my classroom. To sum it up, my dream of being a teacher is built on my own experiences, the inspiration I've gotten from my teachers, and my hope to make a real difference. As I get ready to step into adulthood, my enthusiasm for teaching is stronger than ever, and I can't wait to inspire and help young students as a teacher.
      Loxy Burckhard Love is Kind Memorial Scholarship
      As a high school senior, the phrase "Love is Kind" holds profound significance to me, it transcends romance and friendship, extending a gentle touch to human interaction. To me, this powerful sentiment captures the essence of empathy, compassion, and the unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. No love or kindness is ever wasted, and only good and happiness come from it. Throughout my life, I have encountered numerous instances where the concept of "Love is Kind" has shaped my actions and decisions. One vivid memory exemplifies this philosophy. When I was 10, my goal was to do at least one random act of kindness every single day. This could range from opening the door for someone at the store, telling someone how much I appreciate them, or completing a task so others don’t have to. One of my favorite things I’ve done was when I picked up groceries an elderly woman dropped and carried them to her car. The smile on that woman’s face was so touching. Suddenly, my day was instantly better. Kindness is exchanged, I gave kindness to her, and through her smile and gratitude she returned the kindness to me. This experience taught me that kindness is a catalyst for positive change, creating a ripple effect that can uplift not just individuals but entire communities. Even now, I always search for kindness always show love to those around me regardless of what you get in return. I believe that through genuine love and kindness, we can address societal issues at their roots, creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Looking forward, I am committed to utilizing the principles of love and kindness to make a lasting impact on the world. Throughout my future education career, I intend to demonstrate kindness and love to students by giving them everything I am able to. I plan to provide snacks, and extra materials in my classroom. As a teacher, you are responsible for speaking love into students' lives. I will accomplish this by speaking to them with kind words and in a friendly manner which will encourage them to do so as well as to continue sharing the “Love is Kind” philosophy. My goal is to cultivate a sense of empathy in all my interactions, fostering understanding and unity among diverse individuals. Furthermore, I have actively participated in community service projects that underscore the transformative power of love and kindness. I have done volunteer work through the Kids’ Fair and Feeding South Dakota. I will continue to do this by donating to those in need around me and volunteering to assist in countries that are less fortunate. These endeavors have reinforced my belief in the impact small acts of kindness can have on those less fortunate. It is through these experiences that I have come to realize that the simple act of extending a hand, sharing a smile, or lending a listening ear can be a potent force for good. In conclusion, the phrase "Love is Kind" serves as a guiding principle for my actions and aspirations. Through past experiences and future endeavors, I aim to embody these words in every aspect of my life, creating a positive impact on the world around me. As I step into the next chapter of my journey, armed with the lessons of love and kindness, I am optimistic about the positive change I can contribute to society.
      Selma Luna Memorial Scholarship
      As a teacher, it is essential to inspire students to be their best. I will do this by assuring my students that I am more than just a teacher and always there for them. I will keep my students engaged through fun learning activities in the classroom. They will set goals for themselves and be rewarded for achieving their set goals, which will promote healthy habits that will stick with them forever. Being a teacher has always been my dream when I was younger. I would always help out my teachers and developed a true passion for teaching and making a difference in the world today. Teachers inspire the future of our society to be good, well-rounded people when they reach adulthood. Teachers shape the minds of future doctors, lawyers, and scientists. Inspiring the youth is important because it determines who they will be.