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Jacob Kalogeris


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Bethel Park High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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    Bachelor's degree program

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    • Security Science and Technology
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Big Heart Scholarship
      Getting-to-know-you assignments at the start of a school year will inevitably ask students to describe themselves using three words, to which they will almost always respond with “kind.” This word has become ordinary and generic, often presented as merely a filler. Yet, this short, common word has an abundance of meaning that not all people on planet earth have the ability to capture. Its true beauty goes beyond being nice: a requirement is to have a big heart that will aid our loved ones with their challenges, make them feel included, and demonstrate to them our love. In my 18 years of life, I’ve always used a full heart to provide my peers with senses of accomplishment and worthiness—acting on the true definition of kindness. A big heart positively impacts all people, but it has the power to gravitate toward people who need a void filled. I’ve felt my heart pull itself to people who face the void of loneliness. I would argue that loneliness has been an epidemic since the beginning of time; however, we do almost nothing to combat it. Therefore, I’ve always been passionate about being the friend where a friend is needed. For instance, a school trip to Myrtle Beach will be filled with masses of cliques, but not everyone will be able to find themselves in one. Without hesitation, I chose to approach and talk to the girl who sat alone by the poolside, surrounded by other friend groups that generate excluded feelings. Or a teacher may assign a group project, where I quickly notice the boy who walks around the classroom helplessly looking for partners. With no doubt, I invite him to join my group. This aspect of my heart always fills me with passion. I have been lonely frequently in my life, and I know that no one—regardless of who they are—deserves to feel this way. Loneliness causes utmost sadness, yet inclusion brings out ultimate happiness. The true definition of kindness will always have the power to liberate the feeling of dejection. While combating loneliness is an unconditional factor of a big heart, comforting our peers is of equal importance. Not many have the ability to comfortably open up about their struggles; those that find the courage deserve to be heard—and my big heart will always hear them. I’m the person that lies alone in bed and meaninglessly sends a “just checking in” text, or I’ll directly ask a friend if they’re doing okay when something feels even slightly off. I’ve found that these actions lead to profound conversations because they’ve always needed someone like me; unfortunately, I’ve heard from many that I was the only person who ever cared. I will always put those I care about before me, whether that involves staying awake through the night with them, or even surrendering something important to me solely to benefit them. Ultimately, all people deserve to have their goods brought out because all people are miraculous creations. No one deserves to be untrue to themselves because of personal struggles. I will always be a truly kind person with a big heart who talks through others’ shadows so that their lights can shine. Mr. Gentile would not have been one to aimlessly write “kind” on his getting-to-know-you sheet. He knew the true meaning of it, and used his big heart to spread that kindness to all. Those who felt his love will forever have his legacy in their hearts, which will only make their hearts even bigger. This is the level of a big heart I will always strive to have, no matter what.