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Isabella Flores


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I have been playing competitive golf for 10 years. I’m constantly on the golf course but if I am not then I’m baking,shopping,or wake surfing. I’ve committed to play D1 golf at James Madison University.


Kingwood H S

High School
2021 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Business Supplies and Equipment

    • Dream career goals:

    • Hostess

      2021 – 20221 year



    2013 – Present11 years

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      DECA and Key Club — Volunteering
      2022 – Present
    Tom LoCasale Developing Character Through Golf Scholarship
    Golf is probably one of the best sports for personal development. I have been a part of the First Tee program since I was little. The First Tee taught me pretty much everything there is about the game of golf. I play golf so frequently that I have started incorporating it into my daily life. Golf is such a focused and disciplined game, which can be super handy for academic success. Golf improves focus and discipline because it requires concentration and precision. To hit a tiny white ball around the golf course that is over 6000 yards just right numerous times, you have to focus on your technique, your swing, and your target. Having to focus on golf has slowly crept into my academic life as well. I’ve realized over the years, that it's been easier to focus while I'm studying for a test because of the great skills golf has provided me with. Discipline has been instilled into me since I was little.The more I practice, the more disciplined I have become in honing my skills. It’s become a great way to train my mind to stay in the moment and block out any distractions.This skill has helped me maintain mostly all A’s throughout high school. Not only has golf helped my academic life, but also my social life. One thing that I love about golf is that it’s a sport that encourages social interaction and camaraderie even though it may be an individual sport.Since I have played golf since I was eight, I have gotten to play in many of the same tournaments as other girls. This has created friendships that have lasted over 10 years. So by being a part of the golfing community, I have been able to expand my social circle and have long-lasting relationships. First Tee instilled integrity, sportsmanship, and a positive attitude in me for many years. This was helpful because I now use it in my daily life as well.One way I practice integrity in my daily life is as simple as keeping my promises. I try to stay true to my word and follow through with whatever it might be. I think being honest in your communications and actions is important. One of the most important things in golf is sportsmanship.Good sportsmanship means showing respect, fairness, and kindness in any round of golf. This includes but is not limited to the golf course, your opponent, your teammates, your equipment, and much more. One way I was taught to show sportsmanship was to congratulate my opponent after every round of golf.This means that even if I got outperformed by someone I still should have sportsmanship and shake their hand. It’s about maintaining a positive attitude, being a good sport, and treating others with dignity and respect, regardless of the outcome. Something I try to remind myself is that it’s not always about winning, but how you play the game and the values you demonstrate and uphold along the way. Golf has allowed me to see the beauty of volunteering. I used to volunteer at the First Tee where I would help kids start golf. Every Saturday, my parents would drive an hour for me to volunteer. The hour drive started getting too hectic for my parents so we had to stop. But the good thing that came out of that was it made me realize I should be more involved in my community. I now have over 50+ hours of volunteering through two clubs I am a part of at school. Being disciplined is something I will continue utilizing in the future
    Hulede Collegiate Golf Scholarship
    Finding a balance while playing golf is difficult at times. I’ve played golf for ten years now. Although I’ve enjoyed the countless memories I’ve made on the golf course, I’ve also missed out on a bunch of things as well. Finding a balance between the sport you love and your social life can be challenging. After completing one of my goals to play collegiate golf at James Madison University my junior year, I knew it was time to find something besides golf. I found something that would elevate my stress of playing at such a high level of golf. Learning how to surf has taught me valuable aspects that I now transfer to golf. Golf is such a strategic game that requires so much focus. On the other hand, surfing is more about seizing the moment and going with the flow of the waves, which can be pretty liberating. Lake surfing has taught me how to let go of the many emotions golf comes with. Lake surfing has also taught me that not everything is about golf. I enjoy going to the lake after a round and clearing my mind after a difficult tournament. Lake surfing is also a wonderful activity that has strengthened my friendships. Lake surfing was difficult at first but with the awesome support of my friends, they've helped me in the long run. Those same friends now do the same thing for me in golf. Lake surfing has provided me with a natural outlet for my stress. That’s something I’ll always be thankful for. As of right now, I am thinking of doing business as my major. I knew from an early age that I wanted to do something in business. My counselors have guided me in the direction of business and put me into 6 business classes since 8th grade. I have taken Accounting 1 and 2 as well as Intro to Business and Intro to Marketing. I also know that golf and business go hand and hand which can be helpful. So many connections and deals have been made on the golf course. My dad has taken me to many of his industry tournaments. I have been able to see how there are countless networking opportunities on the golf course. Not only does playing golf provide a relaxed atmosphere to close deals, but also reveals one’s true character traits such as patience, honesty, and integrity. I am currently in a social media and sports marketing class which I enjoy. I haven’t decided what specific field of business I want to pursue but I do know that I want to do something in the business side. I have been involved in helping my community since I was little. Whether it was helping people after Hurricane Harvey, volunteering through the church/school, or even helping younger teammates in golf. I have over 40+ hours of volunteering through two clubs I am a part of at school. One is called Key Club International which is an international service organization that helps build character. The other club I am a part of is the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Being in these clubs has made me want to be more involved in my community. I plan to continue to help my community when I move to Virginia for college. I know the golf team at James Madison already does a lot of volunteer work. They read to elementary kids every Friday as well as volunteer through several organizations. I will already be a part of that. To take it a step further I plan to be involved in clubs at JMU that volunteer around campus or the neighborhood. Being a part of this scholarship would help me accomplish my goal of not having my parents spend anything toward my college. All my years of hard work and dedication were so that I could go to college without having my parent's support. Most people only think of the sacrifices that a player goes through yet totally disregard families. My family has supported me since day one in my dream of playing at the next level. I owe it all to my family for their constant support and sacrifice. Golf tournaments are not cheap. So much goes into one tournament alone. Hotels, flights, food, tournament fees, and so much more must be paid for. My family has even sacrificed family vacations so that I could play in the tournaments I wanted. Because of this, I have made it my goal since freshman year to be financially independent for college and not burden my parents with the expenses. By being a part of this scholarship, I could go into college knowing my goal was accomplished and live stress-free.