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Isabella Boccia


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Cactus High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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    Master's degree program

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    • Education, General
    • Psychology, General
    • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      2020 – Present4 years


      2020 – Present4 years


      • Cactus High School

        2020 – Present

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      Marian Haley Memorial Scholarship
      Education is not restrained to a confined place where our brains can't grow or stretch but rather it's a channel within ourselves to infinitely be curious of the world around us. Without education, we are a limitless society conforming to what people want us to know rather than what we want to learn as individuals. Education doesn’t stop when grades are closed or lectures have ended, in fact, education lies where the mind has extended into a new territory to blossom. We must remember as a society that we all learn differently and that education is best granted through the way we engrave the minds of our students. A struggle in our world today is that education is a great pressure for students rather than an excitement to fill their brains with knowledge. Our education system is advanced but broken in many ways that negatively affect a student’s brain in striving for the grade rather than the beauty of learning. This then teaches a student to go after the beauty on the outside rather than the work and effort put in to get there. Our nation is filled with educators who teach their students the same inaccurate information over and over rather than advancing their teaching ways to string in a better audience with the younger generation. My life goal is to encourage a wide array of children to tap into their true strengths and work together to use them to change the world. I want to create a safe place where my students can have fun and flourish in an organic way, where they aren’t pressured into being someone that they aren’t. My students will not only learn from me, but I will learn from them as we each have new perspectives of the world as it’s everchanging. I believe we must change with the times, as children are much smarter engines than we once thought them to be. I am tired of adults putting down a child’s knowledge because of their age. In my classroom, I hope to create a grounded space where we are all treating our education as our superpower which we can embrace as everyone will carry it differently. Our world is filled with fake news and the only defense we have against that is our education. If we were to all find that defense within us, we’d live in a country that is more accessible for us to make drastic changes in our government and education system. Finding our inner superpower is taking a deep dive into our freedoms, and thriving in what we already know so well about the world around us. We all are knowledgeable of different ideas and pathways; without them we can’t evolve as humans or a society as a whole. Together we are all educators, who need to take a step back and listen to our students so we can eventually let them go and evolve into the educators that we need most in the world.