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Anthony Marquez II


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In life's intricate tapestry, success transcends traditional paths. For me, success is redefining victory—pursuing wisdom, peace, love, and serenity. Leading Insignia Jewelers, I blend elegance with happiness, creating a sanctuary of prosperity. Insignia Jewelers is more than a brand; it's a movement, symbolizing resilience and unconventional success. I pioneered the first legal medical marijuana dispensary in two states, challenging norms and reshaping healthcare alternatives. Simultaneously, I transformed a weekly rally into the world's largest annual event of its kind, drawing 50,000 attendees. My creative journey produced a globally recognized hip-hop album, earning a prestigious music award. Performing in front of 50,000, I witnessed art's unifying power. A two-decade hiatus from traditional academia frames my story. Now, returning while taking care of two elderly and handicap parents and quadriplegic epileptic younger brother, this scholarship catalyzes my vision. Success, to me, isn't just accolades; it's a legacy of leadership and impact. Seeking a mentor and apprenticeship, I bridge academia with practical experience. This holistic approach shapes my journey and propels Insignia Jewelers toward new heights. In conclusion, my journey epitomizes redefining victory. Through Insignia Jewelers, I inspire unconventional paths, embracing wisdom, peace, love, and serenity. This scholarship invests in my education and endorses my journey—redefining victory in every endeavor.


Metropolitan State University of Denver

Bachelor's degree program
2000 - 2026
  • Majors:
    • Metallurgical Engineering
    • Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering
    • Psychology, Other
    • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations
  • Minors:
    • Electromechanical Engineering
    • Precision Production, Other
    • Fine and Studio Arts
    • International Business
    • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Luxury Goods & Jewelry

    • Dream career goals:

      Insignia Jewelers - signature jeweled art pieces

    • Instructor/Course Creator

      Cannabis University and FCCC
      2009 – 20134 years
    • Musician/Performer/Recording Artist named "Medicine Man"

      Illuminated Records
      2006 – Present18 years
    • Co-Organizer

      The Annual Denver 420 Rally
      2007 – 20147 years
    • President/CEO

      Illuminated Entertainment Group LLC
      2013 – 20196 years
    • Founder/Owner and Custom Jeweler

      Insignia Jewelers LLC
      2023 – Present1 year
    • Founder/Owner

      Macon Marques Holdings LLC
      2013 – 202310 years
    • Cultivation and Operations Manager

      Compassion First
      2010 – 20133 years



    1994 – 19962 years


    • Research and Experimental Psychology

      Compassion First — Cultivation and Operations Research
      2003 – 2013


    • Illuminated Entertainment Group

      Medicine Man - My Side 2008
      2006 – 2016

    Public services

    • Advocacy

      The Denver 420 Rally — Co-Organizer and Lead Activist
      2007 – 2014

    Future Interests





    Hermit Tarot Scholarship
    Embarking on my journey into the realm of tarot with the Thoth Tarot deck by Aleister Crowley was a transformative experience, unveiling layers of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Drawing three cards—The Root of the Powers of Fire (Ace of Wands), the Magus, and the Sun—symbolizing my lower, middle, and higher selves respectively, marked a significant initiation into the profound wisdom encoded within the cards. In this essay, I will recount this pivotal moment and explore the origins of the earliest known tarot, Crowley's influence on its elevation, and the subsequent evolution with the Spirit Science-inspired Patch Tarot deck and system. The Journey Commences: The first draw from the Thoth Tarot deck was a moment of anticipation and intrigue. The Ace of Wands, representing my lower self, ignited a spark of inspiration and creative potential within me. It symbolized the primal force driving new ventures, encouraging exploration and the pursuit of personal power. This card marked the initiation of my journey into self-awareness, urging me to embrace transformation and the limitless possibilities that lay ahead. The Magus, representing my middle self, held a magnetic allure. Crowley's Magus serves as a master of all elements, a bridge between the spiritual and material realms. It spoke to my ability to manifest desires through intention and skillful manipulation of energies. The Magus became a mirror reflecting my power to influence the world around me, encouraging me to embrace the role of a conscious creator. The Sun, symbolizing my higher self, radiated illuminating energy. In the Thoth Tarot, this card embodies spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The Sun urged me to embrace authenticity, basking in the warmth of self-acceptance and the realization of my true potential. It signified the harmonious integration of my spiritual and earthly aspects, promising a journey toward wholeness and enlightenment. Crowley's Tarot Transformation: Understanding the significance of the Thoth Tarot requires delving into its origins and the transformative influence of Aleister Crowley. The tarot, initially a 15th-century playing card game, evolved into a powerful tool for divination and self-reflection. Crowley, an occultist and ceremonial magician, reimagined the traditional tarot, infusing it with esoteric symbolism and profound spiritual insights. Crowley's Thoth Tarot, a collaboration with artist Lady Frieda Harris, represents a fusion of ancient wisdom, alchemical principles, and Eastern mysticism. The deck stands as a testament to Crowley's commitment to elevating the tarot to a higher order of spiritual exploration and self-realization. Each card serves as a gateway to profound truths and cosmic forces, providing a roadmap for the seeker's spiritual journey. Spirit Science and the Patch Tarot: Building upon Crowley's legacy, Spirit Science expanded the horizons of tarot with the Patch Tarot deck and system. Rooted in the exploration of consciousness and the interconnectedness of all things, Patch Tarot embodies a holistic approach to self-discovery and transformation. Designed by Jordan River, this innovative deck features vibrant imagery and a unique interpretation of traditional tarot archetypes. The Patch Tarot system draws inspiration from various spiritual traditions, quantum physics, and metaphysical concepts. It encourages seekers to explore the interconnected web of existence, recognizing the interplay between individual consciousness and the collective tapestry of reality. By integrating modern scientific concepts with ancient wisdom, Spirit Science has taken the tarot one step further, providing a tool for navigating the complexities of the human experience. In conclusion, don't just think it out, Thoth it out, and put a Patch on that anxiety bite your problems give you!
    KIL N.Y.C. Scholarship for the Jewelry Arts
    In the realm of jewelry design, my passion lies at the intersection of aesthetics, functionality, and ethical responsibility. I envision a future where each jewelry piece is not only a work of art but also a versatile and purposeful accessory. This passion is driven by a desire to integrate engineering psychology and micro tech into the jewelry industry, focusing on usability, accessibility, customization, and ergonomics to create user-centered, comfortable, and inclusive designs. At the core of my vision is the belief that jewelry should serve more than just an ornamental purpose. I am driven to create pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, adding value to the wearer's daily life. The concept of multi-purpose jewelry inspires me to design pieces that seamlessly transition from fashion accessories to practical tools, enhancing the user's experience and making each piece a meaningful part of their lifestyle. In addition to functionality, my passion extends to the art of blending different styles and pieces into jeweled compositions. I see the beauty in combining diverse elements to create unique and personalized art pieces. By integrating various styles and pieces of jewelry, I aim to offer customers a broader range of options, allowing them to express their individuality through eclectic and personalized creations. To achieve these goals, I am eager to blend the principles of engineering psychology and micro tech into the jewelry design process. Engineering psychology will guide the ergonomic aspects, ensuring that each piece is not only visually appealing but also comfortable to wear for extended periods. Usability and accessibility will be paramount, with a focus on designing clasps, fasteners, and overall structures that are easy to use for individuals of all abilities. Micro tech, with its focus on small-scale technology, presents exciting opportunities to introduce smart features into jewelry. By incorporating microelectronics, I envision creating smart jewelry that not only tracks health metrics but also provides personalized notifications and authentication features. This intersection of fashion and technology opens up new dimensions of creativity while enhancing the practicality of jewelry in the modern world. Sustainability is a foundational principle of my vision. I am committed to sourcing materials responsibly, ensuring that every piece of jewelry is crafted with ethical considerations in mind. By utilizing sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices, I aim to minimize the environmental impact of the jewelry production process. Moreover, I envision implementing a recycling program for old or unwanted jewelry. This initiative goes beyond disposal, offering individuals the opportunity to donate their jewelry for recycling or potential recrafting. The excess jewelry can be redistributed, creating an ethical jewelry thrift store that not only reduces waste but also allows others to enjoy unique pieces with a story. In conclusion, my passion for making multi-purpose and artfully blended jewelry is fueled by a commitment to usability, accessibility, customization, and ergonomics. By integrating engineering psychology and micro tech into the design process, I aim to create jewelry that is not only visually stunning but also enhances the daily lives of its wearers. This vision is grounded in sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that every piece contributes positively to both individual experiences and the greater environmental landscape.
    Redefining Victory Scholarship
    In the intricate tapestry of life, success takes on myriad forms, embodying diverse interpretations that transcend traditional academic paths. For me, success is the art of redefining victory—a journey marked by the pursuit of wisdom, peace, love, and serenity. My vision culminates in the leadership of a brand, Insignia Jewelers, where happiness resonates among workers and customers through elegant designs that encapsulate stories. My entrepreneurial odyssey with Insignia Jewelers has been a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and a commitment to fostering a positive environment. In steering this brand, I strive to create not only exquisite jewelry but also a sanctuary where wisdom and prosperity coalesce, shaping a harmonious space for all stakeholders involved. The inception of Insignia Jewelers is more than a business venture; it is a realization of my philosophy that success extends beyond conventional definitions. As a seeker of wisdom, my journey started with the establishment of the first-ever legal and federally accepted medical marijuana dispensary in two states. This groundbreaking initiative challenged societal norms, contributing to the paradigm shift in healthcare alternatives. Simultaneously, I orchestrated the transformation of a weekly rally into the largest annual event of its kind globally. With 50,000 attendees, the event became a cultural phenomenon, illustrating the transformative power of collective energy and shared experiences. My creative journey unfolded in parallel, culminating in the self-recording and production of a hip-hop album. The album not only earned global recognition but also secured a prestigious music award. Performing in front of 50,000 at a renowned event, I witnessed firsthand the ability of artistic expression to transcend boundaries and unite diverse audiences under a shared passion. These accomplishments have transpired against the backdrop of a unique personal narrative—a two-decade hiatus from the traditional academic route. Now, as I embark on the journey to redefine victory, this scholarship opportunity emerges as a pivotal catalyst, providing essential support in propelling my vision forward. Success, in my narrative, is not merely about accolades and financial gains. It is about crafting a lasting legacy of leadership, creativity, and positive impact. Insignia Jewelers symbolizes my commitment to these ideals, and this scholarship serves as a crucial stepping stone toward achieving this vision. As I navigate this entrepreneurial landscape, I recognize the importance of mentorship and hands-on experience. Currently seeking a mentor within the industry, I aim to tap into the wealth of knowledge and guidance that an experienced professional can provide. Additionally, my aspiration is to become an apprentice, immersing myself in the intricate world of jewelry craftsmanship while simultaneously completing my degree. This dual pursuit reflects my dedication to a holistic approach to education—one that combines academic learning with practical, real-world experience. The mentorship sought and the apprenticeship envisioned are integral components of this approach, providing me with the skills, insights, and connections necessary to lead Insignia Jewelers to new heights. In conclusion, my journey, marked by entrepreneurial endeavors and creative pursuits, epitomizes the spirit of redefining victory. Through Insignia Jewelers and varied experiences, I aspire to inspire others to forge unique paths, embracing wisdom, peace, love, and serenity as the true benchmarks of success. This scholarship represents not only an investment in my education but also an endorsement of the unconventional journey I am undertaking, redefining victory in every endeavor.
    Elizabeth Schalk Memorial Scholarship
    In a world filled with challenges, I have faced adversity head-on, navigating a tumultuous sea of circumstances that have shaped me into the resilient individual I am today. The canvas of my life is painted with the vibrant hues of perseverance, love, and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of those around me. At the tender age of three, I had a near-death experience that altered the trajectory of my life. Falling off a counter, I split open my head, and in that moment of crisis, I underwent a noncorporeal continuation experience. This early encounter with mortality fueled my determination to live life to the fullest and inspired my unyielding commitment to care for those I hold dear. My journey as a caregiver began with my father, who, at the age of two, lost his voice after a fall from a ladder due to lifelong epilepsy. My formative years were shaped by the challenges of communication and the constant fear of his unpredictable seizures. Despite the odds, I became his voice, advocating for his needs and providing support during the storms of epilepsy. However, life had more tests in store for my family. My younger brother, grappling with epilepsy, suicidal tendencies, and schizophrenia, faced a tragic accident that left him paraplegic and speech-impaired. Becoming his primary caregiver, I witnessed the fragility of life and the resilience of the human spirit. Four months ago, a botched brain surgery further complicated his condition, rendering him a full quadriplegic. Amidst the sterile walls of the hospital, I remain by his side, a constant pillar of strength in the face of adversity. At the age of 10, I took on the responsibility of caring for my grandmother, who battled Alzheimer's with dementia. Navigating the challenging landscape of memory loss, I learned patience, empathy, and the importance of cherishing fleeting moments. These experiences have not only fueled my passion for caregiving but have also fostered a deep appreciation for the complexity of mental health issues. It wasn't until five years ago that I discovered my own battle with undiagnosed Inattentive ADD. The realization brought clarity to the challenges I faced throughout my academic journey. Yet, armed with this newfound awareness, I transformed adversity into motivation, excelling in my studies and embracing my unique cognitive strengths. Furthermore, the revelation of my elderly mother's struggle with a narcissistic personality disorder and a devouring mother's complex shed light on the intricate web of mental health issues within my family. This recent discovery has deepened my commitment to understanding and addressing mental health challenges on a broader scale. In the face of adversity, I have not only survived but thrived. My ambition to make a difference in the lives of those affected by mental illness drives me to pursue higher education. The Elizabeth Schalk Memorial Scholarship represents more than just financial support; it symbolizes an opportunity to carry forward the legacy of resilience and care instilled in me through a lifetime of challenges. As I stand on the precipice of higher education, I am not just a survivor; I am a beacon of hope, resilience, and compassion. The Elizabeth Schalk Memorial Scholarship will not only fuel my academic ambitions but also serve as a testament to the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Together, let us memorialize Elizabeth Schalk by embracing the power of resilience and fostering a world where mental health challenges are met with understanding, empathy, and support.