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Ibrahim Alowonle


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I am a dedicated candidate with a passion for electrical engineering and a track record of academic success and community engagement. Despite not making the high school basketball team, I've shown resilience by excelling in other areas like Model United Nations and robotics. My commitment to serving others is evident through volunteer work with Feed My Starving Children, Coon Rapids. Currently, I'm competing in AAU basketball, demonstrating my determination and perseverance. My goal is to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and build a career in semiconductor manufacturing. With my academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and passion for engineering, I am well-equipped to succeed in college and beyond.


Osseo Senior High

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Computational Science
    • Computer Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Electrical engineer

    • Dream career goals:

    • Produce Clerk/Casier

      2023 – Present1 year



    2021 – Present3 years

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Feed My Starving Children(Coon Rapids) — Volunteer
      2020 – Present

    Future Interests



    Frederick J. Salone Memorial Basketball Scholarship
    It was the summer before my senior year when I decided to rewrite my narrative. I was tired of the familiar sting of disappointment. I knew I had the tangibles to play. “Have you been in the weight room at all? You still look a little lean,” Coach Theisen remarked. “Yes, I have,” I replied. I don’t know if I felt insulted or inspired. It felt like he was throwing a challenge at my feet, a challenge I couldn’t ignore. I took these words to heart and stepped into the weight room with a newfound purpose. I worked with what I had: 18 weight plates, 2 dumbbells, and a barbell, along with 2 office chairs. I emphasized compound movements to sculpt strength throughout my body. In the confines of my living room, a new ritual unfolded -- 4 days a week, Upper/Lower split, a rest day, and the cycle repeated. Sometimes I would say, “I could just do this tomorrow,” but what was to gain from this act? I ignored this excuse and unleashed my inner Nike. I “just did it.” I was beyond satisfied with myself when I finished. I felt like I climbed the highest mountain of my day. At least 3 days a week, my younger brother Idris and I hit the court in the early morning. Our sessions were a mix of focused shooting drills and live play scenarios. Idris and I worked on catching, ripping through, pulling up, jabbing, and shooting. Realism was the focus. The court was our laboratory, and we were its test subjects. I found solace at the local community college one school started and prepared for November 20th I tried my best at tryouts, but unfortunately on the second day of tryouts Coach Theisen said, “I don't think you match the 4 and 5 spots on our team.” I felt more like a wing than a forward, but this wasn't worth arguing. what was it worth? I shook Coach Theisen's hand and walked away. I shed a tear but walked out knowing I did everything I could. This rejection doesn't define me. Nothing has changed. I continue to play the game I have loved since I was 7, lift four times a week, and stick to my diet. The only thing that’s changed is my confidence in my abilities. Beyond basketball, the past 7 months have spoken to me. They have taught me the true essence of work ethic and commitment. I never thought I had the discipline to complete a leg workout at 10 PM after work, nor did I think I had the appetite to eat the whole-grain bread my grandma eats. Back then, I did not grasp the true meaning of putting your mind to something -- It’s cliché, but that’s all I did. I have transformed myself, and believe I have the tools to become successful in the future. I have proven to myself that I can learn, overcome, and thrive from setbacks. Going forward, I won't only focus on basketball but also my education. The work ethic and commitment I've developed will serve me well in college and beyond. Currently, I play for the MN Chill Basketball program, and we are seeing success as a team. We are ranked top 10 in Minnesota by Prep Hoops, and we are striving to make the top 3. This experience has allowed me to showcase my skills against tougher competition. The dedication and hard work I have put in will hopefully open doors to opportunities at the next level, where I can continue to develop both academically and athletically.
    PD Instore Scholarship
    I am deeply appreciative of PD Instore generosity in offering this scholarship to local students. I am grateful for the chance to apply for this scholarship. The financial assistance this scholarship offers would alleviate some burden on my parents, particularly because I am a triplet. With three tuitions to consider, any financial support is invaluable, and this money will put my family in a better situation in terms of financing our college education. I do plan to major in electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I've always known I wanted to do Electrical Engineering. I like learning about how electronic devices and how their different components work. My goal is to get my bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and work my way up to a job in a semiconductor manufacturing company. As a high school senior, I find myself inspired by the remarkable journey of my father, who has carved a path of success in the field of electrical engineering despite facing numerous obstacles along the way. Coming from humble beginnings, my dad's story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of hard work. In a field predominantly occupied by white men, he has defied expectations and risen to the esteemed position of Senior Electrical Engineer at Daikin, a testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise. Witnessing my dad's achievements firsthand has instilled in me a profound desire to follow in his footsteps and continue his legacy of excellence. I am deeply motivated to pursue a career as a Senior Electrical Engineer, driven by a passion for innovation, problem-solving, and the desire to make a meaningful impact in the world. From observing my dad's work ethic and approach to the field, I understand the importance of dedication, perseverance, and continuous self-improvement in achieving success in this demanding discipline. As I embark on this journey, I am keenly aware of the challenges that lie ahead. Electrical engineering is a complex and dynamic field that requires not only technical expertise but also creative thinking and adaptability. I recognize that success in this profession will require me to apply myself wholeheartedly to my studies, constantly seeking opportunities for growth and learning both inside and outside the classroom. Moreover, I am committed to embodying the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in my future career as an electrical engineer. Inspired by the ethos of PD Instore and guided by my father's example, I aspire to create a workplace environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and representative of the diverse communities we serve. Just as my dad had to navigate the challenges of being a minority in his field, I am prepared to advocate for diversity initiatives, mentorship programs, and equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background or identity. I am also passionate about using my platform as a Senior Electrical Engineer to drive positive change within the industry and beyond. Whether through innovative engineering solutions, collaborative partnerships with community organizations, or advocacy for sustainable practices, I believe that engineers have a unique opportunity to shape the future and address pressing societal challenges. By harnessing the power of technology and innovation, I am committed to making a difference in the world and leaving a lasting legacy that honors my father's pioneering spirit. In conclusion, my journey to becoming a Senior Electrical Engineer is not just about achieving personal success, but also about carrying forward the legacy of those who have paved the way before me. Inspired by my dad's resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence, I am determined to make my mark in the field of electrical engineering and continue his legacy of impact and innovation. With dedication, perseverance, and a steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusion, I am confident that I can make a meaningful difference in the world and leave a lasting legacy that honors the values I hold dear.
    Julia Elizabeth Legacy Scholarship
    I strongly believe that diverse representation in the workplace is important because I have personally seen the effects it can have on workplace culture. It’s not just a matter of social justice; it's crucial for fostering a vibrant and inclusive workplace environment. This belief is rooted in my personal experiences, particularly through witnessing the challenges my father faced at his longtime company. My dad is a Nigerian who is currently an electrical engineer for Daikin. He previously worked for his long-time company, Thermo King, in Bloomington, MN. During his 15 years there, my dad was the sole black engineer at Thermo King. Most of the black people he did see at work were in positions not titled “Engineer.” My father held the position of Senior Electrical Engineer and despite his significant contributions to the company he encountered disparities in treatment, compared to his white counterparts. He shared with us that it became glaring when he sought a salary for his experience and dedication. Despite his qualifications, including extensive travel for the company and recognition along with awards for his contributions, his requests for fair compensation were met with indifference. After repeated attempts to address the issue, my father received minimal acknowledgment of his concerns and no tangible resolution. He was repeatedly asked to file a report to HR, but with no resolve. As stated earlier, my father was one of the few black engineers at his workplace. Note, his white counterparts; even recent college graduates had been moving up the position ladder, whilst having way less experience and knowledge than my father. You can imagine how infuriated he was. Long story short, my dad felt undervalued and overlooked, he made the difficult decision to leave Thermo King. He decided to end terms with the company in February of this year. Thermo King held a place in his heart, but the decision had to be made. The lack of response to his legitimate concerns left him with no choice but to seek employment elsewhere. This personal experience has really shaped my perspective on the importance of workplace diversity. If my father's superiors represented a more diverse background or simply had been non-white races, his grievances would likely have been addressed with more empathy and urgency. This underscores the importance of diversity in ensuring that all employees feel valued, respected, and fairly compensated for their contributions. The absence of diversity not only alienates minority employees but also undermines the potential for collaboration, innovation, and overall success within an organization. A homogenous workplace stifles creativity and limits the range of ideas and solutions brought to the table. In contrast, a diverse workforce cultivates a culture of inclusivity, where varied viewpoints are celebrated, leading to richer outcomes and greater organizational resilience. In conclusion, my father's experience serves as a poignant reminder of why diverse representation in STEM is imperative. Embracing diversity leads to companies with employees feeling empowered to thrive, ultimately fostering a culture of innovation, respect, and collective success.
    Redefining Victory Scholarship
    Success is a word that carries a lot of weight in my household. It's not just about getting good grades or landing a fancy job; it's about showing my parents that their sacrifices were worth it. You see, my parents came to this country from Nigeria when they were just teenagers. They left behind everything they knew in search of a better life, and education was their ticket to that dream. From the moment I could understand, my parents drilled into me the importance of education. They would always say, "In this life, nobody can take away what you've learned." And so, achieving high grades became a priority in our household. It wasn't just about making my parents proud; it was about honoring their journey and making the most of the opportunities they've given me. Now, as I get ready to embark on my college journey at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, I feel a mix of excitement and nervousness. Excitement because I know this is my chance to make something of myself, to prove to my parents that their sacrifices were not in vain. Nervousness because I know the road ahead won't be easy. I've always had big dreams, and one of them is to become an Electrical Engineer. It's a field that's both challenging and rewarding, and I know it won't be a smooth path to get there. But I'm determined to make the most of my time at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. They have a top-notch program with expert professors and all the resources a large university can offer. I know it'll be up to me to take the lead in using these resources, but when I look back and receive my bachelor's in electrical engineering, I want to know that I did all I could. For me, success isn't just about academic achievements; it's also about seizing every opportunity that comes my way. I want to take on challenges that push me out of my comfort zone and help me grow as a person. Sure, I know I'll fail along the way, but I've learned that failure is just a stepping stone to success. It's what pushes you to be your best, to keep striving even when the odds are against you. So, as I look ahead to the next chapter of my life, I'm ready to embrace every opportunity that comes my way. I know it won't be easy, but I also know that with hard work and determination, I can achieve anything I set my mind to. And when I finally walk across that stage and receive my diploma, I'll do it with my head held high, knowing that I've made my parents proud and honored the sacrifices they've made for me and my future. I would like to acknowledge my parents and I would like to let them know that the fruits of their labor is soon to come. I am grateful for the chance to apply for this scholarship. The financial assistance this scholarship offers would alleviate some burden on my parents, particularly because I am a triplet. With three tuitions to consider, any financial support is invaluable, and this money will put my parents in a better situation in terms of financing our college education.