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Geurys Florentino


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I am a driven young teenager from the Bronx, passionate about both medicine and sports. Eager to make a difference, I plan to attend Merrimack College to pursue a degree that paves the way toward either a career as a Doctor of Medicine or a Sports Agent. With a strong work ethic, a love for science, and a deep appreciation for athletics, I am committed to achieving these goals and giving back to the community. Whether it be in a hospital, the offices, or on the field, my determination to excel and make a positive impact is unwavering.


Monsignor Scanlan High School

High School
2021 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Majors of interest:

    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
    • Medicine
    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other
    • Health/Medical Preparatory Programs
    • Biology, General
  • Planning to go to medical school
  • Career

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    • Dream career goals:

      Orthopedic Surgeon with a specialty in Sports Medicine, or a Sports Agent



      2020 – 20244 years


      • Student-Athlete of the Year


      2020 – 20222 years


      2020 – 20244 years


      • Student-Athlete of the Year

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        Mosholu Montefiore Community Center (MMCC) — A Mentor
        2022 – 2023
      • Volunteering

        Athletic Training — A Student Athletic Trainer
        2022 – 2024
      • Volunteering

        Student Ambassador — Student Ambassador
        2022 – Present

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      WCEJ Thornton Foundation Low-Income Scholarship
      I was stuck in a perilous neighborhood due to the financial struggles my family faced and I almost lost my life because of it. My family could not afford anything better and as much as they tried to make the best out of where we were, bad things would happen every day. Even the youth, around my age, would start doing illegal things and trying to fit into what was deemed "normal" in my community. My neighborhood was so bad that I could not even go to play around in the park without fear of someone being shot or stabbed. I was never thrilled with who I was or where I was, but this all changed once I was in Middle School. My projects were small, so everyone went to the same middle school. My brothers encouraged me to try out for the basketball team and see what happens because they did the same. I did it to please them, but I immediately felt a sense of liberation, as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Growing up in a neighborhood entrenched in gang affiliations, basketball became my sanctuary and my shield against the dangers that threatened to hurt me. In the "concrete jungle" where I was raised, being a basketball player was more than just a means of recreation, it provided a form of protection. Older guys in the neighborhood would warn me to go home if tensions escalated, recognizing the unspoken code that shielded athletes from the dangers of street life and this saved my life. I remember it vividly. It was September 3, 2021, I was just about to start the tenth grade, and my mother made me go to the food drive to get a few groceries for her to make dinner that night. While walking back home, five blocks away, one of the older guys ran to me and told me to run upstairs and so I did. At this time, I could only imagine what would happen, but I just ran as fast as I could to go upstairs. After what felt like an eternity of running, I heard a loud noise and I could not turn back because I just listened to him. The next day, I went out looking for him only to find out that a few minutes after he told me to go upstairs, I found that he had been shot and killed. It was devastating hearing the news, as he was always someone who you would see around the neighborhood, and he was a great basketball player that never got a chance at the next level because of an ACL tear. To this day I still recognize that he saved my life. My greatest achievement, to this day, was making the decision to play basketball. If I hadn't started playing basketball, I would not have met him or have had the protection that basketball players receive, and I would have been on the corner and it could have been me who was shot and killed that day. One thing that basketball, and my neighborhood, has taught me was that your whole life can change at any given point. I have seen even the best players have fallouts due to injury. Growing up, I saw a few of my teammates have career ending injuries because they did not take care of their bodies properly. Even myself, I had to take breaks in between seasons where I would miss weeks of practice and play due to not taking care of my body and developing tendonitis in both knees. Receiving this scholarship would not only allow me to pursue higher education but also allow me to make a difference in my community. With a college degree, I would use my platform to advocate for change and help those in need. Providing guidance to help young, less fortunate athletes take care of their bodies so that they could potentially have the chance to fulfill their dreams and make it out of the "trenches". I aim to inspire others to embrace their passions and defy the odds. I am determined to pay it forward and ignite a similar spark of hope in the youth's hearts with the dream, that I also had, of playing professionally. I am compelled to share my story and empower youth to reject the allure of negativity and seek out constructive outlets for their energy.
      Marcus Stroman Scholarship
      The university of my dreams is Merrimack College. To me Merrimack College is more than simply a university, it's a symbol of hope and an opening to a lot of possibilities that aligns with my goals and ambitions. I always dreamed of a location that would not only feel like home, but also provide the academic challenge and compassionate environment that I needed to grow up and what I felt in the Bronx. Being from Edenwald Projects in the Bronx, I have seen a lot of things and I have always felt like there was something I could be apart of. The outcome of studying business administration with a focus on sports management at Merrimack is amazing. As a young teenager with a love for both business and athletics, this program promises to help me achieve my goals. I played Varsity basketball, baseball, and volleyball throughout my time in high school and the idea of delving into all aspects of sports management while also getting a strong foundation in business excites me beyond words. Merrimack's commitment to delivering a complete education in these subjects is clear, and I am excited to get involved in their prestigious program. This program at Merrimack College has connections and internship opportunities with various athletic organizations, such as the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, as well as other companies that provide apparel for these organizations and truly my love for sports and business can be combined with the program offered by Merrimack College. Merrimack College's financial package is a definite draw for someone like me. Coming from a household where financial limitations are common, the ability to pursue my education with at least a little bit of hardship taken off my family and I is a blessing I do not take for granted. My mother has worked very hard to provide for my brothers and I, whom are now pursuing their own dreams, and I do not wish to leave my mother with the burden of having to work harder than she already does in order to fund my education. Merrimack's dedication to giving access to education for students from any background reflects their drive to help all in need. I would wish to honestly be able to do anything to give back to my mother being that, only making half of six figures, she was able to raise both me and my brothers in a dangerous environment and guide us through the paths of life so that we can be the successful men we wish to be. Merrimack College would put me in a great position post-graduate that would allow for me to help my mother and be there for her when she is no longer able to work so many hours and give her the ability to rest after fighting so hard for my family. One of the important events in my decision to attend Merrimack was my tour to the campus and engagement with its lively community. From the moment I stepped on campus, I felt a sense of belonging and kindness that is difficult to find. I could automatically picture myself walking to classes, or stopping by the dining halls, or even moving into my dorm room. Merrimack's business connections are not only amazing, but also help students reach their full potential. What impressed me the most was the inclusiveness I saw, despite the fact that Hispanics and Blacks were underrepresented. Merrimack's commitment to creating an inclusive environment in which every student feels respected and supported resonated strongly with me, giving me confidence in my decision to make this college my academic home. The honors program at Merrimack is another aspect that sets it apart. Being admitted into the honors program is not just a validation of my academic abilities, but also shows me that they believe in my efforts to becoming a student. In school I participated in all sorts of clubs like varsity basketball, baseball, student council, every honor society provided at my school, senior committee, and the Organization for Latin American Students. I also have completed, over my four years at the school, 1,000 service hours, all while maintaining a 4.1 GPA with multiple AP courses has proven on many occasions my ability to manage time effectively and prioritize things. Merrimack College offers more than just academics, it gives me a change of scenery and learning style that is going to expand my capabilites in ways I never thought would be possible. The Semester at Sea program, in particular, caught my attention as a unique opportunity to explore different countries, engage in diverse cultures, and gain invaluable insights into global business practices. The prospect of networking and gaining firsthand experience in international business is an opportunity I eagerly anticipate seizing. In conclusion, Merrimack College essentially gives me everything I want in a college, from academic excellence, to inclusivity and a supportive community, as well as a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth. It is not only just a college but a home away from home where I know I can certainly thrive and find my fullest potential. I am excited about the thought of embracing myself during my time at Merrimack College and am committed to making the most of every opportunity it offers.