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Franky Ruiz-Sanchez


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I want to positively impact the world while doing what I Love, Chemistry. After graduate school, I intend to be a Medicinal Chemist spending my days doing research into new and existing drugs to help improve the existing ones and aid in discovering new ones.


Park Vista Community High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Majors of interest:

    • Chemistry
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

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    • Dream career goals:

      Research into new and existing elements to create better medicines.

    • Tutor

      Varsity Tutors
      2022 – Present2 years
    • Tutor

      Varsity Tutors
      2022 – Present2 years



    2020 – Present4 years


    • Division Champion, Man of the Match(4x)


    • Chemistry

      Park Vista Community High School — Junior Researcher
      2023 – Present

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      YMCA — Head Coordinator
      2022 – 2024

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    Joieful Connections Scholarship
    In a world where higher education is often seen as a gateway to success, it's imperative that every individual, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Yet, for students with developmental or intellectual disabilities, the path to college can be fraught with obstacles and barriers. Recognizing the importance of accessibility and inclusion, Joieful Connections has established a scholarship to support these students in their pursuit of higher education. As a high school senior with a developmental disability, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my aspirations and plans for furthering my education. My journey to higher education has been one of self-discovery, resilience, and transformation. Growing up as a Hispanic individual in a family of immigrants, I faced numerous challenges, both cultural and personal. However, it was during my junior year of high school that I received a diagnosis that would change my life: Autism. This revelation helped me understand my own behavior and provided clarity where there was once confusion. Before my diagnosis, I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and alienation. I was often bullied and internalized the belief that I wasn't good enough. But with the understanding that came with my diagnosis, the fog lifted, and I began to see myself in a new light. My journey with Autism has been one of empowerment and growth. Embracing my neurodiversity has allowed me to overcome the barriers that once held me back. Now, I am thriving in all college classes, fueled by a newfound passion for STEM. Chemistry, in particular, has captured my imagination and transformed my life. Through the lens of science, I have found a sense of purpose and belonging that I never knew existed. My dream is to pursue a career in the STEM field, using my knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the world around me. In addition to my academic pursuits, I am deeply passionate about fostering inclusivity and community. My experiences with Autism have taught me the importance of empathy and understanding, and I am committed to creating a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued and accepted. One way I hope to achieve this is by becoming a teacher someday. By bringing my community together and advocating for the needs of students with disabilities, I believe I can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. In conclusion, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to apply for the Joieful Connections scholarship and to share my journey with you. My experiences with Autism have shaped me into the person I am today, and I am proud of the progress I have made. With the support of this scholarship, I am confident that I can continue to break down barriers and pursue my dreams of higher education and beyond. Thank you for considering my application and for your commitment to supporting students with disabilities on their journey to success. I understand now that I am who I am today because of Autism, and that realization makes me truly incredible.
    Adam Montes Pride Scholarship
    As I reflect on my journey thus far, I am reminded of the words of Adam Montes, a passionate advocate for education and LGBTQ+ rights whose legacy continues to inspire. Adam's dedication to supporting underrepresented voices in education resonates deeply with me, as I navigate the intersection of my identity as an LGBTQ+ individual, a first-generation college student, and a member of the Hispanic community. Growing up in a household with strict Christian values, I grappled with the conflict between my authentic self and the expectations placed upon me. As the child of immigrants who sacrificed so much for a better life, I felt the weight of their aspirations for me to succeed, but I also felt the heaviness of the secrecy I maintained about my bisexuality. This internal struggle created a profound rift between me and my mother, as I yearned to be true to myself while fearing her rejection and disappointment. Despite the challenges I faced at home, I found solace and inspiration in the power of education and the potential of the STEM field to bring about positive change. As a first-generation college student, I am driven by a desire to break the cycle of limited opportunities and to pave the way for future generations in my community. I believe that by pursuing a career in STEM and eventually becoming a teacher, I can bridge the gap between my cultural heritage and my aspirations for a more inclusive society. My journey of self-discovery and resilience has fueled my passion for education and advocacy. I am determined to create a classroom environment where every student feels valued, respected, and empowered to embrace their identity and pursue their dreams. By sharing my experiences as a bisexual Hispanic individual, I hope to foster understanding and empathy among my students and inspire them to embrace diversity in all its forms. Tragically, my father passed away earlier this year, before I had the chance to bridge the emotional distance that had grown between us. His death has left me with a profound sense of loss and regret, as I mourn not only the absence of the relationship we might have had, but also the missed opportunity to share my journey with him. Despite the complexities of our relationship, I carry his memory with me as a reminder of the importance of cherishing every moment and embracing the connections that enrich our lives. Receiving this scholarship would not only alleviate the financial burden of pursuing higher education but would also validate my aspirations and affirm my worth as a future educator. It would be an honor to carry forward Adam Montes' legacy of compassion, resilience, and advocacy, and to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable educational system. In conclusion, I am grateful for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship and to share my story with you. I am confident that my unique experiences and unwavering commitment to education make me a deserving candidate for this scholarship. Thank you for considering my application.
    Jiang Amel STEM Scholarship
    In the realm of STEM, opportunities for exploration, discovery, and continuous learning abound. The Jiang Amel STEM Scholarship stands as a beacon for individuals like me, driven by curiosity, innovation, and a burning desire to positively impact the world. As a member of the Hispanic minority, my journey is shaped by the unique blend of my cultural heritage and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. My story is one of resilience, overcoming societal norms, and aspiring to become a medicinal chemistry researcher—a journey dedicated to turning my love for chemistry into a force for good. Growing up as a part of the Hispanic minority, my roots trace back to the rich cultures of Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, where my mother and father, respectively, embarked on the challenging journey of immigration. The narrative of my family's determination to build a better life has been a source of inspiration, instilling in me the importance of education as a catalyst for progress. Motivated by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I set out on the path of higher education, propelled by the belief that understanding the world is the key to making a positive impact. Science, particularly chemistry, became my chosen avenue for exploration. In a world where there is always more to learn, I found solace and excitement in the intricacies of molecules and their potential to bring about transformative change. After graduate school, my vision extends beyond academia. I aspire to be a medicinal chemistry researcher, leveraging my passion for chemistry to contribute to the field of medicine. The prospect of taking something I love so dearly and channeling it towards healing is my driving force. My goal is not merely to pursue a career but to become a catalyst for positive change—a healer in the world of science. However, this journey has not been without its challenges. In the face of societal expectations that favored sports over science, I experienced bullying for my interests. Instead of conforming to stereotypes, I chose resilience. This challenge became a crucible, forging my determination to pursue my passions despite societal norms. The adversity I faced cultivated a deep sense of self, reinforcing my commitment to break barriers and redefine expectations. The Jiang Amel STEM Scholarship embodies the spirit of empowerment and support for individuals like me. It recognizes the potential of those who have faced challenges and encourages them to dream beyond boundaries. Through this scholarship, I see an opportunity to further my educational journey and amplify my impact. Positively impacting the world through my STEM career means contributing to the healing of humanity. Medicine, derived from a deep understanding of chemistry, has the power to alleviate suffering and transform lives. As a medicinal chemistry researcher, I envision developing groundbreaking solutions that address health disparities, particularly within minority communities. My cultural background serves as a wellspring of empathy, guiding me to create medicines that are not only scientifically advanced but also culturally sensitive and accessible to diverse populations. In conclusion, the Jiang Amel STEM Scholarship represents more than financial support; it symbolizes an endorsement of my journey, my resilience, and my commitment to creating a positive impact in the world. My story, shaped by cultural diversity, a passion for learning, and a determination to overcome challenges, is a testament to the transformative power of STEM. Through this scholarship, I aspire to illuminate the path to healing, leaving an indelible mark on the world as a medicinal chemistry researcher, driven by love, curiosity, and the pursuit of a better tomorrow.
    Code Breakers & Changemakers Scholarship
    In the vast mosaic of my life, my perspective is an intricate blend of scientific curiosity and artistic expression. My roots trace back to the Hispanic minority, where my mother immigrated from Costa Rica, and my father from Puerto Rico. My journey to pursue higher education is deeply personal, marked by an enduring desire to understand and contribute to the world. However, this path has not been without its challenges, as I've navigated instances of bullying in middle and high school for not conforming to the expected norms of a Hispanic male. This journey, fueled by resilience and a commitment to breaking barriers, is a testament to my passion for science, my aspirations, and my dedication to a more inclusive and innovative future. My passion for STEM is a flame that has burned bright despite the winds of adversity. Growing up within the Hispanic minority, I've faced the challenge of not fitting the stereotypes associated with being a Hispanic male. This fueled my desire to seek knowledge and understanding about the world around me. Chemistry, with its ever-expanding realms of discovery, has been my sanctuary. The allure of exploring the intricacies of molecules and their potential to impact human health has become the driving force behind my educational journey. This scholarship is not just financial support; it is a recognition of the fire within me to pursue a career in medicinal chemistry, transforming my love for science into a force for good. My journey has been marked by the resilience to face adversity head-on. In middle and high school, I encountered bullying for not conforming to the expected norms of a Hispanic male. The uniqueness of my interests and pursuits, including my passion for STEM, made me a target. However, rather than succumb to the pressure, I used these experiences as fuel for my determination. The adversity I faced became a testament to my strength and a driving force in my pursuit of higher education and a career in STEM. In envisioning my STEM career, I see a pathway to bridge gaps and promote inclusivity, inspired by my own experiences of not fitting stereotypes. As a medicinal chemistry researcher, my impact blueprint involves developing innovative solutions that address health disparities within minority communities. I aspire to contribute to the creation of medicines that are not only scientifically groundbreaking but also accessible and tailored to diverse populations. This vision aligns with the mission of fostering inclusive innovation, breaking down systemic barriers, and paving the way for a future where STEM is a realm for everyone, regardless of background. Books have shaped my STEM goals and connected me to a world of knowledge. From scientific literature to stories of resilience, each book has been a stepping stone in my educational journey. They inspire me to navigate challenges, fostering a mindset that combines intellectual curiosity with empathy. The stories within these literary landmarks have fueled my determination to use my STEM education to create positive change, echoing the emphasis on passion, potential, and a bold vision for the future. This scholarship program serves as the bridge connecting my ambitions to reality, providing not only financial support but also a network of moral encouragement. With this scholarship, I envision a transformative educational roadmap. From pursuing my undergraduate studies to advancing through graduate school, each step will be guided by a commitment to medicinal chemistry and a mission to make a meaningful impact on the world. This scholarship is the catalyst that will equip me to turn my STEM passion into reality, propelling my journey toward becoming a medicinal chemistry researcher. In conclusion, this journey, fueled by resilience and commitment, is a testament to my passion for science, my aspirations, and my dedication to a more inclusive and innovative future. As a first-generation college student and a member of the Hispanic minority, this journey is my beacon of hope, providing the means to pursue my dreams and contribute to a more inclusive, innovative tomorrow. Through the convergence of scientific curiosity, artistic expression, and the strength derived from overcoming adversity, I am ready to tell my story, showcase my passion, and embark on a transformative journey that will fuel the next generation of STEM changemakers.
    Shays Scholarship
    My journey toward higher education is driven by an insatiable curiosity and an everlasting desire to learn more about the world that surrounds me. In this essay, I will share the motivations that led me to pursue higher education and delve into my passion for the field of chemistry, specifically medicinal chemistry. My motivation to pursue higher education is deeply rooted in an unyielding desire for knowledge. The world is a vast tapestry of interconnected disciplines, each offering a unique perspective. It is this perpetual quest for understanding that propels me forward, pushing me to explore the realms of academia and contribute to the collective pool of human knowledge. My chosen field of science is chemistry, a discipline that resonates with me due to its limitless potential for exploration. Chemistry is not just a subject; it is a dynamic landscape where each discovery opens new avenues of understanding. Within this broad field, I am particularly drawn to medicinal chemistry, captivated by the prospect of using my passion for chemistry to make a positive impact on the world. What excites me most about medicinal chemistry is the opportunity to harness the power of chemistry for a noble cause. The field is a gateway to creating medicines that have the potential to cure ailments and improve lives. After completing graduate school, I aspire to become a medicinal chemistry researcher. This role would allow me to merge my love for chemistry with a profound desire to contribute to the well-being of humanity. The prospect of designing molecules that could become life-saving drugs and exploring the intricate relationship between chemical structures and biological functions is immensely exciting. Medicinal chemistry is not only intellectually stimulating but also holds the promise of tangible, real-world impact. Beyond the laboratory, my goal is to take something I love so dearly, chemistry, and utilize it for a greater purpose—helping to cure the world. Becoming a medicinal chemistry researcher aligns with my vision of making a meaningful contribution to society through the development of innovative and effective medications. In conclusion, my pursuit of higher education is fueled by an unwavering curiosity, and a desire to learn more about the intricacies of the world. Within the vast realm of chemistry, the field of medicinal chemistry stands out as my chosen path. The prospect of using chemistry to develop medicines that can enhance and save lives is not only a professional goal but a personal passion that motivates me to excel in my educational journey.
    Frantz Barron Scholarship
    Embarking on the path to higher education as a first-generation college-bound student has been an overwhelming yet empowering experience. This essay delves into my personal story, navigating the challenges of balancing rigorous AP and AICE level classes while actively contributing to a single-parent household. Starting this educational journey without the guidance of familial experience was daunting. Nevertheless, I embraced the opportunity with determination, fueled by the desire to break barriers and create a better future for myself and my family. The uncertainty fueled my resolve, pushing me to prove that despite being a first-generation student, I could excel in academia. Enrolling in demanding Advanced Placement (AP) and Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) level classes was not just about getting through coursework; it was about excelling and unlocking opportunities for successful college admission. Late nights filled with challenging assignments and early mornings dedicated to exam preparation became my routine. Excelling in these rigorous courses wasn't just a personal goal but also a statement challenging stereotypes about the capabilities of first-generation college students. Beyond academics, contributing to a single-parent household added another layer of challenge. Helping my mother navigate the complexities of raising a family alone became an integral part of my daily life. Balancing household responsibilities with the demands of challenging coursework required careful time management and resilience. The experience of being part of a single-parent household became a source of strength, shaping my character and reinforcing my determination to succeed against all odds. The journey has been tough, marked by late nights, early mornings, and a constant balancing act. Yet, in each challenge, I found small victories and moments of triumph. Overcoming the adversity of being a first-generation college-bound student wasn't just about earning high grades; it was about developing resilience and self-belief. The struggles became stepping stones, propelling me forward toward my academic and personal goals, and I emerged not only academically accomplished but also as a more resilient and determined individual. In the face of adversity, I emerged triumphant. This journey has not only been about academic accomplishments but also about personal growth and resilience. My story stands as a testament to the strength found in facing challenges head-on, breaking barriers, and carving a path toward a brighter and more promising future. As a first-generation college-bound student, I hope my journey inspires others to believe in their potential and pursue their dreams despite the obstacles they may face.