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Hello, welcome to my page! Let me first introduce myself my name is Fatima Vega and I'm an undergrad-freshman attending The University of Texas at Austin. I've joined bold, to show my skills and my dedication to my community, environment, education, etc. I speak approximately 8 languages and enjoy a lot of crafts/painting. These abilities make me who I am as a person, liberal, adventurous, caring, unproblematic, humble, open-minded. My lifelong passion is to help children that have special needs. I want to be able to help enhance their language comprehension skills as well as their capability to verbally/physically communicate. I will achieve this goal by obtaining my Japanese and Graphic Design degree and then take some medical classes to which I will have my minors in Pre-med. I believe I am a valid candidate because once I am set on a goal or decision - I work my hardest to accomplish whatever path I have envisioned. Also, I have strong leadership and teamwork abilities since I was on a Student organization team that focused primarily on makings us a better community leader. This paved my adaptability skills and the way I exemplify professionalism whenever I go. I've come to learn that for those who are patient- good will come, with all this in mind I hope to be a fitting candidate and hope to speak soon. I'm Latinx and I'm a First-Gen that only wants to pave the way to help others if they seem to have any financial situations. May buddha bless you all with good health and prosperity, Fatima Vega Garcia


The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor's degree program
2020 - 2024
  • Majors:
    • Design and Applied Arts
  • Minors:
    • Health/Medical Preparatory Programs, Other

John A Dubiski Career H S

High School
2016 - 2020
  • GPA:


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Graduate schools of interest:

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  • Majors of interest:

    • Graphic Design
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Hospital & Health Care

    • Dream career goals:

    • Leader in Social Media Management

      Dubiski College/Career Center
      2018 – 20202 years
    • Cashier

      Dunkin Donuts Franchise
      2020 – 2020
    • Creator and Founder

      Arte de Hamsa
      2018 – Present6 years



    2016 – 20171 year


    • Leadership


    2009 – 20101 year


    • Leadership Award


    2011 – 20198 years


    • 1st place in Sparring


    • Marketing/Marketing Management, General

      Dubiski College Center — Leader of Social Media Marketing
      2018 – 2020


    • Independent

      Arte de Hamsa
      2015 – 2020

    Public services

    • Public Service (Politics)

      Thank you Veterans — Being the Veterans guide through our school and showing how thankful we are for them and what they have done for our country
      2018 – 2020
    • Volunteering

      Hong Kong Market Festival — Helper
      2017 – 2020
    • Volunteering

      Student Leadership Team — Student Leader
      2018 – 2020

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    John J. DiPietro COME OUT STRONG Scholarship
    My uncle, Julio Cesar Garcia was an aspiring Mexican agriculture engineer who influenced my life tremendously by reading his autobiography and reliving the moments we would share in our ranch. Around the age of 28, his wings were cut short when he was brutally murdered and left on the front steps of our white painted home in a small town near Michoacan. I never knew what real grief meant until I lost him. My world felt incomplete because he was the glue to our family and after his death, we were never the same. By sharing with you his story and what I have learned I hope you discover a hidden characteristic of yours because I know he would've loved for anyone that reads this to take something good from what he lived. He was a good hardworking man, and I want to express what made him so incredible and admirable that has only encouraged me to be the best version of myself. There's a saying in Spanish my uncle used to say, " No te quieras comer el mundo de una sola mordida, ve despacio, no hay prisa" which translates to " Don't try to eat the world in one bite, go slow, there's no rush." As the story goes my uncle was named head of house due to his contribution to our family business down in Mexico City, as it began to expand my grandfather had fallen ill due to being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. As the leader, he decided to take the hit and quit school indefinitely. He never gave up his hope of going back to school to get his title and diploma from a University. Just like me, I've never given hope to keep finding scholarships that will aid my schooling even when I'm turned down I always find a way to find another opportunity elsewhere. This man chose perseverance and took some courses at The University of Chapingo, one of the best schools of agriculture in the country. Regardless of what obstacles were thrown at him, he continued to be patient, and that's something I learned from his quote that I mentioned previously. He had a goal in mind while having other responsibilities to respond to. He took baby steps and one thing at a time things aligned for him so he could obtain what he'd been manifesting. Earlier I wrote about hitting rock bottom. I never thought by the age of 18 I would be in debt, nor did I see it coming that the person I chose to help me would backstab me. My family and I were not on the best of terms back in 2020 which was the year of my graduation. COVID struck and I was longing for a way out; just like my Uncle was at some point because he never wanted the responsibility of a business in his hands. However, I took the route of trusting someone who just left me with a big debt for an apartment as I was still trying to pay for school which only doubled what I owed. This is where I had to continue finding jobs and doing what I did best which was painting shoes and customizing paintings. Dejavu hit me as weeks passed by, a nostalgic feeling of home would hit me, causing me to go back in time where I could vividly remember 'El Tigre,' our ranch, and how my uncle would teach me what to say each time we'd go to a market to sell tomatoes. The only reason why I even bring this up is that he taught me that even when it seems like nothing is going as planned, that hard work and dedication pay off even if it doesn't seem like it at first. Fast forward to today, I have a good job that will pay off my upcoming semester, that has paid off my debt as well as my previous school year, and will be moving to Austin in the fall. It took me a year to resonate, restore and know how to balance my priorities. As I continue to make an artistic impact in this world, I will continue to embrace every new day with love and an optimistic mindset. My family raised me to be a hustler, and I know that if I continue adapting myself to new life lessons then I know I can make a change anywhere I go. I believe that our role models still live, but within us, because we learn to carry a legacy. Every achievement I've accomplished, especially studying at The University of Texas at Austin is a dedication towards him and my grandmother. I want to graduate from my dream school with two majors, in Japanese and Graphic Design because I know that I could be a great asset to any animation cooperation in the world of designing. There's a lot of teenagers and adults that feel alone so they connect with cartoons such as these. I will grow into the woman who builds more platforms of safeness even if it's through a screen. Plans? I have many but with the right connections, faith, and sponsorships I will be able to express to the world my uniqueness. Thank you for allowing me to share a story about my favorite person. God gave me the ability to learn from such a great person, even if it was for a few years, they were the best, and I'll cherish my uncle for the rest of my life.
    Nikhil Desai "Perspective" Scholarship
    On August 19, 2019, I had just turned seventeen, as I blew the candle off the cupcake I bought myself I could only hope that God would finally take me home. My wish was to no longer be part of this world since I didn't see the purpose I was serving. At the time, I was struggling with depression and anxiety because of the toxic household that I still live in. I grabbed the Clorox from the laundry room as well as a knife because I believed that all my problems would go away, and my souls' journey would begin in a safer environment. The house was empty, silence was the only friend I allowed in my room as I contemplated on what I would do. A few moments later, I remember I began talking myself out of the situation but it's as if the sadness I lived in consumed me and reeled me back in. As I opened the lid, I began to cry because, a never-ending movie played in my head- verbal and physical abuse, being sexually assaulted, and constant betrayal at home or friends. My little brother came into my room and asked what I was doing while my mother walked behind him. A slap across my face and hand only made the Clorox spill across my bedroom floor and the only thing left untouched was the knife. I crawled into a ball, full of embarrassment, continuing to sob as my 8-year-old brother asked me what was wrong and If I needed anything. My mother didn't acknowledge the pain I was enduring, she could only pronounce the words selfish, unreasonable, weak, and childish. She then stood me up and asked the most common question when someone is attempting suicide, " why did you do it?". This was the moment everything shifted because I never once thought anything could hurt her until I felt the grip in her hand on my arm and the tears running from her eyes. Sebastian, my little brother, held the phone close to me and it was my grandma crying. Everything for me started to collapse then and there, I was either being guilt-tripped into thinking this was the wrong choice or It was a sign that I wasn't just hurting myself, I was actually hurting those around me too. A few days had passed, I was able to schedule an appointment with my therapist Robert, I remember explaining to him how badly I messed up and I regret putting myself as well as others in that position. We talked for hours since he canceled his other plans just for me. I explained what happened to me when I was younger and how I still hold the traumas of being sexually abused; Because no one fought for me when I needed them to, it was a constant cry for help. My escape from reality always led to arguments as soon as I would get home, because wanting to go out with friends. Towards the end of the conversation, we ended up coloring which is something I love doing and he said "You yearn for a purpose of life but you know that you are only at the beginning of discovering what value you have in this life because with your stories you could motivate people. You can touch hearts. You, Fatima, are the purpose even if your family doesn't see it that way someday they will just keep swimming." From that day on, I left my past behind and it was as if a layer of skin had been peeled off. I felt a change coming and learned that no matter what happens I have to continue to push myself for a brighter future. If I would've taken my life two years ago, I wouldn't be sitting on my desk sharing this story nor attending The University of Texas at Austin. The most important thing I learned is that suicide is not the answer it's best to find different ways to cope with pain. Another vital lesson I learned was that our emotions only come and go, suicide is a temperate answer, not a temporary fix. I will continue to work on myself by meditating, praying, and working out. Pushing myself through school and working will also keep me busy so I can pursue my career as a Graphic Designer part-time and Pediatrician. The more I continue to nourish myself the healthier my future will be, it just takes persistence and work. These two years have taught me more than enough and I still reflect on that experience. I hope this enlightens others to fight for their dreams and not take the easy way out when there's so much to live for. Just keep swimming.
    Amplify Continuous Learning Grant
    Perseverance is what keeps us going, it's an ongoing and underrated word that highlights the dedication of an individual; Concerning their job, education, hobbies, extracurricular activities, etc. I, myself, am working three jobs while pursuing my education since I always was raised with the mindset of, "Yes you can work but your priority is your schooling ". I live by that every day, I work on making chocolate covered strawberries half of my day or the night before they're due. In addition, I jugle with my job as a waitress in a small restaurant called, Los Tapatios where I spend my time from 2-10pm providing excellent customer service. Then I schedule my time on when to customize shoes as well as finish paintings sO i can sell my prints or the actual canvas itself. While on top of that I go to my online zoom classes which are time consuming however they're part of my education. I've come to find an equilibrium between everything and it works with me however it does take a toll on me trying to have some free time or space to study. Since mostly everything I earn is going towards my tuition or helping with bill at home.This grant would allow me to pay for my education, because, I know that if I dedicate more time to school rather than have to work almost full-time on each job then I wouldn't be sacrificing my essence as much. It'll help me time-manage myself efficiently and coordinate my schedule where it'll allow me to have some time to study and prioritize my studies as much as I'd like to. I don't mind working because I've been raised my a hard working woman (my grandmother) however, I know It'll make her proud to hear that I'm walking down the stage to gain another degree but this one will be setting the path for my potential careers to come. We all have to go one way or another trying to find a new path or a miracle to happen so things can be a lot smoother than they are today. I'm hoping that that within writing this, that it not only motivates people but allows them to to gain perspective that everything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. The 500 will be a seed that I'll plant for the growth and development for furthering my studies since that's what I dream of doing, just a smooth sail all across my lingutics and pre-med career. I hold perseverence in me as so should everyone because we're all here to grow, accomplish, and learn more by the day it just takes determination.
    Giving Thanks Scholarship
    As the years go by and we sit down each Thanksgiving to give grace. I still look up to see your warm embrace. Your silhouette still lingers through my imagination. Your work ethic and motivation is photographed along grandmas walls. Your smile still contagious as ever; This time around I wish we were together but nothing ever last forever and that makes me feel under the weather because with you everything was a ball. As the years go by, I still call you my father or best friend because of how much time together we spent. From the ranch, to the park , or food all day long. So as I look up today, to see your warm smile, I recognize that I've been needing you for awhile. So I just smile and let the tears run wild. For I am blessed to have met the purest soul in this life time and I hope we meet again in the next.