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Esther Mackey


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From I was 5 I knew I wanted to be a doctor and I have to work hard every day to try to achieve that goal. I have struggled with depression and self-harm but I came through victorious! I grew up with a single mother. I plan to be the first person in my family to attend college.❤️


Trotwood-Madison High School

High School
2020 - 2022


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other
    • Biology, General
    • Philosophy
  • Planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:


    • Dream career goals:

      Pediatric Oncologist

    • Gift Wrapper

      Logos Book Store
      2019 – 2019
    • Sales Assistant

      Alabaster Unboxed
      2020 – 2020

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Elderly Assistant
      2018 – Present

    Future Interests



    Next Young Leaders Program Scholarship
    What do you do when nobody is watching? An excellent leader operates with integrity as if they’re standing on a podium with all eyes on them. My journey towards becoming an effective and competent leader began at age four (4) by volunteering to assist my teachers my class devotions. Throughout my life I have obtained many leadership positions: Class Monitor in grades one through three (1-3); School Prefect in grades four and five (4&5), and lastly serving as Class President and Head Girl in grade six (6). My proudest achievements are being honored by the Governor General of The Bahamas at Government House and being a part of the Timothy Education Program. All great leaders have a story from Martin Luther King Jr. to Harriet Tubman. Yet, they did not let this get in the way of making history. My story makes me wake up every day with a sense of purpose. I grew up in a poverty stricken area with a single mother who tries her hardest to provide for me, with no light or water using candles, flashlights and street lights to complete homework. I managed to steadily obtain a 3.4 GPA. At the end of my six grade year I was selected to be a part of the Timothy Education Program in conjunction with Won by One Outreach founded in Canada. This program helps low income families whose kids excel in school by providing mentorship and financial support. Twenty-five (25) students were selected from the entire Island of New Providence. I have been a proud member for the past six (6) years. This accomplishment gave me the opportunity to interact with different members of society as they impart their wisdom at our monthly meetings. The Bahamas Outstanding Students Foundation was founded in 2005. The Foundation selects up to three hundred (300) students throughout The Bahamas and holds a ceremony to award them for all their hard work and dedication. Prestigious attendees include the Prime Minister, Governor General, other government officials and dignitaries. Memorable moments such as this are broadcast over the News and different social media platforms. This motivates other students to aim for higher achievements. Prodigious leaders are well rounded and live a balanced life. While currently holding the position of Secretary on the Student Council Board at Trotwood Madison High School I still manage to live a balanced life. My balance stems from my spiritual background. For the mind to work to its full potential the body has to be treated with care, which is why I attend ballet classes and weekly church services. It helps your mind to focus on something other than school or yourself. Also, I volunteer to feed the elderly with a non-profit ministry called Rare Gems Ministry International. This opportunity gives me a chance to talk to the wise men and women of my time. Being a leader is not always an easy task, the path is treacherous and the road is sometimes lonely but, at the end it is rewarding.