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Emma King


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~Passionate about Architecture, specifically restoration work. ~Love for coaching young competitive gymnasts. ~In my free time I enjoy baking and decorating cakes, as well as exploring the outdoors with my friends.


Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2028
  • Majors:
    • Architecture and Related Services, Other

Kiski Area Hs

High School
2019 - 2023


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Architecture and Related Services, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Architecture & Planning

    • Dream career goals:

      Work to design public buildings in order to fit peoples needs.

    • Competitive Team Coach

      Ultimate Gymnastics
      2021 – Present3 years


    Artistic Gymnastics

    2013 – 202310 years


    • PA platinum state floor champion
    • PA platinum state beam champion


    • Kiski Area Marching Band

      Bold Enough to Knock , For the Heroes , Corners of my Mind , Beneath the Shifting Sands
      2019 – 2023

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Penn State THON — Operations committee member
      2023 – Present
    • Volunteering

      Norwin Christian Church — Nursery Volunteer and Middle School Camp Councilor
      2018 – Present

    Future Interests




    Netflix and Scholarships!
    “Emma you have to watch this series, it is right up your alley”, that's what all my friends, and even my mom were telling me. As all my friends and family know I am a lover of rom-coms and anything to do with romance in general. Many of my friends describe me as a “hallmark mom”- an approximately 40-year-old woman who lives vicariously through hallmark romance movies. Except for I am the genZ version; Netflix is a way of life. To everyone's surprise, I had not watched “My Life with the Walter Boys”. Sure enough, everyone was right. I instantly was hooked from the first 10 minutes of the show. Of course for obvious reasons-the hot one, Cole Walters. Cole is the definition of a rom-com character; he has the looks, the charm, and the athleticism. Not only does Cole live up to the hot boy lifestyle he also understands the main character, Jackie to a deep level. He is one of those characters who hides their emotions well until everything comes out all at once, and there is only one person who can calm him down; Jackie. Jackie is the main character, the one everyone loves-the ultimate reason why everyone should watch this show. “My Life with the Walter Boys” introduces Jackie, an organized and incredibly smart girl at school, however, we find out through 10 episodes that she is not so smart when it comes to love, and what life has to offer outside of an academic setting. Netflix gracefully created a complex character that most teenage girls can relate to in some way. Whether it is her familial situation or her boy drama, anyone who watches the show can find at least one reason to love Jackie. Now, you may be thinking, this show sounds like all the rest of the teenage romance dramas out there. Well “My Life with the Walter Boys” is bound to leave you heartbroken, yet hopeful, while also letting the series be a slow burn. Netflix expertly executing a slow burn for the show allows viewership to be high, ensuring a second season. Having a second season on the way helps me know as a watcher that this show is a must-watch since it is good enough to get another season. “My Life with the Walter Boys” is a series that you will find yourself watching in one sitting without realizing it. Multiple stories unravel all into one beautiful story about one big happy family. I dare say that you do not need a whole weekend to watch this show, instead, you only need one day, and you too will realize just how good “My Life with the Walter Boys” really is.
    RonranGlee Literary Scholarship
    Allegory of the Cave Socrates: And now they will begin to think. They will suggest that the sun is who controls the seasons and the years and is the guardian of all that its light touches, maybe even the origin of all things previously known. Everyone in the world has the ability to grow through learning; however, the design and style of teaching will determine the student’s success. The ideas of periagogy and pedagogy bring out complex ways of learning and teaching that significantly affect the students’ desire to learn. A classroom created to follow the attitude and atmosphere of periagogy will strongly foster learning; meanwhile, an attitude closely following pedagogy will ensure the opposite. The effects of pedagogy and periagogy clearly affect a scholar’s expression of ideas, their desire to educate others, and the effort put towards education, demonstrating that a teacher can guide one to periagogy over time. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Socrates (Plato’s mentor) explores the ideas of periagogy and pedagogy with a parable about the light compared to the darkness. The words periagogy and pedagogy originate from the Greek language. Pedagogy backs the idea that the teacher must drag the student behind them in order to make the student learn what they must retain from their education. Periagogy states that the student must decide for themself to open up their mind to education, and the student chooses whether their mind turns or not (contradicting the basic idea of pedagogy). The scholar will begin to express thoughtful ideas after finding the courage to leave the darkness. Near the end of paragraph 8, Socrates explains the basic principle that if someone wants to receive more knowledge, they will begin questioning the world around them. When a scholar begins questioning beliefs and values close to their heart, they search for new answers and create deeper understandings and connections. When the cave person went into the light, they became perplexed at the shadows they once knew down below. This curiosity helped guide the cave person to find knowledge relating to the shadows, thus creating a deeper understanding of light, reflection, shadows, and a plethora of new topics never even dreamed of while entrapped in the cave. The cave person’s curiosity closely follows the curiosity of university students today. When a student asks questions and engages in conversation, the information will stick in their brain (rather than going in one ear out the other). After facing enlightenment, the people in the cave began to understand that the sun “controls the seasons and the years” (13). Once the cave person initiated learning, they soon found themselves expressing more profound, educated, and meaningful thoughts on how the world works. A student's understanding of more complex ideas requires time and education. Throughout the educational process, students can convey their ideas and opinions thoughtfully. Once receiving the gift of education, the desire to educate others may bloom within a scholar. In paragraph ten, Socrates provides an example of a teacher forcing students to move into the light. The pressure of the teacher on the student demonstrates pedagogy as the main issue. Socrates demonstrates the fact that the teacher desires to educate others; however, if the student does not desire the education being presented, the student will never truly find the light. Forcing the student to learn will cause resentment. This resentment will lead to the student learning nothing. When a teacher stands over a student and forces them to do schoolwork, they will not apply themselves; instead, they will disengage from school altogether. However, in the last paragraph of Plato’s allegory, Socrates states, “the power and capacity to learn exists in us already” (13). In this way, Plato demonstrates that inspiring periagogy is a vital part of success in the classroom. The critical idea in educating: teachers need to use the capability already within the student to create an encouraging environment to foster education. A teacher/professor can create a positive and empowering environment, which will help students thrive in their own discoveries of exploring the world around them. Ultimately, a student, through ideas and conversation, will demonstrate their desire and capability for education. In this way, a teacher can help shape the mind by keeping the concept of periagogy at the forefront of their educational beliefs. Through the idea of periagogy, a teacher can encourage the mind to turn by fostering a positive and encouraging environment within the classroom through their positive character.
    Barbie Dream House Scholarship
    When I was little and could not sleep my mom would tell me to think about creating my Barbie dream house. My hopes and dreams for my dreamhouse certainly have changed from when I was five to now. A dream house to me is a place that feels safe and creates the feeling of love for everyone that walks through the door. It is a place that inspires all to shoot for the stars and dream of making the impossible possible. My dream house would be located in Wilmington, North Carolina. I have multiple reasons for choosing this specific location, first, it is where The Summer I Turned Pretty was filmed and it is my all-time dream to have a house like the one in Cousin's Beach. Second, I grew up by the beach and since moving away my life has not felt as magical and carefree as it was living by the ocean. Wilmington is a gorgeous town where the houses are all unique, and my dream house would be unique because of its modern appearance while also inspiring hard-working feminine power. My dream house on the exterior would have a modern look with a detached three-car garage. Walking around to the back of the house would be a big porch with porch swings where family and friends could mingle and enjoy each other's company. There would be a big yard to play field games, like ultimate frisbee, but also an infinity pool with a hot tub paired with an outdoor movie screen as well for all the girl's nights I would host. On the interior, there would be a big kitchen like one sees on Food Network so I could bake all of the pastries and cakes I could ever imagine. A theater room to watch baseball and football in, and a big dining room with a table the perfect size to host a game night. Once one goes up the grand staircase one would come across some bedrooms for guests, but when walking into my bedroom it would be a dream come true just to see. The room would have a king bed with a tv above a fireplace to keep me warm on the cooler nights. A bay window that looked out at the ocean, the perfect place to read a good book! And of course, like any person would want there would be a beautiful bathroom and extravagant closet paired with the bedroom, but my favorite place would be my office space. Where I would work on creating other people's dream houses for them, making all of their hopes and dreams in a house come true one house at a time. My dream house would become my sanctuary for creativity, inspiring me and hopefully other people that walk through the door.