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Ella-Katherine Havelin


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I can not wait to see what the future has in store for me! I can not wait to improve the world around me during and after my education.


Starkville High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Majors of interest:

    • Landscape Architecture
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Architecture & Planning

    • Dream career goals:

      Landscape Architecture



      2010 - 202010 years


      • Yes


      • Choir

        Performance Art
        2023 – 2024
      • Theater

        The King and I, Aladdin Jr, Little Mermaid Jr, Suessical, High School Musical 2 Jr, Annie , Peter Pan, Freaky Friday, Guys and Dolls, Matilda , Chruch Plays , Black History Month Productions , Red Ribbon Week Skits
        2012 – Present

      Public services

      • Advocacy

        Mayors Youth CouncilTreasure
        2021 – 2022
      • Volunteering

        Crown ClubVice President and Head of the Education Committee
        2020 – 2024

      Future Interests





      Pearlie M. Westbrooks Memorial Scholarship
      I am a part of many clubs and organizations that give back to the community, the most important one to me is Crown Club. I joined Crown Club because I knew their cause was very important, the club gives back to less fortunate families in our city. I have built beds for kids who do not have beds at their houses, have gone Christmas shopping for kids, donated hygienic products for families, done backpacks for kids, had princess tea parties, reading railroads, and so much more. Witnessing the joy and gratitude of these children when receiving these items is truly heartwarming and reinforces my dedication to the club's cause. Apart from Crown Club, my involvement in other clubs has also left a profound impact on me. Whether it involves supporting my school or participating in community clean-ups, I am deeply passionate about giving back to our incredible city and making it a better place for everyone. This commitment extends to my future aspirations as well. I aspire to pursue a career in landscape architecture, which aligns perfectly with my desire to continue contributing to my community. Being a landscape architect will let me be able to give back to my city by helping my city grow into something amazing. I mostly want to design parks and public spaces where everyone can enjoy something. I want to create playgrounds, city pools, and spacious park spaces for people of all ages to enjoy. Another one of my focuses is helping out poorer neighborhoods, I want people to be proud of where they live. I want my city to grow and prosper from the work I do. Being involved in a number of organizations and clubs has had an impact on my view of the importance of community service. These experiences not only changed me into a more selfless and empathic person, but it has also taught me vital skills like leadership, teamwork, and management. These skills are bound to be useful for me in the future. The possibilities to participate in my community have been beneficial. I have witnessed first-hand the great influence we can have on the lives of others, especially those who are less fortunate. I am excited to continue my community service activities and use my skills and drive to benefit my society. In conclusion, my involvement in these groups has not only enhanced my life but also spurred my desire to continue giving back to my community in meaningful ways.
      A Man Helping Women Helping Women Scholarship
      I am a high school senior and plan to go into Landscape Architecture when I go to college. I have always loved giving back to my community be it cleaning up a park or holding our annual "Princess Tea Parties" where kids can come and hang out with their favorite princesses. I decided on becoming a Landscape Architecture because I knew I wanted to help my community grow into something great. I believe the environment around us deeply impacts a person's self and a person's sense of identity. Landscape Architecture not only builds upon aesthetics but also offers an opportunity to shape spaces into something for the community and people. My goal as a landscape architect is to contribute to and enhance my community. I envision parks, public spaces, and recreational areas that serve as focal points for collective activities that people can enjoy. I also intend to keep up my community service projects on the side of academics and my future job. I want to initiate projects that go beyond traditional design, focusing on ecological sustainability and the integration of green spaces into cities, small and large. By fostering a collaborative approach, I hope to empower people to take pride and ownership in the communities they live in, I want people to feel proud from where they came. Another way I hope to reach others is by creating workshops or community service projects to get people to help make their towns and cities beautiful. I want to center these service projects on helping those in need or those who just need a little boost. For projects like picking up trash or helping build a house for someone, I want everyone to get involved and help out with this cause. By having a sense of environmental responsibility, my goal is to contribute to the development of a community that is not only visually appealing but also characterized by a resilient commitment to the environment. In essence, my vision as a landscape architect goes beyond creating visually appealing spaces; it encompasses a holistic approach that involves, empowers, and uplifts the community. I want to help anyone who needs help and I strive to do so in the future. I am dedicated to utilizing my skills, knowledge, and creativity to contribute meaningfully to the community I call home. I aim to make an ever-lasting and positive impact on the world around me.
      “The Office” Obsessed! Fan Scholarship
      Out of everyone from the show, I would have to say Kelly Kapoor is who I relate to most. During the show, Kelly is seen to be energetic, confident, and expressive. I relate to her in a way that I also embrace (almost all of) the same qualities. Like her, I always bring a vibrant energy that propels me forward. Kelly has a ton of confidence, and I feel that I am similarly grounded and unafraid to express my own opinions, just like her throughout the show. I not only relate with her personality-wise but just her as a whole. Kelly is honestly one of my favorite characters from The Office, she's such a funny character to watch. I love the kind of awkward humor in the show, and it's shaped my sense of humor to find comedy in ordinary situations. I think another thing that drew me to the humor of The Office is that there isn't a laughing track, that's shaped how I watch other sitcom shows. I have found humor in everyday tasks that relate to the show in a way. The Office does a great job of capturing realistic workplace scenarios and dynamics and finds a way to make it almost laughable. The Office has been a big part of my life. It started as something that would be put on TV for background noise but now I watch the show weekly and I am always going back to rewatch.