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Elani Wyatt


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Equality Charter High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Master's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Architecture and Related Services, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Architecture & Planning

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      2022 – Present2 years

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        National Honors Society — Secretary
        2022 – Present
      Marcus Stroman Scholarship
      Life in elementary school was filled with never-ending laughter and smiles. Humor was an overwhelming feeling I enjoyed. Maybe a little too much to the point, I became careless with my academic studies. I wasn’t as interested in classwork as I was in making people laugh. Unfortunately, I was focused on the wrong thing in school which cost me good grades. I was barely passing my classes and the parent-teacher conference was that day too. The night of the parent-teacher conference, my mom tossed my report card on the table and yelled, “I’m fed up with your bad grades! Keep this up and you’ll be sent to D.R. for as long as you have to.” I hit a nerve. As shame filled the room I realized I can kiss my class clown days goodbye and start focusing on my studies. I have tried many methods to get my grades back on track ever since that night. I tried to focus and participate, ask for help from teachers, and got a tutor. But I have to say that the method of asking for help stuck with me. Asking for help from a teacher allowed me to get clarification for a better understanding of a topic. The teacher helped me out but also let me productively struggle as well. These methods allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding of a lesson and do the work assigned to me with no problem. Sticking to my methods and starting to prioritize my academics had me getting good grades and test scores. Once I saw an 80% on my math test I realized that I have what it takes to get good grades. I have to just put in time and effort to get good grades. I was acknowledged for my improvement by my parents and teachers which made me feel good about myself. My teachers recognized my effort and took time out to help me whenever I was struggling. Rising to the challenge as a scholar rather than a class clown was the best decision I made for myself. Being consistent and determined allowed me to become the best version of myself for my siblings and classmates to look up to. Two lessons I learned from overcoming my challenge are that “Hard work pays off” and “There's a time and place for certain things." Ultimately, my academics were more important than maintaining class clown, and this lesson learned is greatly appreciated. Learning this allowed me to realize that I am the future and I want the best for my family and community. There were multiple challenges I faced as I developed into the person I am today. After every obstacle a lesson was gained. With those lessons I learned, I’ve set goals for my future. One of my goals is to attend a high end college that I’ll grow from to become successful. A certain major I’m fond of is architecture and entrepreneurship. My fondness of architecture formed because I am intrigued by unique building designs. Those designs are a form of artwork in my eyes. They are constantly awed over and appreciated. Those buildings stick with people and the community within, they are glue between two or more people. A building where relationships and memories are formed. An idea I liked is that it’s a certain place for people to come back to and reminisce. Another major challenge I faced is Covid-19. During that time my 8th grade graduation and freshmen year was stripped away from me. Despite all of this, I grew a liking for legos. I made any and everything out of legos from my imagination. I’ve made the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Porsche car, Bouquets and so much more. With this passion I realized I could do so much more. I want to make a building with a unique design different from the rest. The reason why I started building is because I viewed my buildings as artwork. I could stare at my work for hours, and be in awe of its delicacy. Also at that time I was in search of a hobby because socializing wasn’t happening any time soon. As the oldest child from two hispanic parents who helped learn to be independent and a leader. It's my role as the older sibling to guide my siblings when my parents are absent. I step up and fill in their shoes. Although I do my due diligence I’m also heavily supported by my parents who wish the absolute best for me. They do everything in their power to provide me with everything I need. That is why I do my absolute best in my academics, college classes, internships and sports to make them proud. To show my parents that all their love and effort isn’t going to waste. I will forever be grateful for them and their advice that helped shape my mind and my character. From being raised to be an independent young woman I realized that I wanted to be my own boss. To have the ability and only rely on myself when needed.Being able to know I got my back is fundamental. With this being said, I seek New York Institute of Technology, that have both architecture and entrepreneurship/finances majors. Based on how society is now it’s beneficial for everyone to have a business under their belt. I’m a great asset to be a part of this college because of my determination to learn and succeed. I’m not a person that blends in with the crowd. I’m different and I’m loud. I will have my voice heard. I’m not afraid to ask questions or for help. I adapt to new situations and settings quickly. Also, I create new habits and routines in order to have good time management skills but to also process information better for my being. All these skills I have and the person I am, concludes that I’ll be a great student to have but to watch thrive on campus.