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Ed'Driana Butler Butler


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North Carolina A & T State University

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2026
  • Majors:
    • Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing


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    Bachelor's degree program

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  • Majors of interest:

    • Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Travel Nurse

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      Pangeta & Ivory Nursing Scholarship
      The decision to become a nurse is the result of a dynamic relationship between experiences, values, and goals that combine to provide a strong feeling of direction. The choice is motivated by a genuinely held desire to positively influence people and communities rather than just career goals. I see nursing as a calling, not just a career. It embodies the qualities that serve as the cornerstone of my values: empathy, compassion, and resilience. The route to becoming a nurse is more than simply a professional one; it is evidence of the transformational power of life events. A symbol of hope is the respect and appreciation for the nursing profession that is created by observing the extraordinary commitment and influence of nurses in difficult times. An immense respect for the part nurses play in the healthcare system was sparked by their capacity to deliver holistic care, which takes into account both physical and emotional requirements while attending to them. In addition, the varied field of nursing appeals to me since it provides opportunities for constant learning and development. Contributing to a range of specializations from public health to critical care offers me a blank canvas on which to continuously grow, learn, and leave a lasting mark. Encumbered with a deep-seated dedication to upholding the ideals of empathy, representation, and service, I set out on this road toward becoming a nurse. It's an undertaking that goes beyond the boundaries of a career; it's a commitment to acting as a source of support for individuals in need and a catalyst for good change. My objectives in pursuing a career in nursing are to lessen suffering and promote well-being while upholding the greatest standards of care. I see it as a wonderful honor and an opportunity to apply my knowledge, passion, and compassion to the healthcare sector, assisting individuals and groups in finding recovery and hope. The goal involves encouraging many individuals to make significant life changes in addition to attaining personal success. The goal is to leave a lasting legacy of bravery, empathy, and understanding that inspires and uplifts people who have been touched, comforted, and given hope. In summary, becoming a nurse entails an implicit pledge to promote health, protect welfare, and offer unwavering support. A lifetime commitment to making a difference is required, not just for the sake of professional achievement but also for the dignity of becoming a healing light, one patient at a time, in the lives of others.
      Excel Never Equal Scholarship
      I'm absolutely convinced that the sacred trinity of belief is service, leadership and empowerment. And I want to preserve it actively. These values have been guiding principles of my life, from behavior to relationships with others, and they play a role not only as objectives but also as guides. I believe that being a leader is more than just having a title or job. In order to assist those around me reach their full potential, it entails motivating, directing, and showing compassion for them. I try to lead from a place of understanding, empathy, and cooperation rather than taking charge. Whether I'm in a formal leadership position or overseeing a team dynamic, my strategy is to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone's viewpoint is respected.Transformational leadership is strong, in my opinion, when progress is motivated by a shared vision. The cornerstones of my leadership style are fostering open communication, developing trust, and behaving with integrity. My core principles are centered on service. It's the deliberate attempt to make a good difference in other people's lives as well as the community at large.Serving others, in my opinion, isn't just about doing particular things; it's about letting your strong passion to change the world seep into every aspect of daily life. This conviction in the transformative potential of simple deeds of kindness manifests itself in lending a hand, providing assistance, or just listening. I make an effort to be aware of the needs of those around me, looking for chances to help and foster a more accepting and positive atmosphere. Serving others gives one a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and connection to something bigger than themselves. It's more than just taking responsibility. Leadership and service have a greater impact when they are accompanied by empowerment. It entails giving individuals the resources—tools, information, and support—they need to reach their full potential. Whether it's through resource sharing, mentorship, or offering chances for personal development, my true goal is to empower people. I support creating an atmosphere that values diversity, gives everyone a voice, and gives them a sense of importance. In addition to ensuring that obstacles are eliminated and that opportunities are distributed fairly, empowerment also entails promoting fairness and diversity. I get a framework that directs my judgments and behaviors when these three ideas are combined. My attempts to forge connections with them and make a significant influence both inside and outside of my community are centered around them. By adhering to these beliefs, I hope to strengthen the culture of the Beta Epsilon Royal Court and encourage others to do the same, fostering an atmosphere that prioritizes compassion, personal freedom, and group advancement. These aren't just words; they're a way of life with the capacity to transform the world into one that is more powerful, caring, and accepting of all people.
      William A. Stuart Dream Scholarship
      Being able to consider oneself a dermatological nurse excites me much. My motivation to become a nurse sprang from my interest in skin health and my desire to make others feel good about themselves. My major objectives in school are to specialize in dermatological nursing, improve my ability to identify skin diseases, provide efficient treatment, and have empathy for patients. Working alongside dermatologists and other medical experts to provide patients with comprehensive care for a range of skin disorders would be my dream role in a hospital or dermatology clinic. By keeping abreast of the most recent developments in procedures and treatments, I hope to make a contribution to the field of dermatology. With this scholarship, I will be able to travel to wonderful places. I will be able to seek more education and training in dermatological nursing if I have the funds to pay for the specific training, fees, or certifications required for my chosen field of employment. There won't be as much financial stress either, which will free me up to concentrate on my education and gain real-world experience through clinical rotations or internships. With the money from this scholarship, I aim to improve my education in dermatology via attending conferences, buying educational materials, and even looking into research possibilities. I want to take advantage of every opportunity to learn from knowledgeable professionals and get useful insights on diagnosing and treating a variety of skin conditions. My ultimate objective as a knowledgeable, empathetic, and talented dermatology nurse is to make a positive difference in my patients' lives. This award is more than just financial support; it's a step toward my goal of becoming a competent dermatology nurse. It will make it possible for me to have access to resources and learning experiences that will aid in my development into a qualified physician ready to significantly impact the dermatological community. All things considered, my passion for dermatological nursing drives me to pursue my educational and professional goals. My objective is to become an authority in this field, providing cutting-edge therapies and compassionate care to patients with skin conditions. This prize holds great value for me since it will enable me to overcome financial barriers, continue my studies, and acquire specific skills. By becoming a knowledgeable and compassionate dermatology nurse with the support of this grant, I intend to improve patient care as well as the field of dermatological science.
      Zendaya Superfan Scholarship
      There's no denying that Zendaya is a talented, versatile individual with a wide range of abilities. She can switch between many aspects of her work that most intrigue me about her. But if I had to choose one trait, it would be her passionate advocacy for diversity and representation. In the entertainment industry, Zendaya advocates for diversity, inclusiveness, and representation through her position. She has vocally argued against the underrepresentation of women in the media and emphasized the need for diverse narratives. Her dedication to promoting inclusivity and elevating underrepresented viewpoints is compelling and motivating, especially for her younger audience. In addition to her roles in television shows and motion pictures, Zendaya is a prolific writer. She has empowered people and encouraged positive change by using her position of influence to start talks about social issues, especially for marginalized groups. Her commitment to using her platform for social good is commendable, and she has a big impact outside of the entertainment sector. Even though Zendaya is an amazing performer, what inspires me most about her is her commitment to developing a more diverse and inclusive entertainment industry. She is a role model because, in addition to being a highly accomplished professional, she uses her position of power to fight for important improvements in both her industry and society at large.
      Disney Channel Rewind Scholarship
      The Disney Channel pioneer "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana" brought together the universes of "Wizards of Waverly Place," "The Suite Life on Deck," and "Hannah Montana." Alex Russo's unintentional magical mistake on the S.S. Tipton cruise liner set off the main narrative of the episode. Her odd usage of Max's wand resulted in a spell that dispersed passengers across the ship, setting off a hilarious chain reaction and surprising meetings. In the middle of the chaos, characters made new friends, laughed at hilarious blunders, and gained insightful knowledge about understanding and cooperation. Eventually, Alex's wizardry allowed her to undo the spell, bringing everyone back together and bringing laughter, friendship, and the magic of teamwork to them. While cruising the S.S. Tipton, Zack, and Cody from "The Suite Life on Deck" were desperate to acquire an autograph from Hannah Montana. They discovered Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana's secret identity, who was valiantly attempting to conceal her fame. Consequently, the twins attempted many comical efforts to approach Miley without disclosing her identity. This led to humorous situations and increased awareness of the difficulties in preserving one's individuality when confronted by fervent supporters. Their quest highlighted the extent fans would go to obtain a signature and Miley's battle to keep her secret life hidden, which added humor and complexity to the crossover. Zack and Cody from "The Suite Life on Deck" see what they believe to be Michelle Stewart's stage name, Hannah Montana, while on the cruise liner S.S. Tipton and decide to identify her. They don't realize that Miley is the one attempting to disguise her identity. The twins then pretend to be Miley and make several hilarious efforts to acquire a signature, not realizing that they are chasing Hannah Montana. Their voyage puts them in hilarious scenarios that add depth and amusement to the crossover tale by humorously illustrating the difficulties of celebrity and concealment. Comedy and confusion break out among the passengers on the S.S. Tipton because of Alex's unintentional magical mayhem. Alex joins forces with Zack and Cody to try to pull the scattered passengers back together to restore order. Amidst the incredible calamities, they exhibit resilience, creativity, and teamwork as they navigate the ship together via a series of comical mishaps and experiences. The characters encounter difficulties, form fresh bonds with one another, and pick up valuable lessons about cooperating and accepting accountability for their deeds during their voyage on board. The crossover concludes when Alex breaks the curse and, just in time, returns everyone to their rightful place in a touching and humorous finale. A fantastic crossover event called "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana" was created by combining "The Suite Life on Deck," "Wizards of Waverly Place," and "Hannah Montana." This episode focused on the camaraderie, companionship, and fortuitous encounters among the passengers on the S.S. Tipton cruise ship. Lovers of all three shows will always remember this happy show full of blunders, friendships, and amusing situations.
      Nintendo Super Fan Scholarship
      Spending time with friends around a flickering screen on a dark, rainy afternoon, while lost in the vibrant world of "Super Smash Bros." We were all huge gamers, and we all had a favorite character that we thought had unbeatable skills. A fierce rivalry permeated the room as we engaged in intense combat, with each of us striving to establish our superiority in our selected combat style. I was aiming for Link, but my companion Keese was more interested in Pikachu. The games were fierce, with victors switching places with other players fast. One specific clash stuck in our recollections among the chaos of events. With both of us nearing the end of our lives, the battle between Keese's Pikachu and my Link was intense. The platform on which the stage was erected teetered over a bottomless abyss. We could feel the excitement building as we parried blows and returned with well-timed blows. The game reached a frenzied conclusion as the seconds ticked down. Keese unleashed a terrifying blow that sent Link over the edge. I made a snap choice and used Link's recuperation to my advantage to storm back onto the stage, just escaping certain loss. To everyone's surprise and applause in the room, I made a surprise return. The battle went on unabated, with neither side willing to give up. The screen was filled with sword slashes, lightning bolts, and frantic jumps. I finally got Pikachu off the stage with a well-timed strike, winning the match rightfully. The tension in the room dissipated into joyful exultation as cheers and laughter erupted. Because it can create enduringly exciting, competitive, and joyous moments, that heart-pounding, exhilarating match solidified "Super Smash Bros." as our favorite game.