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Hello, I am Dinh Co. I am an undergraduate at Miramar College pursuing an Associate Degree for Transfer in Psychology. My ultimate goal is to transfer to San Diego State University and earn a bachelor's degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I chose San Diego State University because of its renowned psychology program and its strong focus on the practical application of psychological theories. I then plan to pursue a master's in I/O Psychology and Human Resources and a PhD in Psychology. My passion for psychology and helping people, particularly in counseling or I/O psychology, is the driving force in my life. I am fully committed to pursuing I/O Psychology or Counseling to impact the community and future generations positively. By helping organizations create healthy and productive work environments for their employees, I can positively impact the community and future generations. I am a strong candidate for a scholarship through because of my excellent academic performance and achievements. I have consistently maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout my academic journey, and I know English, Vietnamese, and Cantonese, which has enhanced my personal achievement. My leadership skills have been honed through my involvement in the National Honor Society and a Biotechnology internship at ScienceBridge. Through my academic achievements and various extracurricular activities, I have proven to handle difficult situations effectively, commit to contributing a positive impact to society, and work effortlessly to reach my ultimate goals.


San Diego Miramar College

Associate's degree program
2024 - 2025
  • Majors:
    • Psychology, General
  • GPA:

Mira Mesa High School

High School
2022 - 2024
  • GPA:

Kearny High School

High School
2019 - 2022
  • GPA:


  • Desired degree level:

    Associate's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology
    • Human Resources Management and Services
    • Biomedical/Medical Engineering
    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
  • Planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Mental Health Care

    • Dream career goals:

      PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Master's in Psychology and Master's in Human Resources, and Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

    • Intern

      2022 – 20231 year



    2020 – 20233 years


    • No


    2017 – Present7 years


    • No


    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other

      Kearny High School — Student
      2020 – 2021
    • Biotechnology

      Mira Mesa High School — Student
      2023 – 2023


    • REC Innovation Lab

      Computer Art
      Website creator
      2024 – 2024

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      National Honors Society — A volunteer helps the community.
      2023 – Present
    • Volunteering

      Library — Library Assistant and Communicator
      2023 – Present

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    John Young 'Pursue Your Passion' Scholarship
    The field of psychology has captivated my interest from a young age, and as I've matured, this fascination has evolved into a deep-seated passion. My desire to pursue a career in psychology stems from personal experiences and a keen interest in understanding human behavior, the complexities of the mind, and how it intertwines with one's emotions. One of the key reasons why I am drawn to psychology is the impact it can have on individuals' lives, especially those who struggle with mental health. Witnessing my mother's enduring struggle with mental health following my father's passing ignited a fervent dedication within me to seek the root causes of psychological struggles and identify solutions for coping and healing. I have learned that even a significant traumatic event can overshadow numerous positive experiences, and I am resolute in my desire to assist others in overcoming such challenges. Moreover, my circumstances, growing up in a single-parent, low-income household, have motivated me to pursue a career in psychology. I have experienced the financial and emotional strains encountered when dealing with mental health challenges, and this has fueled my aspiration to provide support and guidance for individuals facing similar circumstances. My goal is to enhance the understanding of mental well-being and raise awareness around often stigmatized issues. I aim to help cultivate healthy coping mechanisms and offer individuals the tools to navigate emotional challenges. Whether through education, advocacy, or direct care, I aspire to empower people to seek mental health resources and support, fostering an environment where seeking help is seen as a sign of strength rather than weakness. I desire to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures. As an individual from a multicultural environment, I envision tailoring approaches sensitive to varied communities' unique needs and belief systems. I aspire to bridge gaps in mental health awareness, providing empathetic and culturally relevant care. My personal goals align with my desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others through the lens of psychology. I endeavor to earn a psychology degree and further education in mental health counseling. Additionally, I aim to contribute to research efforts that can lead to innovative and effective strategies for addressing mental health challenges. Ultimately, my professional passion is driven by creating a society where individuals are equipped with the tools and resources needed to achieve emotional well-being. Implementing change in the mental health landscape is a long-term goal, and I am committed to dedicating my career to this profound cause. In conclusion, my choice of pursuing a career in psychology is grounded in personal experiences and a firm belief in the transformative impact of mental health awareness and support. I am dedicated to creating meaningful change and fostering a society where individuals have the resources to achieve mental and emotional well-being and where help-seeking is accessible and destigmatized. I am passionate about implementing positive change in the mental health field and am resolute in pursuing a career that facilitates healing for those in need.
    Empower Her Scholarship
    Empowerment is more than just a buzzword; it is a picture that has profoundly influenced my life and aspirations. My name is Dinh Co, and I am a high school student at Mira Mesa High School. I grew up as a first-generation college student in a single-parent, low-income family. Empowerment has guided my journey and defined my ambitions. For instance, I took the initiative to start a mental health awareness club at my school, where we organize regular awareness campaigns, invite guest speakers, and provide a safe space for students to share their experiences. To me, empowerment symbolizes the ability to take control of one's destiny, overcome obstacles, and advocate for positive change. It is about recognizing and embracing one's strengths, realizing that one's voice and actions have the potential to make a meaningful impact and drive progress. In my life, empowerment has manifested in various ways, particularly in the face of adversity. Witnessing my mother's unwavering dedication to supporting my family has instilled in me a sense of resilience and determination. Her sacrifices and efforts to provide a better future for my sister and me have been a profound source of empowerment. I have learned to recognize the strength within myself, as well as the importance of actively pursuing opportunities to create positive change. As a first-generation college student, I am passionate about pursuing a career in psychology and making a difference in mental health. My experiences have shaped this ambition as a witness to my mother's struggles and her unyielding commitment to support our family. Her resilience in the face of adversity and the impact it had on her mental health inspired me to want to help others in similar situations. Empowerment has fueled my dedication to furthering my education despite the financial challenges that come with it. It has given me the strength to pursue my aspirations and advocate for the resources necessary to achieve my goals. In my educational journey, empowerment has encouraged me to strive for excellence and seek opportunities to expand my horizons. It has prompted me to proactively seek support, whether through scholarships, mentorship, or academic programs, to realize my potential and contribute positively to my community. Moreover, empowerment has driven me to be a voice for those who may face similar obstacles, particularly within the realm of mental health awareness and support. This cause is deeply personal to me, as I have witnessed my mother's struggles and recognize the significance of mental health advocacy. I am determined to dismantle stigmas surrounding psychological well-being and promote empowerment among individuals facing similar challenges. I aspire to provide support and advocate for access to mental health resources, driven by a genuine passion and commitment. I strive to be an advocate for change, not only for my own benefit but also for the betterment of those around me. I aim to attain knowledge and expertise in psychology, driven by the belief that empowerment arises from gaining insight and the ability to effect meaningful change in people's lives. Overall, empowerment has been essential to my personal and academic journey. It has not just fueled my ambitions and bolstered my resilience but also instilled in me the desire to advocate for change. I firmly believe that empowerment is a transformative force that inspires individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. This belief in the transformative power of empowerment is not just a source of motivation for me but also a beacon of hope, a means of driving positive change in pursuing my aspirations.
    Concrete Rose Scholarship Award
    My name is Dinh Co, and I am a high school student at Mira Mesa High School, also enrolled at San Diego Miramar College. As the oldest daughter in a single-parent, low-income family, I am a first-generation college student with a profound passion for psychology. My interest in psychology began at a young age but grew into a burning dedication when I learned about my mother's struggles following my father's death due to leukemia. My father's passing had a lasting impact on my mother's mental health, leading to years of emotional turmoil and psychological struggles. Witnessing her pain and seeking ways to alleviate it ignited a strong desire within me to pursue a career in psychology. Despite her seeking, the memories and grief continued to haunt her, and I realized the impact of mental health struggles on an individual's daily life. As I delved deeper into psychology, I became increasingly fascinated by the human mind's and behavior's complexities. I was mesmerized by how a single significant painful memory could overshadow numerous positive experiences, leading me to be dedicated to learning ways to heal, cope, and support those in need. However, my family's financial situation has presented challenges, particularly concerning my college education. My mother works tirelessly, often more than 8 hours a day, including weekends, to support my sister and me. Despite her efforts, our family faces financial strain, and saving for my college education has been daunting. The tuition, fees, and other educational expenses have added significant stress to us. Moreover, my aspirations to major in psychology and pursue graduate studies have strengthened these challenges. My mother and I are still determining if we can afford to send me to a four-year university to earn a bachelor's degree, let alone pursue advanced education. As a first-generation college student, I desire to fulfill my potential and, in doing so, provide a better future for my family. My mother has been a pillar of strength and dedication throughout our family's struggles. I have witnessed her resilience and unwavering commitment to supporting my sister and me despite the hardships she has faced since my father's passing. Her sacrifices have inspired me to strive for a better future and help her. Receiving this scholarship would be a life-changing opportunity for me. It would alleviate the financial burdens that my family faces and provide me with the means to pursue my passion for psychology and a career in mental health advocacy. This scholarship would assist me in obtaining a bachelor's degree and bring me closer to my dream of attending graduate school to further my education. It would also allow me to support my mother and sister, alleviating their financial struggles and enabling my mother to ease her workload and stress. As an aspiring psychologist, I aim to contribute positively to the mental health field and make a difference in the lives of those struggling with emotional and psychological challenges. With the help of this scholarship, I will have the opportunity to realize this dream, make a meaningful impact on others, and support my family. I am deeply grateful for the chance to pursue my college education and continue my journey in psychology. This scholarship would open doors for me, and I am committed to maximizing this opportunity to achieve my academic and career goals. I am dedicated to honoring this generous support by working tirelessly to make a positive impact on those around me and, ultimately, give back to my family and community. Thank you for considering my story and for the potential to impact my future and the field of psychology.
    Snap EmpowHER Scholarship
    As I embark on the journey of introducing myself, I am honored to share my aspirations and dreams for my future career, the reasons behind my path, and the impact I hope to have. My name is Dinh Co, and I am a high school student at Mira Mesa High School, concurrently enrolled at Miramar College. Since a young age, the field of psychology has captivated me, and as I have matured, it has transformed into my true passion. The catalyst for this passion arose from my experiences with my mother's profound struggles following my father's tragic battle with leukemia, a chapter of her life pierced with lingering mental health challenges. This intensely personal experience fueled my unwavering dedication to pursuing a psychology major, leveraging it as an opportunity to explore potential solutions to ease my mother's suffering. As I delved deeper into psychology, my curiosity was piqued by the intricacies of the human mind, behaviors, and the profound impact of emotional memories. I found it immensely impressive how a single tragic and painful memory can overshadow hundreds of otherwise positive experiences and shape an individual's well-being. This realization inspired me to envision a career dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of human psychology and emotions while aiming to alleviate the struggles faced by individuals like my mother. My chosen career path in psychology excites me for multifaceted reasons. Firstly, the prospect of gaining insight into the complexities of the human mind and behavior is intellectually stimulating and deeply satisfying. I am captivated by the prospect of unearthing the underlying factors contributing to emotional struggles and developing the tools to alleviate them. Exploring the breadth of psychological research and therapies, I am driven by the potential to make meaningful contributions to the field and, ultimately, to the well-being of individuals. I am acutely aware of the far-reaching impact of a career in psychology. It holds the potential to foster compassion, understanding, and resilience in individuals grappling with mental health challenges, guiding them toward pathways of healing and growth. Furthermore, my aspiration in this field is rooted in a deep-seated desire to advocate for mental health awareness and destigmatization. I envision a future where individuals have access to essential mental health resources and are not bound by the silence or societal taboos that shroud mental wellness. I am committed to serving as an ally for those navigating their mental health journeys and hope to provoke positive changes that extend beyond individual lives and into broader communities. I am deeply dedicated to supporting women's empowerment when considering impacts beyond my direct career pursuits. My experiences, especially witnessing my mother's resilience and dedication in misfortune, have kindled a passionate commitment to championing women's rights and autonomy. With this commitment in mind, I plan to actively engage in initiatives that empower women within my local community while leveraging my future career in psychology to advocate for gender equity and address the unique mental health challenges women face. In sum, my journey in psychology has been shaped by a deeply personal narrative, kindling a genuine passion for understanding and alleviating mental health struggles. I desire to advocate for mental wellness, destigmatize mental health discussions, and foster positive changes within my community and beyond. My dedication to supporting women's empowerment is deeply rooted in my experiences and has become an integral component of my vision for a future career path in psychology. I am fervently committed to making a meaningful and lasting impact in individuals' lives and the broader areas of mental health awareness.
    TEAM ROX Scholarship
    Growing up in a single-parent, low-income household, I have developed a unique set of skills that have shaped my purpose and passion to help others be their best, particularly in psychology. My journey has been marked by childhood experiences that exposed me to loss, hardship, and the weighty responsibilities of being the elder daughter and a fluent English speaker in the household. Through these experiences, I have honed a diverse skill set encompassing passion, compassion, empathy, practicality, resilience, dedication, a strong will, communication, interpersonal skills, and organizational abilities. These qualities have become an intrinsic part of who I am and have fueled my unwavering determination to serve and support others in their pursuit of well-being. The passing of my father due to leukemia was a defining moment in my life. The profound loss not only affected me emotionally but also plunged my family into a period of significant turmoil. My mother faced the immense challenge of coping with her grief and the strain of raising me and my younger sister alone. Witnessing her struggles and the impact of my father's death on her mental health deeply affected me. From an early age, it drove me to cultivate a deep sense of compassion, empathy, and practicality. My interest in psychology stemmed from the desire to understand and help alleviate the mental health issues that impacted my family, as well as the broader community. The responsibilities of being the elder daughter and the only fluent English speaker in the household have molded me into a resilient and dedicated individual. I have shouldered the responsibilities of being a companion, communicator, and advocate for my family in various situations. This has facilitated the cultivation of strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to remain level-headed even in challenging circumstances. My experiences have endowed me with a profound sense of dedication and a firm will to navigate and overcome obstacles, traits that have become integral to my character and my pursuit of a career in psychology. As the first generation in my family to pursue a college education, I have taken on the responsibility of charting a new path for myself and setting an example for my younger sister. This has strengthened my commitment to achieving success in my academic and professional endeavors. The journey of being the first in my family to navigate the complexities of university admissions, financial aid, and academic rigors has equipped me with organizational skills and resourcefulness that have been instrumental in my educational achievements thus far. My aspiration to pursue a career in psychology has been shaped by these experiences and the skills I have developed along my journey. I seek to leverage my passionate nature, coupled with my compassion, empathy, and strong will, to provide support and understanding to individuals grappling with mental health challenges. I aim to utilize my skills to effectively communicate and connect with others, fostering positive relationships and aiding those in need. My experiences have instilled a profound sense of dedication to the field as I endeavor to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities in their pursuit of mental health and resilience. In conclusion, the skills I have developed and the passion that drives me are deeply intertwined with my experiences and challenges. My determination to provide support and understanding to others in psychology emanates from the blend of compassion, resilience, and determination that have been vital in my journey. By pursuing a career in psychology, I am committed to utilizing my skills and passion to contribute to individuals' well-being and foster a more empathetic and supportive society.
    Outstanding Indians at Orchards at Monroe Scholarship
    Growing up in a single-parent, low-income household, the financial struggles that have been a part of my reality have significantly impacted my education. I watch my mother work tirelessly for more than 8 hours a day, often including weekends. Even during the times she was extremely ill, she still decided to go to work to support my younger sister and me while facing her health challenges. It has been both inspiring and heartbreaking. As a first-generation college student, the desire to pursue higher education has always been my and my mother's dream. Still, the financial obstacles have consistently posed a barrier to achieving this dream. Psychology has always held a special allure for me, and I have aspired to major in psychology and pursue further education. However, the financial strain in our family makes the prospect of attending a four-year university for my bachelor's degree seem daunting, let alone pursuing graduate education. This reality has left me feeling that graduate school is simply out of reach for our family. Yet, despite these challenges, the dream of achieving a quality education has guided my unwavering determination. My mother's dedication to providing a better future for me and my sister has instilled a deep sense of responsibility and commitment. Witnessing her resilience and hard work in the face of adversity has fueled my determination to pursue a career in psychology. I want to employ my education to support my family and give back to my mother, who has sacrificed so much to ensure our well-being. Learning about my mother's struggles, experiencing significant trauma after my father's death due to leukemia, and managing mental health issues has deeply moved me. Receiving a scholarship would be a pivotal step toward achieving my aspirations. It would alleviate the financial burdens and fears that have permeated my educational journey, opening up the possibility of attending a 4-year university and pursuing advanced studies. A scholarship would not only relieve the financial strain on my family, but it would also provide me with the opportunity to pursue my passion in psychology. With financial assistance, I could work towards obtaining a comprehensive education and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in the field. This scholarship would be a stepping stone toward creating a better future for myself, my family, and the community. The positive effects of my dreams and aspirations on society are profound. By pursuing a career in psychology and addressing mental health issues, I aim to contribute to a more supportive and compassionate society. My desire to serve individuals facing challenges similar to those of my family and me stems from my personal experiences. I am committed to using my education to bring about positive change. Through my career, I aspire to provide critical support to those in need, and in doing so, I want to contribute to the well-being of families and communities. Ultimately, by achieving my educational and career aspirations, I seek to foster a culture of empathy, resilience, and understanding, positively impacting the lives of individuals and families facing adversity and mental health challenges. In conclusion, receiving a scholarship would not only alleviate the financial barriers that have impeded my pursuit of higher education, but it would also empower me to achieve my dreams and positively impact society. With the support of a scholarship, I am confident that I can pursue my passion for psychology, contribute to a more empathetic and supportive community, and ultimately create a brighter future for myself, my family, and those in need of mental health support.
    Williams Foundation Trailblazer Scholarship
    During my high school years, I had the opportunity to participate in a transformative and team-initiated activity that aimed to meet the needs of marginalized and underserved populations. The project, 'Smart Coding Club,' was an innovative initiative designed to empower students from underprivileged backgrounds by providing them with access to technology and computer programming education. 'Smart Coding Club' was born from a deep-seated understanding of the digital divide and the distinction in access to technology education among underserved communities. Recognizing the profound impact of technological literacy and skills in today's digital age, I, along with a dedicated group of peers and the support of our community, launched a mission to bridge this gap and provide students with the tools to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world. Central to the program was establishing hands-on coding and computer science workshops in partnership with local schools and community centers. These workshops provided a platform for students to explore the fundamentals of coding, robotics, and other technological concepts in an engaging and accessible manner. Through interactive learning tools and age-appropriate resources, we aimed to demystify technology and inspire the participants to have a passion for innovation and problem-solving. Furthermore, the 'Smart Coding Club' strongly emphasized mentorship, providing the students with an opportunity to meet professionals and experts in the technology field. By fostering connections with industry professionals, we sought to expand the student's perspectives and expose them to the diverse career opportunities available in the tech field. These interactions provided valuable insight and instilled a sense of ambition and possibility within the students, encouraging them to envision a future filled with limitless potential. In addition to the practical sessions and mentorship, the program aimed to address the digital divide by providing access to essential resources, such as laptops, educational software, and coding books, which are often out of reach for many students from marginalized communities. This holistic approach sought to create a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtured the students' interest in technology and facilitated their academic and personal growth. The 'Smart Coding Club' impact was profound, as we witnessed a significant transformation in the students' confidence, technological literacy, and problem-solving abilities. Many participants displayed a newfound enthusiasm for technology and a willingness to explore its possibilities for their future. The program not only contributed to breaking down barriers but also inspired the students to pursue higher education and careers in the technology field, demonstrating the potential for innovative initiatives to effect meaningful change. Engaging in the 'Smart Coding Club' has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. It hardened our unwavering commitment to advocating for underserved communities and highlighted the transformative power of team-initiated projects. The program served as a poignant reminder of the importance of equitable access to education and opportunities, and it fueled our resolve to continue championing initiatives that pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering future. In conclusion, the 'Smart Coding Club' exemplifies the potential of innovative, team-initiated activities to meet the needs of marginalized and underserved populations. It underscores the transformative impact of technology education and mentorship in empowering students and breaking down barriers to opportunity. My involvement in this initiative has reinforced my dedication to supporting educational equality and has illuminated the potential for innovative grassroots efforts to drive positive change within underserved communities.
    Fernandez Scholarship
    Growing up, I was fascinated by the complexities of the human mind and behavior. This interest led me to explore the fields of psychology and mental health. Additionally, I developed a keen interest in the world of business. As I delved deeper into these areas, I considered a future in either Industrial-Organizational psychology or Counseling psychology. As the eldest daughter in a single-parent, low-income family, I feel a profound responsibility towards my mother and younger sister. My mother has worked tirelessly to provide for us, and I am eager to return her love and support to me. My father's passing due to leukemia and my mother's subsequent struggle with mental health have deeply impacted me. Witnessing her grief and the mental health challenges she faced has been a driving force behind my desire to pursue a career in psychology. My mother's experiences as an immigrant, coupled with her profound grief after my father's passing, have motivated me to explore the field of psychology further. I am passionate about using my knowledge to support individuals who have faced similar challenges. I dedicate myself to studying psychology and researching mental health issues and potential treatments in my free time. I want to use some of my knowledge to help my mom get through the grief of my father's death and open my mom's vision to the beauty of the world around her. My ultimate goal is to positively impact the lives of others through my chosen career path. I aspire to contribute to the field of psychology and make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals grappling with mental health issues. By leveraging my understanding of psychology, I aim to provide support and guidance to those in need, just as I have witnessed my mother endure her struggles. In addition to pursuing a career in psychology, I am also drawn to the field of business. I recognize the potential to use my skills to create opportunities for myself and my family. Ultimately, my ambition is to provide financial stability for my loved ones and ensure that my mother and sister are well taken care of. In conclusion, my passion for psychology and mental health and my desire to create a better future for my family drives my aspirations. I am committed to utilizing my knowledge and skills to positively impact the lives of others, particularly those facing mental health challenges. Through dedication and hard work, I aim to forge a path that fulfills my personal ambitions and enriches the lives of those around me.
    Shays Scholarship
    The pursuit of higher education is rooted in my soul. It is a dream, a passion, and a purpose nurtured by the circumstances of my life and the hope of positively impacting the world. I have always been drawn to the intricacies of the human mind, even from a young age. This fascination led me to develop an interest in psychology, which still captivates me. The motivation to pursue a psychology major was deeply rooted in my personal experiences, particularly the loss of my father to leukemia cancer. Witnessing the sorrow, hardships, and burdens my mom endured as a single parent raising me and my sister in the aftermath of my father's passing had a profound impact on me. On top of that, my mom, who had been a pillar of strength, experienced mental health challenges of her own in her 30s. These circumstances have been etched in my heart, shaping my desire to delve into the field of psychology and to advocate for mental health awareness and support. The guidance and resilience demonstrated by my mother as she navigated through the grief and struggles have been a powerful source of inspiration for my pursuit of higher education. Her relentless determination and love have ignited a fire within me to dive into psychology, driven by the genuine desire to help individuals facing mental health struggles and ease the burden on their loved ones. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the availability of quality mental health care and support systems, ensuring that individuals in need receive the empathy and assistance required to overcome their challenges. Delving into the field of psychology is an exciting prospect for me, as it encompasses the opportunity to unravel the complexities of the human mind and work towards enhancing the well-being of individuals and society. The prospect of advocating for mental health awareness and supporting those in need fills me with purpose and optimism. I aspire to specialize in clinical psychology, directly engaging with individuals grappling with mental health issues and guiding them toward improved mental well-being. Moreover, I am thrilled by the possibility of contributing to the progression of our insight into mental health through dedicated research. The chance to participate in hands-on experiences and research projects under the umbrella of psychology fills me with anticipation, as it presents an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the human mind's complexities and work towards refining existing mental health interventions. In summary, my motivation to pursue higher education in psychology stems from my heartfelt experiences and is underscored by the aspiration to champion mental health awareness and support. The resilience of my mother and our collective experiences have illuminated the path ahead of me, compelling me to commit to a future where individuals facing mental health challenges receive the aid and compassion they deserve. I harbor boundless enthusiasm for the prospect of contributing to the field of psychology, and I am eager to embark on this profound journey toward a higher education that aligns with my passion and purpose.
    Hicks Scholarship Award
    I am Dinh Co. The impact of cancer has profoundly shaped my life. The loss of my father to leukemia cancer before I was even born had a lasting effect not only on my immediate family but also on the trajectory of my own life. This experience, both direct and indirect, has had a profound influence on my academic and professional aspirations, leading me to pursue a career in psychology. The story of my father's battle with leukemia cancer has been rooted in my family history. His struggle with the illness spanned several years, and despite the best efforts of those around him, modern medical treatments were not available at the time to provide a cure. Tragically, he lost his battle with cancer at the young age of 35. His passing left a void in our family that could never be filled, and the impact of his absence was deeply felt in my mother's heart and her health. My mother, who was pregnant with me at the time, experienced a profound level of grief and loss, compounded by the responsibility of raising me. As an immigrant in a new country, she faced numerous challenges, including language, culture, and financial stability burdens. These difficulties took a toll on her mental well-being, and she grappled with the weight of these burdens throughout my childhood. Her journey had a lasting impact on me, pushing me to understand and empathize with the complexities of mental health. Witnessing her experiences and struggles inspired a deep-seated passion within me to delve into the human mind and the intricacies of psychological well-being. I was drawn to psychology from a young age, even though I did not fully comprehend why. I felt a profound and unexplained connection to studying the mind and human behavior. In delving into the story of my father's cancer and the subsequent challenges faced by my mother, my innate interest in psychology was significantly heightened. I discovered a desire to explore the complexities of human emotions, cognition, and behavior, seeking to understand the psychological impact of trauma and loss. This calling propelled me to pursue a career in psychology, driven by a deep-rooted commitment to help individuals facing similar challenges find healing and support. The impact of cancer has been a driving force in shaping my academic and professional goals. My academic pursuit of psychology is not solely an academic interest but a profoundly personal one, rooted in my experiences and the indelible impact of cancer within my family. I am committed to using these experiences to fuel my passion for the field, seeking to support and aid individuals grappling with their mental health challenges and experiences of loss. My professional aspirations are inherently tied to my personal experiences. I am driven to acquire a career in psychology that is dedicated to fostering healing, understanding, and support for those navigating the complexities of grief, trauma, and mental health. My ultimate goal is to contribute to society's improvement by illuminating the nuances of the human experience and providing impactful guidance and assistance to those who need it most. In conclusion, the experiences of cancer within my family have been instrumental in shaping my life and my professional trajectory. The loss of my father, coupled with my mother's challenges and experiences, has fostered in me a profound sense of empathy, understanding, and determination to pursue a career in psychology. These experiences have fueled my passion and commitment to positively impacting people's lives through the study and practice of psychology.
    Curtis Holloway Memorial Scholarship
    My name is Dinh Co. Throughout my educational journey, my mother has been my unwavering support and inspiration. In our single-parent household, she bravely shouldered the monumental task of raising me and my younger sister independently. Her unparalleled strength, resilience, and love have been the driving force behind my academic achievements. Her support has been tremendous in helping me realize my dreams and ambitions, especially when it comes to pursuing my passion for Psychology. My father's absence has been a constant shadow in my life. He passed away due to leukemia cancer on the day I was born, leaving my mother to navigate the challenges of motherhood alone. As an immigrant to the US, she faced countless burdens - language barriers, adapting to a new environment and culture, and the financial strain of starting anew. Despite these hardships, she has been an unyielding pillar of strength and support, always putting our needs above hers. One of the most profound ways my mother has supported me is by exemplifying the value of education. She recognized the transformative power of learning and refused to let our family's circumstances impede our academic pursuits. Even as an immigrant with limited English proficiency, she grasped the significance of education for our future and instilled in us the same reverence for knowledge. Her unshakable faith in the power of education has been the fulcrum of my academic success. A critical moment came when I expressed my dream to pursue a degree in Psychology. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, my mother was resolutely supportive and encouraging. She saw the blaze in my eyes and made it her mission to ensure that I could realize my aspirations. Her unwavering support transformed my dream into a tangible goal, for she never wavered in her belief in my abilities and potential. My journey to realize my educational goals has been punctuated by my mother's sacrifices. She worked ceaselessly to ensure I had access to the necessary resources to excel academically. She prioritized my education in the face of financial limitations, ensuring we had the requisite books, supplies, and educational opportunities. Her unwavering determination and sacrifice formed the bedrock of my academic pursuits, a testament to her selfless love and commitment to my future. Moreover, her support has extended beyond just the tangible necessities. She has been my emotional anchor, offering guidance, encouragement, and unwavering belief in my capabilities. When faced with academic hurdles, her voice echoed in my mind, urging me to persevere. Her unwavering belief in me has been a guiding light, serving as a wellspring of strength and determination during the most challenging moments of my educational journey. In closing, my mother's love and support have been the fulcrum of my educational journey. Her journey as an immigrant single mother, her sacrifices, and her determined belief in the transformative power of education have propelled me toward my goals. I am profoundly grateful for her love, sacrifice, and relentless support. Her influence, love, guidance, and sacrifices are etched deeply within me, driving me to realize my dreams and ambitions. She is my mother and my most significant source of strength and inspiration.
    Ryan Yebba Memorial Mental Health Scholarship
    I am Dinh Co. Growing up, I witnessed the devastating impact of bullying on my younger sister during her 2nd grade. This personal experience has driven me to advocate for progress and social change regarding bullying and harassment in K-12 education. During my years in high school and my younger sister at elementary school, she would come home with bruises on her arms and legs and sometimes with bleeding arms. Though she never told me what happened to her or our parents when they had conversations with her, our family knew something was up but could not figure out what was happening. Days passed by, and my younger sister looked very blue and a little depressed. A little optimistic girl always has a bright smile and will be easily hyped when she hears our parents want to take us outside. Now, all we saw was a blue expression on her face and the words she said, "I'm fine, sis. Just let me alone." "Who cares about them." "Nothing has happened to me. You're worried too much." "I want to stay home today. I'm just a little tired, that's all. It's not a big deal. You guys can go without me." "I don't want to go outside; just too tired. It's nothing interesting anyway." These words left me speechless and very worried as my family, and I had never seen this side of her back then. The peak time of this was after five months of my younger sister acting this way; I was on my way to pick up my sister from school when I saw her get pushed down a flight of stairs and injured her right leg terribly. I was so apprehensive and frightened by the scene that I froze for a few seconds, then got back my senses when I heard my sister scream painfully. I pushed myself together to call my parent, and we went to the hospital, straight to the emergency room. It was at that moment that I realized the magnitude of the bullying she had endured. This experience opened my eyes to the lasting physical and emotional scars that bullying can inflict on K-12 students. Driven by my sister's experience, I embarked on a mission to advocate for progress and social change regarding bullying in K-12. I have participated in numerous school initiatives, such as organizing awareness campaigns and workshops to educate students, teachers, and parents about the detrimental effects of bullying, using my sister as an example. After that unforgettable day, I was always by my sister's side to comfort her and heal some of her inner scars. Through my sister's experience, I realized that addressing mental health is crucial in combating bullying. Witnessing her struggle ignited a deep desire in me to pursue a career in mental health. I participated in numerous events in my high school and my sister's school regarding bullying and mental health issues. I participated in the Mental Health Club and Library Wellness Club in my high school years to advocate the importance of acknowledging mental health issues and promoting and healing students in K-12 who experienced similar struggles to my sister. The current process of obtaining appropriate treatment options for adolescents struggling with mental health and bullying is convoluted and discouraging. As a future psychologist, I intend to streamline this process by collaborating with schools, therapists, and parents. Some of these treatment options include implementing clear protocols for identification, support, and nurturing adolescents experiencing mental health and weekly counseling. This would provide a supportive environment for children and adolescents who experienced these issues to receive help.
    Early Childhood Developmental Trauma Legacy Scholarship
    "Dad? Dad!!!" My voice trembled, my body frozen, and my eyes widened as I could not completely believe what I had seen. The memory of that day still haunts me to this day. I was just eight years old when my dad took me to Seaworld, and it was supposed to be one of the best days of my life. But it quickly turned into one of the worst and most terrifying experiences I have ever had. As we were driving to Seaworld, we were involved in a terrible car accident. I remembered the sound of the impact, the tires' screeching, and the glass shattering. When the car came to a stop, I looked over at my dad and saw that he was covered in blood. I was in shock, and I didn't know what to do. I sat there with an arm covered in blood and a small bleeding wound on my front head. I was unbelieved in the situation and wished it was just a nightmare. My tears relentlessly dropped as I heard my mom's voice tremble as she called out my name. I heard my mom scream after seeing my dad's injured body. That was when I realized this was reality, a worst reality that my mind and heart wished it was a nightmare. The consequences of early childhood development trauma can be devastating, and I am a living example of that. Witnessing my father's car accident and seeing him covered in blood had a profound impact on me. It instilled a deep sense of fear and anxiety that has stayed with me to this day. Despite the trauma that I experienced, I have chosen to pursue a career in psychology. My personal experience has given me a unique perspective on the importance of mental health, and I want to use my career to make a difference in the lives of those who have experienced trauma. As a future psychologist, I want to work with organizations to provide resources and support to children and families who are struggling with trauma. I believe everyone deserves access to the care and support they need to overcome their challenges. My dad has always been my biggest inspiration and played a significant role in my decision to pursue a career in psychology. He once told me before his death, "Do not let today hunt you. Live your life that I protected. I will watch you, my dear. I love you." Those words have stayed deep in me, and I am still alive today because of them. I want to help others overcome their fears, live happy lives, and treasure their presence. In conclusion, early childhood development trauma can have a profound impact on an individual's future. My personal experience has given me a unique perspective on the importance of mental health and the need for access to resources and support. As a future psychologist, I plan to use my career to make a difference in the lives of those who have experienced trauma. My dad's words motivate me, and I hope to inspire others to face their fears and take control of their lives.
    Christina Taylese Singh Memorial Scholarship
    As a high-achieving student committed to academic excellence and community engagement, I demonstrated a passion for healthcare and medicine when I was just a child. My educational journey has been shaped by my involvement in extracurricular activities and my personal experiences, which have inspired me to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. During my high school years, I actively engaged in various clubs and organizations, including the National Honor Society, Marauders for Mental Health, and Library Mental Wellness Club. These experiences not only allowed me to participate in events and activities that promote mental health awareness and community betterment but also honed my communication and interpersonal skills. My most significant extracurricular activity was my involvement in the Library Mental Wellness Club. Here, I regularly attended meetings to brainstorm and implement new events and strategies, fostering my ability to organize and lead initiatives that promote mental health and reduce stress among students. This experience was a testament to my commitment to community service and my capacity to create a stress-free environment for my peers. In addition to my extracurricular involvement, I have faced significant personal and academic challenges, particularly during the pandemic. As a freshman in high school, I struggled with English fluency and faced difficulties understanding classwork and assignments due to the transition to online learning. Furthermore, my family experienced hardships as my mom got laid off from work. I had to take on the responsibility of caring for my younger sister in academic and personal learning. These obstacles have instilled a strong resilience and determination to overcome challenges. My passion for the healthcare and medicine field, particularly in psychology and mental wellness, is deeply rooted in my personal experiences and academic achievements. My involvement in clubs promoting mental health awareness and community engagement has further solidified my commitment to this field. I am currently exploring career options in Industrial-Organizational (IO) psychology, human resources, or a related field, driven by the potential to understand and positively impact human behavior. My coursework at San Diego Miramar Community College, such as Psychology (PSYC 101), is a testament to my keen interest in this area. Furthermore, my desire to pursue a career in the healthcare and medicine field is deeply rooted in my personal background as a first-generation college student from a low-income family. I am acutely aware of the challenges and disparities in access to healthcare, and I am unwavering in my commitment to positively address these issues. My academic history is a testament to my dedication to promoting mental health awareness and community well-being, and I am eager to continue this commitment in my future career. In conclusion, my personal and academic journey has shaped my aspirations to pursue a career in healthcare and medicine, particularly in psychology and mental wellness. My experiences have instilled in me a strong sense of resilience, determination, and a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. I am not only committed to furthering my education but also to actively contributing to the healthcare industry. I am eager and ready to embark on this journey to fulfill my aspirations.
    Mental Health Scholarship for Women
    Mental health plays a significant role in academic performance and personal life during school attendance. The impact of mental health on my academic performance and personal life is profound, as it affects my emotional well-being and overall quality of my life. For me, the experience of depression and anxiety due to childhood trauma, academic burdens, high family expectations, and high responsibilities related to taking care of my younger sister and handling all my parent's paperwork has been a challenging journey. These experiences have influenced my mental health and, in turn, have impacted my academic performance and personal life. The impact of mental health on academic performance is evident in the challenges I faced in understanding classwork and assignments, as well as the difficulty in maintaining focus and concentration. The emotional toll of depression and anxiety affected my motivation and ability to engage in learning, leading to a decline in my academic performance. Moreover, the burden of high expectations and responsibilities added to the stress and pressure on me, further impacting my mental health and academic performance. In my personal life, the impact of mental health was felt in the form of emotional distress, social withdrawal, and difficulty in managing daily responsibilities. The weight of childhood trauma, academic burdens, and family expectations created a significant strain on my mental well-being, affecting my ability to enjoy life and engage in meaningful activities. Also, it limited me from the outside world since I spent most of my time caring for my younger sister and helping my parent. To make my mental health a priority, I have taken proactive steps to address these challenges. Seeking professional help from a therapist has been instrumental in understanding and managing my mental health. Therapy has provided a safe space to process emotions, develop coping strategies, and gain insights into the impact of childhood trauma and academic pressures on my mental well-being. In addition to therapy, I have prioritized self-care practices such as journaling, spending some time walking around the neighbors to get some fresh air and away from responsibilities, and doing other physical activities to promote emotional well-being. These practices have helped me cultivate resilience, manage stress, and foster a sense of balance in my life. Furthermore, I have actively sought support from friends, family, and trusted individuals to create an emotional support network. Opening up about my struggles and seeking understanding and empathy from others has been crucial in navigating the challenges of mental health. Academic accommodations, such as flexible deadlines and access to mental health resources, have also played a vital role in supporting my mental health needs. These accommodations have allowed me to manage academic responsibilities while prioritizing self-care and emotional well-being. Besides, I have cultivated a sense of self-compassion and acceptance, recognizing that it is okay to seek help and take time to focus on mental health. Embracing a growth mindset and reframing challenges as opportunities for personal growth has been a transformative approach to managing mental health. In conclusion, the impact of mental health on academic performance and personal life is profound, and the steps I have taken to prioritize my mental health have been essential in fostering resilience, emotional well-being, and academic success. By seeking professional help, practicing self-care, seeking support, and embracing self-compassion, I have been able to navigate the challenges of mental health and create a foundation for holistic well-being. These experiences have shaped my understanding of mental health and have empowered me to advocate for mental health awareness and support within my community.
    Lieba’s Legacy Scholarship
    As a psychology major, I have always been captivated by the intricacies of the human mind and its behaviors. My sincere dedication to helping others, particularly in mental health issues and social injustice, has been a driving force in my life. My ultimate career aspiration is to become a therapist specializing in working with gifted children, nurturing their social-emotional well-being, and addressing their intellectual needs. Gifted children, a unique population that requires specialized attention and care, often face challenges distinct from their peers. They possess exceptional intellectual abilities and require opportunities to learn and grow in ways that match their abilities. However, gifted children may also struggle with social-emotional issues, such as anxiety, perfectionism, and difficulty relating to peers. These challenges, if not addressed, can hinder their overall development. As a future therapist, I hope to provide these children with a safe and supportive environment where they can intellectually and emotionally thrive. Building a strong therapeutic relationship with them is one of the most critical aspects of fostering the social-emotional well-being of gifted children. As a therapist, I would aim to create a safe and non-judgmental space where the child can feel comfortable opening up and sharing their thoughts and feelings. I would use various evidence-based therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy to address anxiety and perfectionism, mindfulness to enhance self-awareness and emotional regulation and play therapy to facilitate social interaction and emotional expression. These techniques are proven to help children understand and manage their emotions effectively. In addition to fostering social-emotional well-being, I believe that meeting the intellectual needs of gifted children is equally important. These children have a thirst for knowledge and need opportunities to explore and learn in ways that match their abilities. As a therapist, I would work closely with the child's family and educators, conducting regular meetings to discuss their progress, identify their strengths and interests, and develop a comprehensive plan that meets their needs. This collaborative approach ensures that the child's intellectual and emotional needs are met at home and in the educational setting. For example, I would work with educators to design individualized learning plans that challenge the child's intellect and allow them to explore their passions. I also encourage parents to provide opportunities for the child to engage in extracurricular activities that match their interests, such as science clubs, debate teams, or art classes. By providing these opportunities, the child can develop their talents and interests, contributing to their overall well-being. Furthermore, as a therapist, I aim to help gifted children develop social skills and emotional intelligence. These skills are critical for success in both personal and professional life. I would help them understand the importance of empathy, perspective-taking, and communication skills. For instance, I might use role-playing exercises to teach them how to empathize with others' feelings or use art therapy to help them express their emotions. I would also help them develop problem-solving skills and strategies for managing stress and anxiety, such as teaching them deep breathing techniques or guiding them through cognitive restructuring exercises. My sensitivity to others' emotions, words, and feelings, along with my passion for helping those in need, will allow me to connect with gifted children on a personal and emotional level. I understand these children may feel isolated or misunderstood, and I hope to create a space where they feel heard and valued. I hope to help them achieve their full potential and become confident, successful, and well-rounded individuals by fostering their social-emotional well-being and meeting their intellectual needs. The skills and strategies they learn during therapy will help them navigate their current challenges and equip them with lifelong tools for success and well-being. In conclusion, my career ambition of becoming a therapist working with gifted children is rooted in my belief in their immense potential. By forging strong therapeutic relationships, devising individualized learning plans, and guiding children in developing social skills and emotional intelligence, I am confident in my ability to help these children survive and thrive intellectually and emotionally. My passion for aiding others, combined with my comprehensive understanding of psychology and mental health issues, will empower me to make a profound difference in the lives of gifted children.
    Redefining Victory Scholarship
    Success, to me, is an opportunity that helps me reach my goals and dreams. As a person from a low-income family, I have always wanted to achieve success as soon as possible when I grow up so that I can support my family. My mom is the only one who goes to work in our family since we are a family of three - my mother, younger sister, and I. To me, success is when I can follow my passions, achieve the goals I have set for myself, support my family, and grow into a person who is experienced, mature, and knows who I am and what I want. Like everyone else, I have often felt confused and unsure of what success really means and looks like. However, deep down, I have always known that success is when I can afford to support my family, follow my dreams, and achieve my goals. Success is when I can do what I want and when I love myself. Loving yourself is one of the biggest successes in life, and most people forget it. As a psychology major, I have always wanted to explore the human mind and its behaviors. As a person who follows the psychology pathway, the more I learn about psychology and the human mind, the greater I understand why each individual believes what success is differently. As I grew up, each stage of my journey was a new lesson that came along with a new definition of success. With each new definition of success, I realized that the success I always want and need, are love, happiness, dreams, goals, and family. With this scholarship, I would have the opportunity to achieve those definitions I call success. This scholarship opportunity is not just a means to an end but a transformative journey toward my vision of success. It's a gateway that will equip me with the further knowledge and skills to achieve my goals. More than just financial support, it's a lifeline enabling me to continue my education and explore new horizons. It catalyzes confidence and independence, empowering me to pursue my passions and make a meaningful difference. One of the most significant benefits of this opportunity is the potential for personal growth. With its support, I can broaden my horizons and gain new perspectives on the world. I will meet new people and learn from their experiences, which will help me become more well-rounded and empathetic. Additionally, this opportunity will nurture my leadership skills and help me become a role model in my community. Another critical aspect of success, for me, is self-love. It is one of the most essential forms of success, yet it is often neglected in our society. With this opportunity, I can focus on my personal growth and well-being, enabling me to love myself more fully and authentically. This aspect of success is as important as any other, and I am grateful for the opportunity to nurture it. In conclusion, success is a mixture of experiences and lessons that allow me to achieve my dreams and goals. For me, success is about supporting my family, pursuing my passions, positively impacting the world, and cherishing self-love. This opportunity will enable me to achieve these goals by equipping me with the knowledge, skills, and resources I need to succeed. I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to see where it will take me on my journey towards success.
    Friends of Ohm Labs Scholarship
    As a first-generation college student, my dream of achieving a higher education has always been met with financial barriers. Growing up in a low-income family, the reality of affording college seemed like an unattainable dream. Despite these financial hardships, I am determined to pursue my passion for psychology and positively impact society. From a young age, I have been fascinated by the human mind and behavior, and pursuing a psychology major will allow me to make meaningful contributions to my community. However, my financial situation has dramatically affected my education, as I have had to constantly worry about being able to afford tuition, books, and other necessary expenses. To save money and afford college, I have decided to attend a community college to obtain an associate degree in psychology. This will allow me to complete my general education requirements at a more affordable cost while still receiving a quality education. Although this differs from the traditional route to pursuing a bachelor's degree, I am determined to overcome the financial barriers I face when accessing higher education. I plan to transfer to a four-year university to continue my studies and earn a bachelor's degree in psychology. Despite the financial obstacles I face, I am committed to achieving my dream of obtaining a higher education in the field of psychology. Receiving a scholarship would provide me with the financial support I need to continue pursuing my education. It would ease the burden of tuition and other expenses and allow me to focus on my studies and achieve my academic goals. With the help of a scholarship, I would be able to further my education and pursue a master's degree in psychology and even a PhD in the future. Achieving my dream of obtaining a higher education in psychology will positively affect society. I can make a meaningful impact on individuals and communities with a deeper understanding of human behavior and mental processes. I plan to use my education to work in mental health services, research, and advocacy to help those who are struggling with mental health issues. Additionally, I want to contribute to the field of psychology by conducting research that can lead to a better understanding of mental health and the development of effective interventions. In conclusion, my financial situation has dramatically impacted my education but has not deterred my determination to pursue a higher education in psychology. Receiving a scholarship would not only alleviate the financial burden I face. Still, it would allow me to achieve my dream of obtaining a bachelor's degree in psychology and pursuing further education. With the help of a scholarship, I will positively impact society through my work in mental health services and research, ultimately contributing to the betterment of individuals and communities. I am committed to overcoming my financial barriers and am eager to continue pursuing my passion for psychology and positively impacting society.
    Jeannine Schroeder Women in Public Service Memorial Scholarship
    As a psychology major deeply concerned about mental health, I have been actively working to address an important social issue through various events and volunteering. Mental health issues have a widespread impact and can have severe consequences for both individuals and society. Due to the inadequate availability of appropriate care, this has become a crucial social problem that needs immediate attention and action. I have committed to addressing this issue through my academic pursuits, extracurricular efforts, and advocacy ambitions. My academic pursuit in psychology has provided me with knowledge and skills that allow me to comprehend the complexities of mental health issues and contribute meaningfully to addressing them. I have engaged in coursework that delves into the academic frameworks and practical evidence related to mental health, which has broadened my understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, I have actively sought out research opportunities to deepen my exploration of mental health concerns, including the societal and biological factors that contribute to these challenges. This academic foundation has provided me with a solid understanding of the issue, enabling me to confront it with a well-informed perspective. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have been actively involved in extracurricular activities and clubs dedicated to mental health issues in school and outside of school, such as Library Wellness, Mental Health Club, and Psychology Club. By participating in these organizations, such as mental health awareness clubs and peer support groups, I have actively engaged in discussions surrounding mental health issues, spreading self-love and self-care, and access to personal care. These spaces have provided me with opportunities to advocate for improved mental health resources and support systems while also allowing me to offer assistance and guidance to those experiencing mental health challenges. By contributing to these clubs, I have been part of initiatives focused on raising awareness, organizing events, and providing resources to our campus community. These activities have encouraged conversations and promoted mental health education and support. Furthermore, I have taken it upon myself to engage in advocacy work on and off campus to address mental health issues. Whether organizing events or collaborating with local organizations, I have worked tirelessly to advocate for policies and practices prioritizing mental health support and destigmatization. By partnering with community organizations, I have actively contributed to mental health initiatives aimed at underserved populations, recognizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in mental health care. This advocacy work has allowed me to strengthen the voices of those impacted by mental health issues while pushing meaningful change in our society. In conclusion, I am committed to addressing the critical social issue of mental health through my academic pursuits, extracurricular involvements, and advocacy work. My major in psychology and active participation in various mental health-related activities have provided me with the skills, knowledge, and passion to confront this challenge head-on. By leveraging my academic background, engaging in extracurricular activities, and advocating for change, I am dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to addressing mental health issues. I plan to continue my efforts in this essential area and ultimately contribute to a society where mental health is recognized, supported, and prioritized.