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Crystal Phan


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After graduating high school, I hope to pursue a bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences or biochemistry in order to research alternative medicines to offer affordable and accessible treatments to my communities.


Wayne Memorial High School

High School
2020 - 2024
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  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Majors of interest:

    • Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration
    • Pharmacology and Toxicology
    • Visual and Performing Arts, General
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

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      • WMHS Art Department

        The Dove, Salmon, Bluefin Tuna, Sunny Day
        2006 – Present
      • Zebra Marching Band

        The Moral of the Story, The Tin Man, Rebirth: The Tree of Life
        2020 – 2023
      • Self

        Stakeout, Bodega, The Butterfly Effect, Hellhound, Dark Room, Satin, Camellia Avenue, Ouroboros
        2006 – Present
      • Symphony Orchestra

        2020 – Present

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        WMHS Interact — Volunteer
        2022 – 2024
      • Volunteering

        Westland Historic Village Park — Volunteer
        2023 – Present

      Future Interests



      Wolverine Ambition Scholarship
      Throughout my life, I’ve met a variety of people who have given me their passions, their sacrifices, and their lives. From my parents, to my teachers, to my fellow peers, I’ve been given the absolute privilege to be included in their communities as they welcomed me with open arms. In my academic pursuit, I spent hours pondering how I could simultaneously do what I enjoy and give back to the communities I grew up with. After many conversations with my family, consulting my mentors, and completing courses in high school, I came to choose biochemistry as my major to pursue a career in pharmacology. However, post-undergrad is another story. By the time I reach graduation, I would be a full-blown adult who is independent and well-versed with the world, much different from the teen I am now. After college I plan to take on graduate school, which seems like a much grander feat. I plan to accomplish this by maintaining my grades in my undergraduate courses as well as taking on research opportunities focusing on drug design, how the body metabolizes drugs, or any other research topic based on biology or chemistry. Performing well in high-pressure environments could better prepare me for graduate school where I will practice more specialized fields. This academic performance will require me to be disciplined in my studies and have concentration regardless if I feel motivated, so taking on high rigor courses could challenge me to stay focused on my goals. Being involved with my institution is another step I could take towards my goal. Establishing yourself in your community and developing good character provides graduate schools a good insight on who you are and who you've been. Being a part of organizations or being a good team player in the lab would allow me to uplift the people around me and allow me to be well-rounded, as well as be prepared for the type of interactions and things I will do at graduate school. Lastly, paying for graduate school will be something I have to carry on as well. If I'm eligible I can continue to do work-study going in as a graduate student and take on a proper position as a researcher with a bachelor's degree. The costs of education is one of the most significant determining factors in whether I pursue higher education. Scholarships, federal aid, or receiving a decent salary could also bring me a step closer to my goal.
      Bulchand and Laxmi Motwani Memorial Scholarship
      One end of the scale: Buddhist incense. The other end, a GraphGear Pencil. Which weighs more? Which weighs less? Do they ever balance? Being the eldest of three children with high English proficiency, I held the responsibility of being the leader of the household in place of our full-time working parents as well as taking care of documentation and navigating my parents, even extended family through the American society that does not accommodate them. I fulfilled this role since I graduated from elementary and when I was deemed old enough to be responsible for myself and my younger siblings, where I currently am responsible for overseeing their education. There are times where this would negatively affect my academic performance, sometimes having to go to educational meetings that discuss my brother’s learning disability when I should be sitting in physics. Other times I would spend time focusing on my sibling’s academic integrity by guiding them in their work ethic and concepts they’ve learned at school, sometimes at the expense of my own academic integrity. Even if I understood finances and important documents best out of everyone, I myself was lost in the world of numbers and intricate government mail, trying to understand 1040’s and W2’s. On top of my academic obligations, I would not only study algebra and chemistry—I would study how to build and create accounts for the family, learning how investments worked. I would not only try to keep up with my assigned readings and try to decipher the archaic language of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but also translate the expansive language of billing statements and financial notifications. All at once, my obligations seemed to stack, having to deal with keeping the household going and filling in the roles my parents couldn’t. However, I feel my role in my immigrant family simultaneously had positive impacts on my academic performance, as it allowed me to self-assess and troubleshoot my faults based on how I adapt to my situation. I learned how to be flexible with my schedule and how to work efficiently so I had time for both my academics and my responsibilities in the household, where I could gauge what I should prioritize that very day or that very moment. That learning curve and flexibility also allowed me to continue taking on opportunities offered by my school, such as extracurricular activities or rigorous courses that require great discipline. Being put under pressure constantly is a difficult position, but it forces one to be innovative and creative with their resources as well as carve out a plan on how to be efficient with one’s time to the point of success. With my situation I was able to become a leader outside of my home and am able to flourish under pressure, honing how I work and cope with hardship. My performance shows that I succeeded in that aspect, where I still saw good grades and exam scores and fruitful results of my efforts. This sharpened resilience is what I deem as my key to my career in pharmacy. As easy as it is to be overwhelmed by the prospect of writing scholarly journals and gathering accurate data in a lab, I've come this far by cultivating the perfect balance between my responsibilities as a daughter and as a scholar. I am the daughter of immigrants and an avid academic, both serving towards my ambition in creating life-saving medicines and being empathetic towards members of my community.