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Hi, I'm Clarece Moxey, and I'm excited to share a bit about myself with you. My life goal is to become a practical nurse practitioner, equipped with an additional nursing Ph.D. I am passionate about caring for people and helping them achieve good health and strength. From an early age, I discovered a profound sense of fulfillment in making a positive difference in the lives of others. This passion for serving others led me to pursue a career in nursing. As I embarked on my journey, I quickly realized the incredible impact nurses have on individuals, families, and communities. As a candidate, I possess a unique blend of determination and focus. I am committed to achieving excellence in my academic pursuits, ensuring that I not only acquire the necessary knowledge and skills but also thrive in challenging situations. My dedication to the field of nursing extends beyond my educational goals. I strive to embody the qualities of empathy, compassion, and integrity that are essential for providing exceptional care. I believe that every patient deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and I am unwavering in my commitment to upholding these values. With my unwavering dedication and passion for nursing, I am confident that I will be a great candidate. I am eager to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need and contribute to the advancement of healthcare. Together, let's create a brighter, healthier future for all.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2028
  • Majors:
    • Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

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  • Majors of interest:

  • Planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Hospital & Health Care

    • Dream career goals:

    • Medical Assistant & Receptionist

      2020 – 2020
    • Front Desk & Night Audit Supervisor

      2021 – 20221 year
    • Computer Technician

      2016 – Present8 years


    • Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management

      2019 – 2020
    • Psychology, General

      2020 – 2021

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Church — Dancer
      2019 – 2021
    La Santana Scholarship
    Dreaming big has always been a driving force in my life. From a young age, I have harbored a wild and ambitious dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner with the ability to perform successful surgeries. This dream has shaped my goals, aspirations, and the path I have chosen for my education and career. To make this dream a reality, I have set my sights on pursuing a comprehensive educational journey. I plan to start by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, which will provide me with a strong foundation in the field of nursing. This will be followed by gaining hands-on experience through clinical rotations in various specialties, broadening my understanding of healthcare and patient care. Upon completing my BSN, I aim to enroll in a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program with a specialization in Nurse Practitioner (NP). This advanced degree will equip me with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to deliver comprehensive healthcare to patients. I intend to focus on a specialized area such as surgical nursing, enabling me to develop a deep understanding of surgical procedures and patient care in the operating room. However, education alone is not enough to fulfill my dream. To excel in the field of surgery and become a skilled Nurse Practitioner, I recognize the importance of continuous learning and professional development. Staying updated with the latest advancements in surgical techniques, medical technology, and evidence-based practices is crucial for delivering the highest quality care. I will actively engage in workshops, conferences, and online courses, seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and refine my skills. Furthermore, I understand that the ability to perform successful surgeries requires more than just technical expertise. Building strong interpersonal relationships with patients, their families, and the healthcare team is paramount. Effective communication, empathy, and emotional support play a vital role in providing holistic care and promoting positive surgical outcomes. I will strive to develop these essential qualities through ongoing self-reflection, mentorship, and continuous improvement. In my pursuit of this dream, I am also cognizant of the need for practical experience and exposure to the surgical environment. I plan to seek out opportunities to work alongside experienced surgeons, observing and assisting in various surgical procedures. By immersing myself in the operating room setting, I hope to gain invaluable insights, refine my technical skills, and understand the intricacies of surgical teamwork. Ultimately, my wildest dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner with the ability to perform successful surgeries is driven by a deep passion for healthcare and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I firmly believe that every individual deserves access to high-quality care and that my dedication, perseverance, and continuous learning will enable me to provide that care to those in need. In conclusion, my dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner skilled in performing successful surgeries has ignited a fire within me. Through a comprehensive educational journey, continuous learning, practical experience, and building strong relationships, I am committed to making this dream a reality. I am driven by a profound passion for healthcare and a genuine desire to contribute positively to the lives of patients. With unwavering determination and a steadfast commitment to excellence, I am ready to embark on this transformative journey and leave a lasting impact on the field of surgery.
    Servant Ships Scholarship
    Throughout my life, books and films have played a significant role in shaping my goals and perspectives. As a Christian, I have been particularly influenced by Christian literature, including books and the Bible itself, as well as Christian films like "War Room." These sources of inspiration have instilled in me a strong sense of faith, compassion, and the desire to make a positive impact on the world and my community through my education. Christian literature, with its teachings, parables, and stories of faith, has provided me with invaluable lessons and insights. The Bible, in particular, has been a guiding light in my life, offering wisdom, moral guidance, and spiritual nourishment. It has taught me the values of love, forgiveness, empathy, and serving others selflessly. Through the stories of Jesus and His disciples, I have learned the importance of compassion, kindness, and the power of faith in overcoming challenges. In addition to the Bible, I have delved into various Christian books that explore different aspects of faith, theology, and personal growth. These books have expanded my understanding of Christianity, deepened my spiritual connection, and encouraged me to live a life aligned with Christian principles. They have taught me the significance of prayer, the transformative power of gratitude, and the importance of seeking God's guidance in every aspect of life. Furthermore, Christian films, such as "War Room," have touched my heart and reinforced my beliefs. They have depicted the power of prayer, the strength of faith, and the ability to find hope even in the darkest of circumstances. These films have reminded me of the importance of relying on God, surrendering my worries, and trusting in His plan. As a result of my Christian upbringing and the influence of these books and films, I have developed a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world and my community through my education. I believe that education is a powerful tool that can empower individuals and bring about positive change. Through my studies, I aim to acquire knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will enable me to address societal issues, promote justice, and uplift those in need. In my community, I plan to contribute by actively engaging in acts of service and volunteering. I aim to be a beacon of light and hope, offering a helping hand to those struggling, comforting the brokenhearted, and spreading love and kindness wherever I go. By embodying the Christian values of compassion, forgiveness, and empathy, I aspire to be an agent of positive change, inspiring others to live purposefully and making a tangible difference in the lives of those around me. Moreover, I recognize the importance of being a role model and sharing the wisdom and lessons I have gained from the books I have read and the films I have watched. Through mentorship, teaching, or simply engaging in meaningful conversations, I hope to inspire and encourage others to discover their own faith, embrace their purpose, and make their own unique contributions to the world. In conclusion, my Christian faith, nourished by the Bible and Christian literature, as well as the impactful messages conveyed through films like "War Room," have shaped my goals and aspirations. They have instilled in me a strong sense of faith, compassion, and the desire to make a positive impact on the world and my community through my education. I am committed to embodying Christian values, serving others, and being an agent of positive change. With God's guidance, I believe that I can contribute to creating a world where love, compassion, and justice prevail.
    Growing up in the Family Restaurant Business Scholarship
    Working in my family's restaurant as a teenager has had a profound impact on shaping who I am today. It not only provided me with valuable life lessons and skills but also instilled in me a passion for the restaurant industry. Moreover, this experience has sparked ideas and aspirations to bring positive changes to the industry. The restaurant was more than just a place of business; it was a hub of warmth, love, and community. From a young age, I witnessed the dedication, hard work, and commitment my grandmother poured into every aspect of the restaurant. Her unwavering passion for creating memorable dining experiences left a lasting impression on me. I saw how food has the power to bring people together, fostering connections, and creating cherished memories. Working alongside my grandmother and other family members taught me the importance of teamwork, communication, and attention to detail. I gained firsthand experience in various roles, from serving tables to assisting in the kitchen. These experiences cultivated my work ethic, adaptability, and interpersonal skills. I learned the art of customer service, understanding the importance of making guests feel welcome, valued, and satisfied. Beyond the practical skills, the restaurant environment also taught me resilience and the ability to handle pressure. The fast-paced nature of the industry demanded quick thinking, problem-solving, and maintaining composure even in challenging situations. It taught me the value of maintaining professionalism and a positive attitude, even during the busiest and most stressful times. Moreover, the exposure to the inner workings of the restaurant industry has given me insights into areas that can be improved. One aspect that I would like to address is sustainability. Witnessing the substantial amount of food waste generated by the restaurant industry has motivated me to find innovative solutions. I believe in implementing practices that promote sustainable sourcing, minimize waste, and support local suppliers. By incorporating eco-friendly initiatives such as composting, recycling, and energy-efficient practices, we can make a positive impact on the environment while setting an example for others in the industry. Another area of focus is the well-being of restaurant workers. Having experienced firsthand the demanding nature of the job, I recognize the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. Implementing fair wages, providing benefits, and promoting work-life balance are essential steps to ensure the physical and mental well-being of employees. By investing in the happiness and satisfaction of the workforce, we can create a positive ripple effect, leading to improved customer experiences and overall success. Furthermore, I believe in embracing technological advancements to streamline operations and enhance the dining experience. By leveraging digital platforms, online ordering systems, and personalized customer engagement, we can optimize efficiency, reduce wait times, and cater to the evolving preferences of customers. In conclusion, my experience working in my family's restaurant has shaped me in profound ways. It has instilled in me a passion for the restaurant industry, along with a strong work ethic, interpersonal skills, and resilience. Through this experience, I have gained insights into the industry and developed ideas for positive change. By prioritizing sustainability, worker well-being, and embracing technology, I believe we can create a restaurant industry that is both thriving and responsible.
    Szilak Family Honorary Scholarship
    The impact of cancer, although experienced indirectly, has profoundly influenced my beliefs, relationships, and career aspirations. Losing my beloved aunt to this merciless disease on February 16, 2020, was a heartbreaking and life-altering event that transformed my perspective on life, instilled resilience within me, and intensified my drive to make a difference in the field of healthcare. Witnessing my aunt's battle with cancer and the subsequent loss has shaped my beliefs in the power of compassion, the fragility of life, and the importance of cherishing every moment. It reinforced my belief in the intrinsic value of empathy and kindness, as I witnessed the immeasurable comfort and support that healthcare professionals provided to my aunt and our family during her most challenging times. This experience has solidified my conviction that every individual facing a health crisis deserves unwavering care, understanding, and dignity throughout their journey. Moreover, my aunt's illness strengthened the bonds within my family and highlighted the significance of nurturing relationships. We rallied together as a united front, offering unwavering support, love, and encouragement to one another during this difficult time. This experience reinforced the importance of cherishing our loved ones, fostering open communication, and embracing the present moment. It deepened my appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit and the power of collective strength. Professionally, my experience with cancer has crystallized my career aspirations and ignited a passion to contribute to the field of healthcare. Witnessing the profound impact that healthcare professionals had on my aunt's life inspired me to pursue a career where I could make a positive difference in the lives of individuals facing health challenges. It sparked a deep sense of purpose within me and fueled my determination to pursue a path in oncology nursing. Motivated by my aunt's battle, I am committed to dedicating my career to providing compassionate care, support, and comfort to individuals and families affected by cancer. I aspire to specialize in oncology nursing, where I can combine my empathy, knowledge, and clinical skills to make a meaningful impact. By staying at the forefront of research, advocating for patients, and fostering a healing environment, I aim to contribute to advancements in cancer care, improve patient outcomes, and offer solace during difficult times. My experience with cancer has also reinforced the importance of ongoing education and research in the field of oncology. I am committed to continuously expanding my knowledge, staying abreast of the latest advancements, and actively participating in research initiatives aimed at improving cancer treatment and survivorship. Through collaboration with interdisciplinary teams, I hope to contribute to the development of innovative therapies and strategies that enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by cancer. In conclusion, my indirect experience with cancer has had a profound impact on my beliefs, relationships, and career aspirations. It has strengthened my conviction in the power of compassion and empathy, deepened my appreciation for the significance of cherished relationships, and ignited a passion to make a difference in the field of healthcare. My aunt's battle with cancer has motivated me to pursue a career in oncology nursing, where I can provide compassionate care, advocate for patients, and contribute to advancements in cancer treatment and survivorship. Through this journey, I hope to honor her memory, support others facing similar challenges, and contribute to the ongoing fight against cancer.
    Disney Super Fan Scholarship
    Disney, with its mesmerizing characters, captivating stories, and enchanting theme parks, has woven a tapestry of wonder that has captured the hearts of millions. For me, Disney is more than just a brand or entertainment; it is a cherished part of my life. Whether it be through the timeless movies, the unforgettable characters, or the immersive theme park experiences, Disney continues to hold a special place in my heart. In this essay, I will delve into my favorite aspects of Disney and explain what they mean to me. One of the most remarkable things about Disney is the creation of characters that touch our souls and teach us invaluable life lessons. From the majestic Simba in "The Lion King" to the brave Pocahontas, each character possesses a unique charm that resonates with people of all ages. These characters have become more than just animated drawings; they have become companions, friends, and even role models. They inspire us to believe in ourselves, to dream big, and to never lose hope. Through their trials and triumphs, Disney characters impart profound life lessons that stay with us long after the movie credits roll. Disney movies are not just cinematic masterpieces; they are gateways to a world of imagination and possibility. With their stunning animation, captivating storylines, and memorable songs, these movies transport us to fantastical realms where anything is possible. Growing up, I spent countless hours immersed in the magical worlds of "The Jungle Book," "Cinderella," and "Snow White," to name a few. These movies provided an escape from reality and filled my young mind with wonder and awe. Even as an adult, the magic of Disney movies continues to ignite my imagination and remind me of the importance of embracing the childlike wonder within us. Stepping into a Disney theme park is like entering a realm of pure enchantment. The meticulous attention to detail, the vibrant atmosphere, and the sheer joy that permeate these parks make every visit an unforgettable experience. Whether it's meeting beloved characters, embarking on thrilling rides, or witnessing spectacular parades and fireworks, the Disney theme parks create a sense of joy and happiness that is unparalleled. Every visit is a chance to reconnect with cherished childhood memories and create new ones that will last a lifetime. The magic of Disney theme parks is a testament to the power of imagination and the enduring legacy of Walt Disney's vision. In a world that can often feel overwhelming and complex, Disney provides a beacon of light, reminding us of the importance of imagination, joy, and the enduring power of storytelling. From the beloved characters to the captivating movies and enchanting theme parks, Disney has become an integral part of my life. It has taught me the value of kindness, courage, and the importance of holding onto the childlike wonder that resides within all of us. As I continue my journey through life, I know that Disney will always be there to inspire, uplift, and transport me to a world where dreams really do come true. Algebra Scholarship
    Mathematics, often regarded as the universal language of logic, plays a profound role in our lives. Its importance is evident across numerous fields and disciplines, making it an essential subject to learn. Personally, I have developed a profound love for mathematics due to the thrill of solving equations and the mental stimulation it provides. Among the various branches of mathematics, algebra has captured my heart, captivating me with its elegant structure and problem-solving capabilities. In this essay, I will explain why math is vital and share the reasons behind my deep affection for learning this fascinating subject. Mathematics is an indispensable tool that finds practical applications in everyday life. From calculating expenses and managing finances to measuring quantities and understanding statistics, math is ever-present. Whether it's planning a budget, determining the right dosage of medication, or evaluating probabilities, a solid foundation in math empowers us to make informed decisions. Moreover, math serves as the backbone of numerous professions, including engineering, science, technology, finance, and architecture. The ability to comprehend mathematical concepts is crucial for success in these fields, highlighting the practical importance of math. Beyond its practical applications, mathematics provides intellectual stimulation and fosters critical thinking skills. The process of solving mathematical problems involves analyzing, reasoning, and applying logical steps to arrive at a solution. This intricate mental workout keeps the mind engaged and sharp, enhancing cognitive abilities. Mathematics trains us to think abstractly, encouraging creative problem-solving and developing a systematic approach to challenges. The ability to break down complex problems into manageable steps not only improves mathematical proficiency but also equips individuals with problem-solving skills that can be applied in various aspects of life. Among the diverse branches of mathematics, algebra holds a special place in my heart. Algebra encapsulates the beauty of mathematical structures, enabling us to solve equations and uncover patterns. Its symbolic language and the elegant manipulation of variables make it a captivating discipline. Algebraic concepts, such as equations, inequalities, and functions, provide a framework to understand and model real-world phenomena. The satisfaction derived from simplifying an equation or finding the unknown variables fuels my love for algebra. Furthermore, algebra serves as a stepping stone to more advanced mathematical concepts, laying the foundation for higher-level thinking. In conclusion, mathematics plays a vital role in our lives and encompasses a wide array of applications. Its practical importance cannot be understated, as it permeates countless fields and professions. Beyond its practicality, mathematics offers intellectual stimulation, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Personally, my love for mathematics stems from the joy I find in solving equations and the mental challenge it presents. Algebra, with its elegant structure and problem-solving capabilities, has become my favorite branch of mathematics. As we continue to explore the fascinating world of mathematics, let us embrace its importance and revel in the joy of learning and problem-solving that it brings.
    Sara Jane Memorial Scholarship
    The nursing industry has captured my attention as a career choice for several compelling reasons. The opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of others, provide compassionate care, and contribute to the overall well-being of individuals resonates deeply with my personal values and aspirations. The nursing profession embodies the perfect blend of science, humanity, and lifelong learning, which continually sparks my interest and drives my passion to pursue this noble career path. In terms of my goals for a successful nursing career, they revolve around continuous growth, making a positive impact, and advancing in specialized areas of practice. One of my primary objectives is to become a Registered Nurse (RN) and specialize in critical care nursing. The dynamic and fast-paced nature of critical care intrigues me, as it demands advanced clinical knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ability to provide prompt and effective interventions during life-threatening situations. By specializing in critical care nursing, I aim to save lives, optimize patient outcomes, and offer unwavering support to individuals and their families during their most vulnerable moments. Beyond becoming an RN, my long-term goal is to pursue advanced education and training to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP). As an NP, I will have the privilege of providing comprehensive primary care, diagnosing illnesses, prescribing treatments, and promoting disease prevention. This advanced role will empower me to build meaningful patient-provider relationships, advocate for holistic well-being, and make a lasting impact on the overall health of individuals and communities. While on my journey towards these goals, I have already achieved significant personal accomplishments that have helped shape my path. One notable accomplishment is my past medical experience working as a medical assistant and receptionist in a clinic for six months. This opportunity exposed me to the intricate workings of a healthcare setting, allowing me to witness the multidimensional nature of patient care. It provided invaluable insights into the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and empathy in delivering exceptional healthcare services. Through this experience, I developed a deep appreciation for the crucial role nurses play in coordinating patient care, ensuring smooth clinic operations, and fostering positive patient experiences. Furthermore, my own personal health situation, which involved undergoing surgery, has profoundly influenced my perspective on healthcare. Being on the receiving end of compassionate and skilled nursing care firsthand made me recognize the profound impact nurses have on patients' lives. It solidified my belief in the transformative power of nursing and further motivated me to pursue this fulfilling career. In conclusion, the nursing industry captivates my interest due to its capacity for making a positive impact, providing compassionate care, and fostering personal growth. My goals for a successful nursing career include specializing in critical care nursing as an RN and eventually becoming a Nurse Practitioner. My past medical experience as a medical assistant and receptionist has provided me with valuable insights into the healthcare system and reinforced my passion for nursing. Additionally, my personal health situation has deepened my appreciation for the essential role nurses play in patients' lives. I am eager to embark on this fulfilling journey, committed to delivering exceptional care, advancing in specialized areas, and positively impacting the lives of individuals and communities through the nursing profession.
    Kelly O. Memorial Nursing Scholarship
    Allow me to introduce myself and share my passion for a career in nursing, along with my areas of specialization and the steps I have taken to prepare for this important journey. I am Clarece Moxey, and my profound passion for providing compassionate care and making a positive impact on the field of healthcare drives me to pursue a career in nursing. As I embark on my path, I have identified three areas of specialization that align with my aspirations. Firstly, I plan to become a Registered Nurse (RN), delivering comprehensive and empathetic care across diverse healthcare settings. The dynamic nature of medical-surgical nursing captivates me, drawing me towards my second specialization. I aspire to become a Medical-Surgical Nurse, equipped to attend to patients with various medical conditions and surgical needs. This specialization allows me to continually learn, adapt, and provide holistic care during patients' most vulnerable moments. While being a Registered Nurse and a Medical-Surgical Nurse are significant milestones, my ultimate goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP). Pursuing advanced education and training, I envision myself playing a pivotal role in patient care, focusing on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. As an NP, I will have the privilege of providing comprehensive primary care, building strong patient relationships, and empowering individuals to take control of their health. To prepare for this transformative journey, I have embarked on various measures to expand my knowledge and refine my skills. My academic pursuits have centered around a rigorous curriculum encompassing foundational sciences, anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. By establishing a solid nursing foundation, I am well-prepared to deliver high-quality care. Additionally, I have actively sought practical experiences in healthcare settings, engaging in internships and volunteering opportunities that have provided valuable hands-on exposure to patient care. These experiences have deepened my understanding of interdisciplinary teamwork and the complexities of providing comprehensive healthcare. Recognizing the significance of continuous professional development, I actively participate in workshops, seminars, and online courses to stay abreast of the latest advancements and evidence-based practices in nursing. By staying informed, I can offer the best care possible to my future patients. Furthermore, I am committed to cultivating personal qualities essential to the nursing profession. Compassion, empathy, effective communication, and a thirst for lifelong learning are traits I hold dear. These attributes will enable me to connect with patients on a deeper level, foster trust, and provide individualized care tailored to their unique needs. In conclusion, my unwavering dedication to caring for others and making a positive impact fuels my pursuit of a nursing career. Through specializations in Registered Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and my long-term goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner, I am driven to contribute to the field and create meaningful change in individuals' lives. By pursuing a rigorous academic curriculum, gaining practical experiences, and embracing continuous professional development, I have prepared myself for the challenges and rewards that lie ahead. I am enthusiastic about embarking on this transformative journey, committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care while striving for excellence in the nursing profession.
    Rosalie A. DuPont (Young) Nursing Scholarship
    My passion for healthcare and the desire to make a positive impact on the world through my medical career drive me to pursue excellence in patient care and contribute to the betterment of society. As an aspiring healthcare professional, I am dedicated to fostering health, well-being, and empowerment among individuals and communities. From a young age, I have been drawn to the field of medicine. I am captivated by the intricacies of the human body and the immense potential of healthcare to transform lives. This passion has guided my academic pursuits and personal experiences, shaping my dedication to a medical career that goes beyond the conventional boundaries. Through rigorous education and practical training, I aim to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional patient care. I understand that being a competent and compassionate healthcare provider is crucial in establishing meaningful connections with patients. By actively listening to their concerns, treating them with empathy, and involving them in their healthcare decisions, I aspire to foster a patient-centered approach that honors their individuality and respects their autonomy. In addition to direct patient care, I am deeply committed to preventive medicine and health promotion. I believe that the key to achieving better health outcomes lies in empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being. By focusing on education, advocacy, and community engagement, I aim to promote health literacy and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Through proactive efforts such as organizing health workshops, participating in outreach programs, and leveraging digital platforms, I intend to reach a broader audience and inspire positive changes in health behaviors. Recognizing the interconnectedness of health and social factors, I am passionate about addressing healthcare disparities and advocating for health equity. I believe that every individual, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status, deserves access to quality healthcare services. To achieve this, I plan to actively engage in initiatives that promote healthcare access, including volunteering at underserved communities, supporting healthcare policy reforms, and collaborating with organizations dedicated to reducing health inequities. Furthermore, I am inspired by the potential of medical research to advance healthcare practices and improve patient outcomes. I am eager to contribute to the body of medical knowledge through clinical research, exploring innovative treatment modalities, and participating in studies that address pressing healthcare challenges. By actively engaging in research, I aim to bridge the gap between scientific advancements and clinical practice, translating cutting-edge discoveries into tangible benefits for patients. Beyond the realm of direct patient care and research, I envision myself as a mentor and educator, nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. By sharing my knowledge, experiences, and passion, I hope to inspire and guide aspiring individuals towards fulfilling careers in medicine. Through teaching and mentoring, I aim to instill in others the values of empathy, integrity, and lifelong learning that are essential for providing exceptional healthcare. In conclusion, my journey in medicine is driven by a deep-rooted passion to make a positive impact on the world through my medical career. By delivering compassionate and patient-centered care, promoting preventive medicine, advocating for health equity, engaging in impactful research, and nurturing future healthcare professionals, I aim to contribute to the betterment of society. Through these endeavors, I hope to empower individuals, enhance healthcare outcomes, and foster a healthier and more equitable world for all.
    Dashanna K. McNeil Memorial Scholarship
    The decision to pursue an advanced certification or degree in nursing stems from personal inspiration, professional growth aspirations, and a dedication to making a lasting impact in the field. My journey in nursing, combined with a passion for caring, has motivated me to seek further knowledge and expertise. The inspiration to pursue an advanced certification or degree derives from a desire to become a practical nurse practitioner with an additional nursing Ph.D. My goals involve specializing in primary care and contributing to healthcare advancement through research, education, and patient advocacy. The inspiration to pursue an advanced certification and degree in nursing can be traced back to my formative years. Assisting my mother in caring for individuals in need nurtured my passion for the field. Observing the transformative impact of nursing on their lives and the gratitude expressed by patients and their families solidified my determination to pursue a nursing career. As I embarked on my nursing education, my passion deepened, and I recognized the potential for growth and the ability to make a difference through advanced knowledge. Challenges and setbacks during my academic journey reinforced my desire to pursue advanced certifications and degrees. These experiences taught me the importance of resilience, lifelong learning, and striving for excellence in patient care. My specific area of nursing encompasses becoming a practical nurse practitioner and attaining a nursing Ph.D. Specializing in primary care aligns with my belief in holistic, patient-centered care. By focusing on primary care, I aim to provide comprehensive healthcare services, emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention. Establishing long-term relationships with patients, addressing their physical, emotional, and social needs, is a priority. Pursuing a nursing Ph.D. also reflects my commitment to advancing the field through research, education, and patient advocacy. Conducting research studies addressing healthcare challenges and promoting evidence-based practices is a goal I aspire to achieve. Enhancing the quality of patient care, improving healthcare outcomes, and influencing policy decisions are outcomes I strive for. Additionally, sharing knowledge and passion by becoming an educator will guide and inspire future nurses. Patient advocacy is at the core of my goals for my specific area of nursing. Being a voice for patients, ensuring their rights are respected, and promoting their overall well-being are priorities. Empowering patients to actively participate in their healthcare decisions fosters a collaborative and patient-centered approach. In conclusion, the inspiration to pursue an advanced certification or degree in nursing arises from a passion for caring and making a lasting impact. Professional growth, coupled with the transformative power of advanced knowledge, drives me to specialize as a practical nurse practitioner with an additional nursing Ph.D. My goals involve primary care specialization, contributing to healthcare advancement through research and education, and advocating for patient-centered care. Through this journey, I aim to make a meaningful difference in individuals' lives, advance nursing practices, and inspire future nurses.
    Xavier M. Monroe Heart of Gold Memorial Scholarship
    Facing challenges and setbacks can profoundly shape our lives and set the stage for future success. During my time in school, I encountered a series of unexpected hardships that tested my resilience. It began with an emergency surgery that led to a month-long hospital stay. Shortly after being discharged, my world was shattered when my beloved mother passed away, just four days after being rushed to the hospital. This experience had a profound impact on me, causing emotional turmoil and a loss of focus. However, it taught me valuable lessons about strength, personal growth, and the power of making a positive impact on future generations. The aftermath of these circumstances left me emotionally vulnerable. Sleep, eating, and staying focused became daily challenges. I grappled with grief and the overwhelming changes in my life, feeling as though my world had crumbled. But as time passed, I realized that these challenges had the potential to shape my character and transform me. I discovered an inner resilience and determination to rise above my circumstances, recognizing that true strength lies in confronting obstacles head-on. The loss of my mother taught me the fragility of life and the importance of seizing the present moment. I developed a deep appreciation for the value of time and the significance of our actions. This experience instilled in me a sense of urgency to make a positive impact. I felt a responsibility to honor my mother's memory by channeling my pain into creating a difference for others. From this experience, I learned the power of resilience and seeking support when needed. Surrounding myself with loved ones who provided unwavering support helped me navigate the challenges I faced. Their presence reminded me of the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships and cherishing the connections we have with others. I also recognized the significance of self-care and sought professional help to heal and grow. The lessons learned from this challenging period continue to guide my journey. Empathy and compassion for others who face their own trials have become fundamental values for me. I am committed to using my experiences to uplift and inspire others, particularly younger generations. I firmly believe in the power of resilience, determination, and positive action to create meaningful change in the world. In conclusion, the challenges and setbacks I faced during my school years, including an emergency surgery and the tragic loss of my mother, had a profound impact on me. Despite the emotional turmoil, these experiences taught me valuable lessons about resilience, personal growth, and the importance of making a positive impact. I learned to find strength within, appreciate the fragility of life, and seek support when needed. Armed with these lessons, I am dedicated to inspiring and empowering others, striving to make a positive difference and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.
    Dr. Ifeoma Ezebuiro Ezeobele Africans in Nursing Scholarship
    The decision to choose nursing as my career path stems from a deep-rooted calling and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Nursing holds immense importance to me as it aligns perfectly with my core values, offers opportunities for growth, and allows me to be a source of comfort and healing during vulnerable times. One primary reason I chose nursing is my unwavering passion for caring for people. From an early age, I have found fulfillment in helping others and being there for them during challenging moments. Nursing extends this care and support on a professional level, providing physical and emotional comfort, listening to patients' stories, and advocating for their well-being. It is a privilege to contribute to their healing and recovery. Moreover, nursing embodies empathy and compassion, which are fundamental to who I am. Connecting with patients on a human level, understanding their fears, and providing reassurance resonates deeply with me. Nursing encompasses addressing the holistic well-being of individuals, going beyond physical ailments. I believe in treating everyone with kindness, respect, and dignity. Through nursing, I can embody these values and make a tangible difference in the lives of those I serve. Nursing is a lifelong journey of learning and growth. The dynamic nature of the field challenges me to expand my knowledge and acquire new skills. From mastering medical advancements to staying updated on evidence-based practices, nursing demands lifelong learning. I am excited to embrace new knowledge and incorporate it into my practice, ensuring the highest quality of care for my patients. The importance of nursing is further amplified by the impact nurses have on individuals and communities. They provide care, education, and support to patients and families, promoting health and disease prevention. Nurses are at the forefront of patient advocacy, contributing to positive health outcomes. Choosing nursing allows me to actively participate in this noble profession and contribute to society's betterment. Ultimately, nursing is important to me because it combines my passion for caring with making a meaningful difference. It embodies empathy, compassion, integrity, and lifelong learning. Through nursing, I have the privilege of supporting individuals during vulnerable moments, empowering them to achieve optimal well-being. It is a calling that resonates within me, and I am committed to embracing its responsibilities and challenges. In conclusion, I chose nursing because of my unwavering passion for caring, the alignment of nursing with my core values, the opportunities for growth, and the impact nurses have on individuals and communities. Nursing allows me to make a positive difference, advocate for well-being, and promote holistic health. It is an honor to be part of the nursing profession, and I am dedicated to fulfilling its responsibilities with compassion, integrity, and excellence.
    Rose Browne Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
    The decision to choose nursing as a career has been profoundly influenced by the various life experiences I have encountered. These experiences have shaped my perspective, ignited a deep passion for caring, and solidified my commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. One significant influence on my career choice has been my upbringing and the invaluable lessons learned through caring for others. From a young age, I had the privilege of assisting my mother in providing care to individuals in need. Witnessing her selfless dedication and the positive impact she had on patients left an indelible impression on me. It was during these moments that I discovered the profound fulfillment derived from supporting and nurturing those who are vulnerable. These experiences instilled in me a strong sense of empathy and compassion, which became the cornerstone of my decision to pursue nursing. Furthermore, personal encounters with healthcare professionals during times of illness or injury have played a pivotal role in shaping my career path. These experiences provided firsthand insight into the significant role nurses play in patient care. I observed their unwavering dedication, their ability to provide comfort, and their expertise in delivering holistic care. The genuine concern and support they offered left a lasting impact, inspiring me to become a part of this noble profession. These encounters reinforced my belief in the power of nursing to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and further solidified my determination to pursue this career. Additionally, volunteering in healthcare settings has provided me with invaluable opportunities to interact with diverse patient populations and understand the challenges they face. Whether it was assisting in a local clinic or volunteering in a hospital, these experiences exposed me to the realities of healthcare and strengthened my resolve to pursue nursing. Interacting with patients, witnessing their struggles, and seeing the positive impact that compassionate care can have reaffirmed my passion for nursing. These experiences also highlighted the immense value of effective communication, teamwork, and cultural competence in delivering patient-centered care, skills that I am eager to develop further in my nursing career. Furthermore, my educational journey has served as a catalyst for my decision to choose nursing. As I delved into science and healthcare-related courses, I gained a deeper understanding of the complex nature of human biology, disease processes, and the critical role that nursing plays in promoting health and well-being. Learning about the integral connection between physical, emotional, and social factors in health solidified my belief in the holistic approach that nursing embodies. This knowledge, coupled with my passion for caring for others, further propelled me towards pursuing nursing as a career. In conclusion, my decision to choose nursing as a career has been profoundly influenced by various life experiences. From witnessing the selfless care provided by my mother, to personal encounters with healthcare professionals, to volunteering in healthcare settings, each experience has contributed to my understanding of the impact nursing can have on individuals and communities. These experiences have ignited a deep passion for caring and solidified my commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. As I embark on this transformative journey, I am eager to combine my life experiences, empathy, and dedication to become a compassionate and competent nurse, delivering holistic care and touching lives in meaningful ways.
    Romeo Nursing Scholarship
    The decision to pursue nursing as a career path holds immense importance to me. It is a choice fueled by a deep-rooted sense of purpose and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. First and foremost, nursing allows me to fulfill my passion for caring for people. The opportunity to be there for individuals during their most vulnerable moments and provide comfort, support, and healing is both a privilege and a responsibility. Being able to make a tangible difference in someone's life, even in the smallest of ways, brings me profound joy and satisfaction. Moreover, nursing aligns perfectly with my core values of empathy and compassion. I firmly believe that every person deserves to be treated with kindness and dignity, regardless of their circumstances. Nursing empowers me to translate these values into action, advocating for the well-being and rights of my patients. It is a profession that not only addresses physical health but also acknowledges the importance of emotional and mental well-being. Additionally, the dynamic nature of nursing appeals to my thirst for continuous learning and personal growth. Healthcare is a field that constantly evolves, and nurses play a vital role in driving innovation and progress. The opportunity to expand my knowledge, acquire new skills, and stay abreast of the latest advancements is both intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding. Nursing also offers a diverse range of career paths and opportunities for specialization. Whether it be in critical care, pediatrics, community health, or research, the field presents numerous avenues for me to explore and find my niche. This flexibility allows me to tailor my career to my interests and passions, ensuring that I remain motivated and fulfilled throughout my professional journey. Finally, nursing is a field that fosters deep connections and lasting relationships. The opportunity to work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team, alongside fellow nurses, physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals, creates a supportive and enriching work environment. The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose within the nursing community is invaluable, providing a strong foundation for personal and professional growth. In conclusion, the decision to pursue nursing as a career path is of utmost importance to me. It encompasses my passion for caring, aligns with my core values, offers opportunities for growth and specialization, and allows me to build meaningful relationships. I am committed to dedicating myself to this noble profession, with the aim of making a positive difference in the lives of those I serve. With enthusiasm and determination, I eagerly embrace the transformative journey that nursing offers.
    Wieland Nurse Appreciation Scholarship
    Throughout my life, I have been driven by a deep passion for caring for people and aiding them in their journey towards good health and strength. This innate desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others has led me to pursue a career in nursing. The decision to embark on this path was not solely influenced by a single person or event but rather a culmination of experiences and a steadfast commitment to serve others. Growing up, I had the privilege of witnessing the selfless care and compassion that my mother, a healthcare professional herself, displayed towards those in need. As a young child, I often found myself assisting her in providing care to patients, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of nursing. These experiences left an indelible mark on my heart, igniting a deep admiration for the profession and instilling within me a sense of purpose. Over time, my understanding of the nursing profession expanded, and I realized its vast potential to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. The diverse and holistic nature of nursing captivated me. It offers a unique opportunity to not only address physical ailments but also tend to the emotional and psychological well-being of patients. The ability to provide comfort, support, and guidance during times of vulnerability is a privilege I hold with utmost reverence. Moreover, nursing is a dynamic field that constantly evolves to meet the ever-changing healthcare landscape. The prospect of continuous learning and growth within the profession further enticed me. With advancements in medical technology and research, nurses are increasingly taking on expanded roles and contributing significantly to patient care. I am eager to be a part of this progressive movement, embracing new knowledge and techniques that enhance the quality of care provided. As I embark on this journey, I bring with me a profound determination and unwavering focus. I am committed to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in my studies. My drive to achieve excellence is not limited to academics alone. I am dedicated to developing the essential qualities of empathy, compassion, and integrity that define an exceptional nurse. I firmly believe that every patient deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and I will strive to create an environment that fosters trust and open communication. In conclusion, my decision to pursue a career in nursing is rooted in my unwavering passion for caring for others and helping them lead healthy, fulfilling lives. While my mother's influence initially sparked my interest, it is my own deep-seated desire to serve that has driven me forward. I am confident that my determination, focus, and genuine dedication to the field will enable me to become an outstanding nurse. With boundless enthusiasm, I eagerly embrace the challenges and rewards that lie ahead on this remarkable journey of nursing.