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Chelsea Latham


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I am Chelsea Latham, an eighteen year old college student from Ohio. I attend Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. I enjoy helping others and expressing my creativity. My life’s philosophy is to help others and I plan to do that by becoming an Optometrist.


Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

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2021 - 2025
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    • Biology, General


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    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

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  • Planning to go to medical school
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      2015 – Present9 years


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      Undergraduate Minorities in STEM Scholarship
      Growing up I have always been interested and excelled in science and mathematics. Throughout my childhood I was curious about many things and always desired an explanation behind the most trivial details, this is probably where my love for STEM developed. Though I was significantly curious growing up, a trait I have had and continue to have is my desire to help others. This is something I learned and developed at an early age being an older sister. When asked what I wanted to pursue in the future I never had a clear answer, but I knew it had to involve some aspect of STEM. Not until junior high did I know what I wanted to do, become a Doctor of Optometry. My interest in optometry began when my vision began to worsen, seeing was getting harder. Eventually it got to the point where a trip to the eye doctor was necessary because of recent struggles in routine activities. While there I fell in love with the profession, the doctors were friendly but also explained everything clearly and in a way that interested me more. When I left my appointment I told my mom that I want to be an Optometrist. I want to be able to help people and, also, get a better understanding of the what and why behind degeneration in eyesight. Optometry would fulfill my desire to give others a clearer view of the world, as I have been given.