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Caroline Wilkins


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I am a senior in high school and ready to grow my success by engaging in more leadership opportunities at the college level. I have always pushed myself to dive into new experiences, broaden my mind by learning new things, and join organizations where I can make serious contributions. I have worked hard at achieving superior grades, as well as participating in the Habitat for Humanity Lambert chapter and volunteering in my community through the Beta Club, FCCLA, and Rise Against Hunger charity. I always strive to make an impact on my school and community.


Lambert High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Hospitality Administration/Management
    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
    • Business/Commerce, General
    • Mathematics and Statistics, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:


    • Dream career goals:

    • Person In Charge

      Jimmy Johns
      2022 – 20242 years

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Habitat for Humanity — President
      2020 – 2024
    Sylvester Taylor "Invictus" Hospitality Scholarship
    Working in the service industry has taught me that a single act of kindness can have a profound impact on someone's life. When I worked at a sandwich shop near a hospital, I witnessed people from all walks of life passing through our doors – individuals on their way to say goodbye to their loved ones for the last time, doctors coming off of long shifts, and patients just after leaving the hospital. This experience sparked my realization that kindness, even in its simplest form, could be the only joy in someone's otherwise challenging day. The hospitality industry is not just about offering services, but it is about creating meaningful experiences that leave a lasting imprint on others. This led me to want to pursue a major in hospitality. The hospitality industry offers a platform for me to channel my passion for making a difference. However, I want to leave a legacy of service that extends beyond the boundaries of hospitality into food sustainability. Every night at the end of my work shift, I was forced to throw away the leftover sandwich bread that was unused during the day. You can find a store like mine on every corner, and just my store could amass enough food waste that had me struggling to carry it out to the dumpster each night. This was an eye-opening experience that led me to recognize there is a global issue of food insecurity, and I want to use what I learn in college to create meaningful change. Food insecurity is not only a worldwide issue, with millions of people suffering from severe hunger and malnutrition, but it includes people in my very own community. Nearly one in eight families is food insecure in the metro Atlanta area, and I aim to be part of the solution to this problem. This is not a problem in some faraway country that people can turn a blind eye to; it is happening in my own backyard. I want to explore sustainable practices to alleviate hunger for every individual in my community. Imagine a world where no one goes to bed hungry, and food insecurity is a thing of the past. I believe the intersection of hospitality and food sustainability can contribute significantly to global food security and the overall well-being of my community. By fostering this culture within the hospitality industry, I aim to set an example for future generations, emphasizing the power of compassion with service, one smile at a time. The warmth and smiles that I experienced while working near the hospital are what I aim to bring to every aspect of my career in hospitality. Through my education and future employment in hospitality and food sustainability, I aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and create a future where the warmth of hospitality, assurance of food security, and the spirit of giving serve as pillars in my community.
    Heroes’ Legacy Scholarship
    My experiences of my dad’s military service mostly come through experiences he shared with me while growing up. He would share stories about his career and the submarines he served on during family dinners and family trips. We would visit places like Patriots Point in South Carolina. There we visited battleships and toured submarines. I learned the importance of his naval career through those trips and the talks about his career. My father’s naval career taught me about sacrifice. Although I was very young while he was still serving, I know our family made many sacrifices. Our family endured over 16 moves across eight bases throughout the country, changing schools, making new friends, and adjusting to new cities. He would deploy submerged at sea for over six months out of the year. Being submerged in 500+ ft of water made communications with him near impossible, which made our adjustments more challenging. I learned the value of teamwork, where I was selected to be on a team to represent our high school at the Georgia Technology Student Association. On this team, we built the fastest CO2 powered dragster car from a field of over 200 cars and helped our high school win the first-ever “Outstanding Overall High School'' State Title. His experiences also helped me understand the importance of leadership and service. During my high school career, I served as the President of the Habitat for Humanity chapter to help build homes for disadvantaged families. Through my leadership I built awareness of the ongoing housing crisis and advocated for those affected. Speaking on behalf of victims at the Georgia Capitol to the representatives, I played a role in pushing the HB101 housing bill through the House, an accomplishment that demonstrated the impact of my and others' advocacy. This experience highlighted the tangible impact of servant leadership and reinforced my commitment to making a difference. These experiences helped motivate me to provide service like my father did and I understood that every weed I pulled, every wall I painted, and every nail I hammered represents a small but meaningful step in changing someone's life. As I finish off high school, I look back at the many lessons from my dad’s career and I am most thankful for the strong work ethic, the importance of leadership, and the value of service he has instilled in me. I have learned to set big goals and overcome challenges to become a high achiever, by making all A’s in high school. I have learned the importance of sacrifices for the greater good and mustering courage when facing your fears head-on. I will take these life lessons into college next year to set a strong foundation for my future career, as I navigate with these principles to make positive changes in the world.
    Windward Spirit Scholarship
    My generation recognizes the potential that individual action and the transformative power of unity have to alter the world. Just as a single drip creates ripples in the water, our individual efforts can collectively contribute to successfully addressing the prominent global issues we face today. For instance, prioritizing financial literacy is a singular action that can have a profound impact. By educating ourselves about finance and sharing this knowledge within our community, we empower others to make informed financial decisions that will contribute to a resilient economy. We address the burden of student loans by joining advocacy groups pushing for educational reforms that reduce the cost of this higher education. High healthcare costs can be tackled by advocating for affordable healthcare aimed at lowering costs, making it more accessible, and enhancing healthcare quality. However, the real power for societal change lies in unity. When individuals unite, their collective voice becomes a formidable force, influencing legislation and driving meaningful change and reform. To create my change in the world, I plan to obtain a degree in food sustainability to contribute to global food security and the health of our world's malnourished and at-risk population. My single drip will create a ripple in the water helping others in my generation and generation to come. As we collectively unite in our endeavors, our actions can culminate in a powerful rainstorm of progress that forever alters the course of our society, moving it toward a more sustainable future.