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Car'Nisha Caver


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My life goals are to give an education to students in order to help them form their own goals. I am passionate about helping others being successful. I am a great candidate because the road I travel is a never ending path of success .


University of North Texas

Bachelor's degree program
2020 - 2024
  • Majors:
    • Education, General

Independence High School

High School
2016 - 2020
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      elementary school teacher

      Texas Women Empowerment Scholarship
      I would like to start off by saying that there are equally possible outcomes for both genders in any workplace, school, neighborhood, and sport. If I want to start a hobby of working on cars I should 100% be able to do this just as a man is a 100% able to be a nanny. Gender is not a placeholder for a persons willingness and dedication. What motivates me to confront gender disparity is the higher power men hold over women who are the reason we are all able to even type this essay. The countless women who are not chosen for a job position or a role in decision making are the ones I type this essay for. The countless men who are not chosen for a job position are the ones I type this essay for. If we continue this cycle, what do we tell our children of today? What do we tell them? Do we tell them to brace them selves when they are adults or even at a particular child age because they may not be chosen to take on a task that isn’t suitable for them because of their gender? I want to change this narrative when I become a kindergarten teacher and parent. When I become a kindergarten teacher, I will make sure to not subject my male students to just “male” child toys or books and my female students to just “female” child toys or books. They are magnets to everything in adulthood so figuring out the right words and actions while in the children’s eyes is an important task as well. Students are not taught the inequalities of gender in school, but if they are taught to be kind, gentle, and equal to all, they won’t need to learn about it in the real world either. When I become a parent I will always implement that they are open to discuss their thoughts, worries, accomplishments, and whatever they would like because I know that as children we always think that we can only go to a certain parent for certain gender topics and the other parent for the other. This won’t be the case in my household. I will be open arms to their decision making and questions not as a female but as a human because life itself will wait for no one so being a listening ear could make a huge impact. There are no limits to what either gender can do when reaching for goals that has no lock on them.
      Theresa Lord Future Leader Scholarship
      Hello, My name is Car'Nisha Caver and I attend the University of North Texas. I am seeking to pursue a career in education to become an Elementary school student, preferably kindergarten. I would love to teach kindergarten because this is where the students are starting their learning journey and to be apart of this is to be apart of a student's success story. Kindergarten is where students first start to learn and understand concepts of everyday life. I want to indulge in the beginning of students successful paths. An obstacle that I faced in my life was trying to settle in to a neighborhood, school, and lifestyle different from what I had experienced for the past 14 years. To give more context, in 2016, I moved from my hometown in Arkansas to a suburb in Texas in the summer transitioning into my 9th grade year. Once my family found out about a family emergency we moved here immediately after. For me, going from an environment that promoted and advocated getting an education to be able to move out of that city to an environment that had somewhat of the same intentions except in a faster pace it was a challenge within itself. Back home, teachers and educators, community members, and after-school program coordinators had the youth's best interest at heart with all they provided both in school and out but coming to Texas it all had gone down the drain because I had to adapt to the environment of "every man for themself" and not much support or programs were out there for teens in high school. In the school I went to in Texas, there was a fast tract mindset and nobody really sat down to understand and get to know the students learning styles. It was more so a "Let's get this done now . Ok let's start on this now and have it done by the end of class" approach and I was one who knew nothing about how fast paced the lessons were. There weren't too many programs offered for students that wanted extra help in a subject and or any programs that allowed students to connect and build with their peers. The teachers in my high school were reliable to a certain extinct to provide equity and resources for extra help with school work. What I learned from this experience is that they all got me to where I needed to be but I can say that I will do my best to add in different things that my teachers back home instilled in me and do more than what my high school teachers did for me in when I become a teacher for my future students.
      Straive "Remembering Marva Collins" Scholarship
      "I have more than one favorite superhero," said 10 year old me to a former teacher of mine who asked the question "Who is your favorite superhero and why?" I believe that when I was younger, I would have never put much thought into the statement I made like I am now. Looking back at this conversation, I see it as "I have more than one favorite teacher," because all of the teachers I had up until 5th grade were all appreciable inspirations to me. They were all willing to step foot into the loud, energetic, eager classroom full of students to teach them about ABCs, multiplication, English, etc. They always came in with bright smiles ready to teach us and guide us through the troubles we faced when we didn't understand the material. They even had treats for us once a month (depending on the grade it could have been once a week) for passing tests or turning in our work. What I am trying to interpret here is that to be able to work long hours to succeed in helping 12-20 students understand and apply knowledge in their everyday life was something that stuck with me since I left elementary school. I would like to become a kindergarten teacher. To add to my inspiration, I also think that it is very important to be able to teach a student in the beginning stage of their education journey, which is kindergarten. To teach kindergarten is the start of making food from scratch. You want to first find the recipe (find the school you think best fits your child's needs). Then, once you find the recipe, buy the ingredients(enroll your child in the school). After that, you start making the food (this is where I as the teacher, take over and make your students feel excited about the new school year)and we'll use fried chicken for example. Next, you want to wash your chicken and season (this will be the part where I as the teacher will start teaching the material to the students). Once your chicken is seasoned and your grease is hot, you can throw the chicken in the grease and let it cook for 10-15 minutes (this would be me giving the students a few practice worksheets to try and get them used to doing the material on their own). Now, that the chicken is done, you're ready to take them out and enjoy(this final part is the end of the week for the students and they are rewarded with a prize from the prize box for working hard the whole week). Each grade level will work like this with a new food recipe, it may get challenging for students but it is nothing that they can not handle because they know that since the beginning of their education journey it is always a treat at the end of success. When I got older, it became a lot clearer on why I wanted to become a teacher, to follow in my favorite "superheroes" footsteps and help save the day for all the students who are in my care for them to feel safe, comfortable, and celebrate that they made it through the storm of figuring out how to add or subtract or even writing.