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Caleb Klimpt


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My name is Caleb Klimpt, and I have been passionate about engineering all my life. I was obsessed with building and creating from an early age, whether it was legos and lincoln logs or hot wheels and KNEX rollercoasters. Now, I am pursuing my dream career in engineering. Not only have I enrolled in all four years of the engineering STEAM track at Linfield, but I also pursue engineering through hobbies in my spare time. I have created realistic models and layouts of roller coasters using software, and I have also designed custom levels for video games, some of which have become quite popular. I also have plenty of other interests outside of engineering. I am a part of the Linfield Varsity Tennis team, I like to go camping and hiking, I am quite the movie buff, I am a member of Linfield's Student Ambassadors, and I have competed in speech competitions! Overall, I am an extremely motivated person who is constantly pursuing academic and recreational interests. Above all, I make an effort to show the goodness of God in all that I do.


Linfield Christian School

High School
2016 - 2023


  • Desired degree level:

    Master's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Architectural Engineering
    • Architecture and Related Services, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Test scores:

    • 34
    • 1360


    • Dream career field:

      Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

    • Dream career goals:

      Creative Director/Head Engineer


      Cross-Country Running

      2017 – 20181 year


      • Most Improved
      • Varsity Cross Country Award


      2016 – Present8 years


      • Varsity Tennis Award


      • Linfield's Engineering Program

        Residential Housing Models, Contemporary Architecture Design, Architectural Design using Revit, Library Renovation
        2021 – 2022

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        Linfield Christian School — Member and tour leader
        2021 – Present
      • Volunteering

        Linfield Christian School — Tutor for Calculus, Geometry, and Algebra I
        2022 – Present
      • Volunteering

        Operation Christmas Child — I packed and wrapped shoe boxes filled with Christmas gifts.
        2019 – 2022
      • Volunteering

        Linfield's Spring Tea — Waiter
        2022 – 2022
      • Volunteering

        Sunridge Church Children's Ministry — Assistant Volunteer
        2018 – 2020

      Future Interests





      Richard Neumann Scholarship
      Clamps are simple yet essential tools that are needed whenever something needs to be held down. They are commonly used in construction and engineering fields. Unfortunately, the current model for clamps can result in Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and joint breakdown due to the repeated twisting motions needed to use these clamps. With this in mind, I decided to try to create a new type of clamp that did not require a constant torque and hopefully alleviate that twisting motion. I worked on this in my Principles of Engineering class in my sophomore year of high school, and I ended up creating a clamp that utilized pneumatic power. Instead of a twisting force, this clamp used a syringe-type lever that could be pulled to transfer air pressure. Pulling the lever resulted in the device clamping down on a surface and securing it. This prototype design was successfully able to solve the problem that it was meant to solve. While making something small such as a clamp is manageable with my time, money, and resources, there are also bigger problems that I have developed potential solutions for. The one that stands out to me, and the one I am the most passionate about, is rollercoaster launch systems. Current launch systems for rollercoasters all have some major flaws with them, whether it's the hydraulic launch's unreliability and safety issues, the pneumatic launch's inefficiency, or the LSM launch's lack of power. I have been fascinated by rollercoasters for the majority of my life, so when I learned about this problem, it resonated with me. I and a small group of friends set out to research these issues and determined that the best existing launch system is the LSM (Linear Synchronous Motor) launch, which uses electromagnets. This design is safe and reliable due to its lack of moving parts, but the main downfall is its poor launch speed when compared to other designs. So, my group went to work on how to improve this specific launch system and we settled on a design for a torque wheel launch assist. In this design, two large rubber wheels with high friction are placed on each side of the coaster train in the station. The wheels are in contact with the coaster train via a groove on each side of the train. When the launch is ready, the wheels rapidly accelerate to give the coaster train an initial speed boost before the LSM launch activates. In order to test this design, we learned Blender, a modeling and animation software, and virtually built the wheel launch assist. We then transferred our digital prototype to a rollercoaster software with a real-world physics engine so we could test our solution in action. Based on our test results, the wheel launch assist is a success. A coaster train is launched on average 20 mph faster with the wheel assist launch than with LSMs alone. Additionally, the wheel launch assist enables the coaster train to travel up steep-slope launches, a new concept that is possible with our potential solution. While my friends and I were able to virtually build and test our creation, we simply don't have the money or the resources to create it in real-life. Based on our test results, however, we believe that this would solve the problem of the lack of power in the existing LSM launch if we had enough money and resources. I'm happy to say that I've been able to solve problems with my creations like the pneumatic clamp, but as of now, implementing the design for an improved rollercoaster launch system is out of reach.
      Big Picture Scholarship
      Always be mindful of your actions, because you never know whose lives you'll change. This simple yet wise piece of advice has greatly impacted the way I live my life, and I was taught this lesson through the movie "Forrest Gump". In this comedic, dramatic, and heart-wrenching film, the titular character Forrest goes through several completely different life experiences. Some of these adventures include serving in the Vietnam War, becoming a ping pong champion, and starting a shrimping business. Despite these various circumstances, Forrest's actions are tied together by one concept: No matter what you do, you always have the chance to change someone's life for the better or the worse. Throughout the film, Forrest struggles to be accepted by society because of his drastically low IQ, but that doesn't stop him from having a good heart and pure intentions. While Forrest is often unaware of the effect his actions have on others, the course of history was shaped in part by his actions. He was a friend to his fellow soldier, Bubba, when no one else would be. He never gave up on Lieutenant Dan even when Lieutenant Dan wanted to give up on himself. He was always there for Jenny through all of her struggles and even when she couldn't love him the way he loved her. These actions changed the lives of these people, and Forrest was mostly unaware of the positive impact he made. After seeing this film, my perspective on how I affect others was completely altered. While "Forrest Gump" is a fictional movie, the core lesson could not be more real and relevant. It wasn't until I watched this movie that it became clear to me just how impactful we are to others. An act of kindness that may seem insignificant to us has the potential to change the life of another person. When Jenny let Forrest sit next to her on the school bus, she probably didn't think much of it, but Forrest was so impacted by that kind act that it sparked the behavior of his good actions throughout the remainder of the film. Our actions have the incredible power to influence the lives of others, so it is direly important that we strive to make a positive impact on others and to be intentional in our actions. The part that sets this movie lesson above others, however, is how it is so realistically applicable. After being inspired to change how I act around others, I was actually able to do so because of the practicality of this lesson. The most prominent thing I see negatively impacting our society today is stress. By applying the lesson I learned from "Forrest Gump", I was able to make a change in the lives of others regarding stress. I conducted research and discovered that stress itself isn't bad for one's health, but it's the belief that stress is bad that is actually harmful. Being inspired to impact others, I converted my findings into a speech titled "The Surprising Truth About Stress" and started presenting it at various events, including local speech competitions. While it's a bonus that I achieved second place at the district level of the Rotary 4-Way Test Speech Competition, what is most important to me is that I have been able to talk about the misconception of stress to hundreds of people. I've become mindful of my actions, and as a result, I've been able to change lives. It's because of this lesson that "Forrest Gump" is the movie that has had the greatest impact on my life.
      Walking In Authority International Ministry Scholarship
      It has been a blessing to me that I have been able to grow up in such an involved, positive, and caring community. As I wrap up my high school career and look ahead to college, I appreciate the wonderful community that I've been surrounded by. This has inspired me to get involved in my community because I want others to thrive and have the same supportive community that I've had. Another part of this inspiration comes from my desire to make a positive impact on the people around me. This is clearly seen through the specific volunteer and service activities that I am involved in. One of my favorite activities of this sort is Student Ambassadors. In this school-run program, students can lead campus tours for prospective families. I am grateful for my wonderful experiences at Linfield Christian High School, and through this program, I can share my love of the school with others. Apart from showing off the school, Student Ambassadors allows me to make a difference in the lives of others, even if I only get to meet them for a short time. I also try to make a positive difference in my community by serving as a Student Leader in my youth group called Epic. In this role, I work to make Epic a place for people to find a welcoming and loving community of people outside of a school environment. Everyone, especially young people, needs a safe community where they can be themselves, and as a Student Leader, I strive to help provide that. It has been my pleasure to serve my community in this way and be able to welcome others the way I was when I first joined Epic. Apart from all of this, the area where I most see a dire need for change in my community stems from stress. It seems we live in a world where there is an epidemic of stress, and people, including those in my community, are being sorely affected by it. This realization prompted me to try and make a change, so in Junior year, I started heavy research on stress and its effects. What I discovered was incredibly surprising to me: recent studies have concluded that stress itself is not bad for one's health, but it is the belief that stress is bad that is actually harmful. This information is potentially life-changing, and when I discovered it, I knew that I needed to work to influence change in my community. So, I converted my findings into a speech titled "The Surprising Truth About Stress" and I started presenting it at various events, including local speech competitions. While it's a bonus that I am currently moving on to the district level of the Rotary 4-Way Test Speech Competition, what is most important to me is that I have been able to talk about the misconception of stress to hundreds of people. This opportunity has allowed me to turn some perspectives around and has influenced a positive change in my community regarding stress. My community was such a positive influence on me growing up, so it brings me great joy to become involved in my community and influence beneficial change. Something great about working to inspire change in the community is that it doesn't have to look only one way. From extracurriculars like Student Ambassadors and speech competitions to service opportunities like being a youth group Student Leader, there are a plethora of ways to get involved and make a difference.
      Your Dream Music Scholarship
      Car Radio, by Twenty One Pilots, utilizes a mildly strange topic to communicate deep truths. At first, listeners often are confused by the song's premise: Tyler, the songwriter and band leader, recently had his car radio stolen, so he drives in silence. The song takes a turn though when Tyler expresses that in a radioless car, "there's no sound to hide behind". Tyler doesn't want a car radio to escape boredom while driving, but instead to escape reality. When listeners realize this, the true message of the song is revealed. When in silence, we are "forced to deal with what [we] feel" because there's "no distraction to mask what is real". In silence, we are left with our thoughts and wherever those thoughts may lead. The main message of Car Radio is that it is vital to find silence in a world that doesn't promote it since silence yields deep, meaningful thinking. The importance of thinking in silence is beautifully told by Tyler in the third verse. Our world is dominated by the concepts of peace and fear; in order for peace to win, faith must be present. According to Tyler, this is all related because having "faith is to be awake, and to be awake is for us to think, and for us to think is to be alive". This message is extremely important to me. Car Radio juggles huge concepts like the ability to think is what makes us truly alive, but its message is simple: seek silence. In a world that shuts out silence, it's vital to seek it out. In finding silence, I have been able to think more fluidly, and as a result, I can better communicate my thoughts. On top of being a good song, Car Radio packs an essential and relevant message.
      Francis “Slip” Madigan Scholarship
      One thing my parents learned about me very early on in my life is that I am passionate. My passion extends out into different subjects and areas of my life, and in some cases, I am even passionate about seemingly random topics. However, my lifestyle most clearly demonstrates how I am passionate about my education. I take my education very seriously because I value it a lot; I am passionate about it. I crave knowledge because knowledge leads to understanding the world better, and if I understand the world around me I believe I can change it for the better. Going to college is so important to me because I realize that knowledge is one of my greatest passions. My career passion is to become an engineer. Engineering, creating, building, designing - these are all essential to my character. Ever since I was a child I loved creating things, whether it be legos, lincoln logs, or making my own KNEX rollercoaster designs. This passion has stuck with me, and now I create robotics, custom levels for video games, rollercoaster designs using computer software, and even some elaborate builds in Minecraft. That being said, I don't want my engineering potential to stop here. I truly believe that my passion for creating and my passion for education will thrive together in college, which is why attending college is so incredibly important to me. Being the first member of my family to get a bachelor's degree in college puts some pressure on me. However, I want to use this pressure to fuel my determination to attend college. In my perspective, it's not just about being the first generation, and it's definitely not about trying to be "better" than my family members. I want to obtain a college degree because I realize that the field of engineering is where I belong, and by extension, college is where I belong as well. My parents didn't pursue a bachelor's degree because they realized that the Air Force was where they belonged. While my aspirations and goals differ from the ones my parents had for themselves, I am still going where I need to be. The story behind this scholarship is inspirational to me. Francis Madigan believed in the importance of education just like I do. Despite significant challenges, he pursued education because he realized how vital knowledge and understanding are. This scholarship will help me to achieve my academic goals in the same spirit that Francis Madigan was able to achieve his. Being the first member of my family to pursue a bachelor's degree means that there is a lot of uncharted territory in the college process, including finances. I am more than willing to put in the work to obtain a college degree, but the one thing that is mostly out of my control is finances. Francis Madigan's family struggled financially, but thanks to this noble scholarship, that is one part of Francis's journey that I hopefully won't have to share with him. I will be free to pursue my passions in education and engineering as a first-generation student. It is clear that I have a passion for education and knowledge, and I wish to apply that knowledge through engineering. That is why college education is so important to me. Obtaining a bachelor's degree would make me a trailblazer in my family like Francis Madigan was in his family. Overall, this scholarship will allow me to pursue my passions in college without financial worry, and for that, I will be truly grateful.
      Health & Wellness Scholarship
      People will oftentimes say YOLO - You Only Live Once - as a justification for potentially harmful actions. However, acknowledging that you only live once should be motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. It is true, you only live once, so do not ruin it by living unhealthily. Instead of viewing YOLO as an excuse for putting myself in dangerous situations, I truly believe it affirms how important it is to live a healthy life. I am aware that a healthy life is extremely beneficial. Not only does it increase lifespan, but it also improves moods, increases quality of life, and helps you avoid crippling addictions. We cannot completely "redo" our life. It is much better to build up healthy habits now than live unhealthily and regret it later on without the possibility of "redoing" your life decisions. It is important to live a healthy life so that you can thrive down the road. Deciding to quit an addiction in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle is a grueling process, but that decision may ensure your well-being 20 years later. It can be annoying and tiring to exercise frequently and eat healthily, but it is important because it could keep you out of the hospital later in life. Talking about the importance of living a healthy life is the easy part. Finding that starting point, and then maintaining such a life can be much more difficult. This is mainly because a healthy lifestyle encompasses several aspects of our life. It includes being healthy physically, mentally, and socially. While I am not the exemplar of someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, I am aware of its importance, and I have taken good measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle in all of these aspects. Physically, I spend an adequate amount of time outside to exercise. As hobbies, I go biking, camping, and hiking. I also participate in school sports to keep myself physically fit; I play Varsity Tennis, and I have also competed in Cross Country and Track. Food-wise, I've been blessed with a fast metabolism, but metabolism will not help me when it comes to overconsumption of sugar and cholesterol. When I need to have a blood draw, I check the results each time to make sure that things such as cholesterol are within healthy levels, and I am willing to adjust my diet if need be. Mentally, I try to remain optimistic even when times get tough, and I connect with others for support and sharing. Mental health is strongly intertwined with both physical and social health. Being physically active increases mental health, and just spending time out in the sun actually increases the levels of your body's natural antidepressants. Social support increases a sense of belonging, decreases anxiety and depression, and results in better overall mental health. One additional thing that has greatly worked for me though is remaining optimistic. When times are tough, it may seem silly or stupid to be optimistic, but forcing myself to think positively has made me happier mentally. Socially, I connect with others at social events and gatherings. Events such as youth groups, school clubs, ambassador programs, and even something as informal as hanging out with friends helps my social health. People need other people, which is why social health is an important piece of a healthy lifestyle. The puzzle of a healthy lifestyle is made up of physical, mental, and social pieces. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires each piece, along with a firm belief in the importance of a healthy life. YOLO, so build healthy habits now!
      Bold Optimist Scholarship
      Staying optimistic through tough times can be quite a challenge, especially when the world seems to be becoming progressively negative. I have been able to stay optimistic through these tough times because I evaluate all of my resources. Evaluating my resources teaches me just how fortunate I truly am, and when I see all of my available options, it is easy to stay optimistic. Optimism requires hope, and when I analyze my resources and options, I am filled with hope. My optimism was recently put to the test. Junior year is notorious for being the most challenging year of high school, and I certainly realized that after enrolling in AP Calculus AB. AP Calculus is going to be a challenging class for anyone who's not Einstein, but I, unfortunately, had another complication: my teacher had no idea how to teach the class. Sure, he knew the material, but communicating it effectively to his students was not something he accomplished. The months dragged on, and I was becoming increasingly discouraged regarding the AP Calculus Exam. Most of the class had given up hope entirely. Despite this tough situation, I was able to regain my optimism by evaluating my resources. My peers did not see all the resources available to them, and as a result, were giving up hope. Thankfully, I sought out resources, and with the help of the other math teachers and school administrators, was able to organize tutoring sessions for calculus. Long story short, these sessions helped me enough to where I was able to pass the AP Calculus Exam! Evidently, evaluating my resources has been a reliable way to stay optimistic through tough times. Doing so shows me how fortunate I am to have all of these resources, and it teaches me to remain hopeful despite difficult circumstances.
      Bold Financial Literacy Scholarship
      A personal finance lesson that I find to be especially important is "Save Now Spend Later". This financial guideline has greatly helped me to conserve money and remain financially stable. At this point in my life, there are honestly not many things that I actually need to buy. Most essentials are already provided in my life, so there is no excuse to spend an entire paycheck or ruin my bank account. I know that there will be a time when I will need to spend money, so the best option for me is to start saving now. The policy of "Save Now Spend Later" is reflected in my lifestyle. I am determined to apply for scholarships and to receive maximum financial aid so that when I have to pay college expenses I can do so without crippling my financial stability. I am also very careful about what I buy. Of course, I do spend money on unessential items (as every teenager does), but I make sure to limit my spending money. I desire for my savings always to be greater than my expenses. At times it seems as though my financial lesson of "Save Now Spend Later" is unnecessary or too restricting. However, I personally do not want my life to gravitate around finances. It is my hope that the policy of "Save Now Spend Later" will put me in a position of financial stability wherein I will not need to worry about finances. I will have enough saved that when I do spend money, financial instability can be an afterthought. Overall, "Save Now Spend Later" has been an extremely important financial lesson to me personally because I would rather build up my savings now than stress over financial troubles in the years to come.
      Bold Great Books Scholarship
      As someone who loves compelling dystopian stories, I am so glad that I discovered my now-favorite book, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, early in life. I first read Fahrenheit 451 in my freshman year of high school, and it left a lasting impact on me. Fahrenheit 451 is symbolic, satirical, and ultimately relates to our modern world in frightening ways. Discovering the links between a fictional dystopia and reality was enjoyable and also incredibly eye-opening. This combined with powerful themes and relatable characters results in a book that has truly impacted me. Fahrenheit 451 is set in the near future and follows Guy Montag, who is a fireman. A firefighter makes for a great protagonist, but in this dystopia, firefighters create fires instead of putting them out. Their purpose is to burn books, which makes Guy more of an anti-hero than a protagonist. This reversal of conventional roles instantly immersed me into the story. As the story progresses, however, Guy goes from being a book destroyer to a book reader (which is against the law). Bradbury nails Guy's struggle for knowledge in this novel, which helps me relate to the character because I too have greatly struggled to gain knowledge when circumstances do not make it easy. The main theme of Fahrenheit 451 is finding individuality when society enforces conformity. Just like how Guy struggles to determine what kind of person he should be, I have also struggled to become a better, kinder person. Guy finds his true place in the world despite immense opposition, which I relate to because I had a hard time figuring out who I wanted to become and what my purpose in the world is. Overall, Fahrenheit 451 is my favorite book because of its sincere applications to both my life and the modern world.