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Brianna Fariello


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My life goal is to become a veterinarian. Currently I am externing at a vet office and excited to learn and experience what my future has in store. Since a young age my passion has been animals. With the help of my mom letting me follow my dream we have saved many many lives and I have also been able to foster medically needed animals which has helped in my career choice.


Lawton Chiles High School

High School
2020 - 2023


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    Master's degree program

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    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other
  • Planning to go to medical school
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    • Front End

      Tropical Smoothie Cafe
      2021 – 20221 year



    2012 – Present12 years


    • First Place at D2 Summit

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Meow or Never — fostering
      2022 – Present
    • Volunteering

      A Second Chance — Fostered and attended adoption events
      2018 – Present

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    Dr. Edward V. Chavez Athletic Memorial Scholarship
    I lost my dad when I was only 3 1/2. My mom was pregnant with my youngest sister and I had to grow up at a young age because it was just my mom and my two sisters. This has made me the individual I am today and has taught me compassion for others as well. I have always tried to be a good role model for my younger sisters in all aspects of life; including helping guide them through school and their own goals and aspirations. I never wanted to be judged for not having only one parent my entire life, but sometimes kids can be cruel and not understand the hurt they cause others with comments like well you don't have a dad. My sisters dealt with that first hand and I always played the big sister role to show them every family is unique in their own way! Through the years we have developed many friendships with other families that sadly were in the same situation as we are. Through that these friends have become family. Most people have big gatherings of family on holidays, but for us it was not the same anymore without my dad. Our friends became our family, and that not only helped our family but theirs as well. I will always be so thankful for "my family" and have a special bond with them and the memories that we have created together through the years. My mom has always done everything to raise us right and give us a good upbringing and got me involved in competitive cheerleading. I am currently starting my 10th year and it has grounded me to be a team player and my passion for the sport has driven me. Last season I got the highest honor of getting first place at the D2 Summit. In order to even attend the D2 Summit you have to be invited and are competing against the best of the best in the nation. It was something that I have strived for in all my years of cheering and something that most kids never get the opportunity to experience. I realize this and that makes it even that more of a triumph! I have always been able to be devoted to my sport and focus on my school work and family life. I feel that cheerleading has taught me how to time manage and be a team player! I would like to pay it forward by being able to support others that have dealt with tragedy. My mom has always been the first person to support others that have lost spouses because at the time of my dads death she did not have that support as their was not social media like there is today. I see the guidance that she has given others and I want to follow in her role and be able to help others as I have already experienced what they are going through. If I can make the process easier it is worth it as I know I would never be able to take away the pain!