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Blanca Mejia


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As a first-gen daughter, I've had my fair share of expectations to reach, and surpass. I'm dedicated, hardworking, and open-minded with any task given to me. While juggling two part-time jobs throughout this past school year, I've managed to keep my grades up and keep myself motivated. Despite not being a perfect person, I have high standards for myself. I'd like to pursue a degree in Accounting.


Southold Junior-Senior High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Accounting and Related Services
    • Finance and Financial Management Services
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Financial Services

    • Dream career goals:

    • Cashier / Busser

      The North Fork Shack
      2023 – Present1 year
    • Receptionist

      Judge & Associates
      2024 – Present7 months



    Junior Varsity
    2020 – 20222 years


    2023 – Present1 year

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Southold Jr/Sr high School — tutor
      2022 – Present
    • Volunteering

      CAST — Normal Volunteer
      2022 – Present

    Future Interests



    Janie Mae "Loving You to Wholeness" Scholarship
    During my senior year of high school, I discovered a number of surprising truths about myself. First off, I enjoy helping out at food banks. Although I had volunteered at the neighborhood community center in the past, I had never visited the food pantry. There, food bags are distributed to low-income families because living in Suffolk County may be difficult, particularly for those with children. Throughout the year, I got to know a number of families who have several jobs, don't take much time off other than to be with their children, and hope to provide their children the bright future they were unable to have. Fortunately, my life is going really well, but volunteering gave me the opportunity to observe a side of life that I hadn't yet experienced directly. Since my family's life in El Salvador is so different from ours, I am grateful for all that we have in America. Second, whenever the need arises, I will abandon whatever I'm doing to assist a complete stranger as well as a buddy. Given how little we spoke to each other during our classes together, I would be lying if I said that I had chosen to stay up past 1 AM on a school night supporting an acquaintance who was, to be honest, closer to a stranger. The point is, I would be proofreading more than a thousand word essays many evenings a week for the remainder of the semester as a favor and without receiving any kind of reward. I could relate to the suffering associated with writing essays, solving math problems, doing science experiments, etc. However, my thinking is different from those of the folks who come to me for assistance. No matter the expense, as soon as I start something, I finish it. I have no idea how many strangers, friends, or acquaintances I have assisted over our senior year's last semester. Thirdly, connections last a lifetime whereas wealth comes and goes. It surprised me that most of the kids in my grade didn't drive. I had a driver's license and a trustworthy automobile because I begged my parents to let me do driver's ed. I used to drive my friends home after regents, pick them up from work when no one else could, and give them rides to and from school. Every now and then it would seem like I was a chauffeur. To be honest, I didn't mind. I understood that everyone had different circumstances at home, and that whatever was happening—whether it was a lack of funds or a lack of time to have someone transport them to the DMV—had nothing to do with me and that it was their life. Even though I've already graduated and am aware that not everything in the world is ideal, I still want to try to improve even a small portion of people's lives, whether it be by helping with essay editing, working at a food bank, or simply taking some friends for a ride. I believe that anything can happen in an instant, so why not have a positive impact on someone's life?
    Nintendo Super Fan Scholarship
    "What the freak?" My friend, who refrains from using foul language, often repeats this while I repeatedly outrun her in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. When we were younger, we used to play Mario Kart on the WiiU that was given to us during recess, but as we became older, we were able to play the game on our own gadgets. Let me clarify that to say that it's my own device because I'm the only one of my friends with a Nintendo Switch, so I would have to bring it along every time a friend wanted to play a game on it. A few years ago, I went to visit family, and I was playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with my friend. I’m not sure if she’s my in law or something, cause her brother is married to my sister, but that’s a story for another time. We had sat down in her gray, strangely dark room. Mind you, it was the middle of summer, and it was gorgeous outside. Meanwhile, we were inside, my friend getting cooked, lapped, absolutely demolished in Mario Kart. Dolphin Shore, Rainbow Road, even Baby Park didn’t stand a chance against our friendly rivalry. To us, even to this day, as we're getting ready to leave for college, still hold this moment dear to our hearts. When I went to visit my family a few years ago, my friend and I were playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Her brother is married to my sister, so I'm not sure if she's my in-law or whatever, but that's an other story for another day. In her very dark, gray room, shielding us from the gorgeous sunlight outside, we had taken a seat. It was, after all, the midst of summer, and the weather was glorious. In the meantime, we were inside playing Mario Kart, where she was getting cooked, lapped, and completely destroyed. Even Baby Park, Dolphin Shores, and Rainbow Road couldn't compete with our cordial rivalry. As we prepare to head off to college, we still treasure this particular time in our hearts. Mario Kart is more than just a video game brand to me; it's a place where I bonded with my family and friends, met some of my first online friends, and found inspiration in the distinctive features of each track. Upon hearing the question, "Who threw that banana? "Because now YOU'RE THROUGH!" makes me happy since my well-placed banana allowed me to win and tease my friend in a way that was entertaining for both of us.
    Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship
    The average house price in New York state is around $434,000, which would take years of saving up to even be able to afford a down payment on the house. Thankfully, my parents managed to find a house for a lot less, and now can say that they own the house after paying off their mortgage last year. Not even just the price of houses has gone up, but quite literally the cost of anything and everything has gone up. The world is changing, and as of right now, from a financial perspective, it’s getting worse and worse with inflation. Thanks to inflation, the cost of living across the country has drastically risen, but there has hardly been anything (if any) done to help with families being heavily affected. To me, that seems wrong and unfair. My ultimate objective is to use my educational backgrounds and life experiences to advocate for equality and fairness in my community and to make a real impact. As a supporter of both academic excellence and community service, I am excited to take advantage of this chance to advance my education and make a constructive contribution to society. I've assisted several international students in studying English throughout my senior year of high school, and I've also given them advice for their own senior year. I've always had a strong interest in a variety of sports and community service projects. I volunteered endless hours at neighborhood animal shelters and community centers throughout my high school career, as well as planning fundraising events for Ukrainian children affected by war, and played a strong role on my volleyball team for five years. In addition to molding my personality, these events have given me a strong sense of accountability and empathy for other people. I'm commencing my road toward a higher education, and like a common problem amongst students, I have financial hurdles to overcome. With the Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship, I can finally pursue my academic goals without needing to worry about money constraints. It's like a beam of hope for me, as scholarships are getting more competitive each year. My family's financial burden would be lessened thanks to this scholarship, and I would be able to devote more of my focus to my academics and extracurricular activities. In addition, I've made a commitment to stay active in my community during my time in college. I want to be a well-rounded person who makes a good difference in the lives of others, and I want to achieve this by combining academic excellence with active involvement through sports and community service.
    Top Watch Newsletter Movie Fanatics Scholarship
    My selection for a movie to watch is Grown Ups (the first one, not the second). Even though I was younger and its crude humor was beyond my comprehension, this movie has been a favorite of mine for years. In his role, Adam Sandler plays a father of three who is just trying to unwind with his family after putting in a great deal of time into his work. Even his wife had grown accustomed to their lavish way of life, which was put on hold when his former basketball coach passed away. Instead, they spent a week in the summerhouse that had transformed Adam Sandler's teenage lifes, and would once again change their life years later. This movie has two meanings for me: one from when I was younger and the other from now, when I see it again and realize that life is getting more and more difficult every year. When I was about five years old, my parents, two sisters, and I would watch this movie together, and all I could do was laugh at the slow motion of a guy sliding into a pile of excrement. I feel euphoric when I think back on the memories. It takes me back to a more carefree period of time when I wasn't even concerned about what I wanted to accomplish with the rest of my life. I used to simply sit back and take it all in, without caring about anything at all, back then…except what flavor of ice cream I’d get after dinner. Point is, Grown Ups is a nostalgic and comedic masterpiece for me, showcasing the fact that despite life being stressful and overwhelming, there are still simple thoughts that relax a person. The second Grown Ups is good as well, but can’t compare to the first for my own personal reasons. In"Grown Ups," amidst the chaos and challenges that life throws at the characters, there are moments of respite and solace found in the simple pleasures of friendship, family, and nostalgia. Despite the whirlwind of responsibilities, conflicts, and absurd situations they find themselves in, the characters discover that there are constants in their lives that provide a sense of stability and comfort. For example, the tranquil setting of the lake house serves as a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It becomes a retreat where the characters can unwind, reconnect with nature, and escape the pressures of modern society. The serene beauty of the lake and the camaraderie shared among friends offer a reprieve from the stresses and anxieties of the outside world. Moreover, the bonds of friendship and camaraderie among the characters serve as a source of strength and support. Through laughter, shared memories, and mutual understanding, they find solace in each other's company, reminding themselves that they are not alone in their struggles. Whether it's engaging in playful banter, reminiscing about their childhood adventures, or simply enjoying each other's presence, their friendships provide a sense of belonging and comfort in times of uncertainty. Additionally, "Grown Ups" highlights the importance of embracing one's inner child and holding onto the innocence and joy of youth. From playing basketball in the driveway to jumping off the rope swing into the lake, the characters rediscover the simple pleasures of childhood that bring them genuine happiness and fulfillment. These moments of childlike wonder serve as a reminder to prioritize what truly matters in life and to find joy in the little things, even amidst the chaos of adulthood.
    Brian Lara Memorial Scholarship
    It was odd growing up as a first-generation Hispanic girl in a somewhat conservative area. To support my sisters and myself, my parents had year-round jobs in Suffolk County, one of the most expensive counties in New York. It was sometimes hard to see my parents struggle every day seeing the prices rise of produce, the bills of our home continue to grow with each month, and taxes each year getting pricier. However, this inspired me to make my family, along with other families, more aware of financial oppurtunitise within their communities. Having personally seen and overcome financial obstacles ever since my first job, I have a keen understanding of the structural inequalities and unfairness that sustain unequal access to possibilities for accumulating wealth. When it comes to obtaining the resources and assistance required to attain financial stability and prosperity, many people and communities are unjustly disadvantaged, whether it's because of their socioeconomic level, race, ethnicity, gender, or other characteristics. I have a strong interest in financial literacy and education because I think it can be a very useful instrument for promoting economic inclusion and empowerment. My goal is to break the cycle of poverty and enable people to become financially independent by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to make wise financial decisions through workshops, seminars, and educational programs. Apart from my pledge to support economic empowerment, I am also committed to cultivating a culture of moral leadership and conscientious corporate practices. In an era where news headlines are frequently dominated by corporate greed and unethical behavior, I want to set an example for others by upholding honesty, openness, and social responsibility in every facet of my professional life. Through my advocacy for sustainable business practices and my commitment to the community's and stakeholders' well-being, I hope to establish long-term success and credibility in the organizations I work with. I understand the value of empowerment and education in tackling the fundamental factors that contribute to inequality. As a result, I'm dedicated to supporting programs that advance financial education and literacy in underrepresented areas, giving people the information and tools they need to take charge of their financial destiny and create wealth that will last for generations. I’d like to be able to help families leave a sort of financial inheritance for their children. In the end, I want to be a force for good, putting in endless effort to tear down structural obstacles and build a more just and inclusive financial system that helps all people, no matter what their circumstances or background may be. In my opinion, we can all live in a more equitable and prosperous society if we support fairness and equality in wealth-building resources.
    Hispanic Climb to Success Scholarship
    To the Tirado Family, It is a privilege to submit an application for the "Hispanic Climb to Success Scholarship" as I continue my quest for higher education. This scholarship, in my opinion, is an investment in a future committed to having a constructive influence rather than just providing financial support. Allow me to go into more detail about how this investment would support my long-term objectives and how my qualifications have been backed by previous successes. I want to start by saying thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. I was directly exposed to the power of tenacity and determination growing up in a poor family in a regular little town. My parents worked year-round jobs in one of the most expensive counties in New York, Suffolk County, to support us. Despite our severe financial circumstances, my parents advised me to complete my degree at any cost. My parents want me to enroll in a university that will maximize my chances of earning a respectable degree and a lucrative career after graduation. However, there have been difficulties encountered. Among the difficulties I've encountered are needing to work two jobs during the academic year and paying for auto repairs when my car breaks down in the middle of the road. I learned the importance of perseverance, tenacity, and resilience via overcoming financial challenges and assuming personal responsibility. These encounters have strengthened me so that I can take on challenges head-on and never give up. Looking past graduation, my goals include a dedication to bringing about constructive social change in addition to personal achievement. Equipped with specialized training and a strong sense of social duty, my ideal career path would involve beginning as a corporate accountant and eventually running my own company. I'm committed to helping others in any way I can, whether it be by easing the financial concerns of the typical civilian, assisting the elderly in understanding finances, or simply supporting my own family financially in El Salvador. My past performance speaks volumes about my commitment and capacity for success. I balanced a difficult academic schedule with extracurricular activities and part-time work at several different places throughout my time in high school. I plan to graduate with honors, have AP credits, and have added another high school graduate to my family—all despite the challenging workload. These accomplishments demonstrate my ability to perform well in challenging settings and my dedication to seizing every chance that comes my way. Ultimately, the Hispanic Climb to Success Scholarship signifies an investment in a future full of hope and opportunity, much beyond mere financial support. I am confident in my abilities to succeed academically and have a significant impact on the world because I have an unyielding tenacity, a passion for learning, and a commitment to bringing about positive change. I am very appreciative of your thoughtfulness and can't wait to go out on this life-changing adventure with your help. I appreciate your consideration of my application.