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Bailey Wolfe


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Charleston High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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    Master's degree program

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    • Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing
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      Mary Alice Kramer Aspiring Nurse Scholarship
      I have always been interested in the medical field; I just didn’t realize I wanted to be a nurse. My dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was fourteen and this opened my eyes more to the medical field. I wasn’t certain I wanted to be a nurse until my grandma completed her recovery at our house from a hip replacement that had complications. She needed antibiotics everyday via her peripherally inserted central catheter. I was the only one at home to learn how to do this, so I pushed antibiotics through the PICC line daily. I loved learning how to administer medicine. During the same time, my grandpa was dealing with a brain-bleed due to melanoma on this brain. I was fascinated with all the information the Doctors educated us with. My grandparents were always there for our whole family, so it was super hard to see them struggle with their health. My grandma was so proud of me and how I was able to help take care of her. She never knew she was a big part of the reason why I decided to become a nurse. They both ended up passing away. I have been fascinated with the medical field ever since. My high school offers a Certified Nursing Assistant class through a community college, and I decided after this experience that I wanted to try this class. During this class, you work to get your CNA and we get hands-on experience in hospitals and locations of our choosing. I got to work in a Childrens Hospital and with an ambulance. I loved the Childrens Hospital and the environment of all the children. I decided that this is my dream environment. At the ambulance, I got to learn how an ambulance functions and everyday life for them. I loved the schedule they work and how everyone was very welcoming. I ended up spending every afternoon for seven months doing ride-alongs and learning the fire side to paramedical. This pushed me to try an EMT Basic class. I am currently enrolled in a class to get my EMT-B certification. My dad’s health declined fast with his cancer. My mom and I became his daily caregivers. It was tough seeing my dad in this condition and having to care for him. All my experiences helped with this time because I knew what to do and could show my mom how to take care of him easier. He was so proud of me and how I was able to use my knowledge to care for him. He told everyone who came to visit that his daughter was taking care of him. This is something I will hold close for the rest of my life. My dad passed away in September of 2023. It was tough, but we all got super close during this time, and everyone worked together to help each other. I am currently working as a caregiver for a non-verbal and autistic 5-year-old child. I have learned the difference between working with adults and children. I prefer children because I get a lot of joy from his reactions to our interactions. I worked at a local nursing home during the summer. I got lots of exposure to elderly and special needs adults. I hope to obtain my associate in nursing at Lake Land College. Then I will earn my bachelor's in nursing at Indiana University. I am also considering pursuing a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner through Baylor University. After I graduate, I want to find a job in a medical facility where my knowledge can make a difference.