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Avi Pierre


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My name is Avi A. Pierre I am an only child raised by my single mother in Utah. I plan on going to Montana State University to study anthropology & play lacrosse.


Nuames - North

High School
2021 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Master's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Anthropology
    • Political Science and Government
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Political Organization

    • Dream career goals:



      2024 – 2024


      • Varsity Letter


      • Venture High School

        Manifest, The Little Mermaid, Legally Blonde
        2020 – 2024

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        NUAMES TSA — Teacher
        2021 – 2024
      Kenyada Me'Chon Thomas Legacy Scholarship
      I am here to change the world. In Kindergarten like many other children I decided to be president. Of course everyone figured this was just a regular phase of my childhood until 4th grade. By the time I hit 4th grade I had gone to 3 different schools. I decided then that I was gonna be president. What would I stand for? What were my beliefs? I wasn't sure yet. In 7th grade I got more serious about it everyone called me Mr. president & I embraced the role. Former President Donald Trump was voted in to office the fall of my 7th grade year & that's when I realized I needed not wanted but needed to be president to inspire change. At the time I was living in Texas & so I didn't hate President Trump but I realized I didn't agree with him about a lot of things. A little over a year later I had my first seizure. That's when I found it that an ambulance ride in Texas is roughly 900 dollars. I moved back to Utah in 9th grade where that fall President Joe Biden was elected in. I got Instagram that year as well as started talking government classes. What I learned shocked me not just from government class but from the internet. The widespread misinformation people purposely give, the lobbying of bills that could help people, the prevalence of companies funding government campaigns & so much more. When I learned about the food pyramid not being the most honest thing in the world I was shocked. Suddenly I started to realize the government that was founded to help & support its people. Whose founding words were: For the people by the people. Has left so many of its people behind for no good reason. So to answer the question whets on change I would make to the world? I would change it so that the people of the world would work together. This essay has been heavily focused on the US because that's what I know. But I dream of a world where everything from currency to resources to military/police training are shared by every nation on earth. I know that's a big change I am basically asking for world peace but when you think about the only path we as a people can go down without destroying ourselves several hundred years soon er then expected is unity. If we as a planet unite & work together there is no stopping what we could do. We could clean & explore the Ocean, Bring back animals we have hunted to extinction, lower the world poverty & homeless numbers to practically zero, & get rid of almost every war. We would be an unstoppable people & could set our sights on cleaning our atmosphere & exploring space. A change I would make in the world would not be world peace but a change of people especially those in powers perception. I wish to change their perception of their own people & of themselves so that these elected & non elected officials can help us as a planet.
      Ethel Hayes Destigmatization of Mental Health Scholarship
      I struggle with diagnosed anxiety, anger issues, & severe mood swings. Going to therapy & understanding more of why I act the way I act & how to help myself get through it has greatly affected my relationships. I have been better able to express myself to friends & family & let them know on some days I just cant do everything I usually can. It has also made me realize that I cant always judge people based off of how I see them act for a brief period of time. I say this because sometimes my mental health issues get the best of me & someone on the outside looking in for 3 seconds would assume I am a bad friend or boyfriend. Which has made me realize I cant jump to conclusions about people like that when I don't know everything that is going on. With the help of this scholarship I hope to help shape the worlds perception of mental health by showing people that you can have mental health issues & still help others & be a functional member of society which for some reason a lot of people don't understand. If I am awarded this scholarship I will continue my education studying political science & going on to becoming the President of The United States.