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Like most, I desire an understanding of things unknown. I enjoy challenges; whether it is learning the poetically rich and complex Hebrew language or doing an in-depth examination of the Bible. I am passionate about history, specifically, the study of World War II, my heritage, volunteering in my church, and reading as many books as I can hold in my arms. I am also eager to find adventure and excitement through God's beautiful creation in everyday life while serving the public as best as possible. My goal for my education is to help any community understand the Bible better and assist them in their walk with the Lord as best as I can. I will go wherever God calls me. I am a great candidate because I do not want to use my education to advance my self-interests and would rather use it for the aid and enhancement of others whether it is someone next door or overseas. The stress of paying for school can often be the center of attention. Scholarships will help me be able to pay off school so I can focus on helping my small community.


Colorado Christian University

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2027
  • Majors:
    • Bible/Biblical Studies


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Bible/Biblical Studies
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

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    • Dream career goals:

      Bible teacher



      2021 – 20221 year


      Junior Varsity
      2019 – 20201 year


      • Pikes Peak Christian School

        Robind Hood
        2021 – 2022

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        Food Pantry — Organize food and prepare to send it out to those in need
        2018 – 2019
      • Volunteering

        JROTC of Bellevue East High School — Go throughout my community and clean up garbage
        2019 – 2020
      • Volunteering

        Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado — Sort through burnt down homes to help find things of value to the owners.
        2014 – 2014
      • Advocacy

        Right to Life — Advocate
        2024 – Present
      • Volunteering

        Open Door Missions — Mostly to sort out boxes and organize articles of clothing to send out (or do any small jobs those in charge asked of me)
        2015 – 2019

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      Ginny Biada Memorial Scholarship
      I was a little girl of seven years old when I walked into my biological mother's room. As she lay there, lifeless with gray lips, I recognized the young woman - still barely past her early 30s - with so much life ahead of her. I then felt the weight of the world upon my shoulders soon after I heard my younger sister's piercing cry from down the hall. After picking her up, attempting to wake my mother up for the last time, and then trekking my way to a neighbor's house to seek help - my world changed permanently. Fast-forward many years later, I soon blossomed into an awkward pre-teen searching desperately to find myself. In walked my mother (the woman my father remarried), bright-eyed and beautiful. Little did she know, my chaotic self would attempt to have her running for the hills. I was angry, hurt, and bitter as a child, feeling as if I was abandoned by my biological mother and left to discover womanhood by myself which left me untrusting of other motherly figures. Spoiler alert, she never did run. She stood firm against me, like a house against a raging hurricane. Her discipline and love were something I had never experienced in a motherly figure but desperately needed during my growth into womanhood. She cared and loved me deeper than I knew a mother could, keeping her foot down without bending to my manipulative tactics yet also holding me as I broke down in her arms. She so vividly painted the picture of God's love for me before I could understand it, which made way for the most impactful thing she could have ever done. She led me and my father to the Lord Jesus Christ. My mother spent countless hours with me explaining the Bible and praying over me. I watched her life and how her faith impacted her marriage to my father. I watched how she prayed blessings over the house we lived in, rebuking anything not of the Lord and bringing peace. Her actions spoke louder than words. Without my mother, Li-H'sien (pronounced Lee-shen), I would have been on a completely different track and most certainly not pursuing a bachelor's degree in biblical studies, desiring the Lord to use my life for His greater glory. Her heart for others taught me how to have a heart for the voiceless and the hopeless. It stirred within me to want to become a missionary to reach those hidden either by war, destruction, or fear. It led me to truly find the Lord with all that I am and embark on an adventure of falling in love with Jesus. From a patient, unyielding attitude, she persevered past my destructive behaviors and showed me a better reality, one rooted in Jesus Christ. Her many, many, MANY silent prayers prepared my heart for the Lord to pierce it with truth. I am beyond grateful to my authentically unselfish mother who devotes herself with a cheerful heart first to God, her family, and the patients under her care at the hospital she works in.
      Servant Ships Scholarship
      The most heart-wrenching, life-altering, mind-shattering outcomes can be the result of something seemingly small or insignifigant. Such was the case of a used book from a small Christian bookstore containing worn shelves full of dusty stories. One tattered paperback book that caused me to rethink how I walked in my faith and devotion to Christ was called Master Potter. Though I harbored a plethora of literature in my own personal library, this book, however, remains on my nightstand; something I go back to when I need a reminder through an allegorical journey of broken vessels turning to glazed useful pieces of pottery cultivated through the care and tenderness of God's love and His refining fire. What was revealed to me through this specific book was the truth of freedom found only in Christ. Though God is a wild, untamble, passionate Creator, He is yet humble, gentle, and gracious for the ones who love Him. At first, this fact was nothing new - that is, until God revealed that like I used to be, so many others are chained and in bondage from past hurts, current sins, or the unbelief of their authority through the death and resurrection of Jesus. It completely changed my goals from pursuing education, achievements, and monetary gains for myself and instead changed my life purpose to help set the captives free. My life is no longer my own, but instead, is for the incomprehensible Lord we worship and serve. The closest people to me would call me a bookworm who loves the Lord and is enthralled at the prospect of learning new things. Such was the case of pursuing a Bachelor's in biblical studies. Through faith, the Lord led me to a school and I had to plunge into college with no secured job after I graduate (really, NO IDEA what the purpose of this degree is for specifically). However, based on the secure nature of God and my own skills sharpened through time, I know that God wants me to echo the message of freedom to those in bondage and enslaved by the Adversary. From as far to the East and as far to the West as one can see, people carry the burden of the Enemy's taunts and attacks, never experiencing the relief and protection found in the light of Jesus. Through my education, I am learning more and more about the God I serve as well as understadning the Bible - I seek to help others do the same whether it is in the deep jungles of Bolivia, the dusty roads of Saudi Arabia, or a friend down the street. The authority, wisdom, and love is available to all and for all by the grace of God.
      RJ Memorial Scholarship
      My faith kicked into gear after realizing Jesus was chasing me my entire 19 years of existence. He was there when I found my mother dead in her room, He was there when I experienced the generational curse of suicide, and He was there when I felt abandoned and alone - some of the lowest points of my life. It truly felt like it was me, one small little girl, against the entire world. Yet, though I never saw Jesus, I learned He was never distant or far off. He had always been there - crying when I grieved, laughing when I danced, and holding me in the dark of the night when there was no one else to. Everything changed when God revealed His love to me and showed me that my purpose is bigger than my hopelessness and that my chains can be broken by His word. It took faith to alter my perspective on my circumstances by not viewing them as a story for pity but instead empowering me to both be resilient and use it as a testimony for others to see that God is bigger than the result of sin in this world. It changed my entire walk because I no longer considered myself a victim and instead saw myself as an overcomer through the strength and might of the Lord. He was the One that pulled me from the pit and placed His joy and peace in my heart. He then cultivated it through devoted time with Him to impact not only my circumstances but also those around me. His care for me built me up to pursue an education past high school to be used by Him. The faith I have in the Lord provides me with a tunnel vision to chase after His plan for me and not the counterfeit plan of the world. After the Fall of Man in Genesis, the Adversary became the god of this world and uses his legal right to enslave, torture, and dominate God's image-bearers: Mankind. However, the faith I learned from Christ was that we do not have to be in bondage to this unfortunate physical reality that many find themselves chained in. Through patience, the Holy Spirit has led me into the truth of having authority through the name of Jesus by faith and in obedience. What I learned through God's precious Spirit, the Bible, and the books He led me to - I realized that I can bring this to the attention of others so followers of the Lord can walk in freedom. Set the captives free.
      Jim Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
      This opportunity is meaningful to me because of Jim Maxwell's desire to see revival in the next generation, the youth of both his time and the future. Children are taught faith by elders and are molded by the help of adults; either the world will do it or faithful followers of Christ will. Like Jim Maxwell, I seek to do the same thing and see the Spirit of the Lord establish Himself on the young. My faith thus far has helped me to keep my eyes on Jesus no matter what comes. For instance, when I found my mother deceased at seven years old, the world that I knew changed in an instant. If it were not for my faith, resilience, and ability to persevere through trials and tribulations, I would have been too distracted to see Jesus reaching for me. It is because of my past hardships that I am pursuing a degree in biblical studies in hopes of helping young people struggling through trials so that they may persevere and know Jesus. Losing my mom to suicide at a young age opened my eyes to a spiritual battle that is all around us and though Satan is here to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10) - I will not be easily blinded and swayed from the path that I know the Lord set before me. The biggest achievement ultimately through faith was overcoming the death of my mother and the impact it had on my family and emotional well-being. I have faith that my pursuit of biblical studies will bring me further to God's ultimate plan in completing the work that He has assigned for me. The work I feel called to do through the Holy Spirit is to love people, teach them how to persevere through worldly tribulations and endure satanic onslaught. Right now, it takes faith to wait on God for Him to lead me to the purpose of my degree to advance His kingdom. I took a leap of faith when I went for this degree and it requires faith to know that because He led me to this degree, He will also provide for it. Naturally, I try to control things myself; however, I had to release that desired control to trust that He would see me through both physically and spiritually. I use faith in my petitions to God that He use my life for the sole purpose of enhancing others, extolling His name for all nations, and loving what the world deems as unloveable.