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Arabriaun Mack


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Northern Technical College

Trade School
2023 - 2024
  • Majors:
    • Cosmetology and Related Personal Grooming Services

Arkansas State University-Main Campus

Bachelor's degree program
2016 - 2020
  • Majors:
    • Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Gary Hope Cosmetology And Barbering Scholarship
      Hello My name is Arabriaun Mack. I am currently a student at Northern Technical College. Located in North Little Rock , Arkansas. Pursuing a barber/stylist license . Today I am going to be telling you why I am driven and passionate about the beauty industry! As a lot of you may know . The beauty industry is a vibrant and dynamic field, and many individuals are drawn to it for various reasons. I am driven and passionate about the beauty industry because It allows me the opportunity and a platform to unleash my creativity and to express myself through my work! While also presenting me with the opportunity to make a positive impact on other people lives. Giving them a positive impact on their self esteem and overall well being. Which is to me , a rewarding aspect in this profession. with the industry evolving with new trends and techniques. it will allow me to continually learn and improve my skills, Although it often stems from a desire to unleash creativity, providing a positive impact, and embracing the ever changing landscape in the beauty industry. It also presents me with many more opportunities. Not only for myself but others as well! What inspired me to pursue beauty as a career? Most of us decided to become doctors when we were young because we had the opportunity to pursue any career we liked, but as we became older, most of us changed our views. As for me, seeing how others were affected by a profession in the beauty industry inspired me. I've always struggled with how I looked, so I started watching videos and learning how to do haircuts, makeup looks, and so much more to not only make myself feel beautiful, but also others. Patients with alopecia, cancer, and so many others! Which made my heart so joyful and was the source of my inspiration to work in the beauty sector. Why I feel I should be chosen to receive this cosmetology school scholarship? Success, according to Winston Churchill, "consists of moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm." I never refer to my struggles as "failures," but I do measure my success by how tenaciously persistent I am in the face of adversity. Over the years, I have encountered numerous difficulties. I persisted in giving it everything I had despite this and did my best. I deserve this scholarship because I'm tenacious and determined to succeed no matter what.You question, "Why should I get this scholarship?" I'm passionate about the topic, so I'm motivated to establish myself as an acknowledged expert in the beauty industry. I can make people feel attractive by using my education. What are my future career goals after getting licensed? Where do I hope to be in 10 years? Numerous opportunities in my field of work become available to me after I have my license. In ten years, I want to operate my own salon and have experience working behind the scenes on sets for movies, TV shows, publications, and fashion shows with models, actors, and other celebrities. with the overall objective of becoming a teacher at my own school of cosmetology !