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My life goals are to get a bachelors in business marketing because I like to express myself creatively and find new ways to build things. I enjoy math and this is why Marketing is a good fit for me. I am passionate about fitness,creating things, business and helping others. I am good candidate because I am a very smart thinking , hard working person and I like to help others. And always thrive to find solutions for problems


Sonoma State University

Bachelor's degree program
2022 - 2026
  • Majors:
    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
  • Minors:
    • Business/Corporate Communications

Aspire Richmond Ca. College Preparatory Academy

High School
2017 - 2022
  • GPA:


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Business Supplies and Equipment

    • Dream career goals:

      Business Marketing

    • My role was to help california students with applying to this program that gives them aid. As well as doing presentations in person or zoom, coordinating events and doing graphic design work as well as editing. I did also a lot secretary work.

      EOP first generation students
      2022 – 20231 year
    • handyman helper

      fire and water design
      2020 – 20222 years


    Mixed Martial Arts

    2017 – 20192 years


    • no


    • Statistics

      school — Student
      2022 – Present


    • Cal Prep

      Visual Arts
      2019 – 2021

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      school — helper
      2020 – 2021

    Future Interests



    Nintendo Super Fan Scholarship
    My favorite game to play is Mario kart because of the fun memories it brings me of me playing with my little brother. And taking turns back and forth to see who it is better. It brings me memories from when I used to play with old high school friends and the tournaments we had against with each other. Sometimes the teachers would join in against the students to see who is better. Or sometimes students did it against each other for money. To me it’s a very fun entertaining game that brings people together and lets them know more about each other. I’ve found it helped me get closer with the people I care about and also took me through tough times when times were hard growing up as teen. I think it’s a very good game that everyone should play and give it a change at least ones because it definiently is very worth it . A big memorable moment for me was during a high school tournament where I won a hundred dollars it was a competition of 10 people and we all play hard and we’re dedicated so to me who barely was learning to play at the time that was a very fun entertaining experience for me.
    Janean D. Watkins Overcoming Adversity Scholarship
    I had an accident where I had to be in a wheelchair for a month and had to where a walking boot for another month. During the first two weeks of the accident, I was in the dorms of my campus still living in college since I had finals week left still. This brought me to challenges where it was hard to get from place to place. I had to learn to overcome my challenge I had in front of me by learning to ask for help to others since that's a hard thing for me to do. I had to learn to not be afraid of asking for help to others even strangers if it has to be that way. Since it's what I had to do sometimes. I learned that no matter how hard things get or what others would think of me that didn't define who I am and my limitless potential to reach any goal and break any obstacle in life. It brought me into perspective that although being something very obvious when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones it's when we grow and learned several valuable life lessons, skills and get to meet great people. I had to constantly fight the fear of thinking I could slip when or fall going down in a slide when going down in my wheelchair in a pathway. Or getting between streets when the pathways are rough, and even realizing how difficult it is for a disabled person to go anywhere since paths are always rough or broken. This adversity brought me into a new perspective where it helped me realized several things such as who are my closest friends and who is there for me when I need them most and who I can count on when asking for help. It helped me become a stronger version of myself and reflect on upon making better life choices. I realized I needed to change several bad habits of myself. It helped me figure out what are my goals and dreams I want to achieve and what I really want out of life. This adversity helped open up many different doors for me of finding opportunities to grow from. I learned to become grateful from this experience since it brought me to learning to overcome adversity and whatever others thought of me. I learned how to become a better version of myself through this.
    Reinaldo Jiraud Memorial Scholarship
    One of the main and first struggle I’ve faced as a first generation student is the transition towards college and learning to navigate. Outside from the social life I was doing good but when it came to the school itself it was a bit difficult at first. It took me time to adjust and figure out where to go get help, where to find tutoring when I was stuck and how to use my resources the college I attend offers. Learning to do things more on my own and not just get easy help like you get in highschool from teachers, counselors etc. Another obstacle I faced that I’ve ended up getting help with was learning how to apply to classes, and how to see what are the classes I need to take and learning to fill out my fafsa. Thanks through the help of workshops. A major obstacle I’ve faced as a first generation student is the worried of having to dropout because of not being able to pay for my college. My dad works really hard to help with paying but financial aid doesn’t cover up most of the costs. A major important cost I have is having a meal plan sadly the meal plans cost are high. And it’s something needed to survive since it’s better than just going out and buying food constantly plus more affordable. Paying for staying in the dorms is something that has been a struggle as well it’s the best option for me since commuting is more of an expense and hassle. And it’s better because I’m connect right there closer to my resources of help. The feeling of not feeling like I belong there was one of the first major things I also experienced being in a college that is predominantly white. But thankfully the people are nice and welcoming. But at first that feeling of not belonging made me lose courage of asking for help when being stuck in anything. Coming from the Bay Area where I’m used to being in a community where I’m around different types of ethnicities it was a very big transition for me being in a place where people have different habits and it seem scary at first but I was able to adapt find my people and make a good network. Learning to get around this obstacles has helped me get closer of my goal of getting a degree. It has taught me to be more resilient. It also allowed me to able to help other first generation students that are on campus. From the mistakes I’ve made I was able to give others better advice on things not to do and things they can do. Not just that but I’ve been able to explain to students how to register for classes and apply to programs that can help them. This obstacles have taught me how to get through life through times and through times of confusion and feeling like you’re lost. It has helped me step out of my comfort zone constantly which is good for my personal growth overall. And this lessons I’ve learned have helped me guide/help others without even thinking about it or realizing it. There’s a lot I’ve been through but this has shaped me into the person I am so I don’t regret my decision of coming to college so I really hope I can find the aid to stay here and keep on learning and growing.
    Inflow Digital Marketing Scholarship
    I have chosen to pursue a career in this field because I enjoy the work that comes from marketing. I’m good at graphic designing, creating visual arts and have countless ideas for making good ads and have experience in SEO. I failed in love with this when I realized I could do a job where I can create something to help someone else and grow their business and me able to make a living out of it. It’s not just any ordinary job but it’s a job where you can achieve a lot. I think this job is very unique because it allows to connect to several different industries in a business manner. So I don’t have to be stuck working for some corporation I could do marketing work for a hospital or charity company. And it allows me to have the freedom to be to work from home as well which is something I really appreciate it a lot because to me freedom is everything. I enjoy pursuing this career because it allows me to create and think outside the box. It gives me the opportunity to challenge myself to find solution since within digital marketing I have to do a lot SEO optimization so I can work on finding ways to make others websites stand out as well. This is a job that fits my creative style. First I plan to work for a company so my ideal ideal company. A corporation that is helping do things for the environment maybe it is a company where it’s in charge of investments but donates a lot of it’s left over money into charities or for protection of the environment. I want to be part of a company that can allowed me to do marketing work for them knowing that they are there to actually help and not just for the benefit of the money. My ideal role is to able to do SEO optimizations, graphic designing for ads and constructing ideas or team meetings and leading others in a marketing group. I want to to be able to construct new designs for logos for ads or anything visual that can captivate the people’s eyes. I want to have in my ideal role work where I check the analytics of the company and see what they need fixing with. In order to increase revenues for the company. The reason I want to lead is because I want to work for a company in a group setting. Where I can work side by side a long others to construct ideas with growing the company in a fun safe welcoming environment. I want to work for a company that can allow me to grow in experience so I can be able to construct my own marketing agency. Overall I enjoy this kind of work and I want to lead others and grow myself through it. With the help of this scholarship I can reach this dream and able to help and give back in return.
    Netflix and Scholarships!
    You should definitely watch Outer Banks if you’re into mystery , drama and adventure. Have you’ve been feeling like there hasn’t been much movies like the Indiana Jones times where there’s a lot of thrill and feeling of adventure behind them? Then that’s why I recommend Outer Banks it’s not just a regular show for teenagers to watch. It’s a show that shows how young adults deal with hard situation problems. It shows a lot about social class division that still exist today, about people being greedy and looking for things that isn’t there’s. It makes you feel like you’re going into an adventure and gives you and escape of reality it immerses you with the feeling of adventure. It’s a fun show with comedy behind it but as each episode goes by each episode ends with a better and better cliffhanger. Leaving wanting to watch more of the show since it always gets highly interesting. As the season goes things always tend to escalate more for the main characters of the shows and you want to watch more of the show on and on. I think if you have nothing to do over the weekend and want to hop on in the trend of a newish show that is still relevant and a lot of people like to watch then this is the show for you. Maybe you’ve been feeling like lately you haven’t felt inspire by something to be more spontaneous and get out of your routine and try out for new things and go after risks. Then I’ll say watch this show it’s very fun to watch and while you watch it makes you want to reach for doing more. Another reason why I like Outer Banks is because they don’t just focus on the two main characters but rather as well in the other characters of the show. They show a good character development of each character. The writers of the show find a way to include each character and make all of them the main character as well and switch the story to make it about the other characters and always spins back to the original main actors. I really like that because it gives a picture of what is going to happened to other characters instead of just leaving us clueless without knowing. Another reason why you should watch Outer Banks is because of the fun tropical setting it has if you’re like me someone who lives in a place that is constantly cold or cloudy a change of scenery wouldn’t be so bad. The show has a lot of amazing views, from different regions that make you feel like traveling into a tropical place. It’s another reason why it’s very entertaining to watch and it’s not just some show with cringy writing in the plot. The characters actually have a good script and they don’t say things that sound weird or like they’re trying to hard to act like teenagers because the writing isn’t bad. The show also has a lot of ups and downs in the story meaning not always it’s a good time. They also show sad parts during the show, romantic parts, parts with action, and parts of happiness so it has a good mix of everything it doesn’t just feel like a random teenage show. It includes some comedy parts as well. Overall if you’re looking to watch a show that it’s surrounded by adventure ,drama , action ,comedy and romance then this is the show for you! In my opinion it’s definitely a binge worthy show to watch.
    Bold Gratitude Scholarship
    I live with gratitude by doing two different things. When I wake up in the morning, I like to incorporate in my morning routines gratefulness. I start of by saying I am grateful to be alive and to have another shot at life. I mentioned how I am grateful of having parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas, and friends that care about me and that are supportive. Saying these things help me make my day start off better and help me feel better overall. That is the first way I live with gratitude. The second way I live with gratitude is at night before going to sleep when I'm bed before I close my eyes, I mentioned all the things I am grateful for. I mentioned being grateful for having family, friends, a roof over my head, food to eat and being able to have a functional body that I can work out with. I mentioned how I am grateful I have a laptop I can use for school and a phone. I mentioned all the things I got to do in my day that probably somewhere out there someone can't do. Expressing gratitude has change my life although my family is considered low income there is still many things, I am grateful for being able to have that I know kids in other countries don't have or can't have because of their financial situation. That is how I live with gratitude.
    Bold Be You Scholarship
    I stay true to myself by trying to do on the daily basis the things I enjoy doing such as working out, creating videos using Photoshop. And or just playing soccer, volleyball or doing walks. That makes me feel like I am doing what I enjoy the most whenever I can and that helps me feel like I´m staying true to myself.Another thing I do is I try to express myself when I talk in the way I like to. I do that by speaking the way I do and when I talk I tend to move my hands to talk so I can be able to express what I am saying. I try to always express my own opinion and say what I want although it could feel hard at times expressing what I would like to say I do it. And that helps me stay true to myself because I say what I want to say in a conversation. All of those things help me stay true to myself because I can feel genuinely more happy because I am doing something I enjoy doing.
    Bold Make Your Mark Scholarship
    An Impact I hope to leave on the world is for everyone to realize that we are all humans and that we should all love each other. And realize that anything we want to do in life we can accomplish it. I plan to do this by growing as a person and treating others good and by planning my life goals I have and achieving them. I plan to do this by growing a big youtube audience where I can show videos to people of my goals I have and show the process of me getting there.And showing them anything in life is possible and that we can accomplish everything we want to do. I would write books about this two things and promote them through my social medias. And if I become an actor I would tell people how important and why you should aim to reach your big goals and why we should treat all of us with love and respect. I plan to slowly build my audience so I can slowly reach and reach more people that can realize how we can do anything we want and that being nice and respectful to each other can help us with that.
    Terry Crews "Creative Courage" Scholarship
    This is one of my many youtube videos I've created, I make content to entertain people in funny ways through small skits in youtube shorts or I do regular videos on fitness topics, or I do sometimes self-improvement videos such as this one. Occasionally I do videos where I ask people funny questions. I do all of these types of videos on my youtube channel that I recently started. My vision aside from going to a university and earning a degree in Business Administration focus in Marketing is to keep on doing youtube on the side and get millions of subscribers and if it's possible to do some acting. I truly enjoy making this creative videos. I edit on by using software's and editing apps to make them more cinematic. And entertaining so people can have a good day. Life experiences that have molded my artistic dreams. Is Fitness and youtube because it's something I'm very passionate about and showing videos where I can help people transform themselves as well and show them also videos where they can laugh and get good information makes me happy because I know I'm doing something good for others. Watching movies as a kid all the time with my dad made me into growing more of a person that enjoys making things like this such as skits or regular youtube videos because I can express myself in a creative way where I feel good doing this and I help others. For many years I didn't have a brother and for at least 8-9 years I was an only child I couldn't play outside because of my asthma I had so I was very creative with the stories I built with my imagination of a kid this is how I learnt to be creative.
    Bold Climate Changemakers Scholarship
    What you have to do to have a positive impact on climate change is reminding yourself to put all trash away in garbage cans and the recycling things in the recycle bin. And if you see some trash to put it away where it's supposed to go even if it's not yours. And to remind people the importance of taking care of our home planet. And to learn more about the ecosystem and to see why we need it. And to explain that to a person whenever they ask you why you care so much. This isn't a problem just for us but for the future generations that will become.
    Bold Relaxation Scholarship
    I relax and take care of my mental health by doing many different things. Some of those are stretching because stretching is very helpful and releases stress. My other method is meditation it clears your mind from all the thoughts you have and is so simple to do you can do it laying down or sitting down. Your back must be straight if you do it laying down. Also just working out for me weightlifting is a way I release all my mental stress and body stress because afterwards I feel fresh and energized. All of those methods help me feel more in the moment and less worry and get rid of any problem I have and transform into a better person at the end.
    Bold Caring for Seniors Scholarship
    I helped them out when they are in need of help. For example I help my grandma out when she can't pick something up for herself or when she can't reach for something or can't finish work. I do the same with her elderly friends.
    Bold Optimist Scholarship
    I have stayed optimistic through times by reminding myself that no matter how dark things may get. Or no matter how bad things may be going for me at the moment. I always try to look at the positive outcome that can happen from times like that. And I always like to think about the things I should be grateful for having in life. I would give myself important affirmations on staying optimistic. That has taught me that staying optimistic is good because it can help you with seeing the positive things out of the bad things. And it can help you feel better during those dark times you go through. And at the end of it you could learn a good life lesson out of it. It has taught me that staying optimistic can help me attract better situations in my life and it will help me get out faster out of those dark times.
    Bold Confidence Matters Scholarship
    Confidence to me means being able to feel good about myself in any situation given. And not being afraid to be myself and to do the things I like to do. Or to be different from the crowd. I'm working on being more confident by pushing myself out of my comfort zone any time I feel afraid or ashamed to do something or say something. Another way I'll do this is by self appreciating myself and making sure I always step out of my comfort zone.
    Bold Persistence Scholarship
    Back when I was a kid I was suffering of asthma. And there were certain things I had to do to fight my sickness off. I had to do a lot of breath work everyday and always try to blow hard to make sure I did progress. I also had to take medicine and I did a lot of swimming because that strengthened my lungs and stamina. I had to work many days throughout to the week to make sure I became stronger so I could overcome my asthma. It was hard I had asthma since 6 months old up until 13 years old. I had to be in the hospital many times. But when I started doing the exercises to strengthened. myself and overcome asthma I manage to control it. Now it's been years since I've gotten it. I hope to never get it again and I don't wish anyone to go through a tough sickness like that .
    Bold Books Scholarship
    Think and Grow Rich, this book is the most interesting book I've read because it gave out very important information on how to become wealthier. And the things rich people do that regular people don't that made them rich. And it mentioned many lives advice that we should implement in our daily lives to become a better version of ourselves. It inspired me to change my mind set to become a better smart thinking person.
    Bold Deep Thinking Scholarship
    The biggest problem is the inequality that is in this world in economy and on peoples rights. The solution in my perspective is very simple just for people to see that we are all the same and we shouldn't be selfish with each other.
    Bold Loving Others Scholarship
    I like to appreciate them, or try to help them out when their struggling. Or I like to gift them something or just spend time with them and hear them out when they seek help.
    Bold Gratitude Scholarship
    I like to appreciate from time to time either at night before going to sleep or in the morning . I like to appreciate for having a home, being able to eat , have both parents, a brother , cousins and friends that I can connect with and that really care about me. Those are the things I appreciate in my life.
    Bold Simple Pleasures Scholarship
    Simple pleasures in my life that make me happy are staying in the moment when having a conversation with someone and paying attention to what their saying. Another is greeting people anywhere you go even if you don't get a response back it doesn't matter but when you do is good because you feel great and it feels good to make that small talk with a person.
    Bold Impact Matters Scholarship
    One way I would try to positive impact this world is by giving others the answer to in a book to breaking yourself away and freeing yourself to bad addictive habits. Those can be such as being addicted to technology now in days is something very hard for people to do or things like being lazy. Just giving an answer to become a better self improve human being that will later on feel good and make a good change with their life.
    Bold Dream Big Scholarship
    My dream looks like having my own clothing or big restaurant chain business. Where I would be running it and giving the consumer something they'll enjoy and make unforgettable memory with it. That is how I imagine my life like being able to be financially stable help my parents , brother and friends out. And be able to travel everywhere anywhere.
    Bold Financial Literacy Scholarship
    One finance lesson I found important is to build up your credit score because with that you can buy a house , car and or anything. And get access to many things for a cheaper price. And to make sure you pay on time every month and never miss.
    Bold Financial Freedom Scholarship
    The best piece in my opinion I've received is to make your money work for you. To do investments and make sure you can duplicate your money through those investments. And lot the money just stay stuck in one place. Just investing in stocks, crypto and or a small business. Anything that can make you duplicate your money the double or triple.
    Bold Happiness Scholarship
    I have many things that can make happy . For me it's hanging out with my family or friends being in the moment with them joking around and having a conversation. Another way is through meditation after doing a deep meditation or even a short one I feel very happy relax and concentrated. The final is way through working out that can be when I'm weightlifting , Qigong or biking or playing a sport or even just a walk . And also stretching those things bring me joy and specially if I weight lift in the morning I feel very good and happy.
    Bold Helping Others Scholarship
    My favorite way to help others is by giving them guidance when I see them struggling emotionally. I like this because I can do it in many ways There's been times where I cheer up some friends by working out with them and cheering them up and talking about their problems with them at the same time. This a way I feel like I connect with people a lot and help them out in their struggles. I like to give them some sort of advice and or way to find a solution to their problem. Or I tell them to figure out what's causing them to get to this point or how they got here and that's my favorite way to do it.