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Hello! my name is Anaya Delilah Grace Suarez. I am a 17 year old young woman who grew up in the beautiful and sunny Gilbert, AZ. In my free time I swim for my high school team, go to the gym, attend and volunteer at my christian church, and hang out with my friends and family. Throughout high school I have challenged myself with multiple honors courses and attained a weighted GPA of a 3.8. I have also faced many challenges throughout my life with parents who weren't always there for me. However, because of my dads alchoholism and my mothers mental illnesses I learned how to be indepedent and strive for a better life for myself which allows me to succeed. I grew up in a low income family and am seeking scholarships which will help put me through college.


Highland High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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    Bachelor's degree program

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    • Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences, Other
  • Planning to go to medical school
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      2023 – Present1 year


      Junior Varsity
      2020 – 20211 year

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      Marian Haley Memorial Scholarship
      Discipline. Education to me means to work hard for what you want to learn. Education is something which is all about effort and how much effort you want to put into something to become better. In my schooling, I have learned that hard work is gradual and you have to continually try every and show up everyday and give it your all. Because of education I have been offered opportunities for my hard work throughout high school. I am blessed for my discipline to continue trying my best in all that I do. Growing up, I was surrounded by parents who struggled. My mom had bipolar depression Phycosis which in simple terms means she was mentally ill. Growing up she was my main parent after my parents divorce when I was two years old. She worked her butt off at a local grocery store and tried to provide as best she could for me and my three biological sisters. We lived in a one bedroom apartment until I was about 5 and then my grandpa blessed us with one of his rental homes. My mom was a good mom when she was taking her medicine. But when she came off the medicine it was like she was a whole different person. She was not my mom anymore but instead a lady who seemed to not even love me. I watched her for days on end hoping she would step out of bed. For months I prayed and I just had to wait on god and learn that it would come in due time. I questioned why I had the mom I did when other people had moms that seemed perfect. I watched my friends and their relationship with their moms as mine was not even comparable to theirs. With the absence of my mother from time to time when I grew up because of her mental health I learned the value of independence. My mother and her recurring battles showed me the type of person I do not want to be when I grow up. I watched my mother rot away in bed for months at a time throughout my childhood because she was too ill to go outside and experience life. At the same time, I watched my father drink away his pain instead of relieving stress in a normal way. Along this journey of hardship I picked up the Bible. I become involved in church and leaned on people who I knew I could count on. I abandoned my old ways and became a women of god who was very broken but also so worthy and chosen. Now this childhood is nothing I would wish upon anyone because I had to grow up too fast. But without the uncomfortable circumstances my parents placed me in I would not have become the woman I am today. So to me, education is a way out of who I don’t want to be. Education and having discipline on myself has showed me how strong I am because I won’t back down from hardships. Education changes lives and has changed my life because I want to pursue a career which I love and create a stable home for my children one day. With this scholarship I would continue my education and have discipline on myself to achieve great things.
      “The Office” Obsessed! Fan Scholarship
      I resonate the most with Dwight because is very persistent and continuously seeks better for himself and the company. Because of his persistence, he achieved his goals and created a better working environment for all. Through watching The Office, my humor has changed and learned to not take things so seriously and to learn through mistakes and trials. I think that the office's dynamic allows viewers to seek out opportunities and displays what it looks like to take chances. Dwight took chances and created great change not only in his office but also in his personal life. By really connecting with his coworkers, he met Angela who became his wife. Because of his positive attitude in the workplace, he created connections in a place most people dread. I think that is why I connect with Dwight the most. Because he yearned for connection and to make the most of every day, he displays that life is about the little moments. The little moments are what make connections and memories of this beautiful life. In addition, he always is true to himself and never tries to be someone he is not. The Office is a beautiful show and I think through its very comical moments there is a much deeper meaning that shows the true meaning of living, to focus on the good wherever you are even if you are only assistant to the regional manager.