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A'Maya Miller


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I am the oldest of four and a stubborn, determined, and curious student. I love to make people smile by offering them a helping hand, reassurance, or a compliment. I am looking for ways to pay for college through countless opportunities and scholarships. My desired occupation is a lawyer; one of my goals is to help change the world.


Dutchtown High

High School
2018 - 2022


  • Desired degree level:

    Master's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Law
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Legal Services

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      2016 – 20182 years

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      Bold Perseverance Scholarship
      As time went by I became a straight-A student and made the honor roll. Unfortunately, when the pandemic happened during my tenth-grade year, students were forced to switch to remote learning, which affected my grade in Geometry heavily. On top of that, I actually contracted the disease and had to be quarantined away from my family. At that moment, being away from my family and not being able to come out of my room was hard. Seeing my baby brother from a screen wondering why he cannot hug me was hard. Hearing my family having a movie night and laughing from upstairs in my room was hard. Every little thing in my daily routine became hard. Somehow though, I still managed to pick up one of my favorite books and instantly started to find relief. It was a reminder, a wake-up call, that you have been sick before, you can overcome this. Similar to after finishing a book and re-reading a certain part, knowing there would be another chapter and an end. Nothing lasts forever. While I was isolated, I started to feel extremely lonely. As mentioned earlier, I was always invested in solitude, but this felt different. Maybe due to the fact that I was the only person in my household that tested positive for COVID-19 twice. Similar to the character, “Matilda”, she felt lonely because her family literally ignored her entire existence. My experience with the virus made me feel like others were disregarding me, even though they were still checking up on me and bringing me food. Like Matilda, I eventually got used to the feeling and realized I was not the only one who felt this way.Most importantly, books (specifically the novel “Matilda”) taught me that it is perfectly okay and normal to have these feelings.
      Next Young Leaders Program Scholarship
      Most people believe leaders are people who dictate, belittle, and choose for others. You've seen the movies where the "leading" character or protagonist is superior and holds authority. Unfortunately, I feel that's what motivates others to want to become a "leader". That's not what a leader is in my book, it is not the only one who is congratulated and praised after a teamwork effort. A leader is a person who realizes the potential and greatness of unity and trusts others to get the job done. They observe others and want others to perform to the best of their ability because they know it is wired in them. A great example of my leadership would be being the oldest child in my family. Ever since my siblings came into the picture I have had the responsibility of making sure they are nurtured while my parents are away and sometimes when they are present. It's not all about feeding them, helping them with their homework, and telling them to do their chores. It's understanding that each of them is capable of doing their own duties and beyond. I also provide guidance and show them what a great role model looks like. That is basically what a leader is or should be because why else should they be in that position? Leaders are aware that they and others will make mistakes. They will forgive those who do and direct them on a path towards recovery. Guardian is an awesome word that describes what a leader represents. They protect those they are leading, whether it's from other people or toxic workplaces, and warn them of future events that could possibly harm them in any way, shape, or form. Leaders are also trustworthy, you can confide in them about any topic and feel comfortable doing so. They push you to try new things and force you to be confident during that specific endeavor. To conclude, leaders are similar to guardian angels, they watch and protect us no matter where we go. They notice we are qualified for any opportunity and motivate us to take it. I will apply what I have learned to my future by performing in such a manner when it is necessary. Suppose my boss (that is above me and my co-workers) doesn't show up at work for a day and they did not leave any sort of instructions or emails for the day. I would gladly be the one to step up and motivate my fellow colleagues that we got it! We could make suggestions and assign each other certain assignments because we would be assured that we all have what it takes. Real leaders encourage others to call some shots and be a part of the action.