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Alexandra Smith


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Seeing just how expansive and useful technology is in our lives, I’d like to see myself using it to help those out in need. The great thing about programming is that you have control over every aspect of what you're doing, and visions can be built from just numbers and letters. Having the opportunity to afford to go to college to further my knowledge lm building and creating projects. When I joined a lego robotics club 5 years ago, I instantly became interested in robotics. Specifically I am interested in Artificial Intelligence and its role in society. When writing my first Ruby code for a machine to tell me nutritional facts based on information given, I instantly realized how this technology would be a gateway to many ways we can help bring people together and help simplify individuals lives. One of my biggest goals is to create A.I in the future that helps millions of people with their productivity and better organization of their lives so they can achieve their own goals faster and efficiently. A productive and happy society creates amazing things. Though tech plays a role in my life, there are other things that are of importance to me.. One thing I am avid about it is reading. Every time I read a book, I feel like my vocabulary and creativity have been boosted. I think reading is important, and that every child and teenager should get the chance to expand their knowledge with literature, and this is not limited to the form of a paper book. There are so many great articles and e-books that make reading easier to do, and so every person should be reading.


Florida International University

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2027
  • Majors:
    • Computer Science

Poinciana High School

High School
2019 - 2021


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Computer Engineering Technologies/Technicians
    • Computer Science
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Computer Software

    • Dream career goals:

      Company Founder

    • Front End Development

      2019 – Present5 years



    2023 – Present1 year



    Future Interests




    Justin Moeller Memorial Scholarship
    My passion for technology began when a family member suggested I learn to program, and I quickly developed my skills through contract jobs and freelancing during high school. I started my journey in programming at the young age of 14 and have been fascinated by the constantly evolving world of technology ever since. While l am looking to work in Front End Development, I find data engineering to be an incredibly interesting aspect of the technology field. I have had many interactions dealing with organizing and creating systems for large amounts of data, and I am truly fascinated by it I am as well drawn to predictions that come from trained AI machines, especially when applied to specific programs. The idea of seeing an AI learning and adapting to the input it receives is fascinating to me. Predictability is probably the closest thing we will get to intuition when it comes to AI machines, so the advancement of predictions and understanding of the environment goes a long way in this field. Additionally, I am quite interested in the impact of color schemes and shapes in UI/UX design on customer interaction. While this may not be as technical as some other areas of the field, I believe it is a critical aspect of technology that is often overlooked. And to be fair, it is after all what I am looking to work in. Understanding how customers interact with technology is essential to creating intuitive and user-friendly products, and I am excited to delve deeper into this area. In terms of extracurriculars I did in my younger years, I was a member of the Robotics Club during my 6th grade, and this sparked my interest in the technology field. I am eager to continue my involvement in the Robotics Club during my time in college, as I believe it provides an excellent opportunity to learn and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. I am as well quite interested in working in robotics companies like Boston Dynamics or the KION Group. Overall, I am incredibly passionate about the technology field, and I am excited about the prospect of pursuing a career in Front End Development. My interest in data engineering and UI/UX design, as well as my involvement in the Robotics Club, have given me a well-rounded perspective on the field, and I am eager to continue learning and growing in this exciting and ever-changing industry.
    McDuffie Software Engineering Scholarship
    As a prospective software engineering student, I have a passion for creating websites that are both customer funnels and visual works of art. This scholarship will provide me with an excellent opportunity to further my education and pursue my dreams of becoming a front-end developer. My journey in software engineering started when I was just fourteen years old. My interest to learn about web design led me to discover front-end coding. I quickly realized how powerful web development can be and how it can create an impact on society. Throughout my high school years, the way I learned to develop my skills was by doing several contractual jobs for companies. I didn’t know that there were so many people in need of great websites that not only look good but provide results. This fueled me to consistently get better at this skill. As I am soon beginning my undergraduate studies in computer science, I have been learning more about the importance of creating user-friendly websites that provide optimal user experiences. I am particularly interested in learning more about front-end engineering, as it is the foundation of website development. I am excited to explore how to create websites that are visually satisfying yet optimized for a seamless user experience. Conciseness is critical to me. However, I am also excited about data engineering. Data is the driving force behind the technology we use today, and I believe that understanding how to manage data effectively is crucial in the field of software engineering. I have had to work with large amounts of data before and have a grasp of just how grueling yet crucial the job is. I hope to expand my knowledge in this area and learn how to use data to make informed decisions and create better systems to organize data in. If I am fortunate to receive this scholarship, it will help me achieve my goals by providing financial assistance that will enable me to pursue my studies without any financial burden. With the scholarship, I will be able to focus on my coursework, participate in extracurricular activities, and take advantage of internship opportunities that will help me gain practical experience in the field. I am excited about the prospect of becoming a front-end developer and learning more about data engineering. There is confidence in me that with this incredible financial assistance, it will further help to relieve any stress which can be an incredible deterrent to focusing on studying and working. Thank you for your consideration.
    Humanize LLC Gives In Honor of Shirley Kelley Scholarship
    For a large portion of my life, I lived in Jamaica, and my grandmother raised me for a significant portion of my childhood. She was more than just a “grandmother” to me. She was a mentor, a teacher, a storyteller, and practically a mother. When I was younger, I was practically attached to her hip, and her actions and teachings had a significant impact on my upbringing and future goals. One of the most notable things about my grandmother was that she was extremely social. Every night, she would have long conversations with her friends or stop by someone's home to pay them a visit. When I was younger, I didn’t quite understand why she had to visit people so frequently, and it annoyed me. It wasn't until I was much older that I understood how important consistent effort in relationships was in life. Growing up with my grandmother instilled certain key values in me, such as empathy and being aware of the mood of others. It was how she was able to develop such deep friendships. I learned the importance of reaching out to friends in need, making sure they know that I have their back, just like they do mine. My grandmother showed me that even the smallest act of kindness could have a significant impact on someone's life. My grandmother's influence on my upbringing also led me to discover my passion for supporting small businesses. As a small business owner herself, she frequently conversed with others. I realized that all the business ideas I’ve ever had revolve around the idea of helping small businesses grow unintentionally. My purpose in life is to dedicate myself to helping others flourish. My grandmother's teachings about community engagement and compassion influenced the very projects that I code, so that they have a purpose. My future goals revolve around using my coding ability and project building to give back to my small business community. When I was younger, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do for businesses, but I now aspire to work in a role that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those around me. I hope that at the end of my life, I would have been a useful influence in my community, being a support system for those who need it the most. It's interesting how my grandmother's simple actions of pursuing and keeping friendships throughout life influenced something so powerful in me now. I am grateful for the lessons I learned from my grandmother and hope to use these teachings to make a positive difference in the lives of others.